Basketball Wives 3 Star Tami Roman Dishes On Big Morning Buzz Live


Only three more days until the Basketball Wives 3 premiere! As part of the lead-up to what promises to be the most explosive season of the show yet, Tami Roman stopped by the set of Big Morning Buzz Live, where she gave host Carrie Keagan the skinny on what’s going to go down this season. In the interview clip above, you’ll find out how she gave up cigarettes (congratulations, girl!), how she feels about her history as a Real World alum, but most hilariously, you’ll see her chuck a champagne glass at a dartboard with Evelyn’s face on it! (And, if you look real closely, you’ll see our trusty VH1 Blogger, Liz Black, hanging out in the elevator lobby!)

Remember, Basketball Wives 3 premieres on Monday night, May 30, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and will be followed up by the very special 2-hour debut of Single Ladies. Only on VH1!

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  1. Elizabeth Black says:

    Seriously, that elevator took sooooo long to come!

  2. erica mcmichael says:

    i thank tammi is the best thing that happen to the show i think she rocks keep doing you tami thats what it is all about respect and being real

  3. pinkabell says:

    really think that evelyn so low…. she is a hater !!! loving tami stay true baby your the best !!!!

  4. pinkabell says:

    we love you tami !!! ur the best !!!!

  5. Sally says:

    After watching the show, I realize that Shaunie is very fake. I thought that after the first season, she was supposed to be the unbiased nurturing type that brought the problems of the wives to the fore front. Infact she has instigated alot of drama. Fake, Fake, Fake!!! I thougt she was supposed to be the leader, yet she follows behind Evelyn worse then Jennifer. Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself, in order to boost your ratings, you’ve lost your integrity. I hope that if there is a season 4, you come back to the real reason that you started this show, other than for money. Evelyn, jump off, you have the nerve to call some one a non mother fing factor, when infact, you jump from men to men, in hope of the brass ring. You are a profane, classless, and unprofessional person that should have never been taken from the cave that you onced lived in. Is it any wonder that your Ex left you, I don’t think that I could have survived one day with that mouth. You have a daughter that looks up to you (or does she?) why would you portray yourself in that light? Arrogance and ignorance is all I can say! We have all had rough upbrings to some extent but to blame your father for the fact that you are a jump off is ridiculous. You are a 30 plus year old woman, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. By the way, stop talking so tough when you have to call the GOONS on someone. Go to charm school and read a book, enhance your vocabulary so that every other word out of your mouth doesn’t have to be so profane! Jennifer, stop following! Please discover who you are so that you can formulate your own opinion…PLEASE! You look ridiculous always following behind this disgusting jump off, who would plan a family with a man without the marriage! This new person Meeka, fake, trying to hard to fit in. Why can’t grown azz women just be themselves and formulate an opinion about someone on their own. She is not the most attractive one out of the bunch but the personality that has been presented on the first episode shows us that she is UGLY!!!! For the rest of them, make your money but don’t loose your self respect. I will give this show one more chance, if it looks like the same old cat fighting without any substance, that might be it for me. Shaunie, be the role model that you were in the first season and stop making these women look crazy for your own personal gain. They have a choice but probably didn’t know you were going to flip the switch on them at a later date. The general public felt bad for you and dispised Gloria, now it kind of shows that maybe Gloria had more insight on you than we all thought. I really hope that at least one of the ladies reads this!

  6. Wives Fan says:

    Tami is broke, less face it she’s trying to get money any way she can. Evelyn has her own business and a man with his own money. What does Tami really have going for herself. NOTHING. She can’t dress the part, she talksshe’s straight out of the hood clearly not like a lady, hell she even eats like she’s never had any home training. Remember her from The Real World, she was living in her car. So she’s trying to come up anyway she can even if it’s at someone else’s expense. Evelyn should let her hit her then sue her ass, Oh she ain’t got sh… Remember where you came from, you just might end up there again.

  7. Wives Fan says:

    Tami is broke, ghetto and truly a sh.. starter. Evelyn should let Tami hit her then sue her ass. Oh she’s broke. my bad.

  8. Kym says:

    Tami just play the game too and come out with your own t-shirt!– Call it———- “Ain’t a B in the world didn’t know he was married”
    Anyway I’m glad you calmed down and speak so well compared to Evelyn who seemed like she was trying to understand what you were saying! lol
    The new girl Meeka, along with Evelyn needs to sit down! I wish they would bring Gloria back to put all of them in there place

  9. sandra sweet says:

    Tammi is nothing but a bully. She knows the camera crew and security will stop the fight. I think she is all mouth. She needs a beat down. Tammi is just like most people, they can say what they want to you, but don’t say nothing to them.

