Find Out Which One Of The Basketball Wives You’re Most Compatible With


As we get psyched for a brand new season of Basketball Wives (debuting Monday, May 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT), we thought we’d take this opportunity to tell you about a brand new Basketball Wives-centric game for your mobile device.

First up, we’ve got “Which Basketball Wife are you most like?” Answer a series of simple questions and we’ll tell you if your personality is most like Evelyn, Jennifer, Royce, Shaunie, Suzie, Tami or the newest cast member, Meeka.

So, how do you play? Well, all you gotta do is text BBW to 22422. Yep, it’s that simple. Get playing!

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  1. sophia says:

    please please please you need me to be the hairstylist on this set. please please

  2. ellen says:

    Yo Evelyn!
    I’ll buy a tee shirt! All these girls do is eat lunch & talk about each other behind their backs.. Tami is soooo classless and obviously jealous of you!!!!! She’ll always try to make a big thing out of nothing cuz she’s so insecure and desperate for attention and Royce is right behind her! Tami, go eat some more lunches and get more tummy and thigh tucks!
    Royce is such a “non factor”!!!!! I don’t know why she’s on the show? she’s a cheerleader high school drop out!
    Your the reason I watch, Evelyn!! Hang in there and good luck with your new hubby!

  3. Khandi says:

    It is so clear why the men did not marry these women or why the married ones treated them like they did. Who wants to come home to all that negative energy.

  4. PYT says:

    Evelyn, my man n I both purchased ur shirt! We think its HOTT! Tami, u have kids… What example r u setting… Always wanting 2 fight! Can u say GHETTO MOTHER! All u want 2 do is fight… And 4 what! Deformation of character, Wow! Really! If that’s the case all of us would have a law suits! Build a bridge and get over it! Grow up! Why Royce is still on the show… I mean what is the point! Shaunie I’m going 2 need u pick a better cast cause ummm Meeka isn’t cute! U, Evelyn, Gloria, Ashley… Cool! Ahhhh maybe sometimes Jennifer she has her moments… Tami well, her “deformation character” just makes her ugly. If she can stop trying to be ghetto all of the time she will do. She’s a bit butch looking quarterback shape up top but if she dress up right she’s aaight!

  5. Kim says:

    I just want to say that Tammy is my girl. She keeps it real each and every time. It’s about time someone set Evelyn straight because she likes to pick on the girls that she thinks won’t say anything back but my girl Tammy is the TRUTH

  6. Virginia says:

    First of all i would like to say that Tammi is my most fav out of all of these females because she’s not a hater, she’s not a ass kisser, she’s real an she says what’s on her mind, she can stand on her on 2 feet when it comes to dramatic situations she don’t need a lot of girls on her side. I can say i really do admire her boldness to say how she feels an never backing down, she’s militant and i dig where she’s coming from.

  7. Karen says:

    I wanted to say that the female royce is a very jealous young girl [ of Evelyn and Jenn ] one because she is not a tall attractive woman I feel because she gives me that and she wants to really harm them physically for life , she is evil and she looks like a witch , royce you need to watch your facial expression , i know you can’t help it and your hair is very dry get a moisturize treatment and stop cussing and looking like you smelling something . Her with that book , is only because Evelyn said she doesn’t do anything but use her flesh . She needs to stop , she also acts like a little girl not only have a child’s figure . I think she is jealous that Evenln is with famous football player , and why does Evelyn sex life bother’s royce so much ? royce is not the other young lady friend the one Evelyn was mad at for a while ,she is also jealous of their relationship Jenn & Evelyn’s ,she also used Shaunie for the trip . wow what a chick ,she’s a chick alright . Suszie I hope gets sick of her child’s play . Evelyn stop cussing , you don’t need to be fighting ,when you are getting your body ready and prepared for baby , all this bullcrap has to stop ,and can’t happen with your new life with this football player. why is royce on the show , they typed her , trouble starter, because she is no or no ex ball players wife or girl friend , for years i’m talking . Tami is going to end up whipping royce behind ,royce is using Tami for her jump off spirit ,don’t let her use you to join in ,leave royce by her self ,she using you Tami . I don’t think she really likes you ,Really. royce is the only one FAKE , maybe a little the new girl.

