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Royce Reed is back! The VH1 Blog is lucky enough to welcome back Royce to her weekly recapping gig where she’ll give us her perspective on all things Basketball Wives 3. Check in each week to hear Royce’s take on the drama that goes down. This week: The great t-shirt debate of 2011, and how Royce really feels about newbie, Meeka Claxton.


We’re Baaaaack!

Well, if the Season 3 premiere wasn’t drama, I must be able to dress. JOKES!!!!!

Le’ts just start off by saying “It’s going to be a LONG SEASON, and you haven’t seen ANYTHING YET!” Ok, let’s just get to it!

Last time you saw us together was the reunion. I shake my head every time I hear “Oh, Royce got some balls, Royce is brand new now, or Royce is on some other ish.” If y’all look back to Season 1, I was just meeting these girls the same as you, the viewer, was. It wasn’t my place nor position to state my opinion on issues I knew nothing about or jump in others conversations like I’m playing Double Dutch. I was sitting back observing and learning each individual day by day. I let them talk to me any kind of way, I let them do sideways crap, and I even took to getting a makeover. I have stated many times in the past I DON’T DO CHICKS well and nothing has changed. Now moving on…

Jenn’s new place looked…cozy. I’m glad to see she has found peace in her life, at least for now it seems. When Shaunie and Evelyn walk in. I just cringed because I know the conversation is going to turn into something negative. Misery loves company. Stop letting everyone in your door.

Jennifer doesn’t seem to really fit in with them in my opinion but she knows where her alliance is, so she thinks. For them to be trying to make excuses for Evelyn’s actions is still beyond me for the simple fact TAMI WAS STILL MARRIED TO KENNY when they hooked up. They may have been separated but he was STILL MARRIED. I believe strongly in search engines, and back in the day everyone had cable. If you didn’t use a computer to find out, it was definitely all over MTV, BET, ABC, NBC, etc. about a NBA player being married to a Real World star. Secondly, for me to be such a “Non-Mutha F***** Factor,” I sure come up in conversation a lot. Funny how my actions were questioned at the reunion when I simply stood up for myself AND finally voiced my opinion but the one who cursed every other word was praised. I also find it funny how no one tried to advise Evelyn that speaking about how she F***** this 1 and that 1 and how is probably not the best display of self-respect when you have a daughter graduating HS. Maybe Shaunie should’ve switched that conversation towards Evelyn and said “Your stock may be rising because you’re now engaged to Anti…my bad Chad now, but at what expense.” Next!

Meet my girls Victoria and Jessica! Yes we are current/former dancers for either Orlando, Miami or both. These are two of my REAL and close friends. You will hopefully get to see a little more of them. As I stated in the conversation, Dwayne and I are completely done and I’m back on the prowl…six months gestation, lol. Also, I never claimed to be bougie or posh. I’m just Royce…I try to stay mature, lady-like and KINDA-Classy. I dance in booty shorts and half tops in most cases, let’s just be real. On to the next…

Tami is my girl! I think from the day we met and the after the whole “hand in the face” incident we have respected each other. We have now grown close and become friends. Tami is that woman that will tell you how she feels with no sugar-coating or cookie dough. I love that about her and I really feel as if she has my back as I have hers.

Our conversation had me rolling as if I didn’t live it. There was a moment I think we both realized “Damn, Royce was the one they called crazy, Twitter-crazed and mostly the ‘jumpoff,’” when in fact it was the cast member who had the most to say about me who really was all those things. I always say the person who talks the most s— is the one doing the most crap. What’s done in the dark always comes to light…remember that. Oh and Evelyn, that track star you spoke of at the reunion that I was talking to…we never slept together. Just sayin… keep your garden in tact…along with the flowers and cabbage, I’m starting to see some weeds a.k.a. skeletons poppin’ up. So you may want to pull those before you start stepping in my flower pot. That is all!

