Somaya Reece Apologizes To Fans For Rich Dollaz’ Behavior


In an interview with That Writing Chic last night after the Love & Hip Hop reunion show, Somaya Reece was on hand to discuss some of her own behind the scenes drama. Somaya certainly had moments on the reunion where she couldn’t contain her emotions, but for the most part she was a good sport considering there were a lot of unkind words thrown her way. In this post-show interview, she discussed her work (which includes a new film, charity work, and launching a liquor brand) but more importantly, she speaks about all the drama of the show and still says she appreciates the opportunity the show gave her.

While she says she’s “so over the drama,” she’s still opinionated on the matters of Olivia and Rich Dollaz and the giant blowout they had last night.

First, Somaya addressed a behind-the-scenes scuffle involving an audience member who supposedly Tweeted something about Rich and was later pulled out of his seat for a little talking to by a member of Rich’s entourage. “I feel so bad for all those people that Rich confronted in the audience… I want to apologize,” she said. “This guy is so out of control and there’s so many lawsuits coming his way, it’s crazy.” She also said that she has blocked Rich on her Twitter feed but “he still Twitters my name and he’s still harassing me and he’s still stalking me. This guy has some kind of weird vendetta.” (While we can’t speak to that, it’s true that Rich was Tweeting steadily all through the reunion last night about Somaya.) “I’m all the way taking this to legal,” she said. “All the way.”

Somaya says that even though it appears that Rich still holds a grudge against her, she has less of a problem with Olivia. She says “To be honest with you, even though Olivia wasn’t saying that much to me, I feel like Olivia was being a bigger person.” Somaya believes that women in general “can do better” and be more supportive of each other, which is what she hopes will happen in the future—hopefully in season two which, it was announced last night, has been confirmed. And if you want to hear more from Somaya, check out her entire, two-hour-long interview over on That Writing Chic.





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  1. Aluzrod says:

    somaya I am proud of you !! if it was me I would’ve smack the living thing out of that Vajjjj. how could a so called manager be so disrespectful. god bless u somaya and the best of luck :) mad <3 from hoboken , nj

  2. jackie says:

    Somaya, that dude was wrong for trying to go on you lastnight…he looked and sounded crazy…TEAM SOMAYA…

  3. Theresa says:

    Rich was acting as though he was high. A real man does not talk to a women that way. He was so foul. He was trying to jump hard. I sincerely hope you handle your business and take his wack a$$ to court.

  4. Melissa says:

    I was watching the Love & Hip Hop reunion. Never watched the show, and can say I never will. How is it that people can lower themselves to that level of trash? I was ashamed just watching these people act the way they do! And the men on this show seem to think putting their hands on anyone is a “cool” thing to do and to do it on camera!!! There is no excuse to behave, conduct, talk, or live the way these people do. I feel complete saddness for people that think sickness/trash is a normal way of life….

  5. dlhistrgirl says:

    Look, after Jim Jones stepped to Maurice, you left Chrissy alone. Now you have transferred your anger and frustration to Olivia. It was already established that Olivia told Chrissy and Chrissy told Jim. What do you expect, when you and Maurice talk trash in front of Olivia, who is like family to the people you are talking about. Olivia said it at the time you and Maurice stepped to Chrissy. Now you are mad at Olivia because you and your manager got dealt with. When you talk trash, you better be able to back it up. As for Rich trying to put hands on you, you haven’t established that you are a thorough, responsible or honest person, and who knows what happened, especially since it seems that Olivia and Chrissy are always trying to walk away from your drama. And Rich had a right to be angry because they are serious about their business and you are just causing so much unnecessary drama. If your plans didn’t work out, as it seems obvious that no one is trying to work with you, then you try something else and not just go after people all the time. Do as Olivia is doing – concentrate on establishing your career. Right now, all you have established is that you love drama, especially when you are the one creating all the drama. You can save your apologies — just stop all the drama, and stop hating on the sistahs!

  6. Mina says:

    I hope you ladies can get along better on the next season. Maybe you can display and concentrate on your work, I think then you will be taken seriously.

  7. hollywood!!! says:

    what fans? Rich told Olivia to stay out of it he’ll handle the dirty work… and that’s how Somaya was acting… lowdown and dirty…. picking ‘beefs’ to make herself ‘relevant’ cause her ‘talent’ wouldn’t hack it…