  8. Precious says:

    i Luv Dis Show,, but anyways Evelynn i dont like her to meeh she a fakee but real at times when its conveient ,, Jen she cool onlyy when she not stuckk up Evelynn azz some words for Jen is juxx do you u aint got to pleasee Evelynn,, Meeka she juxx a phonyy always try to fit in some were by talkingg about ppl i mean grow up,, Shaunie she real lay back she onlyy jump crazyy if you jump crazy with her,, Suziee some advice for youu dont let ppl talk about your real friends! bec the ppl that talk about your real friends be the first one (or was already the first one) to stab you in the backk cough cough Evelynn< as for Tami and Royce yall the Realest one on here yall dont give a damnn wat these Tricks! got say and yall be real about yall ishh! so Tami stay HOOD! and Royce juxx saty you………

  9. chickballaxxi says:

    I do not lyk meeka sooooooooooooooooooo two faced and phony. try so hard to fit in. Tami…u go grl!!!

  10. LADY DEE says:

    Even though Meeka is the only female on the show that is ACTUALLY a wife-Tami is my favorite ex-wife. Jenn was a wife and let Evelyn and the rest of the miserable ex-wives and grilfriends talk her out of her meal ticket. Not saying she a golddigger, but Eric is NOT easy on the eyes with a ugly attitude to match, so money was obviously the motive in that relationship and now she about to be SOL. Evelyn hooker behind done hooked up with Chad Ochocinco and trying to get pregnant, so once she trap him up and have those babies this whole Evelyn and Jenn alliance will dissolve. I agree that Royce is very young, but as far as her being jealous of Evelyn I dont agree with that. I dont think Evelyn is even attractive. Everything about her looks fake, from her hair extensions to her teeth. Especially her teeth. Are those dentures up top? Maybe they’re veneers, but whatever they are they ARE definitely fake and the way her mouth portrudes up top is just gross. Watching this episode with her and her daughter and she is so fake. Looking at these dark circles under her daughters eyes and she’s only 17?? Looks like shes done a lot of crying over the years and probably because her mother has neglected her to chase dick from city to city. She doesnt want her to go to school in the South, where she can be closer to her, nor does she want to relocate to the East Coast to be closer her and this ‘family’ she wants her to be closer to. Speaking of which her mom living in that cramped up old apartment and her sister wearing Rainbow , but she claim she doing so much? Came back from Gucci and whne her daughter asked ‘did you get me anything?’ she said ‘No’ and was for real. She didnt get her anything. Just selfish and fake. I dont like her. As for Susie she’s a complete ditz. Shauni is barely on the show, but I got to respect her game because she done managed to make a show called Basketball Wives about non-wives and jumpoffs and getting paid while all the rest of these chicks on here telling all the business and she aint shared nan-mfn factor of her personal life as far as her relationship with Shaq. The show is entertaining and goes to show that all the money-celeb status-etc. does not solve problems or mean that you living happy and carefree because all these ladies got issues.

  11. Faithful says:

    Hi, I commend Jen because she showed herself to be a real woman. Unlike her husband he didn’t weight until they were separated or devoice before he jump in the sack with other persons.
    Go girl !!!

    From: Faithful

  12. Jayonna says:

    Evelyn I meeka get on my nerves and I now she get your nerves so just dont deal with her your biggest fan Jayonna.PS i hope u read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Carrie says:

    I really don’t understand the issues that they have with Royce. They all carrying more baggage than her. What problem does Shaunie have with Royce? I can’t believe these women are so shallow that they can’t understand that people can actually get sick, & Royce didn’t feel good in Spain. HELLO! She had strep throat!. Hope they ALL catch something in Italy. Like maybe food poisoning.

  14. PJ says:

    BOOORRRINGGG!!! This show is so wack! Every episode is who talked about who, going to dinner and talking about each other, going for a walk and talking about each other, flying to Italy and talking about each other. What the heck are yall talking about anyway…nothing has happened! I thought this was a reality show. You can’t really be saying that all you guys do is go to restuarants and fight! BORING! You all have made yourselves look really ugly simply because your characters stink!! Shaunie you got to be a lot more creative next season. Please!

  15. DeeDee says:

    i hope tami beat meka up because she has to much mouth.. and its bad enough that she the new girl and that not a good first impression!

  16. JORDAN says:


  17. CatD says:

    Tammy is to old to fight. She have teenage daughters and need to grow up. She sets a bad example for women her age. She is terrible! and Shaunie is two faced. She knows exactly what is going on. No class. Royce have more class than all of them.

