Mob Wives Recap – Episode 7 – Thirteen Years Is A F***ing Lifetime (Or Is It?)


Hide your flower vases, people. It’s time to square up or shut the f*** up!

Let’s see, where did we leave off in Mob Wives last week? Oh yeah, that’s right, all hell was breaking loose (at a beautiful Sunday dinner, of all the occasions)! Carla and Renee were pulling each other’s hair, and that whirling dervish known as Drita was taking her shoes off (which, of course, is what you do when you get ready to fight). As she so deftly put it…

"Square up, let's do this or shut the f*** up."

Fortunately for everyone who would’ve felt the wrath of Drita, cooler heads prevailed and the women retreated to the kitchen to get things settled. However, it’s clear that Renee is stil upset (“I never raise my hands, I don’t believe in that”), and keeps provoking Carla. That is, until a flower vase went flying across the island in her kitchen, tossed by an unlikely candidate…

It’s Karen!

She just successfully backed Drita down, now she’s inspiring facial reactions like this from the likes of Renee:

Karen has been stewing for the last few weeks, unable to come to terms with the fact that Drita stole, dated, and then, married and had children with Lee D’avanzo, her ex-boyfriend. However, she put it differently: “It’s not about Lee, it’s about friendship.” Not surprisingly, Drita’s not having it.

You see, in Drita’s eyes, she doesn’t think this Karen drama has anything to do with friendship. Nope, it’s about something more, um, primal.

"Is it, Karen, about our friendship? Or is it that your new man does not pound you out good enough, that you have to remember how mine did."

Oh, SNAP! Bonus points for the pounding motion, too.

Despite all the braggadocio, everyone eventually calmed down, reasserted their friendship for each other, and hugged it out. Ari Gold on Entourage must be proud.

The Mob Wives may have just established a physical truce by Hugging It Out™, but the behind-the-back trash talk continues on stronger than ever when Carla and Drita get together to recap the evening’s events the next day. Turns out that, after all that drama, nobody got to even eat at Renee’s the night before. This prompts Drita to break out her imaginary Uzi sub-machine gun and mob down her imaginary foes who don’t keep her properly fed.

While we’re on the topic of Drita, her triangular relationship with Lee and Karen isn’t the only thing on her mind has other things on her mind. After all, it was only last week that she took a whole bunch of sexy photos for Lee. How sexy were they, exactly? So sexy that her daughter considers them naked pictures.

Lee is rather impressed with them, too. I mean, wouldn’t anyone be? Specifically, though, he asks her about the size of her bosom. Or, as he put it, “How big are your t***?” Nice, simple, direct, we like it. Drita doesn’t seem to mind this line of questioning, either. “They’re not that big. You know what? Honestly, they got bigger after I had the kids. Then I had them done, because they got banged up.”

Well, whatever work she’s had done, she is OWNING it.

It’s inarguable that Drita looks great, but we do have one little quibble with her philosophy. Specifically, her assertion that “being in jail is no different than people being in long-distance relationships.” While it is true that we here at the VH1 Blog have never dated someone behind bars, we have been in long distance relationships. Granted, it’s been a few years, but we don’t recall any wardens hanging around and keeping watch over our every move.

Carla doesn’t abide by all of Drita’s philosophies, either. To wit, she has absolutely NO plans to pose in lingerie for her jailbird husband. She won’t even wrap up some of the things she’s buying for her husband, Joseph, when he goes from the pokey to a halfway house in two weeks. Nope, she’s putting those socks, tighty whities and shirts in a duffle bag and that’s that.

Next week on Mob Wives: Will Renee ever find love? I mean, with someone OTHER than Junior? As she herself explains, “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.”

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  1. April says:

    ReNee- If you dont read any other comments- Please do me a favor watch these shows over- The First fight you had drita choked you – They got you drunk then turned on you- the show last week she pulled your hair- Look @ her face- Her and carla was talking about you every show- Im not saying dont be friend- but they will murder you/ set you up-WATCH them they are grimmy! Karen you had every right to be upset with drita- If one of my friend had kids with my ex- that i was with for seven years- I would of been hurt to- She makes it seem like it was nothing, but deep down she knows she is wrong. I hope you forgive her for your own health. oh Karen your daughter is beautiful! Drita Im happy that ou humbled yourself and hugged karen- why did you start talking reckless the next day? Like I respect how you love your husband and your daughter, but your mouth makes you ugly- Drita watch Carla- she only told you about ReNee talking about Lee because she was mad that ReNee said something about her man. She pobably want you to leave your husband-Snake! Watch all the shows over- Carla you started every drama and backed away like it wasnt you it was Renee- You told Renee karen wasnt coming (1st show) – If your friend is telling you- your man is crazy, or he touched her butt- Why would you get mad @ her??? I would want to know!!! Men like that rape children and have silly women besides them saying he didnt do it!!!!!! He shouldnt of never ever touched her- then you tell him she doesnt like him- Why? He called/or texted her- Why do you think that was ok? ReNee I pray that you find real friends- Karen is your friend- I think you two are the real ones. I hope all four of you get saved. ReNee one last thing if you want to be with your husband- Dont listen to that Dr. or your friends- Seek the Lord Jesus died for our sins- not man! If Junior is not the one there is someone out there for you!

  2. Lea says:

    I ‘m glad the real Karen Gravano is coming out….and funny how Karen was the only one who was going to step up and take on Drita when she was coming for you Renee. Renee, Karen is your real friend dispite what has happened in the past because actions speak louder than words. Also, when Junior was locked up Karen was the only one who came right over to your house for support that day. In the end I hope you all stay friends but I do question Carla and her thinking about her boyfriend becasue he obviously doesn’t respest her…….Carla find a new man who respects you!

  3. TCF426 says:

    Does anyone know if Karen’s book is out yet? Because obviously this must have been filmed last year, because of the mob bust was last year – wasn’t it?

  4. I can’t get enough of this show!!! The best reality show since Real Housewives!!! It’s got them beat in my eyes!!! U GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow says:

    Can someone please take this ridiculous show off the air. If I have to watch Drita talking sh&& any longer I am going to scream. What a punk she is. A real loser. One thing she isn’t use to is fighting a really tough girl. On the island she walks around like she can knock somebody out. lol. She RAN from Karen when Karen saw her going after Renee. Karen needs to put her in her place once and for all. Knock her right out. Drita can’t fight. She’s a loser. Let her and Carla be friends and leave that fake punk a@$ alone. She is no ones friend. I’d like to run into her and give her the beating she deserves.

    Get her Karen. Ring her bell.

  6. khandi says:

    I can not believe these old women are acting like this. Where are your morals? You have children.

  7. Mob Wives is the best Reality TV Show out there right now. The last episode (107) was awesome. I can’t wait to see what happens on Sunday….

  8. Imelda Higgins says:

    I LOVE DRITA!!!!

  9. Brian says:

    TOO me karen and renee , are the two I respect the most. Karen is not only the hottest, but the bravest. It took major ball’s for her to show her face, and when she showed up at renee’s house 1st class. Karen is a power of example, I grew up near Illisions and 101ave during the old days, and these guys were like our heroes, I remember the free BBQ’s and all . Karen I hope your book is a bestseller, and I hope you and your daughter live a Long and healthy life….God Bless