Love & Hip Hop To Return For Season 2!


For those of you who didn’t catch the Love & Hip Hop reunion show last night, you might have missed the fact that at the very end of the show, it was announced that there will indeed be a second season of the series!

While we can’t confirm every last detail right now, we can at least say that the show will return to hopefully resolve all the conflict that was left hanging last night after the reunion. Maybe the second season will finally see some of these ladies getting along (with each other, their men, and their potential mothers-in-law).

If you did miss it last night, check out our show highlights and behind-the-scenes moments for the full scoop.

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  1. LawG says:

    Wow!! where do i start, here we have a show where, we are suppose to see the elements of love and hip hop, from the men and women of the hip hop world, i do respect all of the people on this show, but i can’t help but to focus on the attitudes of the players, if you are trying to show what it’s like for real in this arena, then that obilgates you to appeal to the young who honor you in this world, but maybe it’s just me, but you also show how beefs can happen between you, and it looks like there is a certain honor you must have to get a head in it, is this life healthy even for you? reality is the genre of this show, is it the reality you really want to show as to how you must be in this world, you represent the young, so don’t put us in this light, as if we don’t have much to deal with already, groups of people fill as though, this is the mentality that has cause us TUPAC & BIGGY, so please stop putting us out there like that, show a different side of this,,,,,,,,,,LOVE& HIP&HOP, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. stowns says:

    I give BIG KUDOS to J.Jones mother… The ” women of this generation” have no respect for the elders or for the mens’ mothers. REAL men from older generations would have ended the relationship, the moment a female dispecting their mother. What these chicks need to realize is, a man can and will have lots of women and wives, but he is Blessed with only 1 mother and NOBODY can nor will be able to take that away from us mothers. If you think for one moment you are making your man happy by not getting along with his mother, think again. BEWARE IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU IN YOUR BEHIND. Also Miss Chrissy should have been shopping for more red bottoms,( a hot scuffed up mess ) rather then lowering her standards and buying him an engagement ring that he obviously lost. ( shows how much it meant ). Girl find a life for yourself. I’m over it.

  3. decatholon says:


  4. kristen anderson says:

    I think Christy looks like a man. she acts like one too given that when it came to the proposal she was the one who asked. Okay, I don’t understand why she makes fun of Somya’s living situation. Jim is supposed to be some big rap star, and my parent’s house is nicer than his. She made fun of where Somya came from, but judging by Mama Jone’s house, Jim didn’t come from much either. They are all delusional when it comes to fabulosity. The only one who is honest about where she is at, and about where she is trying to go is Somya. Christy claims she is so strong, but Somya has been shot, beaten, and dogged by Christy or shall I say Christopher, and she is still standing strong. Olivia looks orange and belongs in the vault with other has beens. Olivia’s song is not that great, and she is a liar to boot. Rich is a racist (he ripped on Somya’s Latino accent on the reunion show), a woman beater, and a plain old thug. Why do people support that. i would encourage everyone to band together and support Somya by purchasing her songs, she stands for something. So what if she slept in the attic, Jim is supposed to be a “super star”, and his mother still lives in the hood. Christy and Jim’s house is nothing to write home about either. My dad is a lawyer and not a rap star and has more than he does, like a nice home for instance. Somya is real, she is strong, she is beautiful, and she is intelligent (she speaks two languages; the others can barely speak english). let’s show them their behaivor won’t be tolerated, let’s boycott Olivia’s song, and support Somya!!!!

  5. Sweet T says:

    Chrissy stop beggin jim for marriage give the man a break and stop ridin his back let nature take its coarse, what are you so much in a rush for. you bring a lot of disapppointment and drama to yourself. If you love this man with all your heart why would you want him to move if he doesnt want to get married right away. Because if you really love him it shouldnt matter whether or not yall get married right away. You really need to get a grip with yourself boo boo. I dont know why you sit up there and argue with mama Jones because you need not do that and have more respect didnt your mother raise you to respect your elders. Its more to why Mama Jones dont like you but she probably dont want to bring the real truth out into the media only respect for her son Jim.

  6. cherie says:

    hello to the love and hip hop crew. I would like to make a comment about the chrissy and mama jones situation. momma jones I know you love your son but if you want your son to be happy let him choose who he want to love. He will always have a love for you that no one can take away. Chrissy also will give him a love that you will never be able to give him. Momma Jones you should be glad that he has a strong woman that reminds him of his mom. At least it is not one of these money grubbing women out here that is trying to take your sons money. I only know what I see on the show but I think Chrissy really loves your son. I see it the way my son sees it on his collar bone he has a tatoo that says “NOTHING STRONGER THAN FAMILY”. MOMMA jONES NEVER BE THE ONE THAT YOUR SON COME TO YOU AND SAY I WOULD BE HAPPY TODAY IF YOU HAD NOT MESSED ME AND CHRISSY UP. THIS IS FROM ONE MOTHER TO ANOTHER MOTHER.

