Ask Jordan Knight Anything!


In news that ought to set your nostalgic heart racing, Jordan Knight, lead singer of the New Kids On The Block, will be swinging by our Times Square offices next week. As you’ve no doubt heard, the NKOTB and the Backstreet Boys just embarked on a massive, North American tour they’ve dubbed NKOTBSB that will see them play to thousands of screaming fans this summer. Well, during a short break from this tour, Jordan has kindly agreed to take some time next Tuesday, May 31 —the same day that his new solo album, Unfinished, hits stores— to answer questions from submitted by his fans. Even better? He’s agreed to answer ANYTHING!

Yes, that’s right, you can Ask Jordan Knight Anything! Wondering if he eats his PB&J sandwiches with the crusts on or off? You should ask! Curious as to what he wears to sleep? You should ask! Intrigued by his thoughts on whether or not cutting government spending will resuscitate our country’s economy, thereby boosting our Gross Domestic Product? You can (and should) ask!

So, how do you ask? Well, there’s a few ways. You can leave a comment below, or you can tweet @vh1 with the hashtag #askmeanything. We’ll compile as many questions as we receive and do our best on Tuesday to get Jordan to answer them all. Remember, you can Ask Jordan Knight Anything, so make your questions as crazy or funny as you possible. The only limit is your imagination!

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  1. Jody says:

    What’s your favorite thing about being Jordan Knight? Other then the money, fame and women of course!

  2. Jordan i have ALWAYS wanted to know if you find it creepy when Fans get tattoos of your face on their bodies??

  3. Dannell Washington says:

    Will just the New Kids make another album and tour by themselves?

  4. There’s some reason for NKOTBSB to don’t come to Southamerica?? Is not that we WANT you here, is that we NEED you here!!! =D

  5. Ruth says:

    What’s your biggest accomplishment?

  6. ashley fox says:

    how was the first concert that you guys did? i saw some of the videos and pics and it looked like it went really well

  7. Nancy says:

    Why did you never accept to marry me ;) I was sooooooooooooooooo in love with you back then… Still got your chance in June when you play the Montreal Bell Center… :)

  8. Celeste says:

    Will you be doing a solo tour in the fall after the NKOTBSB summer tour wraps up?

  9. Shelley Kraft says:

    If you could sing one duet with anyone…who would it be?

  10. How do you resist all of the BEAUTIFUL ladies throwing themselves at you every night? Cuz if i were a pop star, I would not be resisting you! <3

  11. Monica says:

    are you going to so a solo tour for Unfinished and will you PLEEEEEZZZZEEEE come to TX?

  12. Lia says:

    boxers or briefs or commando?

  13. Stacey Needle says:

    -If you could be any other member of the group for one day only, who would it be and why?

  14. Dannell Washington says:

    Will there be another NKOTB cruise??? If so….can it possibly be in the Mexican Riviera??

  15. Pauly says:

    Who was your childhood idol and how do you feel about the fact that some kids look at you as THEIR childhood idol?

  16. Amanda Sandico says:

    Are you ever going to perform songs from Face The Music? I’d love to hear Keep On Smilin’ , Let’s Play House, Since You Walked Into My Life…and on and on…live!

  17. Yesenia Hernandez says:

    Can you please tell us how it must feel to have these huge sold out arenas singing your songs so loudly that you can barely be heard? When I heard everyone singing together at the Chicago concert it gave me chills! I can only imagine how you must feel.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    So when I was 13 you once said you were waiting for girls to attack you. You even invited it saying, “attack me girls!” Now that I’m old enough… can I? Where can I find copies of that cartoon anyway? The attack me interview was during an episode where New Kids were in Egypt or something. Going waaayyy back in my memory here to 1990/91! hahaha! Help a girl out… please??? Thank you xoxo

  19. Annie Seiden says:

    Can you please add me on twitter please. My twitter name is @AnnieNcali thanks so much.

  20. JordansMole says:



  21. ashley fox says:

    even though its just the beginning of a journey for all 9 of you, how was the first concert in Chicago?

  22. Mindy says:

    What would you say is your worst habit? And….. What is something we don’t know about you that would surprise us? ;) xo

  23. monica (aka JKluv143) says:

    Since Unfinish is soon to be out, will you be making a new album anytime soon????? and Thank you for being in our lives.

  24. Nichole Boman says:

    I had your barbie as a little girl!! with a braided! I will be at the concert tonight in GR 2nd row and would die if you could tell me happy birthday!! PLEASE!?! <3

  25. Mikala Thomas says:

    So Jordan, since we can ask you ANYTHING, what’s the one thing that you can’t be without no matter where you are that if you didn’t have it, you would be absolutely lost?

  26. Jennie Baker says:

    Will you marry me?

  27. Shawnna Cool says:

    Will there be a day that you would come to Fenton Michigan so I would finlly get to meet you face to face.

  28. Mel says:

    How do you balance being a husband, father and HEARTHROB?! :)

  29. KRB says:

    JK–what is it with your obsession with man-capris? Do you like the length? Need a lot of pockets? Curious to know! :)

  30. Christina Meyer says:

    Fans have done lots of crazy things to get your attention. If things were reversed, what crazy thing would you do if you were a fan trying to get your fave member of NKOTB’s attention?

  31. Mary says:

    If you could kick off any member of the NKOTB, who would it be and why?

  32. Kara Emens says:

    Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?

  33. JEANNIE says:


  34. Cari says:

    Will you be doing an “Unfinished” tour? When and where? Hoping my city Winnipeg lol #justsaying


  35. Carla says:

    Hi, Big fan from Portugal.
    What do your eyes say ?
    Lots of kisses

  36. angey says:

    what is your favorite and least favorite physical feature about yourself? yes, keep it clean! :)

  37. BethInCali says:

    How many times do you have to practice a dance before you know all the steps? Doe sit come easy, or hard?

  38. Jenny Roman says:

    Thinking about Twitter hashtags you’ve inspired such as #deluxepackage and #penisstage, I can’t help but wonder if your wife ever reads your @ replies. If so, what’s her reaction to our insanity?

  39. Cari says:

    Will you be doing an “Unfinished” tour? When and where? Hoping my city Winnipeg lol #justsaying.


  40. Kelly Narbut says:

    Being a Marine’s wife, do you ever think you would want to do something special for the Military and their Families? Or Have you already?

  41. angey says:

    what is your favorite and least favorite physical and personal characteristic about yourself? you keep it clean as well :)
    (sorry if this is a duplicate, my first one looked like it didn’t go through)

  42. Marcy says:


    Since you are used to touring with NKOTB and sharing the spotlight with 4 others, What are your PROS and CONS of doing solo shows?

  43. emma says:

    since reforming with nkotb what has been your fave concert what country and what venue x x x

  44. Will we be expecting a new NKOTB album soon? Not that I’m complaining about The Block, I love it. How many bands can do 3 tours (and counting) and 3 cruises all on one album?! And then give out free tickets to their opening show. You guys are the best, and you have the best fans (=

  45. Cari says:

    Will there be an “Unfinished” tour? When/Where? Hoping for my city – Winnipeg, Canada missed ya here in 2006

    ps also hoping for a few more years of cruising :) had a blast

  46. emma says:

    since reforming with nkotb what has been your fave concert what country and what venue ? x x x

  47. Claire says:

    Hi Jordan, would like to ask you what inspires you in your song writing and is it your experiences meeting fans and life in general that gives you song ideas?

  48. Andreina Fernandez says:

    HI Jordan! Just saw some videos from the first NKOTBSB show and all i can say is WHAT AMAZING SHOW! I want to know if there is some possibility to bring this tour to South America… XOXO from Venezuela!

  49. Kim Wood (@thalianeona) says:

    It’s probably nice not getting pawed on all the time while doing concerts in large venues, plus all the screaming of an adoring crowd…but you seem to have much more flexibility to just joke around and go with what you feel like on the cruise ship. Which do you prefer?

  50. In what ways has practicing yoga changed your life?

  51. Alicia mack says:

    when are going to follow me ?this single needs u to follow i’ve been asking for one sincel last#askmeanything

  52. Jennifer says:

    The million-dollar question is…….who won Jordan Idol? ;)

  53. Kim Wood (@thalianeona) says:

    It’s probably nice not getting pawed on all the time while doing concerts in large venues, plus all the screaming of an adoring crowd…but you seem to have much more flexibility to just joke around and go with what you feel like on the cruise ship. Which style do you prefer?

  54. Lauren Jones says:

    When can we expect to see you back in the UK? London misses you!

  55. Debra Foster says:

    Hi Jordan…do you think Boston will win the Stanley Cup?

  56. Lori says:

    Hi Jordan!
    Who is your idol & what is your favorite NK song that you enjoy performing on stage?

    Looking forward to seeing you guys 6/12 & 7/29

    Lori from NJ

  57. Susan Greenwood says:

    Do you or did you still get Chinese take out when in the process of recording “Unfinished””

  58. Jenn H says:

    Did you have fun doing “Stretchify” on the cruise & what was your favourite part?

  59. Jennifer says:

    What first sparked your interest in Yoga?

  60. Susie says:

    Is there absolutely one thing you absolutely can not live without while you are on tour?

  61. Susan Greenwood says:

    Is all fair when people have difference of opinion regarding subjects on Twitter?

  62. Cinthia says:

    WHEN do you come to BRASIL again???? we begging you for that !!!!

  63. I was just curious on why you always say the word Tink…and what it is supposed to mean…I know you probably won’t respond to me…I am a huge NKOTB fan and I have been since I was 13 years old which would be 24 years….I look forward to hearing your new album and to see you guys perform with the Backstreet Boys in July at the Target Center in Minneapolis….

  64. Pamela says:

    Jordan!! HI!! I’m a Backstreet Fan, new Bloquita thanks to you!!
    Just wondering why you don’t wear your wedding ring??