  10. Lexi says:

    OMG! I knew Evelyn was dumb because of all of her broken and pitiful grammar but I did not know she was SLOW! Why does she think that she has coined a phrase? Someone has stated those words before her–are you kidding me! Furthermore, I cringe every time she opens her mouth. She is so twisted that she does not see it or cannot admit the truth. She accuses Royce of being stuck on the internet and that is how she formed her entire relationship with Chad. In addition, I feel sad for her if she thinks that she is even on Shaunie’s level. Behind closed doors, Shaunie probably laughs at her trifling behind. I am even sadder for Evelyn’s daughter. However, thank goodness Evelyn’s daughter is smart enough to know that she needs to distance herself from her mom. Evelyn is a disgrace and if she cannot see that or she is just acting for rating—then God help her. On a different note, what is Chad thinking? I cannot figure his angle. Chad is smarter than saddling himself to a wanna-be like Evelyn. Evelyn wants to be Shaunie. I hope Chad’s mom talks some sense into him before he ties himself to Evelyn forever with twins—Evelyn’s meal ticket and next claim to fame. I have noticed that Shaunie mostly distances herself from the drama—smart woman! Thank goodness for Shaunie, Jen, Royce, and Tami. Ditch Meeka! Give Suzie a makeover—she is so tired looking! Find a real diva that at least has it going on so that she can show Evelyn how it is really done.

  11. Dancngeyes says:

    Tami, do you need money that bad to make yourself look like the class clown! You’re a mess girl and you need to clean up your act. I really feel sorry for you, but most of all I feel sorry for your daughters who have to explain your stupidity and ghettoness. Shaunie shoud be ashamed of herself to put you on the show for ratings. The show was cool until you arrived. I think you’re just jealous of Meeka because she has a successful marriage and a real job. Do you work anywhere? I don’t think so.

  12. Daemon says:

    All of these girls are trash!! Why do you people watch this crap?

  13. Francine says:

    Tammi is doin her thing on this show is the show

  14. FRANCINE says:


  15. OJ says:

    It is such a shame to see beautiful black women exude such a lack of class. Tami is indeed an uncouth woman but behind that hard exterior is a kind but angry woman. She is an alpha female but her dominance is to the detriment of all the other women. I am shocked at how spineless all the rest are but I am extremely shocked that Suzie has not been called out. This woman is a waste of space. I love the rest of the women because they at least show some character but that Suzie….damn!! As a result of her spineless character, no one’s friendship within the group is safe. Tami, grow some class, and remember you are a lady; a mother and an adult. Do you your daughters proud, instead of embarrassing them. You are a good person deep down, and you don’t need to dominate these guys. They are intimidated already. You are really starting to look like a bully in the school yard.

  16. sandra dudley says:

    oops I forgot meeka came out on top with that fight she kept her weave on tammy…….Let it go tammi let it go ….you have 2 daughters just let it go…..

  17. disappointed fan says:

    this show needs to be taken off the air powerful, beautiful, rich black women fighting over nothing full of drama and making black women look bad, I was really such a fan until the last episode with Tami and Meeka so disappointed that you all gave white people what they wanted and say all black women are ghetto so disappointed

  18. clark says:

    tami is TRASH! Shaunie….WHY do you associate with trash Evelyn and Tami? You really should re-think the people you associate with.

  19. Mali says:

    I hated that episode! I cringed when I saw Tami attack Meeka. There are so many different ways to get a point across or to prove someon wrong instead of fighting like hood rats!!! I’m losing patience and respect for the show. These aren’t teenagers….they’re grown women gossiping, backstabbing and fighting like children! And.. Suzie… out chick! In the neighborhood where i grew up (S.E., D.C.)…after the fight ended..we all jumped on the instigator for starting it in the first place!

  20. Janette says:

    After last nite’s episode, I do not plan to watch the show anymore. I was very disappointed in all the ladies. My heart goes out to Meeka… No one should endure such disrepect and bullying. I am amazed that not one person stepped in to stop the arguments or the fight.

