Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Chills With 50 Cent


What does Renee Graziano do when she’s not filming Mob Wives? Oh, you know, she just hangs around with 50 Cent. Graziano tweeted earlier today “Spent the day up @ GUNIT w the #MUSICMOGULMILLIONAIRE @50cent” and posted the picture of herself getting snuggly with 50.

50 has made no secret of the fact that he loves the Mob Wives, and Renee in particular, and he’s Tweeted about them in the past writing “I’m bugging, I really like this ‘Mob Wives’ show, Renee Graziano, she is crazy, I love her.” Looks like the feeling is mutual, Graziano also Tweeted about her new pal’s business savvy, saying “I gotta say 50 is def 1 of the smartest business men I knw!” Graziano was visiting the G-Unit Radio studio for an interview.

[Photo: Twitter]


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  1. hoodwives says:

    Nee Nee gettn in good wit 50 the unit is like it own mob …. love ya Nee Nee

  2. KEISHAV says:

    Love me some MOB WIVES. Renee is my favorite.

  3. Awesome pic of Renee with 50 Cent!

  4. Pat says:

    What a bunch of pigs, I can’t believe this show is even on the air. The show I watched had one of these women complaining about how their children were treated during a raid, unbelievable! These women and VH1 are trying to put us in a position to feel sorry for them? Let’s not forget that their husbands make a living pushing drugs and in the process killing God only know’s how many children of hard working innocent families. These creatures live off of money that was stolen from hard working Americans and they act as if there is nothing wrong with it. They make me sick. I hope that their hubby’s get locked up for life and they are left with nothing to live on. Renee, the sexual re-assignment surgery went great, I never would have known you were a man :)