  65. Jessica Sos says:

    Dear Jordan,

    My question is, if you weren’t singing, what other profession would you be interested in?

  66. Angie @JordansTndrLvr says:

    Jordan, Was wondering I love the album btw and one of my fave songs is Inside. It’s so beautiful and I actually can relate to the song about having walls built up. I was wondering if u wrote that song or did someone else?

  67. Carey says:

    Is there a producer, writer, performer, etc that you’d like to collaborate with that you haven’t yet? and why?

  68. Susan Greenwood says:

    Do you give Kisses in public to fans?

  69. Regina says:

    Would you like to do Any Acting to see you on the Big Screen? To see you in Movies?

  70. Cinthia says:

    When do you come to Brasil again??? we begging you for that

  71. Tashanda M says:

    Hi Jordan .. u have many R&B influences ,what other genres have had a big impact on your career? love ya @jordan247365 (you owe me a follow from Detroit) love ya anyway

  72. Heather Taylor-Naas says:

    What is your all time favorite book?

  73. Pamela says:

    Hello from Miami!!
    I’m a Backstreet fan who is now a Bloquita because of you!! (and Joey) LOL.
    My question is, why don’t you wear a wedding ring? Just curious.

    Kisses, Pamela :)

  74. Katya says:

    Is it hard to perform when your day is going the wrong way or you can put all the worries behind you when you perform?

  75. mistina barron says:

    my mom and I met you when you were promoting your CD and we came and wanted to meet you but you weren’t very friendly and we were both wondering “Why” were you that way?

  76. Kim Wood (@thalianeona) says:

    It’s probably nice not getting pawed on all the time while doing concerts in large venues, plus all the screaming of an adoring crowd…but you seem to have much more flexibility to just joke around and go with what you feel like on the cruise ship. Which way do you like better?

  77. Jennie Baker says:

    Ideal day of fun and ideal night of fun? oh,and will you marry me?

  78. Karen Ramos says:

    You mentioned on the cruise that the fans inspired “O-face”. Are there any other songs on the album inspired by the fans?

  79. Lisa Sullivan says:

    Jordan Knight,
    If you knew this was the last day of your life, what would you want to do before the end of the day?

  80. Maria (@maria_rosso) says:

    Hi Jordan, just wondering what your favourite song is off your new CD? I know you asked us and I’m curious what your’s is! Thanks! Love you lots!

  81. Ana says:

    Can I meet you when you come to Washington?

  82. shantanna says:

    jordan is there any talk among all of you to put your sons in a group together?

  83. Rhonda Bowers says:

    I like you new album. I don’t have a fav song yet but I will. I was wondering are you and you Bother shareing a bus on the Tour this year?
    Rhonda Bowers

  84. Angela (@LittleAngie_79) says:

    First and foremost it was a pleasure doing yoga with you! :) My question is: when did you start practicing it? Was it something you felt you needed to keep you centered or was just curiosity that led to it?

  85. Nitya Shetty says:

    Was there any rivalry between NKOTB & BSB???When is the NKOTBSB album releasing in India?

  86. Star says:

    Does your wife ever get upset that so many fans are so interested in you or does she just consider herself a lucky woman that you are married to her?

  87. You have done a fabulous job of keeping your private life… private. Just curious what your wife thinks of all the ladies throwing themselves at you night after night while on tour?

  88. Brandie says:

    What is the best thing about reuniting with the guys and what took so long?!

  89. ufo_quiest says:

    Jordan! Have you or any of the NKOTB ever seen any UFO’s while traveling the world or hanging out in your backyard! Any of your thoughts on this topic would be very interesting. Your CD is AMAZING!!! Thanks!

  90. Hi Jordan,

    Never had the chance to meet you up close yet. Since you all have been in the music business for a while, we all assume that you and the guys have met the big names in the biz. Is there anyone in the music business you have yet to meet and maybe always wanted to work with? What is the feedback you all get from your peers? Ignored, respected, disrespected, cordial, praised?

    100% Bloquita ;))

  91. Morgan says:

    What is your idea of a romantic date?

  92. Jessie says:

    Can you come to Southamerica with this NKOTBSB tour? please, we wanna be part of it. If you say yes, include Perú in the tour, you have thousands of fans here.Blessings.

  93. Morgan says:

    What is your idea of a perfect date?

  94. Alexa Heller (@TweetmeJordan) says:

    Hi Jordan,

    as we all could witness on the cruise during your “Streeetchify” session (excellent job, by the way), you are very lean, flexible and toned up very well. What is the amount of time per day you dedicate to Calisthenics?

    Thank you in advance


  95. Tara Hall says:

    First off, I want to thank you and the other guys for coming back into our lives. I have made friends, that I would have never known, had this reunion had not taken place. Ya’ll make me feel young and renewed again. I had the opportunity to attend this last cruise, and I truly had the time of my life. Thank you making my trip of a lifetime the best it could ever be. Totally exceeded my expecations. And I never once had an encounter with anyone other than Danny and Rob Lewis.

    My question is, what ever happened to the winners of Jordan Idol? I would love to follow their music. There were alot of talented people to showcase for you. Just want to be able to support them as well._

  96. Emily says:

    It’s easy to see how much you love being back together and doing this again. I’ve heard you say it’s more enjoyable this time. Is there anything you DO miss from the first time around 20+ years ago? Or, is now all that you had back then and more? Thank you for the beautiful gift you’ve given your fans!

  97. Aminah (JKMyKnightLight says:

    Hey honey! First off I hope you’re doing well :) So, you sneakingly made your way into an Episode of Blue Bloods, and though we didn’t hear your voice you did a really good job of pretending to talk the detective or whoever that was lol my question is,would you ever dive into acting? and if not how come?

  98. Jenny Roman says:

    I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, and not regretting things I’ve done but only things I haven’t. Still there are some situations I’d love to handle differently without causing a negative butterfly effect in my present. Is there anything you’ve done in life or in your career that you regret or would like to go back and change?

  99. Sherri Paiva (@JksSherripaiva) says:

    Jordan! First of all! Thank you for you!! My question (among many) is..How is your hair cut? Is it with just Scissors or done with clippers as a fade?? I know…random..I’m a Hairstylist. Oh and may I cut your hair some day??

  100. carolyn says:

    How do you think your knew album going to go well with the tour?

  101. Kristeen Kenedy says:

    What kind of manscaping do you do to prepare for the tour with NKOTBSB?

  102. Lisa (LisaA08) says:

    What do Dante and Eric think about you as a celebrity? Do they truly understand that millions of women around the world adore their dad? :)

    Lisa in Cleveland

  103. Natalia says:

    WHEN ARE U COMING TO SPAIN???????????????????????????

  104. Maria (@marjk99) says:

    So thankful that you and the guys reunited and that you all continue to do solo album work. Will there be a tour for Unfinished? If so will Chicago be a stop on the tour. I need some Jk solo tour loving!!!

  105. Shaunna Marie says:

    Hello Jordan. I just wanted to say that I have been a fan since I was 12 years old. I had the chance to see you and NKOTB in 1990, and it was the greatest experience of my young life. I’m 34 now and I still listen to the classic New Kids songs just to relive those happy days. Now my question is, do you think that you will still be performing in 30 or more years? It would be so cool to be sitting with a grandchild and listenening to the fella that made me swoon when I was just a whippersnapper. LOL!

  106. SILVIA C. COUTO says:

    traducción del español al inglés
    Do Not Get Lost …………. I’m here with you LOL

    Hi Jordan I tell you I love you! and let me know if you come to Mexico to tour?

  107. Angela (@LittleAngie_79) says:

    I remember your 1st tweet, you’ve come a long way since then! :) So….my question is: how much did it changed your relationship w/ your fans? Do you feel that by following them you get a little closer, get a glimpse to what that person is?

  108. Brandy says:

    Hi Jordan what is tour favorite song on the new unfinished cd ?

  109. Margarida Maggi says:

    I would like to know if NKOTB are coming to Brazil on tour??? Please come to São Paulo soon! Thanks.

  110. Kimberly @Knightgirl4ever says:

    First off, thank you for your follow on twitter. I’m not able to see you all this tour, so my question is: Will you be putting out a DVD on the tour? So those who could not be there be a part of it. Have a great tour!!!!


  111. Aimee Brennan says:

    @VH1 @jordanknight #askmeanything If the world ended last week would you be wearing wings or horns in the after world? I would like to think both!

  112. Jenn says:

    When you fly do you fly first class or coach?

  113. samantha ivana says:


  114. JILL says:

    Could you please do a “Jordan show” on the boat next year. Also, a solo show in Calgary or Seattle this fall.

  115. Crystal Elazegui says:

    I want to say Thank You for coming to Chicago last night. It was my 1st concert and i had a blast. I love you guys.

    My question is “Would you ever do a nude photo shoot?

  116. Nichole Martin says:

    My question is….Do you ever wish you were still single?? And how does your wife handle all the crazy fans still so many years later?? Love you and thanks for still hangin tough for your fans!!!!!!!!!!

    Cincinnati, OH

  117. Mary Sandoval(jordanstwixfix) says:

    when you leave this world(not for a looooooooooog time)What do you want people to remember for?

  118. Melissa Glossup says:

    So, Jordan…what lifetime dream have you yet to fulfill?

  119. Anne *smitten4JKnJM* says:

    you can well see how your fans go bazerk over you. Who did you go nuts over when you were a kid?

  120. Mary Sandoval(jordanstwixfix) says:

    When you leave this earth(not for a loooooooong time)What do you want people to remember for and Why?

  121. Elizabeth Luna [twitter@elunalovsnkotb] says:

    What dose Tink mean & way do u not wear your wedding ring?

  122. LCTwins says:

    How does your wife handle all the ladies wanting some Jordan Lovin’??