  18. Cola says:

    I like Tammy (most of the time). I like her not for her unacceptable, boisterous hate induced behavior but for the entertainment her buffoonery provides. Putting her hands on that woman was classless and childish. Grown women should not handle issues that way. I agree that Meeka was way out of line with some of her comments but how does fighting change that. Tammy is a horrible example to the girls she’s mentoring and to her two daughters. They should be embarrassed that their 40 year old mother is on TV showing the world how gutter she is. I really hope this show truly is scripted and she’s not that low. I resent the comment that she only reacted the way she knows how from her environment. I was raised in a lower income urban area and I don’t parade around like street trash. Meeka should learn to reserve comment for when it’s appropriate. I fault her for not living up to the standards of an educated woman. She shouldn’t have even been in that type of altercation with the likes of Tammy. As a matter of fact she doesn’t fit in the show period. I refuse to bad mouth poor Susie because she’s such a sad case it would be a waste of time. Shaunie is a true…what’s the word I’m looking for “pimp”. She has those girls showing the behinds for a couple of dollars. What I’ve learned from this show is that enjoying viewing drama as long as I don’t ever have to be invloved with it (don’t judge me lol). With that said, ladies, please carry on in the name of entertainment. Shaunie, wind their backs up and watch them go!

  19. marc says:

    Those older basketball wives are jealous of the younger one’s, because they (old one’s) are picking fighting with the younger one’s.

  20. proud black woman says:

    Tami makes Black women look bad. She jelaous because Meeka’s married. But comeon we gotta draw the line with violence. I think Shaunie is helping this go on behind the scense. Shaunie girl you shine no your own. You don’t need the money or the ratings. You need to think of Black women in general and not just your shows ratings. Violence is what makes all balc folk look bad. It ain’t like Tami hasn’t done it before. She was way worse when she came on the show. You wonder where Meeka got her 411 about Tami? It’s go t to do with her own behavior last seanson. We ain’t all ghetto. Comone Shaunie girl. EMPOWER us don’t drag us down. PS susie just wants to fit in with Evelyn again. She should have kept her mouth shut.

  21. Arnease Williams says:

    Just witnessed the show today and I don’t understand. First of all Tami did say they were fake. Why does Evelyn and Tami always in the middle of something. Why can’t they disagree like ladies. Tami has too much anger and needs to settle down. She alwlays wants to fight someone. I’m very disappointed in women that act like this. Shaunie and Jennifer are the only 2 I can identify with.

  22. A CARRABBA says:


  23. audrey says:

    what is up with the bump on eric’s face? how did he get that ugly thing?

  24. Amanda says:

    I want to know why this show is called basketball wives when there is only one person on the show who is married to a basketball player? I really think that Evelyn does not need to marry the “football player” because he doesn’t understand marriage and he doesn’t respect her.

  25. Laneshia says:

    Tami is cool as hell she going to speak her mind no matter what Royce i like her alot she has become a lady and not on that childish cramp no more thats whats up i dont like Eveyln that much just seems a little fake to me she just trys to hard and Jenn its about time to be your own woman having a friend is cool but get out of Eveyln shadow stand up for yourself and speak your mind if you dont like Chad thats your opinion as for Meeka next time just chill out dont try so hard to be liked just let it comne to you Suzie whats up with you and those damn feather ear rings girl give it up good season looking forward to the next one.

  26. special says:

    I love Royce and Tammy.

    keep it real Royce and stay strong do you.

    Sorry, Jen… now your alone. Just don’t be a fool and let the men take over your weakness. Not sure what your issue was with your husband, but maybe you could have made it work. Why be made at Royce, she did nothing. You should be glad Royce was trying to reach out to you about the offer your soon to be ex. Believe it or not. Jen, Think about what your husband was saying in the beginning.



  27. Katrail Smith says:

    The show is really a shame. With all the advancements in race and gender relations, Shawnie O’Neal put together a show were females are displayed a gold diggers. They are not on the show because of their hard work, but what a man did for them. Pure shame! Think about quality Americans, you won’t find them on shows like this. I know there’s money made off this show, but I’m sure Shawnie can find successful women who should be celebrated. I think all of the so called Basketball Wives have daughters, I guess this is the life they want to rely to them. Get lucky as a groupie and date a star athlete so your life is set. I’m sure they don’t rise their kids like that, but it pay the bills so they’ll sell it to our kids. I choose not to watch, but I’m sure kids do. Just a shame.

