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A lot of people are talking about the two-hour premiere of Single Ladies, which aired last night. (Including us — check out our recap for a Single Ladies primer.) The show, which stars Stacey Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, and Charity Shea, has also caught the eye of several critics. While it’s true that the series does focus on the lives of three single women who love fashion, dating, and the city they live in, rest assured it “isn’t just the wanna-be Southern cousin of Sex and the City. It’s got a life of its own.” You don’t have to take our word for it, that’s actually what the New York Daily News said. Check out our review rundown to find out what others are saying about the sexy new show:

As we mentioned, the Daily News was quick to point out the differences between Single Ladies and Sex and The City, but they also gave the show three stars and explained that in the first episode, the show has established “three distinct characters whose vulnerability and basic decency make us like them in spite of some obvious flaws.” called the show “smashing” and singled out Stacey Dash, calling her performance “so riveting, so real, that at times it all seems so real, so close to home.”

TVLine puts the show on it’s TV Worth Watching List and puts the show on its Recommended list, saying “With powerhouse actors and a prime-time slot, Single Ladies is a strong contender for Monday-night TV supremacy.”

And yes, it’s true that Single Ladies does feature some racy scenes, which Media Life mentioned in its review, saying “In the sex scenes, which are a little graphic by VH1’s standards, we see more bare male flesh than female. That spa sequence features a close-up of a masseur’s flexing pec that needs to be preserved for posterity.” In case you missed the spa scene in question, we’ll let that description speak for it.

Care to add your thoughts about the Single Ladies premiere? Let us know your review in the comments and don’t forget to tune in to Single Ladies on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


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  1. Gina says:

    Great show, hilarious, sexy and a style of its own. Glad it had some drama, but not too much drama, you didn’t over do it, it was balanced. I don’t like soap opera’s, which I feel my used to be favorite show “The Game” has turned into. Single ladies, keeps it balanced, and I like having happy endings :-)

  2. Tisa says:

    I am so disappointed in this show I thought it would be good, it is like a low budget porn movie. The show looks like a a bootleg DVD what happen to the quality of the picture. I waited to see the show I was so disappointed. I watched basketball wives
    the picture Quality was good. What happen.

  3. ladylucile says:

    Bad acting and a very bad show. To be blunt…Lisa Ray is no longer bootylucious and Stacey Dash pregnancy scared on the show…ok she is old enough to be a grandma….The cast is so unbelievable,even for t.v. standards, that it made it painful to watch.

  4. Shunda says:

    OMG this has captivated me. I havent seen something like this since “Girlfriends” this is a hit can’t wait to see what happens next

  5. Chay says:

    First I want to say that I absolutely loved the show last night. However, as I watched the show appreciated more and more my marriage. I am a young 31 and have been married for 6 years and with my husband for 10. The one thing I absolutely don’t miss is the shenanigans that go along with the single life. I find each character of the show relatable and I think we can see a little of ourselves in each lady, but geesh, I am so happy to be a married woman. I absolutely don’t miss the single life and all the foolishness that comes along with it. I know now I will be a loyal viewer of the show; I think it has a great storyline so far and the clothes are to die for!

  6. mindy says:

    What!!!!.This show was the worse but still 2nd to the Game which tops the worse list. Really the storylines are overdone. The acting is weak and the celeb sighting in this 2 hour shows was like the red carpet at the BET awards. Please someone come with and original story line that Black Women don’t have to sleep with anything that breathes on them just to feel whole and then the tough take no prisoners Lisa Raye character fools herself by sleeping with anything slinging’s a a buch of Bull..I love Latifah and am very proud of her acomplishment but this is not one of them

  7. Shella says:

    I Love this show! Thanks for bring something interesting to TV again. So tried of reality shows!

  8. Mae says:

    I think this is really a terrific show. I’m so glad because it could have gone either way. It’s fun, but not corny, dramatic but not overtly and the acting is great. I appreciate the fact it isn’t over the top… hope it stays that way (no desperate housewives death, drama needed!). Stacey Dash is great! All the women are… keep it up! I’ll definitely be DVRing and enjoying!!

  9. deena braxton says:

    i just love this new show it brings back memories of when i would go down to Atlanta .This show gives sight to how the southern men are and how they can be .i married a man from and met men from the south now being divorced i still want a man from there beacuse they’re all i m used to and before i saw it was Atlanta i said that’s looks like Atlanta,i had plans to move there plenty of times before coming back to Kentucky after being in Tennessee for18-19years i hate KEntucky and feel i went backwards because being here is nothing i use to in the south.Even though Kentucky is my hometown it’s just not my style nothing goes on here but whole lot of trouble and immature people.and i dont like that the whites still taking over that’s so old school.go to the south and see blacks having it going on.WHy ,did i come in this direction when i should have stayed where and what i know the men in KEntucky are not marriage material or want to even holla at ya,if you are new in town and carrying your self as a lady they want to hem you up or maybe kill you!!!!!! or mess or mind up .they just need to stick to these Kentucky women of what they know because they’re trying to HURT them at all they just let them go because they used to them being here for so long and never have being any where else.On this note i love the south and i go back every year and i love my friends from there that i have met,too! !!!!!!! keep up the GOOD WORK SOUTH!!!!!! I WILL BE BACK WHEN I GET MY PAPER TOGETHER and seeing the white men on the show loving black women is WHAT THEY DO!!!!!!!! so dont be surprise to see that in the south,they’re cool to and marrying us as well!!!!!!!!!! i will keep watching so i can reminiscence and catch up on the latest of the south but Atlanta has always being that way so stylish and with class .SOUTHERN HOSPITAITY and i will go no where else but there THAT”S ALL I KNOW >>>do you blame??????????? moving to the south when i was 15 years and now 39 hey i grew up down there!!!!!!!!!! thats where i learned how to drive!!!!! so you know i have alot of history there,OK ,enough of that I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!