    I will continue to watch House wives of N.J., O.C. & Atlanta. I have to give those ladies props; they don’t stand around and watch while someone is getting their ass kicked. They step in and try to stop it. Basketball Wives should change it’s name to basketball Trash!

  21. JJ says:

    Meeka…move on honey. This show is for losers, drunks, hoes, unemployeed, never been married old ass hating women. You have way too much class for this show and that’s why you are being hated on. This is BLACK ON BLACK CRIME.



  22. Baby says:

    Can’t stay that yellow, loud mouth, lying, ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Tami. I don’t know why Meeka wants to be a part of sucha group of cows is beyond me. Their are backi batting two-faced Cows!!! I would love to put my food up their asses.

  23. John Doe says:

    Shaunee, ugly, wanna be, instigator
    Jennifer insecure, wanna be
    Royce cute, ghetto
    tammy ugly, ghetto, ugly, no class, classless
    meeka wanna be insecure
    evelyn, sensitive

  24. CC says:

    I a lot of people are trashing Tammie for one I think Tammie is 100 % real and tell it like it is. Tammie maybe a little rough but she tells it like it is and and someone you may want in your coner when you need some help. To me Meka talked a little to much and just keep up a lot of mess by running her mouth talking about people she did not know. I do agree that Shaunie like to keep up mess but it is a show. People talking about this make black women look bad well have you seen Mob Wives and the way they were fighting and cussing hell they made the basketball wives look like chumps. Evelyn is just evelyn and she is going to be who she is, she does what most women hide but do what she does in private. Jennifer is a good person a need to continue to move on. Susie talks to much she cannot hold water but what she did last night was to keep her in the circle. Royce is getto trying to big right six months before she give in….Right Royce,,,,Tammie keeps it 100. This is a TV show and they do want to keep it coming. If everyone on here that said bad things about these ladies what if you had a chance to be on the show how would you act getting paid a nice amount on money would it change you into one of these ladies… Be real…

  25. Jacci says:

    What a shame. I compare this show & Atlanta Housewives to Housewives of NY & BH (Beverly Hills) and clearly there is a class difference. Mekka and Jennifer really should remove themselves from this environment. Shaunie, I understand making money but at what cost? Clearly Tammi needs lots of therapy. Obviously, she’s been very wounded in her life and instead of taking it out on the people who caused her such pain, no she attacks anyone she deems vulnerable. She’s desparate to be apart of the “popular girls” club and will do ANYTHING to be in. Sad, sad, sad!

  26. HappyDancer says:

    Tami is a stupid drunk! She needs to lay off the sauce and stop being such a mean spirited woman!

  27. breeze says:

    love tami like always tami is to real why people hating for no reason i really like all the girls they all have something different about them

  28. concerned says:

    Tammy, Why are you acting GHETTO in every scene. You don’t seem to want to be portrayed this way..If this keeps up your names gonna be HOOD RAT.

  29. Nikita says:

    I dont like tami. She makes me hate to even turn the show on because i know i’m goin to hear her mouth be a woman let words roll off your back. I mean how ghetto can she look she doesnt know how much we as black woman are starting to depise her but hey whatever you gotta do for a buck i guess. You think you can go around putting your hands on everyone and you broke trying to keep up with shaunie, evelyn, and jennifer. Somebody gon lay you out or slap a big lawsuit on you. Probably one already pending. Susie oh susie i dont know why somebody not slapping her in the mouth if you dont want to hear what somebody is telling you choose not to listen. You’re a mess starter and you should be kicked out of the circle again cause when it comes down to it she gon tell everybody business. I can continue to watch the show without them two. I know the show is all about mess but damn they just make my head hurt and i’m starting to watch it less and less

  30. Sierra North says:

    Why is it that this particular type of women are so ignorant. I know that programs choose them because they have calculated the millions due to the drama. By now all the ladies should be aware that Suzie is a snake and a wolf. She is always bringing gossip and evrybodies friend. She cannot be trusted. She says “I am in the middle” Stop passing gossip from click to click.. She loves the fighting and is actually hoping she will be the special one. If the husbands ever wake up they will get rid of all these loosers who obviously do not have any lives other than each other.

  31. michelle lake says:

    These ghetto acting women are an embarrassment to themselves, their children, their families & to women in general! They have no purpose & nothing going for them, including Shaunie ONeli, but causing Drama & havoc in each other’s lives. Tami needs to enroll in anger manangement classes & AA & all Evelyn is looking for is to get a marriage committment from the next Professional Baller. None of these ghetto talking & acting women will ever get an invitation to the WH!