Meeka, Meeka, Meeka. What were you doing sweetheart? Interviews? Trying to figure out what “clique” you wanted to be in? That’s the problem. We don’t do cliques on this side. We do US. How soon we forget that before we speak about others, we need to look in the mirror. You had on a WHITE LONG-SLEEVED JEAN JACKET, it was cold. Mine wasn’t wool either, get your fabrics together since you’re so into fashion. I remember the conversation and I thought we ended on a respectful note. Definitely had no idea you were going back to the threesome talking ish. But it’s cool because I’m happy I never told you anything specific. I applaud Jen, however, for doing the same. I can respect that. As stated many times before, my issues with Jen are not that deep. Also, let me clear something up real quick. As a former dancer for both Orlando and Miami, please understand that it is NOT our job to cater to nor make the wives/girlfriends comfortable. We are hired as professional dancers and our job is to entertain the crowd for in- game entertainment, as well as in the community. We are ambassadors to the the team, not Honorary Sunbeams. But anyway. I think its going to be a long season for Mrs. Meeka Claxton. I know how things were brought to me so let’s just see how they end up…

THAT DAMN PONYTAIL…DAMMIT ROYCE DO YOUR HAIR!!! Okay, I said it for you. Now y’all already know it takes a lot to do natural hair and after having played tennis for over an hour in Egypt heat it was NOT about to be down…just wasn’t gonna happen. Also, that statement I made to Suzie about Jared was a joke. She definitely took it wrong and had I known it bothered her I would’ve apologized. If something bothers me, I say it, so in the future Suzie, just say I pissed you off. As far as me throwing her under the bus…once. I admitted it, told her prior to being confronted, and I apologized. It was a mistake. I’m not God. If she took that one incident and now calls me drama-filled or a child, that’s a bit much. Remember Suzie, I had your back all throughout last season and the reunion when no one besides myself raised their hand to ever want to hang out with you again…

IT’S T-SHIRT TIIIIIME! Seriously? No but for real…How can you genuinely be apologetic and feel bad about a statement you made to someone then go make t-shirts? Do you know how many t-shirts we could make from the past few seasons that many people would purchase? There comes a time in your life when you realize that money doesn’t mean everything. It is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Respect and dignity doesn’t come at a price when you’re trying to build or mend a friendship with someone whose husband you slept with. BUT if that’s the way you wanna roll, look out for “Imma Sue the B!tch,” “She got a whole Garden-just hoe-in,” “Don’t do it Chad,” “You were engaged 10 years?,” “Really Boo Boo,” “Watch my ass as I walk away,” “THOSE NOSTRILS,” etc. I understand Tami and why she doesn’t condone the shirts but hey…as long as I offer you some proceeds for your charity you should be okay with it.

All in all it was a pretty entertaining premiere and if you think you saw something in the previews, you really have NO IDEA whats coming next and throughout the entire season!!!

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  1. Love it! Hilarious and right on time. What’s funny is, I think people would go to “Tami’s” just because (unlike the swarm of invisibles that visits Dulce, Dolce Dulche) and dying at all the t-shirts. Can I get a “Don’t do it Chad” in a small and a “Really Boo Boo” in a medium? LMAO keep grinding Royce!

  2. nedra taylor says:


  3. Danise says:

    Royce, I couldn’t say it better! I think Evelyn has met her match in Tami though, and they show the fight previews on Evelyn and you. Wow! Now I am really hoping that CVhad kicks Evelyn to the curb. She is trouble.

  4. Mrs. Masur says:

    Your blog holds weight baby girl!!! I loved the season premiere and the new castmates… even Meeka!! I can see it is gonna be a raw and real season. You and Tami are the reason I stayed tuned cause you both are the only real ones on the show. Oh, can I get a “She got a whole Garden-just hoe-in” and a “Don’t do it, Chad!!” in a small. Can’t wait for next weeks review!!!

