Mob Wives – Episode 6 – On And Poppin’


Well that was certainly epic.

I knew going into this episode that there would be fighting, but I had no idea just how much. Let’s first focus on the lighter side of the show before we get into it though. First there was Drita‘s sexy photo shoot. It was kind of adorable watching her daughter help her pick out outfits right?

It made me forget that sometimes Drita looks like this:

And plus, Drita’s daughter Gizelle seems so sweet.

But of course anything is adorable compared to Carla‘s potty-mouth kid.

We’ll see later in this episode exactly where he learned his language.

After Drita picks out wardrobe, she goes to her photo shoot and she certainly delivers the sexy.

First here,

then here,

and most definitely here.

Seriously, she is the poster child for working out. And Renee is the poster child for writing letters to loved ones in the clink, hence her new business venture, Jail Mail, Inc. Where the “Inc.” stands for “incarcerated.”

Renee discusses her new business venture with her friend Nikole while seated atop a pile of her prison correspondence.

Which contains a photo of Renee (at Saddle Ranch?) riding a mechanical bull. Don’t think we didn’t catch that, Renee.

Renee says she has actually written somewhere between 5000 and 6000 letters herself, so her idea is to create a website for on-the-go people to personalize and automatically send mail to their loved ones in jail. The Go-Gurt of prison mail, so to speak.

So all of this happy fun time is just the calm before the s—storm, which is about to happen… NOW.

Renee invites Drita, Carla, and Karen to her home, in the hopes that she will ambush Drita into confronting Karen over their unfinished business about Lee. But the ambush doesn’t exactly work because before Drita and Karen can even say hello, this has happened.

So Carla’s boyfriend, who must be under investigation or else we’d be able to call him something besides “Carla’s Boyfriend,” is on Renee’s s— list because he bad-touched Karen, sent Renee a mean text that Renee’s son AJ saw, and then called Renee and bitched her out. And you don’t do that to Renee. So while Carla just wanted to drink some wine from the greatest wine glass of all time (it has 3-D breasts!),

Renee would not let the boyfriend stuff go. This led Carla to not only call Renee a liar, but insult her neck.

And you don’t do that to Renee’s neck.

Karen corroborates Renee’s story that Carla’s Boyfriend is indeed a groper, which, strangely enough, Carla agrees with and doesn’t care about. “He’s a joker, he’s a toucher, he’s a laugher,” she explains. One of these things is not like the other, Carla! And then Carla has the audacity to point out that Gropey Boyfriend groped the asses of Karen and Drita, but not Renee, which must mean Renee is jealous. The first thing we learned from this show was that you always respond in the affirmative if one of these women asks “Do you know who I am?” but now we have learned that you do not say s— to someone in their own house. “You’re going to insult me in my own house?” “You’re insulting me at my own table?” No, ma’am, we are not.

So that, plus the fact that Carla calls Renee a bitch, gets things going, and this happens.

Drita wisely keeps repeating that these women shouldn’t say anything that they can’t come back from, but it would appear to us that the damage is already done, no? Well then, let’s keep adding to the damage.

Drita’s ability to sound reasonable diminishes when she later says “I’ve had enough with the screaming, I wanna punch the f—ing screaming out of everybody,” and then takes off her shoes to really get into it.

Drita is only trying to break her friends’ fight up, but she’s still scary. Right, Gizelle?

Us, too, Gizelle. Us too.

Next week, the fight continues and Karen and Drita get into it about Lee. But will the drama ever be resolved? And more importantly, will anyone remember to take dinner out of the oven?

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  1. Viewer says:

    What a shame to see grown women get physical. Carla should have never shoved Renee in her face. I realize many people see this as trashy based on comments I’ve read online, unless you grew up in this type of area you will never get it. Drita’s husband has to love the photos. Renee great idea about the mail and Karen good luck with the book. Carla dump the boyfriend. The fact that you think his bahavior is just joking is a problem

  2. marie poggi says:

    Renee is right, Carla is an idiot,. How could she allow a man she is dating to go around touching other women inappropriately ? I certainly dont find it FUNNY, and when he does it to her DAUGHTER someday maybe she will see what Renee sees!!! Get rid of him,. If he ever touched MY ass I would have hit him over the head with a bottle, not funny Carla.

  3. Cibba says:

    Renee the drame queen & Karen the trouble maker……blah, blah, blah…..Love Drita & Carla….

  4. holly says:

    All I want to know is Carla were do you get your clothes they are adorable!

  5. NaNa says:

    I LOVE Drita! I think she is absolutely awesome!

    I understand Renee’s point of view about Carla’s bf, but she did not express it properly. It might be concern for her friend, but it came off like she was looking for trouble. Even if she was only trying to help Carla, I don’t think she should have gotten involved, because all it did is create tension between the girls.

