Love & Hip Hop: The Reunion Show – Highlights And Unseen Moments


In our preview post of Love & Hip Hop: The Reunion Show last week, we mentioned a few things to look forward to when the show finally aired. As we mentioned, for a 90-minute special, it took just about five hours to film, so that means there was an awful lot that didn’t make it to air. Now that it’s all over, enjoy this clip of some of the best moments from the night, as well as some of our observations of moments that didn’t make the final cut, after the jump.

  • Chrissy might look exhausted and a little sad during the the first interview section of the show—that’s because they had to re-shoot it after the last scene, in which she was crying, was shot.
  • When Rich Dollaz and Somaya got into it, Somaya must have interrupted him at least five times to call him a vagina. At one point she started screaming at him in Spanish just before we walked off the stage.
  • From the moment Mama Jones, Jim Jones, and Chrissy left the stage after their fight, it took at least a half hour to bring them back out, but as you can tell from Mama Jones’ reaction as she stormed off later, a half hour wasn’t nearly enough time to cool down.
  • The ladies all enjoyed champagne between takes while they had their makeup touched up.
  • When Jimmy was asked about the disagreements between Chrissy and his mother he replied “You can’t win in my position so… you just smoke something.” It was pretty clear from the smell in the studio that that’s not just a clever motto.
  • Olivia talked about how she was tired of being known as “Olivia from G-Unit,” and that’s why she agreed to do the show. Although she said now she’s known as “Olivia from Love & Hip Hop.”
  • It may have looked, at least from her body language, that Emily was uncomfortable or upset, she sat with almost hunched over with her arms crossed the whole night — we can tell you that was most likely because she was freezing, because the temperature in the studio was 50 degrees, tops.
  • We counted Chrissy using at least four (not so nice) nicknames for Somaya’s manager Maurice during filming: Tattoo, Chuy, Little Bitch and Fat Boy. Poor Maurice. (Or not.)


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