  123. Emily says:

    jordan one day you can visit mexicali, mexico? I have 22 a; you waiting for that moment

  124. Maxine says:

    We saw you break out some of your old moves on the cruise this year, but do you think you still have it in you to do some of the wacky moves you used to do on tour? Can you still breakdance? Do you think you’ll ever show us?

  125. Krishna Gelot (@kgelot) says:

    Hey J! Jon sent out a funny tweet about him possibly sleepwalking while on Lunesta. So my question is do you have any weird sleeping habits such as snoring, grinding your teeth, drooling or sleepwalking? Thanks J! Love ya! See you July 23 :)

  126. Liz says:

    Thank you very much for everyhing you do..You are the best!!
    My questions are, What do you want most in this life? and When are NKOTB coming to EUROPE?

  127. Suzi Diniz Lopes de Oliveira says:

    Hi Jordan!!!
    Wnen you came in Brazil!!! I love you darling!! Kisses.

  128. Letitia says:

    You’ve had your NK bandmates in your life for nearly your entire life. They are family who are friends and friends who are family. When you consider your life together:

    1. If you could apologize now, to any ONE member of the band, for ONE thing you wished you’d apologized to him for, but not yet have:
    WHO would it be TO and what would it be FOR?

    2. If you could say, to EACH of your NK brothers, the ONE thing you are most proud of him for:
    WHAT would you say to EACH one?

    btw: cheers to you, JK, on the release of your latest musical gift- may you continue to have long earned, well deserved, easily shared success and laughter :)

  129. Melissa says:

    Jordan….how do you keep the package? Trimmed, shaved or au natural?

  130. Jennifer says:

    The buring, unanswered, million-dollar mystery question on the hearts and minds of Jordan Knight fans everywhere for the past year-and-a-half is this: who won Jordan Idol?

  131. Liynaa Melik (@AJordansGirlBra) says:

    My question is “What is the fragrance you wear?”
    Kisses from Brazil!!

  132. C says:

    How did the New Kids and BSB decide which songs to do together for the NKOTBSB album?

  133. Eileen Lopez says:

    Can you please send me an autograph photo? I had one but I lost it in moving . I met you in 1997 at future fitness on Westminster street in providence Rhode Island
    I was the first one to meet you because all the others ran after you out the front door so you came up through the back door. I was standing on the stairs inside.

  134. Nicole Derrico says:

    One Easy Question:

    Are you aware that Canada has an EAST Coast…like New Brunswick…It seems you ONLY come as far Quebec…We would love to see you on the East Coast…Either with NKOTBSB or on a Solo Tour…BSB has been to New Brunswick twice and has SOLD OUT…So come to New Brunswick, Canada!

    Thanks Nikki
    7 Concerts…with 2 NKOTBSB this Summer (Mohegan Sun, Vegas)

  135. Jennifer Collura (@DDubslilLurker) says:

    Hi Jordan,
    Ask you anything? Let start off by saying how much I adore you & the guys. I hope one day I get the chance to meet you. Is it weird to do a solo album without having the guys there to sing with you? Love you so much XOXOXO

  136. Priya says:

    You’ve got quite a faithful following in India too. Any plans to visit India?

  137. Maria Marta Vetere says:

    you like to submit your new cd in my country, Argentina??

  138. BooBoo West says:

    When will you be touring to support your new CD?

    What instruments can you play besides the piano (& COWBELL) LOL.

    Do fans really freak you out? Do you know what a BSC is?

    Whats your exercise regimen at this time ~ inspired by the Stretching Segment
    on the Cruise.

    Can you cook & if so, whats the best dish you make?

    Do you still get misidentified as Brian McKnight?

    How do you like your Dunkin coffee?

  139. JENNY GIBSON says:


  140. DWoodGirl4Life says:

    What’s your favorite childhood memory?

  141. Leah says:

    What do you wear to bed? Are you going to try to have any more kids?

  142. Leah says:

    Would you ever divorce your wife and remarry?


    Hi Jordan!!! How do you today!!!! My question is?? Please come to Brazil i love you darling!!! The Brazilian fans loves you. Kisses.

  144. Carla says:

    Hello Jordan tell me what are the pros and cons of rehearsing a choreography in a group of 9 than in a group of 5? . Tink from Peru! – Carla.

  145. Gretchen Fraser says:

    First off I would like to Thank Jordan for being an incredible human being. It is rare to find someone of your statue in today’s world–Thank you. Now for the questions: What inspires you to write/record all of your amazing songs? How do you know exactly what your fans need to hear…it’s amazing/do you have fan-dar or just a special gift?

  146. Cinzia says:

    Hey Jordan! Love your tweets!
    I’m from Hamilton, Ontario (about an hour from Toronto and Buffalo)
    So my best friend is turning 29 on Saturday (we’re celebrating by being 5th row on the floor for the Buffalo show). We decided last minute to do a NYC road trip next week. Needless to say your Album release party was sold out. Want to hook a couple of fans up?

    p.s.- Super jealous I didn’t make it on the cruise this year, looked like an amazing time. Saving up for next year!

  147. Pearley Bautista says:

    Hey Jordan! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming back into our lives. Have met so many amazing women on this venture with you and I am so proud to be a blockhead, bloquita, and a Jordan Girl! Your music has always comforted me and now with your new album I have even more appreciation of how talented you really are.

    My question(s) for you is when making “Unfinished” what were the inspirations of all the songs on your album, and what was the most difficult one to do? How does it feel now that you are done with the album? Does it make you want to do another one?

  148. Nicole Bleich (@JKForever) says:

    Hi Jordan! Will you be doing a solo tour for your new album? If so, I would LOVE for you to come to Nebraska! Or Iowa! Or Colorado! Or all 3! :) Do you remember loving my toe nails on the cruise? :) Love ya!

  149. jenny says:

    whet do you like to do for fun
    jenny gibson

  150. Joanne says:

    Hi J

    What has been the worst part about being a New Kid? What has been the best?

  151. Venus @JKgirl_ says:

    Jordan.. which songs from “unfinished” did you write? and what or who inspired you to make this album as hott as it is? it’s very diff from your other solo albums. every song is truly amazing!!! I wonder if it was the people you worked with? or you being more in control? you could of made it good, or even great! but you made it HOTT and I wanna know why? :)

    thank you for “unfinished” xoxo

  152. Jenny Roman says:

    You once tweeted that you were “wet, naked lurking.” Is that a part of your regular routine? When you lurk do you just read your @ replies or do you click on our pages and go to town on us?

  153. Heather Sciortino (JordanTinkGirl ) says:

    Hi Jordan,
    I am President of Team Jordan. Me and my friend started Team Jordan to show are love and support for you. We have over 1,300 members now. How does it make you feel when people do websites and groups dedicated to you?

  154. Andréia says:

    My question to Jordan Knight is if NKOTBSB will come to Brazil. And when?

    Jordan I love you!!!!! ?

  155. Will you follow me on twitter? I’m SJs_NK_Fan4Life


    Please Please Please

    Please Please !!!!! FOLLOW ME!!!!

    Lovin’ YOU Always,
    Sarah-Joy XXOO aka SJ xxoo

  156. Lori S. says:

    Jordan, How aware are you of individuals in the crowds during shows?

    Love JKsTinkBella

  157. Maria Gagliardi says:

    You guys are awesome..still so much energy and humor after all these years Love the shows and love the new vibes. Thank you for bringing me back to 13~

  158. Dalliah Lopez says:

    Hi Jordan!
    Hopefully you read this I loved you since I was Nine years old(: Im probably one of your youngest fans.. (21 years old). I want to know whats your favorite artist out now. Also who are you closest to in nkotb and bsb. Oh yeah and you should follow me on twitter(; @Dalliahlopez !
    Ps. I love you!! <3

  159. Dawn @OohbabyJordan says:

    Hi Jordan, My queston is what is your favorite color?

  160. Karina says:

    Hello , I’m a mexican fan and i want to know if Jordan will come to my country soon, i want to say you have a wonderful voice, i love him.


  161. Angela (@LittleAngie_79) says:

    Do you believe in a fate? In a sense that nothing happens by accident and we’re only living the story someone has written for us?

  162. DAWN TYRRELL says:


  163. Geca @msgeca says:

    Hey Jordan! I’ve been a blockhead since birth LOL. One of my favorite albums of NKOTB is Face the Music. I noticed that you guys only sing If you go away from that album (not that I’m complaining)…will you be singing other hits like Dirty Dawg or Never Gonna Let you go on your future concerts? Love those songs! And please visit Australia…and this time make more noise advertising it ok? :) xoxo

  164. Debbie (@JKsCOGirl) says:

    My question for Jordan is what is besides the vocal warmups, what is your concert day ritual?

  165. J Mazo says:

    hey Jordan!!

    1. inspiration for Separate Ways? that song has the most beautiful lyrics, which means they came from deep withing your heart. it’s beautiful.

    2. favorite cities in US to play a show? DC up there? :)

    also, going to see NKOTBSB next friday in DC!! see you there
    -Joanna in DC

  166. Jen Zindel says:

    Do you still eat a lot of ketchup and put it on your eggs?

  167. Kristen St.Jules says:

    Hi Jordan, I will be attending both shows in Toronto (meet and greet on the 9th) as well as the show in Hamilton. I’ve been a fan for 23 yrs and am making up for lost time…lol My question for you is. I’m an aspiring singer with my own solo record, what advice do you have for me to break into this business? Finding the right label and so on.

  168. Muriel Bravo says:

    Hi Jordan I’m from Chile and my question is…
    Wich do you prefer, touch or being touched?
    I hope you understand my question because I don’t know to write in English very well.
    We’re waiting for you here in Chile and Southamerica.
    Love you :)

  169. Sara says:

    Your feet are very long :) Just curious…what size shoe do you wear?

  170. Jana says:

    Jordan. We deserve NKOTB here in Brazil. We are waiting for NK guys a long time. This is the time. Come to Brazil, and you´ll make happy many fans. We love YOU! ?