  28. lovelylady says:

    I use to like Evelyn only but now I hate this show. VH1cancel this ish>>>These woman are no longer entertaining, they are disgusting and pathetic. I guess Gloria wasn’t so bad after all because all of them from Shaunie, Evelyn, Jen Tami, Suzzie to Royce they are the most childish old woman I have evah in my life seen from Compton to Brooklyn. No reality show has ever disgust me like this one and I watch all of them but this will be my last season of this JUNK!!!!!When does Lala’s show come on???because I need to watch mature woman not this fullishness. I mean like seriously it’s girls on Teen Mom that are more mature than these losers.

  29. lovelylady says:

    Meeka, one more time WHY DID YOU WANT TO BE ON THIS STUPID SHOW?

    I liked Meeka to but something must be wrong with her if she wanted to be friends with losers like them. She must be ghetto to or something because I would Nevah in a million years hang with them hoochies

  30. debra jacobs says:

    All of these ghetto acting & talking women are losers & an embarrassment to themselves, their children, & their families, including Shaunie Oneil. They are no better than their cheating & no-good baller husbands or boyfriends. I see why these marriages & relationships don’t last as the women getting w/these ballers are ghetto & air-heads.

  31. mengie hall says:

    It’s clear that since Evelyn has only been a GF & not a wife of a baller, she is desperate to get any baller to marry her, so that she can say that she is an official wife, have his baby before she gets too old, & then take the fools money & run. Who does the gold-digga think she’s fooling. Good luck Chad as she will take all your money!

  32. phillydime says:

    I like Royce and Tami. They both keep it real and are naturally pretty without a lot of high maintenance. Evelyn is not even pretty to be talkin all that trash about others, she does dress well though. Jen is a total follower what she doesn’t realize IS she actually is what Evelyn wants to be classy, worldly, and MARRIED to a baller. Evelyn is a hood rat we all see where her mom lives. Suzie is a funny lookin trouble maker. FYI nothing wrong wit being from the hood, thats where I’m from, but Evelyn tries to give off on impression that she is actually high class and priveledged when shes not. I also think Evelyn is jealous of Royce because Royce is younger and prettier. Oh yeah and Tami is too pretty tp be fighting.

  33. Momma Real says:

    I cannot believe that men actually married, lived-with, or dated these low-class, ghetto women! It must be a desperate situation out there. With the exception of Royce and Meeka, they all look used up. Disgusting!!!!!

  34. Solowoman says:

    These women are so embarassing. They are the most classless women I have every seen. I guess “Money really can’t buy class.” Though many of these men also came from backgrounds of meager means and probably chose women that are background familiar, I still think they could have married up. Evelyn and Tami are obviously straight out of the ghettos and their behaviors mirror that. Shaunie might have possibly been lower middle class but one can certainly not tell. Gloria is simply an idiot, thinking anyone would be jealous of her mutt status or her abusive relationship. Jen is no more than a ho turned housewife turned ho. Royce and Meeka should as soon as possible distance themselves as far away from this bunch of misfits as possible. Suzie, well Suzie is hopeless.

  35. goldenhoney7674 says:

    After 3 seasons, i have yet to see any kind of personality from jen. idk why she’s on the show, because she is boring.

  36. NikkiD says:

    This show is “CLASSLESS”; majority of educated black women do not behave like these. I am embrassed for them if they are not embrassed for themselves but hey a pay check is a pay check is a pay check.

  37. maria feliciano says:

    every one can hate on evelyn but you know what she keeps it real and its not fake.. the only one i see on the show that works was up with the other ladys.. how can yall afford condo meals and party all the time must be nice

  38. christina says:

    Excited to see season 4

  39. cc says:

    How about a Basketball Wives (wife, fiance’, girlfriend) show that unifies the women? 90% of the show is shopping, hanging out, partying, drinking and ripping each other apart. People will begin glorifying the groupies if it is believed that this is what these men must come home to.
    I’m sure there are many personal challenges to being a basketball wife but unity can make a difference. The divorce percentage rate of pro athletes is extremely high in itself. Change the direction of the show to reflect support for one another, doing positive things together and growing with each other.
    The success the women achieved seemed to happen after their break-ups. The time spent with each other needs to be quality time where they can become cohesive and develop this success during their relationships. This will make them a better partner to their significant other and empower that relationship more.
    If I were one of these basketball players I definitely would have doubts about all this negativity in my future. Sports is competitive enough. Life is competitive enough.
    I don’t find it surprising that the repeat women on the show aren’t the ones that are currently in a long-term relationship.