  5. Lisa Renee says:

    Have to agree Royce is wack… She has so much to say but look at her she is a straight up hater and i cant stand how immature she is. Why is she on the show she wasnt even married nor is she able to discuss anything. Just straight up boring and a damn instigator. She hating on Evelyn cuz she wish she coulda had ocho cinco first. Sit down and act like a lady just cuz ur a dancer doesnt mean anything what she gona do when she cant dance??? HOTT MESS GIRL

  6. LolaFromPhilly says:

    I FREAKING LOVED IT! U nailed right on the spot! EVelyn looking more and more like a freaking Chihuaha w/ her new teeth! nasty! and she was the jumpoff! and still was playing 2nd to Ruby who was doing Chadd… but its all about the money for Shaunie and the rest of the miserable.
    Royce Do YOU BOO!!!! Lov eya

  7. Toni says:

    I agree with Lisa. I do not like Royce! She is very immature, talks too much, and does play both sides. I hear her constantly saying that Jenn would be ok if she didn’t have her head up Evelyn’s @$$, but where is her head? UP TAMI’S @$$!! She seems to be trying to be Tami’s bestie like they’re in high school. Or maybe she’s trying to earn points so she won’t end up on the receiving end of one of Tami’s fists. I see Suzi got her figured out so she knows to watch what she says around her now.

  8. Basketballfan says:

    See there….thats why I’ve grown to love your azz ROYCE REED!!! (no homo) I must apologize for every bad thing I’ve ever said about you!!! ANYWHO….. Girl BYE!!! You hit the nail on the head with this BLOG MyBaby!!!! I told you, you was the SHOW didn’t I???? You really must TASTE GOOD, because “the circle” can’t keep your name outta their mouth (no homo)….. Keep doing ya thing Mz REED!!!!

  9. Jai says:

    Couldn’t agree with Royce more….she hit every nail on the head. If her and Tami weren’t on the show I wouldn’t watch it. Shaunie thinks she’s a puppet master, Evelyn is a certified hoe, Jenn is and just wants to fit in. Suzie seems ok, but she is to dang scary….and Meeka….well she fits in with the messy three amigas. As long as they keep Royce and Tami on the show I’ll continue to watch. Continue being down to earth and real Royce and Tami.

  10. Alina says:

    Say that Ms. Royce!!!! Say that!!!

  11. Viewer from Vegas says:

    I do not understand why people dislike Evelyn because she knows what she wants and she chooses to date that exclusively. Should she want to date the man directly out of rehab? The one who believes in domestic violence? The opportunist (Like Royce did)? Would that make you haters feel better? Is Tami real because she can point her finger in everyone’s face but dares someone to do the same to her? Is she more real because she can reference a phrase on her t-shirt from her being on TV but no one else can? Did she consider the other person’s feelings before doing so? Is Royce real because she can sell out Suzi and disclose her and Gloria’s location for an attack verbal or physical by everyone last season? Or is Royce more real for breaking the rules on a contract she signed to get what she wanted because “no one can tell you who you can date?” NOT!

    Evelyn is the one who is real, as she is not trying to please anyone. Good for her. Tami is hating that Evelyn’s life seems very comfortable while Tami is STILL struggling. I guess struggling all the damn time and blaming everyone else for your struggles makes you “real.”

    Being real is making your own decisions and standing by those decisions. Evelyn does that. Jennifer does that. Shaunie does that. Maybe the haters on this board and on the show need to take a lesson from the other girls and just live their lives without excuses.

  12. Erica says:

    I used to really like Evelyn. I really did, she reminded me so much of me. the fashion, loving shoes, knowing what she wants and just being sassy. But this stunt she pulled with Tammy and the t-shirts is even to low for me to comprehend.
    There was even a time when I went to her Dolce site one day because I was going to purchase some shoes to support her store because I am a business owner and I understand the life of being self employed but I got sidetracked by work.
    I am so glad I did. I am so glad I gave that money to Jimmy Choo and not Evelyn. After seeing that episode today I’m debating if I should continue watching this show. I hope Tammy cleans Evelyn out. As un-orthodox as Tammy comes off no one deserves that treatment. Especially, the attempt to make it right by giving a donation to a charity.
    I hope charities have watched this episode because we all know that Evelyn is capitalizing off of Tammy’s pain. Charity’s should see that Evelyn’s heart is definitely not into a charity. Evelyn is LOW-DOWN!