  32. diamond princess says:

    i knw my response is late,but i could not agree more w/erica mcmichael b/c tammie is the best thing that ever happened to “b ball wives”!…i have disliked shunie, evelyn, and jennifer from season 1 when they picked on the other whose sister messed around w/shaq!…they would not have went against their sister (right/wrong)…TAMMIE IS THE BEST!(shunie take notes)

  33. JamaicaDiba says:

    Ever since the begining of time people have been talking behind people’s backs and saying things they perhaps wouldn’t say face-to-face. Meeka and Tami are not friends, they don’t have a history. So Meeka is not under obligation to admit to anything she may or may not have said about Tami. Tami has no right to keep harping on whatever it is she thinks Meeka is saying behind her back. I hear of things being said behind my back by people I know. I don’t confront them. I simply don’t deal with them. And if we in a situation where we have to somehow interact or co-exist, I do so marginally. That’s how mature women behave. You don’t keep badgering someone and then smack them in the face and call it self-defense. Has Tami looked at the clip? Outrageous behavior. I hope Meeka proceeds with her lawsuit. In this society, we are not allowed to do that. Tami needs a lesson in restraint and conflict resolution. If she didn’t like Meeka’s way of trying to get into their so-called circle, then leave her alone, marginalize her if you will. But you don’t keep at her as if she owes you an explanation. I am known to be “real” and “straight up”, but I temper that with the knowledge that I can’t control people’s thoughts, actions and what they say, especially about me.

    As for the drinks (yes, plural) throwing incident with Jennifer and Eric. EVERYONE seems so taken aback by the fact that Eric had the audacity to throw the drink in her face! Again, did you all see the show? She threw a drink at him first. Yet, not even on the Reunion show was that mentioned. I don’t condone violence of any kind. Men are not supposed to hit women. But ladies, please don’t think that it’s okay to hit or throw things thinking you’ll get a free pass because you are a woman. It doesn’t work that way.

    As for Suzie…, she is still a trouble maker. She knew the situtaton between Tami and Meeka was volatile, yet she chose to repeat what Meeka shared with her to Tami. She did the same thing with Royce even though Royce told her she was going to have a conversation with Jennifer regarding her meeting with Eric. Why couldn’t she just let Royce have that conversation with Jennifer in her own time. She has this uncanny way of getting into the middle of things under the guise of “making peace”. If she really wants to make peace, she’ll stay above the fray and keep her mouth shut!

    Evelyn IS a non-[BLANK] factor! Pretty girl with a very ugly way about her. Her language is atrocious!

    Shaunie…, not sure what she stands for and therein lies the problem. They pander to and play off of each other. Shaunie will get mad and be unforgiving to others like Gloria and her sister, but then the rules seem to change when her girls do the same things to other people. Don’t be so hard on other people when you don’t have “clean hands”. Was she divorced from her first husband when she hooked up with Shaq? We all make mistakes and hope others can look past them. But they’ll only do so if you if we are gracious enough to overlook those of others. She displayed such righteous indignation towards Gloria for the alleged actions of her sister. If anything went down between Shaq and her, get mad at Shaq. He’s the one that made a commitment to her and is obilgated to be faithful to her, not Gloria’s sister. Again, I am not condoning infidelity, but get mad at the right people. Why take it out on Gloria? She is going to defend her sister over strangers no matter what — that’s what family does.

    I had didn’t have much hope for this show. I watch it purely for entertainment. But some real issues have surfaced which speaks to how Black women are portrayed. These ladies have so much resources available to them that most of us can only dream of. Make use of it: learn a foreign language, in fact, learn to speak English correctly, learn manners and proper behavior in public, learn how to resolve differences with hitting, threatening, cursing and intimidation. Show us at least one scene where they are doing something constructive.

    At the end of the day it all boils down to pride, a reasonable display of self-respect. Ladies, you simply have to challenge yourselves and raise the bar a bit higher.

  34. freakinout says:

    I like my girl Tami, hold it down. My girl is real, that for sure. This is not nothing i promote, but hey to each his own. I am wondering about the title it Says Basketball Wives”. So what are Meeka, doing on the show. No of the female married except Jen until now.

  35. freakinout says:

    Who are wives on the show? .. that shaunie is truly sitting back making her money. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. It is not shaunie fault that the young ladies want to exploit their negative behavioral on the show, so that viewers like us can respond back with negative feedback. Game recognize game, baby. Get in, on the game. It’s a show.