  171. Heather Sciortino (JordanTinkGirl ) says:

    Hi Jordan,
    I hope you do a solo tour.

  172. Jana says:

    Hi Jordan. We deserve NKOTB here in Brazil. We are waiting for NK guys a long time. This is the time.Come to Brazil, and you´ll make happy many fans. We love YOU!

  173. Trina Leon says:

    Mr. Jordan Knight!
    Will you be doing any instore signings for your new CD?? Any west coast release parties? How did u learn to dance so well? You got some moves!
    Do you do Yoga regularly? Your body is in awesome shape! :)
    Trina Leon
    San Jose, California

  174. Megan (@Megz237) says:

    Which of your own songs (or NKOTB songs) do you get stuck in your head the most?

    If you could play any instrument, what would it be?

    What is your favorite board game to play with your kids?

  175. Njara says:

    Dear Jordan,
    I’ve been an admirer of your incredible voice since 1989 (even wrote a song in tribute to it!). Loved your 1999 debut album (one of my favorite albums of all time), your ballads on The Fix, and your awesome upcoming album, Unfinished :-)

    QUES: I’m a singer and songwriter in Boston (moved to Boston thanks to NKOTB) and wondered how I might go about writing for (and singing with!!) you?

  176. Amber Lantz says:

    These past 3 years have been so busy for you, with the reunion, cruises, and several tours, not to mention, a new CD. Are you nearing a point that you want to return to a somewhat normal life again, without all the NKOTB business?

  177. Karla Booker says:


    Do you run your Myspace page or does someone else? If you do then I just want to say thank-you for putting me as one of your top friends. I’ll see you at the KC concert July 16th Sprint Center.

    Myspace hint—look at Avi–What does 09/12/2006 mean.

  178. C says:

    How did the New kids and the Backstreetboys decide which songs to do together for the NKOTBSB album?
    What do you think about “Friday” by Rebecca Black?

  179. Valerie Pelham says:

    First of all I am so glad the New Kids are back again! You make us feel young when we r feeling old, happy when r sad , and full of energy when we r exhausted! My 9 year old daughter is even loving you! I have all the tapes & she got ALL of the Cd’s for Christmas! I even named my son after you! HOW CAN WE MEET YOU!!! OR AT LEAST HAVE YOU FOLLOW US ON TWITTER??? We never know if you even get our messages! WE LOVE YOU JORDAN!!!

  180. April says:

    I’ve always wanted to know do you guys (NKOTB) get the gifts the fans leave for you at the ILAA meet & greets? And if so What do you guys do with them?

  181. NeeCee says:

    Now that NKOTB are on Interscope’s record label, any hopes of them releasing the “2nd solo album that didn’t happen”? I’m missing some “Rock the night”, “Try” and “Around the world”!!! JKtour’04 baby!! :)

  182. Emily says:

    Hi Jordan!
    First of all, I love you.
    I’m 17 years old and I have so much love for all of you and NKOTB (well especially you.. I am a “Jordan girl”). I want to thank you for still going strong as a group, as I wasn’t around to see it in the past (but constantly wish I was).
    What I’m wondering is: How do you feel about the fact that you are loved by not only the people who grew up with NKOTB but also people like me, younger fans who never experienced that?

  183. Natalie (@TotATLarious) says:

    Since you have your own record label now, do you think you’ll ever leave singing/performing behind and focus on the business side only? Which do you like better – the business stuff or singing/performing? Of course I like the performing :)

  184. Cindy says:

    Hi Jordan,
    I live in Vancouver. It’s cold and wet in the Northwest.
    What type of skincare products, if any, do you use? Got any tips? You haven’t aged a bit. =)

    See you in July!

  185. WHO won J.K. Idol? Would u ever do it again?

  186. Tina Kearney says:

    What do you think has been your greatest accomplishment, career or personal?

  187. MARY says:

    Jordan: What are your memories of your visit to Mexico City with NKOTB in 1992? and what are your memories of your visit to Mexico City in December 2008? What do you remember for most or in common?

  188. Sherri Paiva (@JksSherripaiva) says:

    It is far too hard to not notice the joy that is beaming out of you? Soo What is the Joy in your life?

  189. Sherri Paiva (@JksSherripaiva) says:

    I Must ask, are you a smoosh morning guy or a smoosh night guy and lights on or off? ~Sherri

  190. You sang in Spanish during the NKOTB tour’08 “Yo te amare por siempre” (I’ll be loving you forever” and a couple years ago “Don’t cry” “En mi vida hay muchas cosas para ti”
    How much Spanish do you speak / understand???
    Besos desde Mexico para el “Guapo”

  191. Alexandra Heller says:

    Hola JK,

    During your solo years in the late 90′s, you once mentioned in an interview that you wanted to see the Pyramids. Have you been able to visit Egyp by nowt? The most spiritual place I have ever been to is Machu Picchu, the famous Inca ruins in the Peruvian Andes…If you ever decide to go, let me know if you need a tour guide..It would take your breath away, for sure!.
    xoxo Alex (@TweetmeJordan)

  192. Keka Terence (BrazilNKOTBGirl) says:

    Jordan, when did you start doing yoga and why did you start? Why did you choose yoga instead of other kinds of activities?

  193. Sara says:

    Just for my own curiosity…

    When it comes to T and A, which do you prefer…T or A?

    And don’t say both :)

  194. Jill Kostur says:

    Hi Jordan!!
    i have 3 questions for u!!
    1, which songs on ur new album did u write?
    2. what do u sleep in?
    3. WILL u give me a private yoga lesson?

  195. Camille says:

    If you could be somebody else for one day, who would it be?

  196. Monica Olivarez says:

    What’s the worst Christmas gift you have received?

  197. MARISA CAPDET says:

    Hi Jordan…this is my question:
    What do you do when in a show you forget a song???

  198. Amanda( @JKsWhoHerGrl) says:

    When you were younger and the New Kids were just starting out before all the sucsses was there ever a time when you thought about leaving the group?
    Thank you for Not Leaving you are truley amazing LOVE YOU ….Amanda (JKsWhoHerGrL)

  199. Eva says:

    I want to ask this: Are you really happy?
    Have a nice day, love from France!!

  200. Alexandra Heller says:

    Hi J,

    a few weeks ago, I read in an article that “Make it loud” would be another anthemy song on “Unfinished”. What happened? Why did it never make the cut? Do you have more unreleased material for an EP maybe in the near future?

    Thank you…


  201. Joann says:

    Hi Jordan,Been loving you forever! What do you do for the holidays with your family?

  202. Adriana says:

    What do music are you most like to listen to relax, rest? I love you so much, and I´m your fan since my 12 years, my dream was marry to you, lol lol I love you!!!

  203. Kristy says:

    JK! Have you ever done anything on a tv appearance or even during a show that embarrassed your wife or family or caused them to tease you afterwards?!

    We love your silliness. ;)

  204. Angela says:

    Jordan, you’re about to release ‘Unfinished’ (your best work, imo) so I’m wondering how’s your creative process like? Do you isolate yourself while writing or do you look for other people’s opinions and feedbacks? How much of what happens with or around you inspires you?

  205. Would you consider doing solo shows in Michigan for “Unfinished?”

  206. Jenny Roman says:

    Your career has been long and sterling. Is there a point where you will cash it all in? Or is that the meaning of Unfinished? Never cashing it in because there’s always room to grow?

  207. Caroline says:

    Words can’t describe the gratitude I have for Jordan Knight.

    Last July, my best friend, Kimberly, was diagnosed with a rare form of
    Uterine Cancer, at 33 years old. This turned her world upside down.
    Especially, when she found out that she would never be able to have children
    and that the fight for her life had just begun.

    Knowing she was in for a long battle with chemotherapy and radiation,
    she found comfort in the fact that NKOTB would be touring in a year.
    Kimberly believed, that if she could make it through the next year,
    she would be able to see her (biggest celebrity crush) Jordan Knight on stage again.
    This has given her the hope and strength to fight this disease.

    So my question is, would you pose with Kimberly for a picture in Orlando
    on July 22?

  208. Kristi says:

    Hey Jordan!
    You grew up in a great old house……Was it haunted? If not, have you ever
    stayed somewhere that was?
    P.s. I am really bummed you guys skipped Colorado this summer!

  209. Carrie (CJ) says:

    If you were requesting a last meal, what would it be and why?

  210. Gail T says:

    Hi Jordan! Did you co-write or at least highly influence any of the lyrics on Unfinished? They REALLY sound like you.

  211. Zandra says:

    What is the next single you plan on for Unfinished?

  212. April Thompson says:

    Which NKOTB dance routine do you enjoy doing the most?

  213. Jill says:

    Would you say that Unfininshed is your best work to date?

  214. Jen (@islanderjen) says:


    I have many, many, many questions to ask you…but you took the fun out of it by telling us to keep it clean. *sighs* You’re no fun…but moving on. I have several, that I would like to ask you.

    Question 1: ( this is somewhat of a two part question)
    In light of recent news of Joe Mac having a baby girl, one has to ask. What would be your first reaction to the news, if you found yourself in his place and learned not only were you having another child, but this time a girl? If unsure, feel free to pick one of the following options.

    a)” Oh my fricking god, I’m having a girl? Someone shoot me now because surely this is God’s way of punishing me for what I did when I was younger. Oh crap, I can feel my hairline thinning already.”

    b) What do you mean I’m having a girl? Wait….when did I have time to make another baby?”

    c) A girl? Cool. Note to self, call the family and share good news. Now, what’s for lunch?

    d) Jump up and down, shouting, “Hallelujah! Its a girl!” before jumping on your phone and sharing the good news via Twitter.

    and further more, what kind of father do you see yourself being with her?


    a) doting, spoiling, type who gives her anything and everything because she can do no wrong.

    b) treat her like you would your boys, but have no problems with tea parties or playing dress up, complete with the feathers and princess crown.(when your home that is)

    c) go overboard with the over protectiveness by becoming a gun toting member of the NRA, so you can scare the crap out of her future dates…then set a team of ninja spies to tail them around so that he won’t try no “funny business” with your baby, because you got vetoed early on when you suggested locking her up ala Rapunzel style?
    Question 2:
    In many interviews past, you & Jon have talked about being each other’s best friend and the closeness between you two being siblings and in a famous group. You’ve talked about having disagreements, but it was squashed by the next day. But have the two of you,ever thrown down physically, and if so, when was the last time, and who won? Be honest…because I’m sure a lot of the girls will be tweeting Jon for confirmation.