  13. Nise_1985 says:

    Love it Royce!!! You have to ignore the negative comments made by the ones telling you to stfu!! If i can recall, Evelyn was NEVER married to a bball player either only engaged. Clearly they like Evelyn because they’re like her, which is trashy!! People always want to say you’re always full of drama! If I can remember, Shaunie, Jen, & Evelyn are always getting together dissing ppl, but I guess it’s ok for them. I guess it’s ok for Evelyn to always start stuff, but gets no back lash… you have to remember ppl who love drama will praise the one who has no class. Let’s be honest, if Evelyn was not with a ball player she would be NOBODY! You yourself work for what you have! As for Jen, you can tell she is a sweet heart, but when she’s around that man Evelyn, her entire demeanor changes. She has a big bark when they’re around, but catch her by herself, I guarantee it’s a different story!! Continue to press forward & let ppl continue to talk because @ the end of the day it’s YOUR LIFE! #teamroyceandtami

  14. Jc says:

    Honestly Royce, I can respect your views. You’re right about how money is the root of all evil but on Evelyn’s behalf I think you are distracted by your credited dislike for her and your new found relationship with tami, and naturally you hurt as well. However, Lets take Paris Hilton she went so far as to copy right a couple of words. It’s all really just profit, at the end of the day it’s all just profit, I mean just look at how you’re profiting from the media of this show, you seem to be doing well and thats great. I mean it started out rocky but you took advantage of the oppurtunity placed before you. Where I’m from which is outside of Tally, we live for an oppurtunity like this, but um jus keep doing you!

  15. Dimples1 says:

    Hi Royce,
    Thanks for the update.I see u finally realize that Shaunie & Ev never like u from frontstreet. I’m glad u sticking up for yourself. I like Jen, I think Shaunie & Ev wanted her to be miserable like them without a husband.
    I see in the trailer u tweet Jen ex-Eric. Don’t u think thats kinda foul. How would u like if Jen tweeted Dwayne Howard-your ex.????? I wish Tami slapped the taste out of Ev. As ladies in your late 30′s & 40′s u guys need to tone it down.
    You are to old to act like High School Girls. Who want to be in a so-call
    (CIRCLE) at this age. Sound clickest to me. I enjoy the show. But I don’t understand why u came back? I thought Shaunie don’t like u & u dont like her?? On the reunion show-it was over the top! I was wondering if ya’ll are really friends & just acting out on tv for rating. Because if u don’t like shaunie & she don’t like u, why would u want to be on her show??????
    Now Meeka is a mess, 2-faced, what is she on there for. She look wack & she is making an ASS out of herself, kissing the other 3 girls butt, talking about u behind your back. She don’t add anything to the show. A Hot mess!
    And why is Ashley back on, she really didnt add anything to the show. Tell Suzi stop being scary. She dont need to apologize to EV no more. Is it true that Ev slept with P.Diddy in vegas & thats why Ev is mad at Suzi????
    Don’t u ladies watch the show after u tape it? All of ya’ll talk about each other behind each other back. When u are talking to the camera, ya’ll be dissing each other. Tami need to move on and stop worrying about Ev. There’s no way she should be friends with a lady who slept with your man & acting like she’s your friend. Shaunie-I dont like at all, she is messy & she’s playing all of ya’ll for suckers. She’s none of ya’ll friend except Ev. I believe she jealous of you & Jen.
    Jenn is really pretty and nice and Ev is corruptible. Do u think Jen know Shaunie & Ev is jealous of her? Jen wake up, smell the coffee. You are a nice person u don’t belong in that circle. Hey ya’ll need to come on Wendy Williams or Monique show. I believe I talked about everybody. OK Girl, until next week. Keep it movin’.

