Mob Wives Real Life Drama: Karen And Drita Have It Out On Twitter


There are plenty of reality shows where the drama is totally staged, but it looks like on Mob Wives, the beef is for real, at least between Karen and Drita. Karen has been holding a grudge against Drita for years now because of what she sees as Drita’s disloyalty, since Drita married Karen’s ex-boyfriend, Lee D’Avanzo. Their confrontation came to a head this week (check out our recap for all the details) but Karen is taking this fight offscreen and talking smack about Drita on Twitter.

Karen tweeted this weekend “@dritadavanzo now you are a s— talker over twitter HUH???? REAL FUNNY…I guess @dritadavanzo is sayin that me & her were not REAL friends. Well if were were not REAL friends then I have nothing to PROTECT!!!!!!” Later, she also wrote “I don’t hold grudges I can’t forgive or trust liar. Life is 2 short for grudges but to long not learn from your lessons” and “#mobwives guess I am gonna add another chapter in my book and dedicate it to a special someone :-)… call it THE TRUTH.” We assume all of these are directed at Drita, whom Karen seems to think has issues with truth-telling.

The only thing Drita has posted about the situation on her page is a response to someone asking about her relationship, where she writes “No they broke up years before I came into the pic..I didn’t take him…” and beyond that, she sticks to writing her usual, hilarious tweets. We’re hoping to get to the bottom of their beef though, this has clearly been an ongoing issue and not one Karen is easily letting go of.

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