Mob Wives Finale Filming Comes To Blows


The New York Post reports that Mob Wives stars Karen Gravano and Drita D’Avanzo had an altercation while filming the show’s finale last night at the Rare View bar in New York City.

It’s reported that the women had to be separated by security and were thrown out of the bar. Despite the fact that the show has shown the women physically fighting in the past (case in point: this past week’s episode), a rep from VH1 said, “At this time, we are concerned about the well-being of our cast. The network has yet to determine whether we will air this footage.” During the fight, co-star Renee Graziano reportedly sustained a cut on her leg as a result. Guess that means the Karen-Drita Twitter beef was real after all.

We’ll release more details about the situation as they become available, in the meantime, check out the rest of the season, which airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Anthony Garza says:

    These women are crazy, I love them all but honestly my Favorite is Renee, Much love to you Renee

  2. Megan Renee says:

    Wow ! Can’t wait to see what happens with all of this.

  3. Luda says:

    Vh1 would be very dumb if they don’t show it.

  4. Audrea says:

    Sure they should air the footage,thats what the show,s all about.There fights are what the audiance is waiting for!They should air it and then try and have another “reunion”.But instead of them sitting on couches put,em all behind bars in a cage so they can talk about each other without another fight goin down,Just imagine Dritas cage will be all decked out in animal prints,Carlas can be all boheimian like the blouse she was wearing when she got into it with Renee.Karens cage can be done in a southwestern style since she,s been in arizona for 10 years and Renee,s cage can be all bedecked with fur! Whatdaya say VH1?If it comes down to that I want a credit!!! LOL

  5. Tima says:

    Drita and Carla are immature for being in there forties. Carla saying Renee lives in the stone age and it is ok for her boyfriend to grab women. Carla you need help lady, no man should grab any women and that is not a stone age statement it is 2011 law and just common respect. Drita and Carla are always talking behind Renee’s back that is not mature or being a friend. Carla and Drita are always speaking of fist fighting that is not normal or lady like. Renee was being a friend telling Carla,Renee only responds to Carla and Drita’s comments so it is not behind there backs to their face. Drita was dirty pulling Renee’s hair and it is on tape then Drita has the nerve saying she tried to stop the fight do not be a fool Drita we all viewed you double teaming Renee .

  6. Toni says:

    To JJ Pruitt, thank you that was well put and I agree with you. Hopefully, the ladies, Drita and Carla will see what Renee was really trying to do and that it was coming from a good place and that she was looking out them, maybe Drita and Carla will see and hopefully they learn this and go on and try to mend the friendship and realize that they were there for eachother and should be continued, if they still care for eachother.

    Love & Peace

  7. Cornelius says:

    I can only guess these women are allowing themselves to be exploited for money, but I have two major questions”Where do they get the money to live such a high lifestyle? and more importantly, “Is someone actually concerned with the children of these people?” What precious little girls and a fine young son! i don’t think it’s a good idea to show them on television…for the safety of the little girls and for the untimate humiliation of the young man. I do hope God helps you find your way out of this lifestyle.

  8. elena says:

    I think that the only real ones are Drita and Carla.. You never see them gossing or talking behind anyones back.. the other two thats all they are… Drama

  9. nana J says:

    Drita comes across as she is the toughest thing going, but there is always someone tougher. Drita needs to grow up and act like a responsible adult. What example is she setting for her kids? She will end up in the cell next to her husband, then what happens to her girls? Violence never solves the issues at hand, maybe she needs Dr Drew. Drita go to sschool and bettr yourself at lease maybe you will learn how to speak english…..

  10. prdiablo says:

    Drita is my favorite mob wife because she tells it like it is. Yes she chose the wrong path (according to her) but she doesnt glamorize it. She repeatedly states where she made errors in her life and in the lives around her. She doesnt need to go around fighting anymore because she learned to do better and focus on being an example for her kid. To the moron, TJ, that stated she needs to stop talking and do something, I would say grow the hell up. There is more strength in character than in muscles and Drita has tons of it. It takes a strong woman to admit her mistakes and still remain loyal, a good mom, and a friend who has your back.