  36. Jan de Cali says:

    I now understand why Evelyn’s daughter moved all the way to the West Coast to attend college, why Tami’s girls distance themselves from her and why Shaunie sits in a corner looking like the cat who ate the bird.
    You women, with all we women of color have to contend with, you guys continue to perpetuate the stereotypes that have oppressed us for decades. Get some spiritual values by putting God first in your lives.
    Jen bad company is going to ruin what self respect you have left. Be gone from this insanity!!!!

  37. Moosiecat says:

    This is the first time I’ve watched the Basketball wives. I must say I was so embarrassed for all of these fake-hair,tattooed,heavy make up, low-brow very angry black women, They are an embarrassment to all women. None of them are relevant and no one would know them were it not for their husbands.

  38. ShirleyJohnson says:

    Can you please bring Meeka back so Tami can take her angry ass home.

  39. TD says:

    It is unfortunate. A show that exemplifies every stereotype this nation believes about black woman. I am sure the women on this possibly do some positive things, but just like the media…only the negative impressions, behavior, characteristics are televised.

    It is sad to me. My opinion.

  40. lillian says:

    I think that this group of women are not a reflection of true basketball wives. I think it may be a good business move for Shani Oneal since the public loves drama. I think the character Tammi, is so ghetto, loud and violent especially when she drinks. If she has a charity to help a few girls then she certainly has overshadowed that by the thousands that may mimic her violent behavior.
    She needs to be out or change her direction. There was no excuse for her calling Meeka, “your black ass.” I don’t know where she is from but no black family that I know uses this phrase to describe each other. It is only used as a derogatory statement to please to hurt them. Most darker complexioned people should be offended. She didn’t ever call Evelyn that. It is embarrassing that these high class females are fist fighting and arguing like common chicken heads on national television. Even Shani was embarrassed.

  41. Gennifer says:

    Basketball Wives and shows like it have damaged the image of Black women in America. I understand we all want to “get paid” but I hope that once these ladies have made an adequate amount of money that they would use their beauty and talents to do something more respectable. Our children are watching this mess and being bombarded with female violence. They are imitating what they see. The incidents of “girl fights” are on the rise and the severity of the violence has gotten worse. How much weave we were able to buy, how many Louis Vuitton heels we had, not going to be important at the end of our lives and nowadays you can’t just assume that’s gonna be at the age of 85 or 90. Those who are blessed to be on TV need to be conscious of the impact we have on the next generation.

  42. Colletta says:

    Did you see her?!! I’m talking about that WILD CHILD EVELYN!!! She is like a wild animal!
    I don’t know what man would want her for a wife!! She is out of control! Totally UNCIVILIZED.
    I don’t think there is any hope for her. Sshe is straight up and down G-H-E-T-T-OO!!!!

  43. Colletta says:

    Congrats to Royce! She has found a wonderful guy!

  44. madmoma says:

    Please get rid of Tammy, she is nothing but a low life bully with a bad weave. If you are so bad Tammi why didn’t you put Evelyn in check when she made the remark about your weave? The camera went right to you, the look on your face told it all. You are so phony you make my stomach sick. Wouldn’t want you as a friend & understands why your husband is gone, you are a joke!!!

  45. Christy Williams says:

    What type of watch is Tami Roman wearing on Basketball wives.

  46. Mason says:

    This is the most embarrassing show on TV!! Executives, what are you trying to do here!??
    Shaunie are you that desperate for money!!?
    Evelyn & Tami – how low class you are!! Who do you think you are??
    Both of you are trash!!!
    What are you telling your children? I know in the Reality franchises there is none more embarrassing to the Black community than this!! I can’t wait until the petition that circulating to request that you are removed! I’ve got many folks waiting to sign it!!
    Good riddance!!

  47. ms. faye says:

    these women are a disgrace to women and to african american women. they do nothing that is productive. tammy needs a muzzle. everyone isn’t going to like you, people talk about one another, even friends. that’s no reason to attack someone. Susie needs to be slapped. She is an instigator, telling conversations that were between herself and the other person.

    This show is really sad.