    Ladies, please come together as sisters and mentors.

  40. royce-jealous of evelyn and jen b/c she has no friends but very nice and genuine
    evelyn-talks too much and very ferocious and needs to chill out.
    tami-always speaks her mind but she is too-faced goin back telling other people what he said and she said. go girl but chill out

  41. Ash says:

    Tami is the news carrier in this new season. The new girls were just getting to know everyone and Tami is already trying to make the rest of girls hate on them…ayayayayayaya

  42. angie says:

    I am totally disappointed in the Basketball Wives this series. This is the most degrading, offensive and barbaric group of ladies representing every spectrum of the color wheel. As an African-American woman I wonder what these ladies think their children (young girls) would think of their mothers behavior. Shauni should be completely embarrassed associating her name with a program and group of ladies that make women in general look like vulgar talking, beast attacking beings. One would have thought this would have been a program where women of Basketball players exemplified manners and behavior that young girls would want to emulate. Tonight was my last viewing and I hope to encourage everyone of my friends to discontinue giving their time and power as viewers to a program that represent women as trifling, no class hood rats.

  43. Johnette Faison says:

    What The Hell???? How old are y’all? So damn GHETTO!!!! Royce big ups to you girl. You are the youngest but you have more class than any of these girls. Shaunie, I’m shocked at you. You appear to have it going on but for real for real you sat back sat a fire and watch the girls burn. Tami, I love you but LET IT GO. Leave those ghetto ways behind you. You are a business woman and seem to have your sh– together but sometimes you let little things get the best of you. You too grown and sexy for that. Evelyn you just a complete mess. You are seriously hatten on Jennifer. She is not boogie as you call her, SHE HAS CLASS. Take notes, get you some class. You are extremely ghetto. More ghetto than anyone on the show. You have been in everyone face on the show except Shaunie. You try to be a bully. Someone needs to beat your a–. You want Orcho so bad that you will settle for whatever. If my man tells me that if he see a girl and want to bring her home that would be the last thing he will get to say to me. But your desperate a– says “what if I don’t like her?” Who Does That!! Susie you have NO place on the show. Get somewhere and sit down. You can’t beat anyone on the show but you always in the middle.I started out liking the show but now it’s just too much. If I want to see this kind of sh– I can go to the hood, sit in my car, and watch what goes on. Why can’t y’all show how mature young ladies can get along and move into a positive place. If I compare myself to any one of y’all, I’m close to Jennifer. A lady. A classy lady. And I’m so glad. It makes me LOVE myself. You go Jen. Don’t let anyone take you out of your element. Your attitude will take you as far as you want to go. YOU Go Girl!!!!!! I’m Just Saying.

  44. slimgoody says:

    i luv me some jen..she is gorgeous,classy,poised and oh yea bushi…Tami is a hater for no reason..she is what u call ghetto,mean spirited and classless..Royce is the real deal..she takes no shorts and keeps it real..and a true friend..evelyn is a bitter person..she is hating on jen for really no reason..all because of a statement that jen made,def not to hurt her..but jen being the woman that she is apoligized,to hold on to ther not sure why all this hatred from evelyn…she is def not secure in her relationship with her man..shaunie stays back from most drama,collecting them huge checks as 1 of the producers of the show.evelyn is just a follower,confused,wacky and dosent no the meaning of a true friendship,she wants to be liked,so she backstabs people..royce is a true friend to her..everyone else takes her as a joke..they use her..

  45. Laura says:

    Watching your show is simultaneously like watching a car wreck meets a ridiculous beauty pagaent. While all of you ladies are attractive, none of you have any class. The cursing, the fights, the thrats, the catty petty stuff–makes me feel so embarrassed for you. Shaunie and Royce are the only ones who display any sense of being close to normal and mentally stable. The rest of you are pathetic, climbers, hangers on, violent divas with nothing going on. Shame on you!

  46. Liz says:

    When is a hispanic woman a black woman-when there money to be had. It should be notice that the spanish women never fight among themselves only fight with the true black woman, with other black women joining in., I was wonder why the black man doesn’t have any loyalty to the black race, he get it from his mother.