  16. Poppy says:

    Hey Royce, Pleeeeeeease get your teeth fixed. And if you’re going to be writing books and blogs at least brush up on your English.

  17. Nikki Z says:

    love #16 comment….i love mz independent evelyn…royce is the real jump off….she complaining about eve and she isnt imrtant in anyway shape or form…ROYCE…u are a dancer, how did u get cast in this reality show called BASKETBALL WIVES…did they forget to add dancers to the title….EVELYN is the realest, she isnt afraid to get up in anyones that, tami is just messy, she now is taking her eyes off the real prob and putting it on Eve, is she forgetting that Eve was the one that told her about Kenny and not she finding out, how many times in our lives have we cheated with married or non-married men that have their partners…ladies stop hating…Royce, u and tami both are just so jelous, TAMI stated she wanted to be like EVELYN…tami is the one that can be sued to step up in the gerls’ store and creating mischief…..Jen great going gerl…everyone cant be leaders..some gotta follow thats y we have role models….I LOVE EVELYN….I HATE YOU ROYCE U ARE PATHETIC AND MISERABLE…ABOUT U ARE ON THE PROWL AGEN……………..MOST CELEBRITY CHANGE THEIR MEN WENEVR MARRIED FOR THREE MNTHS AND DIVOURCED, THAT DONT STOP THEM FROM LIVING…..

  18. KingKrazy says:

    Who cares about Royce! LOL If Evelyn & Tami wasnt on the show it would be boring espically without Tami I love her ass.

  19. KingKrazy says:

    I just love this show it has me dying with laughter. Team Tami & Evelyn all the way. Royce needs to go sit down some where lol

  20. Bosslady says:

    Royce you sound like a little high school girl. Why really are you on the show? You aren’t anything more than a dancer with a gag order right? I mean you look like you shop in Rainbow, you wear the WORST costume jewlery EVER! You are only freeloading off of Shaunie and her loot seriously. Why do you care so much who Evelyn is screwing? You mad cause you can’t get who she gets? Learn to dress better and do your hair and maybe you could get on her level. And please don’t even think about coming out with those dumb ass t-shirts..”watch my ass”? really? you have got to be joking what ass??? Stay in your lane,with your tic tacky rhianna wanna be she male looking friends, your wack and you need not be on the show. You nor that tacky ass Meeka chick…she is so wack I will just leave it there.

  21. FeLove07 says:

    OMG.. I love you Royce.! You & Tami are my boo boo’s.! That’s right keep standing up for yourself.. #TEAMTAMI&ROYCE ;)

  22. shawn says:

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu such a hater damn why u mad because you dont have what they got stop being a brat girl grow up

  23. Agree says:

    Royce I agree with your statements regarding what cheerleaders wear. Why does Meeka and Gloria care about the cheerleaders outfits? Your husband can have an affair with a girl who works in McDonalds or a girl in a UPS outfit. Should we get rid of all women? And if it’s a non married Basketball player why can’t he date a non married cheerleader if they have a connection?


