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A lot of people are talking about the two-hour premiere of Single Ladies, which aired last night. (Including us — check out our recap for a Single Ladies primer.) The show, which stars Stacey Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, and Charity Shea, has also caught the eye of several critics. While it’s true that the series does focus on the lives of three single women who love fashion, dating, and the city they live in, rest assured it “isn’t just the wanna-be Southern cousin of Sex and the City. It’s got a life of its own.” You don’t have to take our word for it, that’s actually what the New York Daily News said. Check out our review rundown to find out what others are saying about the sexy new show:

As we mentioned, the Daily News was quick to point out the differences between Single Ladies and Sex and The City, but they also gave the show three stars and explained that in the first episode, the show has established “three distinct characters whose vulnerability and basic decency make us like them in spite of some obvious flaws.” called the show “smashing” and singled out Stacey Dash, calling her performance “so riveting, so real, that at times it all seems so real, so close to home.”

TVLine puts the show on it’s TV Worth Watching List and puts the show on its Recommended list, saying “With powerhouse actors and a prime-time slot, Single Ladies is a strong contender for Monday-night TV supremacy.”

And yes, it’s true that Single Ladies does feature some racy scenes, which Media Life mentioned in its review, saying “In the sex scenes, which are a little graphic by VH1’s standards, we see more bare male flesh than female. That spa sequence features a close-up of a masseur’s flexing pec that needs to be preserved for posterity.” In case you missed the spa scene in question, we’ll let that description speak for it.

Care to add your thoughts about the Single Ladies premiere? Let us know your review in the comments and don’t forget to tune in to Single Ladies on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


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