Renee Graziano On Her Fight With Carla: “I Should Have Broken Her F***ing Jaw”


The fight between Carla Facciolo and Renee Graziano on Mob Wives this past Sunday was nothing short of epic, and while the ladies were clearly getting physical with the hair-pulling and face-shoving, Graziano actually says she wishes she took it a step further.

“Why didn’t I crack her?” Graziano said to the New York Post. “I’m not violent. I don’t raise my hands ever. I would never hit somebody. But I should have broken her f***ing jaw.” She said that episode made her realize that “people you think are your friends aren’t.” We just want to know if that fight made Carla break things off with her boyfriend, he who is the root of all this evil.

In addition to wishing she gave Carla a good skull-cracking, Renee is critical of how she sees herself on the show. “I usually watch the show alone on Sundays, and then I don’t talk to anyone until Tuesday…I’m my own worst critic.” She also says that her mother wishes people could see her “softer, funnier side.” To be fair, Graziano’s Twitter account shows that funny side pretty well (@ReneeGraziano), so we don’t think her mom needs to worry.

Co-star Karen Gravano, who watched this past episode with Renee, is also conflicted about living her life so publicly. “To me, it’s a little crazy being under a microscope and people picking it apart, especially with me and Renee, when we come from this world. I’m sure deep down inside, my family didn’t want me to do it,” Gravano explained. “I can honestly say there’s mixed emotions.” The ladies say that the show has been a learning experience for them, so watch them continue to learn about themselves Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Judging from the way filming has been going, maybe we will see some broken jaws by the end of this.

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  1. Myrna De Leon says:

    Hey Rene.. I never posted any comments to any show. But I had the need to tell you how i support you 100%. Carla’s boyfriend is trash and his dating a crazy woman. I couldn’t believe the comments Carla made about how she was ok with her boyfriend acting so fresh with her friends. She does not deserve to be in the show and she most be desperate to settle for such a trash

  2. myrna says:

    Carla and her boyfriend are trash

  3. Carmen says:

    I think that Renee was right in confronting Carla about her boyfriend, but since that is a touchy subject there is a way to say it. The way Renee confronted her may have made Carla a little defensive. If Carla was okay with her boyfriend being a little fresh with her friends then that subject should have been dropped. If that made any of her friends a little uncomfortable, then that should have been addressed in a calm manner and should never be an issue again. I think the whole fight was blown out of proportion and the reason why Carla was defensive was because of the way that Renee came at her. In situations like that, there is a way to approach things that don’t escalate to fighting. I mean they are friends and they shouldn’t fight over a man.

  4. Radsista says:

    Test…my posts never seem to make it…wonder if something is wrong here

  5. TaT says:

    I don’t know if they read these posts or not. I LOVE Renee. She seems to be an intelligent and fun woman. And to be honest, I think she’s the best looking, Just because she’s older doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have it. Those nasty Skeletor women………..yuck! If Drita was so tough, why in the hell didn’t she kick the crap out of Karen for disrespecting her home like that? She is one of the DUMBEST women ever. I hope she’s not allowed to help her kids with their homework, because if she is……………those poor kids. Karen. I don’t know what to say about her.

  6. MARC says:

    I LOVE RENEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND DRITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Krystle says:

    Carla really makes me sick….you went and told Drita a half ass story and your a punk. You sat at that table wanting Drita to fight your battle…STOP RUNNING YOUR MOUTH!!! Your boyfriend is a scumbag

  8. Erica says:

    Rene if u are really a mafia princess why didnt u cut carla’s with a nife when yawl where in your kitchen fighting.. Is Dredia on steriods cause when she gets mad her vein in her neck pops out and thats the most action ive seen her do this season… ladys show us how bad u really are and stop talking about it dredia.. kisses.. they need to have a ganaster wives show they will show u women how to get down….

  9. dawn says:

    message for renee graziano – saw your episode re: jailmail. renee i am naive in fed prison issues but i think you would be an awesome advocate for others. lompoc fci – totally beyond over crowded. one unit no toilets in unit and 187 guys using 12 toilets. i am absolutely down for doing anything you say i just need direction and guards at this facility are totally retailiatory – if you or your family files formal bop complaint they retaliate. i hope to hear something back. i love your idea jailmail and ir you are for real, you have many untapped gifts that you are in the position to use, give back and come to the realization that you are indeed your own person, one most definitely to be reckoned with. God bless

  10. Linda Thompson says:

    Carla is a serious mess. Instead of being grateful that Renee is telling her the truth about her p—k of a boyfriend, she responds back to her by using so many consecutive bleeped words that I didn’t even know what she actually said. Yes, Renee is emotional and reactive, but she definitely has principles and she knows what’s right and wrong.

    And yes, Karen has every right in the world to be ticked with Drita. In the first year after breaking up with Lee (which incidentally, Karen should be seriously glad she did!), for Drita to have taken up with him without having the decency to have told her friend is just seriously classless and not the way someone treats a friend. And Drita herself is whacked for staying with this loser of hers. Can’t believe the way he talked to her on the phone ! Hope he NEVER gets out of prison !

  11. Julie says:

    These women are so juvenile. I feel like I am watching a bunch of silly high school girls. How can women their age have such low standards, date such losers, and have no idea what a good man is? HOW? What woman would be ok with her man grabbing on her friends? That shows are desperate and clueless Carla is. There is no way in hell I would let a guy I just met disrespect my friends like that.

  12. Quay2011 says:

    carla Stupid and Cant Fight Renee had her on the floor at the beginning she need sit down somewhere