    Question 3:
    Back in the early 90′s, you did an interview where you mentioned your first time (having sex). However, you didn’t specify your age. Why not? Were you a late bloomer? Or did you not want to alarm anyone because you did it at a younger age then most? And what was it really like for you…and do you think she was happy with the result? (Okay, so that’s more than one question, but your vague answer last time has piqued many a JK girl’s curiosity over the years, so spill! LOL)

    By the way, I’d like to tell you that your new album really is fantastic…I’ve listened to it over and over on preview…every chance I get, (much to the annoyance of the people nearby at the local Starbucks and McD’s but oh well, they can sit elsewhere. But I digress…) I can’t wait until May 31st for the album to drop so I can get it from iTunes, and hopefully in the mail on time from

    P.S. Thanks for wishing my daughter Emily a happy 10th back in Feb. Out of all the New Kids, she recognizes you the most right away…although why she thinks you’re Justin Bieber’s dad is beyond me. LOL.

  215. Heather (JKsNaughtyMinx) says:

    Are you frightened or flattered by people who:
    a. name their child after you?
    b. tattoo your name on their body?
    c. or, may or may not have lost their virginity to their Jordan Knight doll when they were 14?

    I accidentally did two of those things. And yes, I did see your tweet about being clean and took it under advisement. Unfortunately, being clean goes against everything I stand for, sorry;) Love you!

  216. Dawn Ottier says:

    How much personal inspiration did you put into the lyrics and which one reflects closest to your soul.

  217. Dawn Ottier says:

    Thank you for the early preview of your new album. I’m entranced with the songs.
    How much personal inspiration did you put into the lyrics and which one reflects closest to your soul.
    BTW- this is related to your album, not the nkotbsb album/tour.

    Thank you kindly for taking the time to answer my question. It is appreciated.

  218. MIN @jkstweetheart says:

    Hi, Guapo

    Its a simple question> When you look at the mirror do you ever say….OMG I am sexy?? LOL!

  219. MIN @jkstweetheart says:

    Hey, jk

    Will you consider doing a duet with a Latina singer? Who would it be??

  220. Kathy (@jordanskitkat) says:

    3 Questions:
    1. Where do you like to go to reflect or get inspired?
    2. Is there any special moment in your life you would like to re-live?
    3. Do you have a book you are currently reading? Or who is your favorite author?

  221. Sara says:

    How would you describe your “deluxe package” using three words?

  222. angela says:

    jordan i have been a fan of yours for 21 years what i want to know is if you do another album would you do a album of unreleased songs

  223. Alexandra Heller says:

    Hello Jordan,

    quick and simple: What is your favorite Joey McIntyre solo song?

    Thanks in advance,


  224. Michele Caminas says:

    After you have been away from home for some time, what is the first thing you want to do when you get home?

  225. Leah says:

    What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?

  226. Shalu Nag says:

    Hey Jordan,
    This is ur Bloquita from India…the one u sent the T-shirt to..remember? I wanna congratulate u on Unfinished….its FANTABULOUS!
    Sorry I keep asking u India related ques….but plz lemme know if u have any plans to promote Unfinished here? If not, then plz do…cos it will sell like hot cakes here.
    Also, u might miss my tweet that day…so plz wish me Happy B’day for 3rd July….yes 3rd July!!! #crazybloquita

    LUV U LIKE CRAZY…. urs forver n ever never…MUAH!

  227. Miss Tracey says:

    Will you ever come to New Zealand?
    Do yoou miss NKOTB?
    Are you single?
    What was your favorite NKOTB song?
    Who was your best/closest friend from NKOTB?
    Thank- you
    You Rock Jordan Knight!!

  228. Jabar says:

    When will NKOTB ever do a tour with New Edition?

  229. Kina says:

    Hi Jordan! Would you encourage or discourage your kids from following in your footsteps? (entertainment)

  230. Erika says:

    I have 2 questions:

    1. Can you do a cover of The Dream’s song Falsetto?
    2. Can you follow me on Twitter @jksblackbeauty?

    Thanks Hun…. see you in Dallas!

  231. @rightstuff4jk says:

    Lots of fans tell Jordan he’s sexy. I want to know what song does Jordan feel most sexy performing? :-)

  232. Angela (@jkswhoppergirl) says:

    Whatever happened to your jury duty you tweeted about? They excused you because you were going on tour, did you ever have to go back and serve? I’m a trial attorney and I giggled at the thought at what I would do if you showed up in the jury pool for one of my trials.

  233. Camille B. says:

    What is your favorite song to sing in the shower? Do you ever sing into the shampoo bottle? :)

    Have you sang in church lately?

    What are you thinking about when you’re singing on stage? Do you let your mind wander or are you always in the moment?

  234. Angela (@LittleAngie_79) says:

    Hi Jordan,
    what’s your favorite song from ‘Face the Music’?
    Ps- ‘If you go away’ doesn’t count. (please say ‘Dirty Dawg’! ; ) )

  235. Brandi says:

    On stage, you are confident, talented, sexy, and inspiring; however, during one on one moments with you (cruise photo op or meet/greet) you are quiet and standoffish…why? How would you describe the real YOU??

    Thank you so much for putting yourself out there like this and giving fans the opportunity to get to know you. No matter how responsible or “grown up” I try to be, I start feeling like 10-year old girl all over again…thank you for making me FEEL like you will be loving me forever!! Your career is truly unfinished cuz even when you are 80 with a rocking chair, we will be there to watch you perform! =)

  236. Janaína says:

    Hi Jordan!
    In 1999, when you were in Brazil to show your album, in a TV program called “Video Show”, you said that a girl stole your heart in Rock in Rio II (1991) and her name was Vanessa. You said in this program “Video Show”, you couldn’t find her again in 1999. So, who is Vanessa?? What happened in 1991 that made you fall for her?
    There is a video on youtube with your interview in Video Show, but i remember that day in 1999 when you said about her…broke my heart hehehehe.

    Ow, one more question: Why doesn’t Jordan Knight wear a wedding ring? (this one is from a friend of mine).

    Thank you and sorry my english! Still love you.

  237. Vanessa (@_nessepes_) says:

    Hi Jordan, I’ve got a ton of questions but lets see if you answers these 2:

    1. a Lot of fans bought VIP passes to meet you. Yeah, I admit me too… Now, those packages are not cheap and probably some girls are getting themselves in debt for it.
    My question for you is: which celeb are you dying to meet and willing to rob a bank for if you dont have the money to buy a VIP pass? And why???

    2. In 2009 you organised a few audition parties called ‘Jordan Idol’. Girls could let you hear that they’re not only squeeking pigs at a concert. I saw a couple of contestants and some were pretty good. I lost track of who won though. But thats not the question… In Holland we have a similar talent show. Its called Popstars. Not only are there ordinary people who love to be a famous popstar but also people who already have a career in the music business. They do a blind audition in front of the jury, the jury cant see them, so if they go to the next round its really because off their voices. Now, would you ever do an audition that way with the experience you have as an awesome singer knowing the jury could give you a cold NO?

    Thanks in advance! Love you!


  238. carmen says:

    when you come to venezuela?

  239. Kristal Martin says:

    What inspired you to write your new album Unfinished?! Its AMAZING!!!

  240. Cari says:

    Was wondering if you will be doing an “Unfinished” solo tour – when/where? Winnipeg perhaps would be a great idea #justsaying

  241. Amy Little says:

    What’s your favorite track on the new CD? Why’s it your favorite??

  242. Marcia says:

    Are there any songs that you have written & recorded but never made the cut on your albums? Would you ever consider releasing a special album of just unreleased tracks?

  243. Melanie Maschas says:

    I just wanted to know what (if any) was the deal with Jordan Idol? Was there a winner? Have they been notified?

    Thanks :)

  244. Sonia says:

    You and Donnie are my all time favourites in the band – Do you think you will ever come to the uk..
    P.S PLEASE give Donnie a huge huge kiss from me

  245. Shanna @JRKnDWsAngel on twitter says:

    If you were stranded on a deserted island what 5 items would be the key to your survival? And no your brother Jon doesn’t count. LOL

  246. Cari says:

    Was wonder if you will be doing an “unfinished solo tour” – when / where? Winnipeg perhaps would be a great idea #JustSagyin

  247. Tabitha says:

    What’s the best part of touring?

  248. wahlbergfanatic says:

    in your whole career, what was your toughest song to far as it was too close to home, or too difficult to put itno words. :)

  249. Sonia says:

    You and Donnie are my all time favourites xx
    Do you think you will ever come to the uk..
    PLEASE give Donnie a huge huge kiss from me xx

  250. Marcia says:

    Hi Jordan! Have you ever written & recorded any songs that have wound up not making the cut on your albums that you wish would’ve? Would you ever consider releasing a special album of just unreleased tracks?

  251. Jennifer Collura (@DDubslilLurker) says:

    Are you going to do a solo tour for the album after this tour?

  252. Rena says:

    If you were to see any broadway show, what would it be? (It doesn’t have to currently be on broadway)

  253. Tracy (@JKDW4ever) says:

    Which song on your new album Unfinished was your favorite to record?

