Evelyn Lozada Fans, Get Your T-Shirts Now!


Judging from the comments on our Basketball Wives 3 recap and on Royce Reed‘s recap, people are divided over the whole “You Are A Non-F’N Factor, Bitch” t-shirt situation. (Check the recap or, better yet, watch the entire episode if you’re unfamiliar with the drama between Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman surrounding the insult.)

Well, Team Evelyn fans, if you want a piece of the action you’re in luck, because Lozada is now selling the shirts on her website. Even though we think the quote is kind of hilarious, we think Tami is right to be insulted by the shirts. If anyone on Team Tami wants to get crafty on CafePress and create a t-shirt for her, we’d like to see this playing field even out a bit. In the meantime, get your “Non-F’N Factor” shirts here and don’t forget to watch what happens next between these two on Basketball Wives 3, airing Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Tori says:

    I think Tami need to get over it … The tee shirt is funny and Evelyn is a business woman. HUSTLE!

  2. Nikki Z says:


  3. Ty says:

    I need THAT tee shirt!!!!!

  4. ViperChick says:

    By reading some of these comments, I see why the world is full of homewreckers, degenerates, classless, and ignorant people. At the end of the day, the speech Evelyn gave about making these shirts just shows how she lacks morals and good judgement. At the end of the day, all she is seeing is money. How can you attempt to repair a relationship with someone when the first thing on your mind is putting money in your purse. Clearly from getting a hit of Evelyn’s jump-off past, money is what it’s all about. She clearly agree that the statement was about Tami, even to a point, she attempts to offer her a share of the proceeds to her charity. I 100% agree with Tami, what kind of donation would that be? Here’s a donation from the “Non F’N Factor” tees. Really??!! It’s time for people to truly see the destruction that they are causing in this world because money rules all evil, and God is not happy with the weak-minded decisions we are making. We are clearly letting the Devil win. Tami could’ve easily took the same money hunger, low-class route but instead she took the high one by making a statement. What Evelyn is doing is plain and simple, not right!

  5. Success&Beauty says:

    Evelyn…You go girl. You are Business Woman” With Class. Those girls are haters.

  6. Melanie says:

    Happy the show is back!! Evelyn shirts are so funny, do you girl make that money. Tammi get over it, you can trademark “Well I F’D Chad!” LOL. I was on twitter and saw that these women are doing so much from the show keep it up.Shaunie has new shows and EP credits, Evelyn engaged, tshirts, Royce a book, dance career, Jennifer lipstick(season 2) it was talked about but don’t know if I have heard of it anywhere, Susie Real Estate. Good for you ladies run with it and make that money. Not many people have the chance to be on tv and make millions, except Bethany(SMART). Can’t wait for episode 2!!!

  7. Sherri says:

    No classy person would wear a t-shirt with that crap on it. There are other ways of making money ans she know plenty of them.

  8. Lisa says:

    Really? I mean come on guys I know drama sells but uh really Evelyn. You could have left that alone. Where is your intergrity as a woman. Why would you continue on with the mess that happened last seasons. I guess the writers want you to keep it going but at what point does money stop controlling your actions.

    That statement was hurful to Tammy and she probably could have gotten past all of it but then you go and do this. Now think on this – you were really prepared to kick ol girls ass about your daughter last season so how would you feel if she was in Tammy’s position and someone was willing to capatilize off her like yoiu are trying to do tammy. What you need too do is watch that new trick that is already trying to start drama. Jennifer was right the new girl is to busy bumping her gums trying to get info on people and she does not know anyone and you say susie bad – uh think again.

  9. Renae says:

    Evelyn’s tee shirts are not cute and the saying is so whack and tired. Who lied to this chick and told her they were great???

  10. Ashley says:

    i love evelyn. and as for tami get over it stop hatin on evelyn and do you.

  11. JAMIE LINDSAY says:


  12. Tasha says:

    The T-shirt is not anything I would wear. At some point, Tammi needs to get over her jealous ways and let it go. Tammi is an adult bully. There are way to resolve problems. The money Tammi is spending on a frivilous lawsuit could be used to help her on foundation. I am praying for Tammi and Evelyn because they are both acting low class.

  13. marquita says:

    i got to have that in pink

  14. Dee says:

    And, how old is Evelyn? I looked on her site which should be named
    and the other slogan is Calling All Goons…. Are you serious Evelyn? I understand business but… Hey maybe her shoes are not selling

  15. Tee says:

    What is the world comming to? I look at this chick Evelyn and I have to say that as a woman of color, I dont want to be represented in this way. Its rediculous that she would capitalize on someone elses pain. Really Chad? This is what you are attracted to. You had better on your reality show, at least some of them were genuine. Not wanting to judge her character; it could be all for the ratings. But that would be even more f’d up. The bible says those who destroy lives for personal gain will return to the dust from which they came, and adds that the love of money is the root to all kinds of evil. As we can see, the world is very different now, and its very SAD! WAKE UP people, PAY ATTENTION to whats happening right before your eyes…the majority of you are falling for it …just look at some of the other posts of people cheering for this God aweful behavior. She won’t get a dime of my money, and to those who I see walking down the street wearing one of those T’s… I’ll be the girl pointing and Shaking my head..Do Better People.. Tammi, keep your head up sistah! DAMN, I Done Got MAD

  16. footballgirl says:

    Tacky and classless.