  48. Donna says:

    Tami, your the reason why we still have bullies in this world, what you did to Keisha on your trip to Tahiti was an absolute disgrace, you say you want respect, you had that poor girl scared out of her mind, Your nothing but a Bully, you should really take a good look at yourself in the mirror, Cause your Ugly on the inside, and remember one thing God Don’t like UGLY…. If I was the producer of this show, your ass would of been thrown off this show for your Bullying, people are committing suicide for being bullied, you should be ashamed….

  49. Donna says:

    This last episode when Tami Bullied Keisha truly was a disgrace, all you other ladies watched this poor girl get bullied and abused and none of you did anything to stop it, so for that your all as guilty, that poor girl was hiding in her room, you all say you felt bad, but did Nothing to stand up for that poor girl, you woman are giving not only black women but all women a bad rap, your behavior is just appalling, Bullying has become an epidemic in this world we live in, The producers of this show should of thrown Tami off the show immediately for what she did to that poor girl , Bullying has lead to many a suicide Remember That… I will no longer be watching this show you woman should be ashamed of your selfs…

  50. kelly dougherty says:

    Tami acts like straight trash. The way she treated another human being on the Tahti episode made me sick. You are not working on changing. You acted like a child. Holding another womens pocketbook because you knew she was afraid of you. BULLY!! Let’s say she did talk about you , SO WHAT!! That’s how you act. Go take a class on class you have none!!!!!

  51. dk says:


    Really Shaunie is suprisingly not smart. I understand these shows need drama but really for her to continually allow Evelyn to take this show down with her stupidity is frankly alarming. Jennnifer has nothing to do with the events as they have exploded. You want courtesy and yet act like you are truly down with stamp tramps. You figure out what that means. To playout jealousy, mean girl for no reason and envy like this with your age and so called caliber of economic standing is outrageous. I would’nt blame another NBA player for never taking his relationship to the next level with the girl he met next door. Thanks for your true revelation on how you see NBA wives it is deep. Don’t you wonder why no caucasian or other really diverse women signed on) OOOP’s!!!!! I hope Jennifer really gets the last laugh. Also about your comment about you being thought of as a ghetto rat you said it just OWN it now. So fake you are and ignorant, I’m sorry as well that you allowed that fish to be placed in the room REALL?Y Is this how you treat places you stay at to play a game on someone. If those (girls) knew what was best for them they would lawyer up to (like real women do) to get out of this filthy contract they signed on to with Madame EX NBA TOO TACKY & WACKY. Let me identify that this is you Shaunie. The shrewd one is SUZY Q get your money girlfriend. The smart one and only ONE is ROYCE. TAMMY talk to you for what STOP you was real but you have allowed Madame EX to make even you look like a fake for the right price. I hope the price is right thnI can’t be but so mad…get your scting on and stay in your organization work. (But I do like you girl and hope you land on two feet when this is over) One thing shots is not your thing. LOL EVELYN is the crazy one or else that premenopause is onset at her age it is possible. Evelyn wishes she was Jen serious you get real Jen is a bum then you are a bigger one cause she is fly and always was. Now stop talkingabout sex without condoms you jumped on that Fiance of yours with out one. PLEASE stop looking for beef. I Vote get Evelyn off the show if you even have the option of that now Shaunie cause I think you need to go as well. : ) Ciao its been real interesting. I’m hoping for more of La La’a full court now thanks to your trashy show. Now that’s a NBA wife an real woman representing.

  52. Guest says:

    Look I’m a die hard Tami fan and I admit she went a tad bit overboard I suspect for ratings but can you all just forgive her and move on. I mean Geezz enough on the Tami hating. You’d think she was the Anti-Christ or something. Have any of you people going off on her every went off on someone then felt stupid. I mean be honest. Just get over it already. None of these girls are innocent and they should know what goes on in the world of Reality TV when they signed up for this.
    Kenya you can sing and that Video was good so I disagree with my girl Tami on your VIdeo It was real good. Sorry Tami.
    Kenya let the haters be your motivators.

  53. Sherry says:

    What a trashy show. Shaunie should be embarrassed and should accept part ot the blame for what happens on this show. You have children and you are a grown woman. How could you associate with these trashy women? Ou in public acting like this. Suzie is a trouble maker trying to stay relevant. She has nothing going on. Tami is an bully and I am not really sure if she is female. Evelyn is so desperate for fame she chooses to be with a womanizing loser. Yeah that marriage will last all of 6 months. I can not believe that restaurants or vacation hot spots would let this trash in their establishments. I will never watch this show again. Change the name to Trashy women looking for fame.