  254. cheri says:

    i was wondering… how do you write your songs? do you prepare (if so, how?) or do you just write them off the cuff when the mood strikes you?
    oh…and when will you get me? lol
    @_writersblock_ ;)

  255. Why don’t they allow Mosh Pits at any of the New Kids Concerts? Bummed!

  256. Janet Misiti says:

    What do your kids, wife, family think of you going on tour with your old boy band? Do these tease you? Are they supportive?

  257. danny mcpeck says:

    how come u blocked me on twitter any who i wanted to know if u plan on doing another album and what is your opioon on tmz i hear the tell the truth about things on that show

  258. Denise Richards says:

    Hi Jordan! Do you like your passport photo or do you cringe when you have to show it?

  259. Tracy (@JKDW4ever) says:

    Which song on your new album was your favorite to record?

  260. Tina says:

    When will NKOTB be dropping another album, sans BSB. Not that the album that just dropped isn’t great because it is. I would just love to have some more new music from the 5 bad brother’s from the beantown land

  261. Sarah says:

    What is your favorite thing to do when you’re back at home with your family? : )

  262. Camee says:

    Do you ever look back on old outfits and wonder “what the hell was i thinking?”

  263. Cassandra Moore says:

    Jordan – did you write any the song on this cd and how you come up with their titles

  264. Dannie says:

    ~What’s at the top of your bucket list?
    ~What’s one question you’ve always wanted to answer in an interview but nobody’s ever asked? (Oh and answer it, too, please!)

  265. Janet says:

    What is your favorite thing to have for dinner at home with the family?

  266. Melissa says:

    Will their be another New Kids album and tour? Love the NKOTBSB Thing I do, that said you know where my heart truly is. ;)

  267. Kelli K says:

    Maybe I’m being nosey, but where’s your wedding ring??? A wedding band would make you uber sexy :) :)

  268. Michelle @JksOliveOil says:

    Hi Babe i jus wanna knw did u stay/live n Miami a few yrs ago cuz , i rmbr my sister-n-law tellin bac n 2008 wen i told her im doin 5* she said she saw u @ bayside/south beach area a few times

  269. Arlene Berry says:

    Are you planning on having more kids???

  270. Isabel @izzymcnk says:

    - What social/political issues are most important to you and why?
    - If you could create a law what would it be and why?
    - If you could meet with President Obama, what would you ask him or talk about?
    - Do you have a favorite clothing brand or designer?
    - What is your favorite song of all time?
    - Who is your favorite female singer of all time?
    – If you could duet with any female singer, who would you choose?

  271. Zoe says:

    When is the NKOTB/BSB tour coming over to the UK? x

  272. Bnicole @sweetbee80 says:

    You did a quick appearance on Blue Bloods and we all watched you on Surreal life so my questions are Do you want to do any acting? Would you ever do reality TV again?

  273. Is it true you once did a stage dive into the suspecting audience and entered clothed but escaped in only your Justin Timberlake Approved Tighty Whites?

  274. Tamires says:

    Will you bring the NKOTBSB tour to Brazil? Please, we need it!!!

  275. so … you seem to be enjoying this return (NKOTB) but did you ever ask yourself “What I’m doing?” or “Why I’m doing this again?” and if you did, what was the answer?

    Please – Come to Brazil Baby!!!

    LOVE U!!!

  276. naty rosero says:

    nkotbsb will come to latinoamerica?
    what would you like to receive in your birthday?
    if you had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador. You would visit it?

  277. Jennie Baker says:

    Will you go out dancing with me one night???? ;)

  278. Julie says:

    Hi Jordan !

    When did you start doing Yoga? cuz you look like pro. you should make a Yoga video.

    take care you rock

  279. Liliana says:

    Hi JK, this is not a question, it’s a favor, pleeeeease follow me on twitter @lilianamgl I’m your fan too, I love your songs, your voice, I love NKOTB since I was 11 please follow me!!!!! kisses!!!!!!

  280. aminah (JKMYKNIGHTLIGHT) says:

    my question is: when do you know a song is ‘the one’ to be put on the album?

  281. Is it true you once did a stage dive in concert into the audience clothed but on your grand exit all you had on was a pair of Justin Timberlake Approved Tighty Whites?

  282. Grace Kelly Stoller says:

    Hey sweetie!
    When you are composing your songs, what do inspires you? Are lyrrics based on things who you have lived through in your personal life?
    Kisses, Love you!

  283. Jennie Baker says:

    Will you go dancing with me????

  284. Lucky says:

    what’s your favorite cereal? what is the first thing you do when you wake up? what’s ur favorite pick from your album unfinished? Are you still / were you ever a bathroom singer?

  285. Taunya Uzzle says:

    If there was never any NKOTB (God forbid) what do you think you would have done with your life? Would we still know your name?

  286. Pearley Bautista says:

    Wanted to know what are some of your pet peeves?

  287. Donna Weeding says:

    Hi Jordan,
    Do you know when your album will be avail on Aussie itunes?
    Will you all NKOTBSB be heading Down Under this Tour?
    (like others that are yet to see or even meet you guys an Aussie Tour would
    complete us hehe <3)
    Your as talented, if not better than back in the day..thanku for your love of performing.

    xo Donna @Gemleo25

  288. Amy Keas says:

    When you go off stage and sing to your fans in the audience, do you enjoy being groped and grabbed by the star-struck ladies?

  289. Gemma says:

    I just want to know if you are going to come to Latin America with the guys of NKOTBSB. And by the way I just wanna to CONGRATULATE you for your new CD! I going to buy it!!! xoxo Jordan :)

  290. Peter Stark says:

    Hi Jordan, been a fan since I was in Grade 6, my friends either listened to Rock or Rap, I decided to pick up The New Kids.
    My question is Im sure different then all the rest.
    What would you think of allowing a fan to come up and sing a number with you guys at one of your shows, perhaps in Toronto on June 9th, and you just so happen to pick me. Without a doubt I would do it justice.

    Enjoy the NKOTBSB tour!

    Peter Stark

    Toronto Ontario

  291. Amy Keas says:

    When you have a concert in a city for more than one day (oh say your two day stint in Chicago in June) what do you do for fun during the down time? Do you go to the night life/clubs?

  292. Sandya says:

    Hey!, before I say a thing, I wanna tell you how amazing you look!, God!, the older, the better!… hahaha, are you gonna do a solo tour?, that would be so nice!, and, NKOTBSB will come to Mexico? =D

  293. Melody (@futrmrsstrongarm) says:

    Do you ever feel too old to do what youre doing? I only ask because I am a 32 mom and have been in a local band for years…the music will always be there but sometimes I feel too damn old to do what I do…can be kinda discouraging…ha
    Follow me…? :-)

  294. Candice Porter says:

    Hello Jordan,
    I have a couple of questions.
    1. What makes you feel sexy?
    2.If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?
    Thank you Jordan for always making me smile, I Love you

  295. Michelle @JKsOliveOIl says:

    Hi Babe i wanna knw Did u stay/live n Miami a few yrs ago cuz my sister-n-law said she saw u @ Bayside/SouthBeach area a few times wen i told her i was doin 5* bac n 2008 , Do u perfer 2 go out 2 eat or homecooked meals wats ur fav. food dish ,Do u like 2 cuddle ;) ?

  296. Lisa says:

    I just got my NKOTBSB album with the bonus DVD. How and why do you guys rehearse with winter coats, hoods, and hats on?! :)

    Lisa in Cleveland

  297. Michelle says:

    Besides Jonathan, which New Kid do you hang out with the most in your free time?

  298. Allysa Layne says:

    If you could do a duet with anyone dead or alive. Who would it be with and why?

  299. Michelle says:

    Besides Jonathan, which New Kid do you hang out with the most in your free time? Thanks JK!

  300. Maxine says:

    You said once that you were kicked out of Catholic Memorial High School … what was the reason?

  301. Lynn M says:

    I would love to know if you have a favorite song to *perform* either solo or group, why is it your favorite? Also, which song means the most to you, can you tell why?
    Congrats on Unfinished! I’m loving every bit of it!

  302. Debbie (@JKsCOGirl says:

    Will you be doing a solo tour in the Fall and what is your pre-concert ritual?

  303. Michelle @JKsOliveOil says:

    Hi Babe i wanna knw Did u stay/live n Miami a few yrs ago cuz my sister-n-law said she saw u @ Bayside/SouthBeach area a few times wen i told her i was doin 5* bac n 2008 ,Do u perfer goin out 2 eat or homecooked meals Whats ur fav. food dish ,Do u like 2 cuddle ;) ?

  304. Hayley (@Mamakins7606) says:

    Will you be doing a solo tour anytime for Unfinished? If so, PLEASE make sure Atlanta is part of your tour! I will definitely see you in the ATL if you do!

  305. Carola Rubio says:

    Hi Jordan kisses from middle earth, Ecuador … my question is : What is the wildest thing that a fan has said or done for you?

  306. Andi says:

    if you had a chance to record a song with a fan and sing it on stage. who would be and what would the song be called? and what would the song be about?
    just wondering and I love you so much jordan and thank you for everything you have done for me :-)

  307. Elma Fazlic says:

    Hey Jordan,i had a wonderful time this year on my 1st NKOTB cruise. Would love to know if there will be MORE cruises in the future!!???
    Love always

  308. kim says:

    Which New Kids are you closest with and which are you not and why?

  309. kim says:

    Which New Kids are you closest with and which are you not and why? How do you keep in touch with home?

  310. Jenn Nourse says:

    Is it harder to collaborate with the group, where there are 5 different voices (or 9 with NKOTBSB), or to work solo where you are the only artist?

    PS your hair is super, super sexy.

  311. MIN @jkstweetheart says:


    How did you came up with the name BLOQUITAS??? Did you want to say LOQUITAS? LOL!
    Hope you answer my question!