  47. Isis says:

    im just me

  48. Antoinette Lewis says:

    I think that the show needs find a good match for Evelyn because she thinks she BAD.Put Marlo from the Atlanta Housewives on there to deal with her.Shaq’s ex-wife try to play the good girl, but she is MESSY TO. She’s two-faceded don’t like her. JENNIFER is the prettiest lady on the show, she is calm and not about MESS.

  49. Kane says:

    Tami girl your a hood rat. You seemed to be a dam bully. And your always saying to people you have.two minutes. Like what then you gonna beat them up? I think you a very VIOLENT and I wish they would TAKE you off the show..

  50. tynearia steele says:

    the show is good

  51. Tammi, I truly feel I am watching u play out my life’s story. EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEEN GOIN THRU, FROM MEN AND RELATIONSHIPS, AND KIDS TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR MOM. MOST IMPORTANTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU AS A CHILD. My family wasn’t the hugging, touchy feely type either. I can be on the phone with my Great-Grandmother who is 101yrs young and say “Alright Ma-me, I love you” and her words would be “Ok”. That trickled down to my mom, and she passed it on to us. We decided not to pass it to our children. We BROKE THE CYCLE!!!!!! There’s not a day that goes by that my kids don’t hear me say “I love you” and they tell me. So I applaude you for doing counseling. You’ve gotten to ur core!!!!

  52. ClassicSoul says:

    I mmostly like Jennifer! I sincerely hope Evelyn and her assistant are not allowed to return, If they are I will no longer support the show.

  53. christine says:

    i hope that royce,s dad accepts her finance. he seems like a nice guy that makes her happy. he,s a gentlemen. too much drama during season 4 of basketball wives. i like suzie the most because she is a peace keeper.

  54. ida says:

    I can’t stand this show anymore too much fighting and bad talking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is not the way black women act they give it a bad name….shaunie has to close this show now…unless they are fighting ans acting like fools…it turned into a lousy show…

  55. Tiffany Hill says:

    I checked out last week’s show and tonight show with Royce and I must say, she is so immature. She said it last week, “jail bait”. All that drama last week with her dad, falling on the ground at the park like a 2 yr old was a hot mess, who does that at her age. Last season she was so in love wth that guy and hit him with red lingerie and now this season with this guy who she is so in love with and red lingerie. The problem withe Royce is she is silly, her did has her pegged She is VERY IMMATURE. Her dad is right, she is NEEDY. She wants to be a professional athlete’s wife so she can get a good payday at the rate she is going, it is not going to happen. And for the record, Royce when you break out in tears on the show, ACTUALLY CRY, WHAT A BIG JOKE YOU ARE.

  56. Tiffany Hill says:

    As for Jennifer, she really does need to get over herself, she is not all that. All of a sudden she was to act like a “grown woman” and not have drama and confrontation,but when she and Evelyn were getting along, she was down for all that drama and now Jennifer want to act all new. Jennifer get over yourself.

  57. dwb says:

    There are only two women of class on the Bs show.,Jennifer and kesha shaunie is fake.,Evelyn needs the money and the rest of the women are just window dressing.

  58. Bria says:

    I love this show and I think all of these women are roll models and my favorite is Evelyn and tami because they have daughters and I think there good moms

  59. Nigeria Jones says:

    Hey.My name is Nigeria Jones.The person i like is Shaunie.I will like to meet her in person one day.I Had wanted to be able to talk to her face to face.Me i wont jump her like other people.I can give you my word on that one.Im not that crazy about famous people because they are just like us its just they have more money.But when its time for them to die they lose everything.But our life is like a bubble onto water and it can burst at anytime.So before i leave earth i had want to see her.N just talk to her as i normal person.N i would not lie to you.Im not that crazy about famous people.N I dont mind meeting them and beening myself around them.But im about to become a model and a Perffessional dancer.So please i just want to meet her one time please.My life is hard and i mean hard and i need a break so please just let me meet her.I never meet no famous person never in my life and i feel like i just want to meet Shanie off of Basketball Wives.Please

  60. Nigeria Jones says:

    First of all let me tell yall something.Let get some straighten.Shaunie is not FAKE at all.From what i see she is a loving,caring,kinded-heart Person.She is not dramafied .She got better things to do with and for herself.She is above them.She is a real woman she know how to keep foolishness down and handle things in a right mature way.She seen easy to get along with.At least she have respect for herself.So ya’ll better have respect for her and stop running yo mouth.So chill out.She is better and wiser than all of the foolishness.She is above that.Thank you.Ya have a bless day.N Stop judging people by what you see on t.v.

