Chrissy Lampkin Opens Up To Us After The Love & Hip Hop Reunion


Now that you’ve had the chance to let the drama of the Love & Hip Hop reunion sink in, it’s time to discuss Chrissy and Jim Jones. Compared to Emily and Fab (and Olivia and, uh, Darrelle Revis), Chrissy’s relationship is actually pretty solid. However, it’s still not 100%. I got a chance to talk to Chrissy after the show (which took nearly five emotional and exhausting hours to shoot) to open up a little more. Bless her for being willing to talk to me not a half hour after her blowout with Mama Jones and her emotional tears.

Some of what she had to say was surprising, but in true Chrissy fashion, it was also completely honest, and she looks amazing, too.

On taping the reunion special:

“Did I think the show would go on as long as it did? NO. I knew there was gonna be drama when it came to my personal situation. The girls are easy, it’s the real family stuff that’s taxing.”

On Mama Jones:

(I asked Chrissy “I assume you’ve seen Nancy since the season finished taping?”)

“You shouldn’t assume. I haven’t seen her. I only have to deal with her in situations like that. She has her house, I have mine. Honestly, this is why it’s so taxing and emotional for me, because I’m forced to deal with her and the frustration gets the better of me. These aren’t tears of weakness, they’re tears of frustration because every time I see her I realize I’m fighting for something that should just be given.”

After the jump, find out Chrissy’s true feelings on Somaya Reece, and how she “feels bad for” the person she is portrayed as on the show.

On watching herself onscreen:

“I feel bad for myself when I watch. ‘Cause when you’re in that battle you just do it, that’s what you do to survive and get through it. But when you have a second to watch it—I feel bad for that girl, because that girl who’s going through all of that deserves so much better.”

On how the show is edited:

“It’s edited, but it’s all me. They didn’t make up the stuff with me and Nancy. They didn’t make her respond the way she does. They don’t make Jimmy walk out and not stand up, all that is real.”

On Somaya Reece:

“Somaya doesn’t matter to me. I don’t dislike her but she doesn’t register for me. If it wasn’t for the show, I wouldn’t even know her. I don’t hate her, she’s just not my cup of tea.”

On her offscreen friendships:

“Would I call Somaya to have lunch when the camera’s aren’t rolling? Absolutely not. But Emily and Olivia? Yeah, I would.”

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