    Love you, xoxoxo

  312. Darla says:

    I remember reading (a long time ago!) that you sleep with your eyes open, is that (or was it) true?

  313. Jill says:

    Twitter has changed the way you interact with your fans. How has Twitter changed the way you feel about your fans?

  314. CanadaGirl says:

    Why don’t we ever see pics of you and your wife? We would love too.

  315. Angela says:

    So far on the tour what has been your favorite city?

  316. Sandra Kirk says:

    I have an amazing tour idea for the NKOTB, how could I give it to you??

  317. Jenny Roman says:

    In recent interviews you mentioned that 20 years ago the fans threw Teddy bears on stage and now they throw panties. Do you find that you are propositioned sexually by fans more now that everyone’s all grown up?

  318. Tashanda M @jordan247365 says:

    IF you did a solo tour ,is there anyone you would like to tour with??

    love ya thanks

  319. Helen says:

    Jordan, which would you prefer…. “Kimchi” or “Curry”?

  320. SuWahlberg says:

    When did you lose your virginity?

  321. lisa says:

    what was the best moment on stage that you can remember?

  322. Su Wahlberg says:

    Boxers or Briefs

  323. Robyn says:

    Compared to working with NKOTB, what is the strangest thing about doing your solo music?

  324. Robyn Hurd says:

    What song is your favorite (at the moment) off Unfinished? And where is your favorite place to sing- stage, studio, shower… :) ?

  325. cherrie says:

    If you could re-do an event in your life since NKOTB broke up, what would it be, and what would you have done differently?

  326. Grace Kelly Stoller says:

    Hey JK!
    When you are composing, what do inspire you? Are lyrics based on things who you have lived through in your personal life?
    Kisses,Love you!

  327. Amber (@Tingley4JK) says:

    Is there anyway you would ever bring back what I refer to as the “fluffy hair” of 1990 complete w/ a rat-tail?

  328. Shanda Coomer says:

    Please ask Jordan what his favorite home cooked meal is after traveling on tour for so long…either his wife’s cooking or mom’s cooking. And who is a better cook? LOL

  329. Willow says:

    Hi Jordan! I hope that you are having a great day! Next time you are in Toronto just wondering if you would let me make you supper (I would love to have your family if they are also in town)!

  330. Sarah (Sarahbear79) says:

    Hi Jordan! My question is….since you sang in the church choir as a kid…..have you ever done that since….and do you still attend church services?

  331. Tanya says:

    You’ve been to many places and have had many experiences. Name one thing you would like to experience or accomplish next.

  332. Summer Spencer says:

    Hi Jordan!

    I have several questions. What career would you like to attempt if you were not an entertainer? What career would you not like to attempt. What sound or noise do you love/ hate? What is your favorite word/ least favorite word and why? What is your favorite curse word? What is in oyur cd player/ ipod right now? What do you want to hear God say when you are standing at the Pearly Gates?

    Thank you!
    Love your girl @NKOTBSummertime
    Nashville, TN

  333. MIndy says:

    Hey Jordan! Since you’re touring with the Backstreet Boys right now, if you had to trade places with any of those guys (you taking his spot in BSB, and him taking yours is NKOTB), who would that be and why?

  334. Angela (@jkswhoppergirl) says:

    Is the remix of Let’s Go Higher that you played on the cruise ever going to be available to us. I really liked it.

  335. Ramona Hogan says:

    how do u keep in such great shape??? i went to your concert in Baltimore and your looked amazing

  336. Camille B. (KnightCamStL) says:

    Hi Jordan,
    I thought of a couple more. :)
    What makes a woman sexy or attractive to you and what is a major turn off to you?

    How many days does it take you to unwind and feel back-to-normal after a tour?

    If you could go back in a time machine to one historical event, what would it be and why?

  337. ramona hogan says:

    went to see you in concert in baltimore last night and you looked amazing!!! what do u do to keep in such great shape

  338. Jenna says:

    Hey Jordan,

    my name is Jenna and my question is what is your favorite thing about touring all over the states?

  339. michelle paladino says:

    hey jordan how are you doing and the guys im good are you really married ? if so i wish you the best of luck and joey to cant wait to see june 15th at the consol enegry center in pittsburgh pa love ya have fun good luck to nkotbsb love shelly

  340. Rachel Miles says:

    Why don’t you wear a wedding band

    Loving you forever,

  341. Andi says:

    You look really happy in the photos I’ve seen of you recently. Are you the happiest and most content you’ve ever been? Also, do you really like meeting fans or is it a necessary evil?

  342. Lindsey (@Twstd4Joey) says:

    What’s your favorite song off nkotbsb?

  343. Kimber says:

    1.) The other day, Adam Lambert told his fans via Twitter, not to touch his face. Is there anything your fans do to annoy you that you’d like to address? (There HAS to be many….it’s just a matter of whether or not you’ll say it.)

    2.) With nine of you on tour together now, there MUST be a battle of the egos. Too many divas in on one stage. Who’s the biggest diva?

  344. Maressa Gossard says:

    Why don’t you wear a wedding ring??

  345. Andi says:

    You look really happy in the photos I’ve seen of you recently. Are you the happiest and most content you’ve ever been?

  346. Argie (@jonsweethearts) says:

    If you were not a singer or part of a music group what other job would you have wanted to do? What is your favorite nkotb song that you have performed at shows? What is your favorite song from your album Unfinished?

  347. Sabo says:

    When is the next stretchify class and where can i sign up?

  348. Latricia Cawthron says:

    Will your wife and boys be traveling with you anytime this summer to concerts?

  349. @sunshineweaver says:

    Hey Jordan,

    I have a few quick questions for you..

    What is your biggest pet peeve?

    What is the best & worst thing about being able to preform with BSB?

    For the fans that came to the NKOTBSB show as a BSB fan and could only leave the show with one thing in mind regarding NK what would you want that to be and why?

    Any plans for a solo show in Toronto, ONT?

  350. I’ll be a 1st-timer in Boston scared out of my mind (traveling solo)this sat (june 4th).any chance i get a meet/greet with u and the boys b4 the show? :-(

  351. Roshni says:

    Hi Jordan! Besides your own music, what’s playing on your ipod right now? Who inspires you – musically or otherwise?? Thanks for making my childhood–and now my adulthood—that much sweeter with your music! Big hug, Roshni

  352. Hi Jordan,
    What is the biggest difference in the way you view your fans today from when NKOTB initially hit the fame frenzy? and How different is it to tour with the rest of the guys in NKOTB today than it was during the “Hangin’ Tough” time period?

  353. Jordan we have seen many sides of you …talented musician, confident star, smooth slow jam singer, a fun sense of humour, sexy JK, health conscious and yoga leading JK, proud father, humble man, the more serious and at times surprisingly open side, the big loving life smile…and the “rough guy” that was in my 5* in 2009 -who was nothing but amazing ;) – So I was wondering:
    Is there a side of you that you are more reluctant to show and if so why?
    & Of all of the sides of your personality how would you want to be thought of/remembered?

    See you in Tdot with NKOTBSB & hope you will tour with #Unfinished
    =) Wishing you all the best always

  354. Karen (@Momma_2Luchini) says:

    Hi Jordan! I have a few questions…

    What are the 3 things you can’t live without?
    Do you have any pre-show rituals besides vocal warm-ups?
    What kind of Dad would you say you are: hands-on, laid back or well balanced?

    Much love and respect,
    Karen (@Momma_2Luchini)

  355. Lari Dawn (@LDlovesJordanK) says:

    Hi Jordan…. I think you are completely amazing!!
    I’ve heard you talk in the past about panic attacks and nervousness… I’m just curious, how do you go from being kind of quite and shy in more ‘one on one’ situations, to being such a great entertainer on stage? Do you have any special techniques that you do to help you relax before a show or event? You ALWAYS do such a great job… had I not read interviews from the past… I would never have known! xoxox

  356. CanadaGirl says:

    What are your bad habits?

  357. Ronna - @PiNkYlovesJKDEW says:

    Hi Jordan!

    My question is … you have accomplished so much in your life thus far, what is left on your “BUCKET LIST” that you have yet to complete?

    Much Love,
    Ronna @PiNkYlovesJKDEW

  358. memphistwins11 says:

    love songs was an amazing album. never deny your talent. GOD blessed you with the best vocals of all time. unfinished is amazing as well but i still feel like love songs should have won a grammy. quit laughing. your so modest and humble. love the memphistwins11

  359. best vocals of all time. you laughed at me on the cruise. well you can laugh all you want. only angels in heaven could sing as beautiful.

  360. tinamarieont says:

    If you could back in time where would you like to go and why? It could even be before your time :)

  361. Lindsay P. says:

    Hi Jordan!!!
    I’ve been a New Kids fan and “Jordan girl” for the last 23 years. Which, by the way, you don’t even look old enough for that to be possible! In a recent interview you talked about how you thought the NK merchandise from the early days went overboard. I am one of the super fans who has just about everything NKOTB. My most recent purchases were a poster and a NKOTBSB t-shirt that I bought on Saturday at the concert in Buffalo (my 4th New Kids show).The show was spectacular, as usual! I was wondering do you have your own NKOTB merchandise collection?
    Thanks for all of your hard work through the years, Jordan! I hope we meet someday. Love to all the New Kids! You guys have brought so much happiness to my life and I sincerely thank you! God bless!

  362. tinamarieont says:

    Whatever happen to those cool jackets on the American music awards in 1990?

  363. Tanya says:

    When you’re kicking back with the family during free time, what sports or leisure activities do you enjoy the most?

  364. Anita says:

    Hey Jordan!
    … my name is Anita :)
    My question would be: Beside Boston…. If you could chose one city to live in , where would that be??
    thank you

    muchlove , faithful bloquita :)

  365. Laura (@lauraroko) says:

    Hello Jordan!!
    They asked you almost everything, hard to fined a new question,so I will wish you good luck with you new album.
    My only question is: What is with Europe tour? Are you guys coming or not? Tnx
    Kisses from Croatia, Europe !!!!