    I agree with Royce!! Evelyn is wrong for making the shirts, but that is all she has to bank off of. Dulce isn’t doing as FAB as we think. Chad well he has his own issues THE NFL LOCKOUT and his family. I think that Evelyn & Chad is a made for tv series. Evelyn is using his fame to prolong hers. The T-shirts should be sold and Evelyn needs to donate proceeds to a Charity. It would be the CLASSY option. Now on to Jennifer, like Royce said your place was ok. I hope this season doesn’t turn into “I AM EVERY WOMAN” with Jennifer. The First thing out of her mouth was was “divorce party” uh…so CLICHE! Girl what do you do?? You were married to a NFL Player and is that it? NO!!! Be you, come out of your shell this season and let’s see who you are. If there will be a seaon 4 ummm…you won’t be casted. You have no ANYTHING! Please VH1 do not take the story line of Jennifer being single in Miami. If you do at least show that single women do everyday things, work, date, etc. You can google and see much didn’t come from the divorce and Miami is a pricey city(unless Evelyn showed u ways). Meeka how dare you come on the show and be RUDE, ANNOYING and SHALLOW! Who are you? Sister you have ONLY been married for 5 years, and that NOW your an EX player’s wife. Remember you are married and your husband has a job GSW keep your mouth closed a little tighter. Susie, glad to see you on the show. Way to tell Royce to pump her brakes, but Royce is your friend. You can learn a thing or two from Tami and Royce. Tami you are a strong woman. I hope you get your OWN show. If I was you I would SUE the mess out of her. One last thing Ladies say season 4 doesn’t happen(story line plot would be boring) What will you Ladies do afterwards? Royce ….Author, ok I like that and it wasn’t a messy book about your life and personal. Good luck on your play. Keep yourself out there, you, Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn will be MATTERING FACTORS IN LIFE. The other two….who??? Season 3 will be fun to watch.

  25. usocrazy says:

    Royce is my girl. Put me down for a “She got a whole Garden-just hoe-in” and “Really Boo Boo” t-shirt. That is funny as hell. On a serious note, you were my favorite from the begining. Now, I also have to add Tami to the list. Both of you keep it completely “One Hun’ed”. Royce keep blogging. It’s great to see that you have the written and oral communcation skills to express yourself, unlike some of the other cast members (cough cough Evelyn “Mufasa” Lozada). Keep doin’ you “Boo Boo”.

  26. Amiegura says:

    Royce i hope you and your fans can see this,you come out as bitter and jealous…stop talking abt classless you have no class you are a trash,i will damn if some man can smash me and get me pregnant and dont want to hear their name on my mouth that how low Dewight Howard your baby daddy thinks of you……stop acting like you all that you not, you calling Eve a jump off you are no different…….

  27. bev says:

    Royce i have 1 word for you HATER. Evelyn is straight forth with her self and as for her being called a hoe by you ,it showed no class on your part. I dont understand why you don’t like Evelyn,maybe you wish you were more like her. I have a great respect for Shaunie, Evelyn and Jen because they are out there making a name for themselves and not just living off of their rich athletic men.Hell if a man wants to buy me a Berkin bag,I am going to take it too.Now I don’t know bout you but why wear a fake dress when you can get the real thing(Herve Ledger)…I am just saying.
    But when you dislike someone the lady like thing to do is keep it to yourself. You don’t have to socialize with that person but to keep bashing her makes you look like a H A T E R…Stay strong Boo Boo. Oh and I like Tami too because even though she and Evelyn are going through it she is not on the show bashing her every chance she gets.Kudos to Tami for being an adult about the situation.

  28. Toni says:

    In reference to the 2nd episode, Royce fight your own battles. Why is Tami shaking Meeka down for you when you talk like you so bad?? You should have told Tami thanks but no thanks, I got this. But you know you wouldn’t have ran all up on Meeka like that by yourself…its all talk, that’s why you cheesing all up in Tami’s face. Just go ahead and hire her as your body guard she can use the money. Next, please let somebody put some relaxer on them beedie bees for you cause that head is just tore up from week to week on national tv. I know hair stylists can’t be that expensive in Miami. Go to the beauty college if you can’t afford it. Last, stop being such a hater and everybody’s judge. Are you the only perfect sista on the show and the rest of them need to try to live up to your standards? Get over yourself. Ain’t NONE of your ish jacked up? Everybody’s got something. Nobody’s perfect.

  29. Cookie says:

    when are you going to write another blog?

  30. zet26 says:

    Okay Royce I take back everything I said about you. You are as skanky as your pool side kicks. There is no excuse for following Jens ex on tweeter,, YOU WANT HIM to give you a semi-valid reason for being on the show? That is what it looks like. Other than that you and Tammi need to go ! Her ex-husbands new wife has more right to be on the show than either of you. She is a F’N Factor, you two ?? NOT !!