Mob Wives Real Life Drama: Karen And Drita Have It Out On Twitter


There are plenty of reality shows where the drama is totally staged, but it looks like on Mob Wives, the beef is for real, at least between Karen and Drita. Karen has been holding a grudge against Drita for years now because of what she sees as Drita’s disloyalty, since Drita married Karen’s ex-boyfriend, Lee D’Avanzo. Their confrontation came to a head this week (check out our recap for all the details) but Karen is taking this fight offscreen and talking smack about Drita on Twitter.

Karen tweeted this weekend “@dritadavanzo now you are a s— talker over twitter HUH???? REAL FUNNY…I guess @dritadavanzo is sayin that me & her were not REAL friends. Well if were were not REAL friends then I have nothing to PROTECT!!!!!!” Later, she also wrote “I don’t hold grudges I can’t forgive or trust liar. Life is 2 short for grudges but to long not learn from your lessons” and “#mobwives guess I am gonna add another chapter in my book and dedicate it to a special someone :-)… call it THE TRUTH.” We assume all of these are directed at Drita, whom Karen seems to think has issues with truth-telling.

The only thing Drita has posted about the situation on her page is a response to someone asking about her relationship, where she writes “No they broke up years before I came into the pic..I didn’t take him…” and beyond that, she sticks to writing her usual, hilarious tweets. We’re hoping to get to the bottom of their beef though, this has clearly been an ongoing issue and not one Karen is easily letting go of.

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  1. LiLi says:

    So…my question is… any of these chicks work???….where do they get their money??…..REALLY!!

  2. Ps&Qs says:

    Renee looks a lot older, and Karen looks a lot younger, than the other two. So I’m sort of confused when they all seem to talk about growing up together. Do we know their ages?

    “Your (sic) a hater.” ?? How adolescent. Not that Karen doesn’t need to move on since she seems to be getting herself more & more hung up on this issue. But what I’ve heard her say is that she feels Drita is denigrating the long-term relationship she did have with Drita’s now-husband. It’s nothing to do with the man himself.

  3. jadee says:

    karen is a fake friend cause you sat there in dritas face like everythings all goods &when renee was mad at you drita had you back.

  4. Toni says:

    Hey bloggers, NO, she is not a hater and no she is not jealous of their marriage at all. This is about trust, trust with women, our women friend. That’s right, it’s all about when you women are friends and have hanged out for a long while and you know deep inside who is your true friend and well, we as women know that we don’t mess with our girlfriend’s ex-boyfriends, at all! See, is not that Karen is jealous or wants Lee back, heaven forbid, but it’s the principal of it and Drita knows it and that is why we see her get angry we see her defend her scumbag husband, trust me Drita knows how Lee can be Drita knows that she married a scumbag but is embarassed about it and well anyone knows when you are in a bad situation like Drita and all you get from this man is cursing at you, badmouthing you, disrespecting you, you get enraged you want to hurt someone because deep inside you can hurt your husband after he’s been cursing at you, so you curse at your friend, your girlfriend, you then make up story that “you and him have been over a long time”, as if it makes it better and again it’s not about Karen wanting the scumbag, it’s the principal you don’t date or married your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. Karen said it, after they broke up six months later Drita starts going out with him, hmmmm, seems to me they have been seeing eachother before Karen and Lee broke up and that is why Drita is feeling so guilty but she won’t show it and she will keep up with her lies of “it was a long time ago”, it doesn’t work that way, but hopefully she’ll learn or maybe not. Just hoping for the best in these ladies.
    To the bloggers here, yeah you all are so precious you are all so righteous and so damn judgemental, you must be all an angel, yeah right?!!


  5. M says:

    Girl code is not going after your friends’s man. Going after your friend’s EX man, may be hurtful to the friend who is still hung-up on her ex, but that’s too bad. If Drita was making passes at Lee when he was together with her Karen, well then, that would make Drita a disloyal b-t-h! But she didn’t, she got together wtih Lee AFTER Karen and Lee were through. What I think is that she should have asked Karen before doing it. That’s the right thing to do, but she didn’t so Karen is still sore.