  61. dk says:

    Really Shaunie is suprisingly not smart. I understand these shows need drama but really for her to continually allow this mean spirit on theair with all that’s happening in the world is SADISTIC. I would’nt blame another NBA player for never taking his relationship to the next level with the girl he met next door. Thanks for your true revelation on how you see NBA wives it is deep. I hope Jennifer really gets the last laugh. Also about your comment about you being thought of as a ghetto rat SHAUNIE you said it just OWN it now. So fake you are and ignorant, I’m sorry, if those (girls) knew what was best for them they would lawyer up to (like real women do) to get out of this filthy contract they signed on to with Madame EX NBA TOO TACKY & WACKY. Let me identify that this is you Shaunie. The shrewd one is SUZY Q get your money girlfriend. The smart one and only ONE is ROYCE. TAMMY STOP you was real but you have allowed Madame EX to make even you look like a fake for the right price. I hope the price is right and stay in your organization work. (But I do like you girl and hope you land on your two feet when this is over) One thing shots is not your thing. LOL EVELYN is the crazy one or else that premenopause is onset at her age it is possible. Evelyn wishes she was Jen, serious you get real; if Jen is a bum then you are a bigger one cause she is fly and always was. Now stop talking about sex without condoms you jumped on that Fiance of yours with out one. PLEASE stop looking for beef. YOU KNOW YOU ARE A JUMP OFF chick I hope you really get married. I Vote get Evelyn off the show if you even have the option of that now, Shaunie cause, I think you need to go as well. : ) Ciao its been real interesting.

  62. NightLight says:

    Tammie definitely used to be one of my favorites. she has changed so much that its ridiculous. Taking Kesha’s purse. REALLY? She take immaturity to another level. I cant stand evelyn at all, she has no self control. they only way she can even THINK to resolve an issue is by throwing something at someone. susie…. who cares? she just needs to shut up. Shaunie… annoying Royce the only one who is basically out of drama. kenya…. CRAZY! and Kesha is one of the most mature WOMEN on that show. The rest of them act like little girls. and last but not least Jen. She’s actually getting on my good side for the simple fact that she no longer wants to be in drama which comes with being evelyn’s friend

  63. NightLight says:

    But I also hope that Tammie will be ok. Because Ive heard that she had a heart attack

  64. jodi goodridge says:

    all i got to say is i don’t like the way evelyn handle the situation. but jennifer has so changed in this season and i do not like how she is now. and this season was really to much fighting i could not handle it. but the main person that turned me off this season was jennifer and her attitude.

  65. lucy kalu says:

    Jennifer is truly a great character and have an awesome personality. Its sad that the people she calls friends are not showing that. When she was slapped, did any of them condemn Evelyn’s assistant? No, but instead they condemned her for filing a suit. What did they expect her to do? Go home and accept being violated. Maybe if her “supposed” friends sticked out for her at the scene of incident, she wouldn’t have filed a suit. Well, now everyone knows that they are consequences for every action taken. From the onset of the Evelyn & Jennifer drama, they have always been on Evelyn and not Jennifer’s side, so they don’t have the right to condemn her.

  66. Kundai says:

    Jenn keep your head up and don’t let those crazy classless women bring u down. U are the only one with brains on that show. Shaunie u are as fake as hell, u pretend to be classy but u are just has ghetto as Tammy and Evelyn. I feel sorry for anyone who chooses to marry these classless women. Vh1 u think we are fools u definately staged that reunion coz everyone was against Jen and yet she is the one who was wronged. I won’t be watching this show without Jenn. Jenn I love the way u dress and those other women can never look that gorgeous no matter what they wear.

  67. Kundai says:

    Shaunie; Eve; Suzie and Tammy u are never going to be happy in your lives because u are evil and have no hearts. U can have all the money but happiness u won’t have.

  68. Serri says:

    I think Tammy is a bully and I will not let my children watch the show anymore. I am trying to teach them to not be like er so I can’t let them watch and support a show that supports bullying cause she is still going to be on the show