  10. Dulynn says:

    VH1 thank you for bringing something interesting to TV again, this show is fabulous. i was so getting tired of those crazy reality show. 5 Stars!!!!!! , i love it, i love it. this is the best show on TV this summer.

  11. Tasha Burton says:

    Single Ladies is a great show. Both my husand and I really enjoyed it. The acting was great, the story line was good. Thank you for bringing something new to television.

  12. Kesha says:

    Single Ladies is a refreshing new ‘Television Show’, I don’t watch reality TV. Call me old school but I love a good television show. With reality TV everything you watch on TV you will see online, in the news and who can forget about TMZ. This new Television Show I believe will be a big hit, I know I will watch it. Also, I can relate to the character Keisha when it comes to men. Dana Owens is good for putting out good, quality work.
    I wish the cast, producers and writers much success.

  13. Cathy says:

    I absolutely loved the premiere and all the people that showed up from Chile, Lauren London etc. Stacey Dash & Lisa Raye have always been a couple of my favorite actresses and the fact that Queen Latifah is producing says it all. I’m an admirer of her & all that she’s done with her career. I wish the show & everyone involved in it continued and long success!!!!

  14. Lemriel says:

    Watched the show was excited the acting is not that great (hopefully it will get better), Storyline is Huh…ok.I think what made me like this show is the fashion to be honest but i will watch next week…#imjussayin

  15. NativeNYer says:

    I just viewed the encore..only made it thru the first hour, was hoping it would get better.. didn’t… .seen better acting on B’ball Wives..writers…back the the drawing board.. 40somethings don’t behave that way.. 20somethings maybe..makes me wonder if this is the best african americans can expect from TV..ummm

  16. Nia Imani-Diarra says:

    Were there no actresses UNDER 45 to play the leading roles? COME ON there are no 45 year old video dancers !

  17. Stephanie says:

    This show is amazing. I love it.
    Actors under 45 expect more pay. Then we end up with no good shows. Support the show with high ratings they can get more actors to participate. “The game” was crap but because of lack of good tv, we watched it and bumped its ratings. Give this show a chance.

    Great Job VH1. Thank You

  18. Sam says:

    FINALLY a show that is good! Now I have The Game and Single Ladies! Love it. They picked all the right ladies to play these roles. This needs to replace Basketball Wives all together, that show is garbage.

  19. divine176 says:

    This show needs work. The writing is bad. Not knocking the hustle, but this show can be better. It has potential. The only good actor so far in my opinion is from the character Darryl. He is good. Very believable. April is ok too. Lisa Raye is not acting. She is being herself. Stacey Dash is ok as well. The acting could be so much better. I feel too much is happening too soon. The script doesn’t leave me pining for more. It lacks pizazz. Please stop focusing on Lisa’s booty. It is annoying. Her ass is her claim to fame. Enough already. Her name should have been something else other than Keisha. I mean, really?! Also, where are the dark skin sistahs? The show is very cliche. With more work on the script and acting, this show can be great. The writers seem to be amateurs. Needs seasoned writers to bring the characters to life. Acting requires a person to tap that part of themselves they didn’t know existed. Versatility is key. I am not moved. Still, I have faith in the show. Re-examine your goals for the show.

  20. khandi says:

    Love this show!!!!!

  21. Tiffany says:

    This show was not great. BUT I was intrigued all the same. The only pro here is the storyline. The storyline, the sequence of events, is exciting and unpredictable. But the writing is sub-par and in some places just terrible. The acting is very robotronic. LisaRaye and Stacey Dash were never great actresses to begin with. Charity Shea is okay since her role is pretty one-dimensional. She seems like she wants to feel guilty about her affair but all she can think about is sexing the mayor. The men…jeez, the men. Their acting is a little better. I think the writing is the biggest issue. When you have cardboard cut-out acting by LisaRaye, she needs better lines to deliver.

  22. wendy says:

    Nothing against any of the actors but the talent is really weak!!

  23. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE this show! There’s something about that enables me to watch the same epidsodes over and over again and i never get tired of it. Granted, I was skeptical of the talent casted for the show (Dash, Raye, and the mystery girl), but they really pull it off and are becoming more believable! I love the story lines, the fashion, and seeing my city on the screen! I really hope it sticks around for awhile. SO FAR SO GOOD!!!

  24. TK says:

    Where are the darkskin sisters!!!!!????