Beverly Hills Fabulous Recap – Finale – California Love


Oh, so this is what casual Friday looks like at the Elgin Charles Salon.

We’re at the Beverly Hills Fabulous morning meeting with Elgin, Tiffany, Katrina, and Lolita. Noticeably missing from this work meeting? Sean. Not that Sean does more than yawn and pout through these meetings. But still, his presence, no matter how slight, is still required. Without Sean here to roll his eyes, Elgin has to step up.

Elgin tells the rest of the staff that he’s going to be in Miami for at least six months straight while setting up the new location. He still doesn’t t know who will run the Beverly Hills Salon while he’s gone. When Katrina and Lolita press him, he takes off to his office.

With all that going on, Lolita doesn’t feel like sharing her news: She’s decided to look into lap band surgery. Part of it was last week’s blind date, where her potential suitor asked her if she’s considered it. Pretty rude! But it turns out she’d been thinking about it for a while — she just needed a little push. That it came from a near-stranger is just a coincidence. We follow her to the doctor’s, where she first gets a look at the before and after wall:

All the faces, even the doctors’, are blurred out, however. Something tells me you shouldn’t trust a doctor who won’t show his face, especially when he’s standing next to his work.

Lolita does a few tests, and they’re the kind you just can’t really pass. For instance, one test tell her that she’s carrying around 145 pounds of fat. Lolita takes the news well. Embraces it, in fact.

Meanwhile, back at the salon, Elgin brings Katrina over to his side to introduce his client to her, since she’ll be taking care of some of his ladies while he’s gone. She uses this opportunity to pitch herself to take over the salon. Elgin’s doubtful, but she points out that she has fewer clients and thus more time, and that she ran the salon she came from in Kansas City. He’s impressed by her determination. Could this be the new face of the Elgin Charles Salon?

He’s considering Lolita too, but Elgin’s disappointed that Sean isn’t around to ask for the job. All season he’s put more and more responsibility on Sean’s slender shoulders, but he’s worried that Sean is too concerned with his music career and his career as a professional Sean to run the salon.

Sean may feel the same way. He dashes into the salon to tell the ladies to get over to his secret project in an hour, and to tell Tiffany to keep her mouth shut. Mysterious!

Elgin takes off to meet with his son Frank, who wants to go with his father to Miami. Elgin doesn’t want him missing school, but Frank points out that Elgin will be missing some important school events — homecoming for one. Moreover, he’s missing the chance to do Frank’s homecoming date’s hair. Elgin is conflicted.

He returns to a salon full of angry walk-ins and bereft of stylists. Everyone is at Sean’s shoot. Yup, everyone:

Who knew backstabbing could look so fun? Tiffany can’t help but tell Elgin what’s going on, so Elgin leaves to go crash Sean’s party.

When he gets over there, he finds out this is a celebration, not a coup.

“Elgin is so kind-hearted and he has a child-like naivete about him, so it makes it easy to trick him,” Sean says. The shoot? It was to create their own hairstyle photos so Elgin could have something to hang on the walls of his Miami salon. It’s a big surprise. Even Tiffany was in on it:

I didn’t know partying in your work clothes was even a problem at the Elgin Charles Salon.

While there’s dancing and cake and even his ex-wife Jacqui there, Elgin gets a sudden inspiration — he knows who will run the salon. Elgin tells the audience that he’s going to leave the Elgin Charles Salon in the capable hands of…

… Elgin Charles. He interviews that he wants to stay because of his son and his clients. He’ll have to find someone else to run the Miami salon. I don’t know if this face from Sean means he’s disappointed about not getting the job or that he’s throwing a goodbye party for someone who isn’t leaving.

And with that, the first season of Beverly Hills Fabulous is over, and Elgin’s kept two families together for the foreseeable future.

This week’s hair tips:

For healthier hair, you have to get “a little bit nutty.” Almonds and peanuts will give you biotin and b-vitamins, which helps with growing healthy hair and nails. Bonus tip from me: President Carter’s lustrous, peanut-fortified hair was responsible for his low approval rating. Get shiny hair, but be prepared to deal with a jealous nation.

Curly-haired girls, try leave-in conditioner mixed with strong hold gel for the ultimate in control and conditioning. Bonus tip from me: Curly-haired girls, who are you kidding? You know this is what you really want:

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