    Carla knows what’s going on with her and her bf and it’s her decision, but I don’t agree with what her bf is doing – at all!

    Karen … I don’t see what point she is trying to accomplish by bringing up Lee again besides creating more drama (whcih I guess is the entertainment value of the show)…

    Drita – like I said, LOVE her! She is not fake, by any means! She knows when to keep quiet (Carla and Renee’s fight) and she knows when to back her friend up (Carla). I love her relationship with her daughter and I think, considering the circumstances, she has a pretty “healthy” relationship with her husband. She is as real as reality tv gets. Love, love, love her!

  6. Maria says:

    Carla stop fronting and pretending that you don’t know your man is a w—-! We all saw what he did! Stop defending a no good guy! He’s a flirt and if he could…he would! Love Renee because she’s so real to me! Drita, you were wrong for dating your friend’s ex! You know that is a no no, pretty much in every womans book! Stop pretending as if it was a fling! She was your friend, and yes they were together for seven entire years! Unfortunately, you’ve already married the guy and had kids with him! I think it’s kinda nasty going directly behind your friend! I mean she did lay with him for seven entire years!…

  7. Just Me says:

    Carla just needs to give up on men. The things that attrack her to them will be the very thing that will drive her away. Besides what kind of friend would think it’s ok for their boyfriend to grab their friends a$$? I would have broke his fingers. Now everyone knows what a pr!ck Carla’s boyfriend is..

  8. classynogin says:

    I have only seen the clips and I must say this is very disturbing. Carla how low your self-esteem must be to allow a man to disrespect you to your face and you ATTEMPT to put the blame on woman who are only looking out for you. So sad. Drita I thought Karen was the wrong until today. I can understand if your friendship with Carla is stronger than with the others however, RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG. The two of “you’s” ARE WRONG!

  9. MrWriteSF says:

    Caught the tail end of this ep last night. I’d like to thank VH-1 for reminding me WHY I no longer watch VH-1–$h!t like this!!!!! We’re supposed to care about these broads? File assault charges and send them to jail; maybe they can arrange bus transportation for conjugal visits.

  10. LMAO2011 says:

    O.k. I just don’t get the D’rita haters . Karen is a H.A.M (Hot A** Mess)! A shim at best ! She totally sounds like a jump off not one friend could remember how Lee and Karen’s supposed relationship was be it good or bad ! She has to explain to each friend how long her and Lee wee supposed together and how they lived together .If Karen supposedly had to leave Staten Island quickly because of her dads involvement, who knew if she was coming back who knew how to contact her ? I thought if your in Witness Protection you weren’t suppose to hear or see family or friends again …. It sounds like Karen expected everyone to wait for her . In Lee and D’rita defense who knew this broad would ever be seen again. So with that being said life goes on. Karen is one to talk she was so in love with Lee she went and a had a baby by another man I believe Karen’s daughter is 12/13 ! D’ritas oldest child is how old …. do the math people . All I have to say is Karen grow up and move on you sound CRAZY!!!

  11. Godmutha says:

    Totally Love The Mob Wives…Do they know how to have a sit down or what…Renee, is a H.A.M.,(hot ass mess)…And Obviously Carla, does not want to hear the truth about her man, thats why she is so trippin…Love, Love Drita, she is da bomb…Way to sexy for Lee…Yo fo-getta-bout-it…And Karen, girl you got it going on, dont be lettin all the drama get u all twisted…Can’t wait to see next week, Mob Wives Smackdown…

  12. Vinvin says:

    D’Rita…. Good mamma. Loyal wifie. Generally has her friends bests interests at heart and acts with good intentions. She is way more sensitive than what she would rather have everyone believe and snaps when she takes a situation personally. Because she DOES want the best for her family and friends, she will sometimes twist the situation to try to smooth it over. Instead, she should try not condemning herself for what she imagines people will think, and telling them the bottom line. She can do it with the rest of the world just not the people closest to her. D’Rita tries to sugar coat issues with the people closest to her to spare their feelings, but instead winds up making them feel deceived.

  13. mel says:

    hahah i dont care i love these lades when it comes down to it they have eachothers backs,yes they fight but they have rough life experiances most starting at young age’s,whats great about them is the loyalty 1 day they r @ eachothers throuts but when stuff goes down like say a mob bust they are all there for eachother.i wasnt sure how i would feel about the show being as its ‘mob’ related but it gives us a chance to see what your familys have to go through, my heart goes out to all you single mama’s because lets face it you kinda are but at the end of the day you love your kids you try to protect them from the very thing you have been exposed to,good luck ladies love the show your all strong independant women in your own ways .. i know alot of pll will disagree with most of what i said from what ive been reading but i just dont care .. only thing i hope you remember is @ the end of the day you have your kiddo’s && you have your friends so i hope you all stay friends while your husbands are locked up. i really hope it all works out for all of you and your familys