  366. Manuela Haase-Meyer says:

    my name is manuela (@sweetJordanK)
    i’m from germany
    ok here are my questions
    1. are there any chances for a european tour with NKOTB or NKOTBSB or maybe a SOLO tour? 2. how do you feel by the fact that you are a SEXSYMBOL for all your bloquitas your are the SEXGOD in person!!!!! what do you think about it?

  367. Christina says:

    Dear Jordan,

    What do you use to style Your hair. Do you sleep on the left or right side of the bed? Do you have a pet ?(BTW these are questions left over from 199—-)
    Do you have any talents outside of music?
    Did you always want to be an entertainer?
    LOVE, Always

    ME <3

  368. ottavia holmes says:

    Jordan, I love your “Unfinished” album!!! My questions to you is these..Which career path would you have taken if were not singing?? and What is the most out landish gift a fan has ever given you on tour??

  369. Kelly (Tica_Esencia) says:

    How does your experience as a New Kid, traveling all around the world and being exposed to other cultures, has influenced your own music?

  370. Kelly (Tica_Esencia) says:

    Have you ever thought about singing in Spanish?

  371. Jessica (@sparklej76) says:

    Hi again!

    Here’s another question for you~ as you know, many people are excited to meet you….is there someone you would really like to meet, and if so, who?

    Much Love always!~ Jessica

  372. Noor says:

    hello JK

    veux tu m’epouser,? will u marry me? lol

    I live near Lyon in France, and I hope that one day y’ll l come here for a concert
    what is your best memories when u came in France?


    Noor from France

  373. Regan Johnson says:

    Do you squeeze your toothpaste tube from the bottom and roll it up as you go, or are you a squeeze from the middle kind of guy?

  374. Regan Johnson says:

    Since we can ask anything, Can I meet you in person at the Detroit Michigan concert June 16th? You are an amazing person :), and its something I have wanted to do since I was 14! It would make my dream come true :)

  375. Melissa says:

    On the cruise, you were usually the first to crash….how much sleep do you typically like to get?

  376. tinamarieont says:

    Would you ever do a date auction? Where would you take the girl too? :)

  377. Lisa Bow says:

    First, I just want to say I went to the concert Saturday May 28th @ The HSBC Arena in Buffalo,NY. It was awesome.

    I would like to know if traveling and being around all kinds of women has an impact on your marriage? Are you and your wife still stonger than ever?

    Much Love.
    PS feel free to email me back

  378. Angela (@LittleAngie_79) says:

    Well…I have a few other questions! J

    - you’ve said you don’t have a bucket list but if someone ask you today what do you still want to accomplish what would be your answer?

    - At 41 do you think you are at your best? Would you like to be any other age (younger) but w/ the knowledge you have now?


  379. tinamarieont says:

    Have you worn underwear on your head? I have a feeling…

  380. Karyn (@karynM71) says:

    Hi Jordan!
    If you were stranded on an Island what 3 things would you like to have with you?
    What’s the one thing you have done that you said I hope no one saw me do that?

    What’s the one thing you haven’t done but want to do that can be dangerous? (example:Jumping out of a plane)

  381. wendy says:

    Since you have been performing whats the worst place u can remember being on stage at

  382. Ashley (@iheartjoedan) says:

    All time favorite food??

  383. Nancy Streich says:

    HI Jordan!!!

    Being an entertainer, do you ever get tired of performing night after night? There must be times when you wish you had the night off. Can’t wait to see you in Toronto on the 8th. I”m taking my 11 year old daughter with me. This will be her first concert. My hubby bought me the tickets for Xmas. Hope Jonathan is able to perform as well!!!

  384. Patricia says:

    Would you consider making an appearance on Sesame Street or any of the other kids shows? My kids adore you

  385. nadine galgan says:

    HI Jordan if u could listen to any band past or present who would it be any why?

  386. AshleyN says:

    I have two question for you.
    1.When will we see you and the rest of the NKOTBSB members be on an issue of TV Guide Magizen? 2.I also like where can I find the Enternment Weekly or do that come?
    your number 1 fan
    from Virginia

  387. kim says:

    hi jordan
    i would just like to know when you and the other guys will be coming back to the UK (ie) Nottingham as i have never saw you in concert and i would like your concert to be my first and i would like to have the chance to meet you guys as i will be be on top of the world wen i do.
    All the best
    Kim from the UK xxxxxxxxx

  388. Annie says:

    I have noticed Donnie’s hair becoming thicker….I have this theory that he has been collecting mustache and eyebrow trimmings from Tom Selleck and making a weave for himself. Is this theory correct?

  389. JaysBabySis says:

    Hmmmmm Do I gotta behave??? lol *smirk* Ok since I gotta behave…. My question is what is ur absoulte most favorite candy in the whole wide world????? ;-)~

  390. Kara says:

    Where does the inspiration for your songs come from? LOVING unfinished!

  391. Angela (@LittleAngie_79) says:

    Being quite a twitter luker (ha ha!), if you realize you’ve forgotten your phone and would be without it for an entire day what would you do?
    - go back to wherever it was to get it? Or if you couldn’t would you: 1. grabb Donnie’s phone to see your timeline? 2. sit on a chair rocking back and forth, twitching w/ the withdrawals? ha ha


  392. Pamela says:

    People always ask what it is about your 80s style that you regret, but what is a style, an item of clothing, anything, that you wish you could still rock today or was still around?

  393. Amanda Burrows says:

    Will you guys be coming back to the UK? We miss you guys like hell! Please come back! Loves ya all!!!!!

  394. Annie says:

    What’s your favorite kind of ice cream and if I buy you some can I feed it to you?

  395. Kristy says:

    If you could guarantee that your sons would “pick up” one trait from you, what would it be? How about one trait that you hope they never “pick up”?

  396. olga says:

    Hola Jordan!
    when we see you again in Spain?

  397. Laurie says:

    Was it hard for you when people were saying you were gay, with you having a gay brother? Did you just want to scream “what’s wrong with being gay anyways”? How was that experience for you? BTW. Love you and Jon and the rest of the guys forever. Thank you so much for coming back.

  398. Dawn Ottier says:

    K…my question keeps getting asked over and over agin….so

    What’s your favorite gum flavor and how many pieces do you chew a day!

  399. Sotomayor318 says:

    During your free time, when you’re not working and you’re just relaxing at home, what movies do you like to watch or what are some of your favorite movies?

  400. Deanne says:

    Do you like rollar coasters? love you can’t wait until you come to Chicago later this month

  401. Suzi Diniz Lopes de Oliveira. says:

    Hi Jordan!! My question is what kind of underwear you use?? When yyou come to Brazil?? I am yuor bloquita!! Love you darling!!Kisses.

  402. LuLuHu says:

    Quick and simple thoughts:

    1- Jordan Knight, Music Producer?

    2- Jordan Knight, Entertainment Industry triple threat?

    3- Jordan Knight, Lumberjack? How often do you plan to chop wood at the farm bcz Twitterverse needs photo proofs. ;D

  403. Angie says:

    Do you sing in the shower? Do you get recognized at your kids school? Do your boys have beautiful singing voices like you?

  404. Lawleh says:

    Why don’t you ever wear a wedding ring? Is it part of that whole boy band thing? Cause Joe always wears his ;)

  405. Stephanie says:

    Hello Jordan.
    How are you and I hope the tour is great for you. So the question is; What is the most important in a life?
    Bye Kiss from Luxembourg Stephanie.

  406. ALISA says:


  407. Krystal Mignone says:

    What would be your ultimate concert experience?

  408. Sarah R says:

    Hey Jordan! My name is Sarah, and I was wondering if your gonna do a video for INSIDE? Its by far my fav song from Unfinished. Also are you thinking about doing your own solo tour after NKOTBSB?

    Allegan, Michigan

  409. Jéssica (@_Jessy_Brazil) says:

    Hi Jordan!!!!
    Just want you to know that all the Blockhead family is waiting anxiously for a Cruise 2012 annoucement!! (just sayin´…) As a first time cruiser I must say I had the best 4 days of my life cruising with you guys and all my BH sisters!! You guys are AMAZING!!!
    Plus… I´d like to know if there´s any chance of you guys coming back to Brazil… we´ve been waiting for this moment for 20 years!!!!

    Sending much LOVE your way…
    ? XOXO ?

  410. Sarah R says:

    Hey Jordan! Im Sarah! I was just wondering if you are thinking about doing a video for INSIDE? It is by far my fav from Unfinished! Also are you thinking about doing a solo tour after NKOTBSB?

    Allegan, Michigan

  411. Laura says:

    Do you still suffer from anxiety when you perform and get on stage? And do you ever think you guys will get to Australia again?

  412. Leah says:

    are you having a after party after every show?

  413. tammie (@jtrainscupcake) says:

    Hey Sweetness!

    1. Will you be making the remix version of Let’s Go Higher we heard on the cruise available to us? That $%#@ was hot!

    2. You tweet us sometimes about being a hockey dad. As a hockey fan I was wondering who’s your favourite team and all time favourite player (past or present)

    3. You once asked us if we put ketchup on eggs, so I want to know do YOU put ketchup on eggs? If so do you attribute the desire to put ketchup on unusual fooods to your Canadian background? (When you asked this it started a debate amongst the folks I follow on Twitter.. we noticed the Canadians, like myself, were more likely to put ketchup on foods you wouldn’t normally think of putting it on)

    ;) Random for your amusement. love yah xoxo

  414. Hayley (@Mamakins7606) says:

    Will you be doing a solo tour for your new album #Unfinished? If so, PLEASE come to Atlanta!!! ;)) Love you! XOXO

  415. Lizzie says:

    Blondes or Brunettes?