  17. hollywood!!! says:

    Tshirt for Tammie
    “You’ll always be the jump-off”

  18. Lena says:

    LOVE IT!… I want one..

  19. LonLon says:

    Evelyn Is whack! Her shirts are whacker! and Tammi should just keep it moving and stop giving Evelyn the attention she so obviously needs.

  20. Gillian says:

    Money cant buy you class BOOBOO! Evelyn is truly a classless person. She has no shame. She will get her Karma. If she thinks Chad is going to be faithful for her ugly ass, haha please!

  21. MissChoklate says:

    I could not wait for the show to come back on. The drama is getting good. I think Evelyn is marketing herself because her 15 minutes of fame wont last for long. We see what type of personality this chick has which is no respect or dignity or ounce of forgiveness in her heart but when she does others wrong they are expected to forgive her and all Suzie did was tell the truth when they went to the Las Vegas trip. Best believe Evelyn is a undercover ho. As far as Tammy, since Evelyn wants to profit off that negative slur I hope she can benefit to teach Evelyn that being a nasty, cold person will not get you far in life. Your horns are showing Evelyn hopefully when you have a change of heart you can file them suckas down.

  22. Kym says:

    Team Tami T-Shirt

    Ain’t a B in the World that didn’t know he was________________!–
    ——You will always be the jump off!

  23. munno k says:

    aint nobody gonna buy tami’s shirts if she came out with any so let evelyn make her money

  24. Kelley says:

    GO EVELYN !!!
    Make that money girl.
    Tami is mad because she didnt think of selling them stupid t-shirts she brought to the reunion show. And when Tami and Kenny got their divorce, she drove a yellow hummer with the license plate that read ” HIS MONEY”. So she need not be upset because she did it too.

  25. ashley says:

    i like the show but it was just to much drama for me

  26. zet26 says:

    Evelyn I had some issues with you and your behavior, but Tammi is one big tangled ghetto mess ! If she dont want the money for charity from the sales of those tee-shirts than she is being stupid .(no surprise there) She act like those girls would be wearing the tee-shirts when actually they would be glad to get a donation from any where, every little bit helps.. She probably wanted you to give her the money to spend on what she wanted since she threw some of her’s away on lypo for all the good it did. I wouldn’t even try to give it to charity now, I would let them know her dumb a** refused it.
    I am shocked VH1 let her return, she has some mental issues that makes her a non F”N Factor. Looking at you trying on dress’es and hearing voices telling her you were judgeing her, the same voices that told her Jennifer called her a name when she didn’t. Getting so offended that jennifer had never seen a food stamp. That “B” is in need of some help, she should not be on this show.

  27. Donna Green says:

    If Tammi feel that Evelyn is the one that is the Non F’N Factor because she has never had a husband and all that she says. Why does she feel that the statement was defamation of her character? So that means the statement did bother her. Even tho I would not wear the shirt, the statement did fit the bill. Tami needs anger management and will one day run into her match…Why is it so important for her to go for bad?

  28. ClassAndSass says:

    Amazing, support for this shirt seperates the women from the chicken heads….enough said

  29. Sheena frm Philly says:

    Royce…Your so unimportant in your own life you interject yourself in the lives of the SUCCESSFUL women around you. You should be glad your getting a steady paycheck with your broke A**. Dont hate on EVELYN because she sexually secure in & out of the bedroom. If Ocho took intrest in your broke A** Your panties would have come down faster than a fireman slideing down a pole. You & Tammi are made from the same slug slimy & stinky! Fret not Jen Evelyn, you know what happens to slugs when you pour salt on them… THEY DESOLVE Abox of salt cost 75cnt 50 more cent thanwhat there worth!!!

  30. vicki says:

    good job Evelyn make that money and TAMMI NEEDS TO STOP HATING.

  31. YouDon'tKnowMe says:

    I just got a look at the shirts on her website. The shirts are really tacky. Exactly where outside the hood could they be worn? And who’s paying $25+ for one???

  32. I would like if and when Evelyn plans to sell her T-Shirts wholesale. I have a small boutique and would love to carry them! @blacdiamond37

  33. R,L says:

    Hi, I would really like to get a T-shirt in a Large, I had a man cheat on me and now I just want him to know he’s a non F’n factor in my life. you can’t cheat then try and come back..