  7. Tosha says:

    When I saw the Love and Hip Hop Reunion, my heart went out to Chrissy. I felt her pain and feel very strongly about her situation. When we watch these shows, we start to feel like we know each person. She has been so real on the show and that was her true emotion on the show. Chrissy, keep GOD first in your life. If you do, everything else will fall in place. I can see that you and Jim are a great couple. If it is meant to be, it will be. I pray that Mama Jones sees that you truly have her sons best interest at heart and your not trying to be his mother, your trying to be his wife and they are two different positions in a man’s life. Take care and cant wait for season 2! :)

  8. hollywood!!! says:

    mama jones reminds me of frankie…
    i applaud chrissy for taking things in her own hands (proposal wise) but she needs to move on and find a guy who wouldn’t hesitate to ‘wife her up’
    other girl (can’t remember her name) know fabulous didn’t want to be on a reality show… why did she decide to do it and then get upset he didn’t show up for the photoshoot… girl if you’re unhappy with the situation .. move on
    Swizz ex was on the show to get sympathy points… she had no other purpose
    Somaya came with a chip on her shoulder and was too quick to jump ghetto… she’ll be stuck being a reality star with that attitude
    Olivia did good at ignoring the behaviour of Somaya… never have an arguement with an idiot, people might not know the difference
    hey.. I watched the show.. what can I say.. my vacation was long and sometimes boring…

  9. NICOLE WHITE says:

    I can’t stand jim jones mother!!! Really Jim is a grown man. The way i see moma jones acting is a but disturbing. I get the love the mother has for her son & vice versa but you can’t choose who jime loves & she really make jim looks like a little boy. Chrissy is a strong women jim knows this & so does mamma,& i think ma jones is jealous of chrissy. & if i were Chrissy i would run from this damn family.How in the heck your going to have children with this man with a crazy moms like that.

  10. LADYLAINE says:


  11. keverno says:

    I really grown to really like Chrissy…I love her loyalty and her strong personality. I think eventually Mama Jones will realize that Chrissy is someone her son needs in his life to keep the balance there. I don’t think Chrissy would ever disrespect his mother because she is soooo aware of the strong bond they have for each other. Like she said on the show…. there’s mommy line and there’s wifey lane. I don’t blame her for riding Jim’s coat tale on marriage. There’s way too many AA having babies out of wedlock like it’s the norm and no intentions of being married. This is a very serious matter exactly when you are trying to start a family with children involved. I pray that everything works out for Jim & Chrissy and the Jones family. Can’t wait for season 2

  12. keverno says:

    Can’t wait for the 2nd Season. I hope Jimmie make it official with Chrissy.

  13. Nassau says:


    Chrissy ~ Desperate. Will self-destruct.

    Olivia ~ Toxic. Could never be a friend of mine.

    Emily ~ Weak. Lost in love. This will pass.

    Somaya ~ Hungry. Has a taste for success.

    Mashonda ~ Realist. Coping with life.

    Mrs. Jones ~ Stoic. Effectively transfers thoughts and feelings into words.

    Fab ~ Fab?

    Jim ~ Hang in there. Change gonna come, oh yes it will…

  14. kwis sanders says:


    Does anyone know if Fantasia for Real is coming back?

  15. kwis sanders says:


    is Fantasia for real coming back? i loved love & hip-hop.

  16. Chevonda says:

    I really enjoyed this entertainment with Love and Hip Hop! I did’nt know any of this was actually going down with Oliv’ and she’s actually a true singer; but honey hook up with JD for producing-call him cause I know you got the number!. I’m still a bit much concerned with Ms.Mashaonda not returning to the cast because I believe the producers and Swiss did’nt want to let the cat out of the bag concerning their divorce. I know how difficult it can be to viewers and other people who are involved with Mashaonda’s dilemma. It was’nt suitable the way Swiss left her and their children while they were young. I hope this creeping and cheating paid off for him; just because you get a package[A. Keys] dosent mean it’s right in God’s eye. Also, the best of luck to you Chris; honey you have a full deck in your hands with Mrs. Jones and Jim. And TRUST a baby is not gonna make him marry you or make the moma like you. I know it’s hard coming on mutal grounds with a baby’s-moma son; it’s been going on for ages; but see you have to play their game. You need a plan while the money is coming to you other than being his left ear! For real; your a very kool and down to earth woman, you need something of your own to keep you busy- good looks aren’t gonna last forever. And Emily, you really cleaned up well for the reunion; keep it that way-stop letting that skinny-ass baby daddy manipulate you and embarrass your family. He’s nothing and I’m not even in the bizniz nor close to cele environment-you better find you one of these hottie atlethes and keep it moving!

  17. aisha says:

    when will the next sesson start? i love the show

  18. Brooklyn Don says:

    I’m only watchin’ if Chrissy come back. I don’t get down with the reality tv thing, but my girlfriend put me on, N we both dig Chrissy. She is a genuine friend to those she befreinds (the asswhoopin’ she gave on behalf of Fab’z chick), she got MAAD swag (everything she do), We love the way she is firm and expresses herself well! U go gurl!