  6. Sarcasm says:

    These women are role models. Intelligent, good natured, and dedicated to causes beyond themselves. They see the big picture. Hopefully all the women watching this show will be able to be more like them.

  7. Cherie Kuebler says:

    I’m an Italian woman from Iowa. I love the show! I see some of you talking crap. Do you even know them? If not, Why are you bashing them? Jealously keeps you no where. I also highly doubt they care what you say. I can wait until the start having MOB WIVES dvd’s coming out. I will buy all of them. I collect dvd’s. The show is 10 times better then alot of reality shows.

  8. kim says:

    Wow…I HAD TO COME HERE TO LEAVE A MSG after seeing this show…these are the most ignorant, messy, pathetic losers I’ve seen in quite a while. The old chick is contantly asking, “Do you know who I am?”…well, obviously NOT…BECAUSE YOU ARE NO ONE. And continually calling an ex, who had the sense to leave you, is truly sad. And the Karen girl who’s tripping because her ex BOYFRIEND is married to her childhood friend…COME ON! They are MARRIED and have kids…if he’s such a loser, WHY ARE YOU so mad? Anger comes from hurt…your not hurt by your friend, you’re mad because he wanted someone other than you…get over it. The other 2 seem to be moderately normal, besides the “I’m an italian mobster” bit…this is TOO FUNNY…do they realize how incredibly STUPID they look? LOL>>>I mean, REALLY?? Somebody please tell them to KIDNAP SOME CLASS.

  9. RazzleDazzle says:

    At the end of the day, Drita got the man. LET IT GO KAREN. You should have said something to her (or him) when you first found out not many years later. The problem is, you still want him or you wouldn’t give a crap. Find a man of your own and stop lusting after a married man.

  10. Nicole says:

    I like Drita but she is wrong…If they are to continue a friendship she needs to apologize..I think thats all Karen really wants but they way they speak to one another is so harsh that they can never get out their true feelings…I f you are true friends with someone there are lines you never cross at any age for any man…..

  11. J says:

    Girl code aside…. and regardless if they had been broken up for a year or even if Drita thought they were “so done”… if you friend is hurt or kinda upset about the way things went down…. just apologize. I mean what is it….. you got that much pride that you see your friend is kinda hurt and you say….”so I dont care…”.
    Some chicks can and will date your exboyfriend or even ex husband… but if the other person is TRULY your friend or if you TRULY care about their feelings….your gonna respect their feelings about the situation. Period

  12. Daniel Jones says:

    Drita is dirty for doing that, We love you Karen

  13. haley458 says:

    This is a tough situation all around. It is natural that when a friend (Karen) is being attacked by someone (Lee), she expects her friend (Drita) to stick up for her, since that’s probably what would happen in any other situation. I don’t think Karen realizes though that Drita places her husband/children first (as she should) and therefore will not join Karen on the Lee-bashing. I do understand why Karen feels she is owed an apology, since really, girls really should never go after each others’ exes like that — its pretty much a universal unspoken rule. However, I also get why Drita is having issues, b/c I’m sure she’s thinking, “You want me to drudge up feelings of remorse that are 15 years old?” All around, this would be a difficult situation, and I’m guessing if it ever gets resolved, maybe the two will just have to agree to not discuss Lee around each other (and maybe for Drita not to discuss Karen to Lee). Otherwise, I don’t see how this friendship could work.

  14. FANCYNANCY says:


  15. tls1 says:

    Karen needs to let it go and grow up. So what if she was with Lee for 7 yrs, they broke up and Drita hooked up with him a year later. Be happy with your current life Karen and let the past be that….. the PAST.

  16. Mob Wives Fan says:

    When will the season come out on DVD?

  17. Crystal says:

    Drita….. You Look FAKE!!!!! Eat Something!!!!