VH1 Earns Huge Ratings Thanks To Premieres Of Single Ladies And Basketball Wives 3


It’s official, VH1 is killing it on Monday nights. The premiere of Basketball Wives‘ third season brought in over 3.5 million viewers during its 8 p.m. premiere and the 11 p.m. encore. And the debut of the network’s first scripted series, Single Ladies, collected 2.8 million viewers during its original showing and encore. Monday night was our highest rated night since October 2009 thanks to all of you viewers who tuned in. For more info about the ratings and the new season of hot summer shows, read on…



3.5 Million Total Viewers Tune In To The Third Season Premiere And Encore Of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” – Premiere Episode Scores A 1.2 In the Key18-49 Demo

VH1’s First Hour-Long Scripted Series “Single Ladies” Scores An Impressive 1.2 Rating In The 18-49 Demo – 2.8 Million Total Viewers Tune In To the Premiere And Encore Episode

Both Premieres Average 2.0 Ratings with Women 18-34

NEW YORK, NY – June 1, 2011 VH1 kicked off the summer this past Monday evening with two hot series’ premieres that drove the network to its highest rated night since October 2009. Monday night’s 8:00pm* third season premiere of Basketball Wivesscored a 1.2 in the key P18-49 demo – up 36 percent from the series second season premiere – and attracted 1.8 million total viewers. When combined with its 11pm* encore episode, the series brought in 3.5 million total viewers to VH1 Monday night.

At 9:00pm*, the two-hour premiere of VH1’s first hour-long scripted series Single Ladies also drew an impressive 1.2 rating in the key P18-49 demo and 1.8 million total viewers. When combined with its 12am* encore, “Single Ladies” drew in 2.8 million total viewers. VH1′s new, hour-long scripted romantic comedy series “Single Ladies” follows Val, Keisha, and April – three best friends with different philosophies on sex and relationships, proving not all women have the same desires.

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  1. keta says:

    I love watch basketball wives this season going 2 b off the chain

  2. keta says:

    I love watch basketball wives with all its drama

  3. Beilan says:

    I was really excited about seeing Single Ladies the first night it aired. I was quite disappointed to say the least. I thought it would be a show that exemplified women in their 30′s and 40′s living a successful life and having fun doing it. Instead, it seemed more like the older version of the Real World in Atlanta. Honestly, women at this age should be more mature and think more sensibly. No wonder young women think it’s ok to live immoral if they see older women acting the same way. There are tons of mature and successful women out there wanting to see images of themselves on tv, and unfortunately this show couldn’t produce it.

    I also tried watching the first episode of Basketball wives and all I can say is, WOW!! This show reminds me of the show, When animals attack. The only time I EVER saw such meanness, anger, and foul language come from women was when I worked in the county JAIL!!! I’m not kidding. It’s a shame to see women degrade themselves like this. This show is an embarrassment to ALL women.

  4. silk says:

    I think I was hoping the same as Beilan on Single Ladies but I did really enjoy the premiere and I do look forward to seeing how their stories will unfold during the season. As for Basketball Wives, I really am getting tired of stereotypical behavior of the African-Americans women on the show, either they are ready to kick someone’s ass or they are starting issues from talking too much about each other. I really feeling it’s a modern day exploration of my race and it really does bother me.

  5. valvacious says:

    The writing for Single Ladies is very weak. I really hope Queen Latifah will read this constructive criticism and improve the script. Hopefully the storyline will improve in the following episodes.

    Stacy Dash’s character, Val, is supposed to be this sophisticated, classy, entrepreneur. Yet she had sex with the white guy in her boutique without even dating him. She met him in the store and in 30 minuets or less, bam. What message are you sending out? Black girls are so desperate for attention from white guys, that you do not have to spend any quality time with them?

    Why not have some romance in the script? Show them taking walks in the park, going to movies, going to a game, etc…. show people at least he had to work for the sex. Why not develop some type of relationship, or is she supposes to be the Samantha character from Sex and the City????? You just validated what white people in the south think about black women. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy.

    Also, some of her attire is too “hoochie”
    SJP of Sex and the City, wore some of the prettiest, classiest dresses. That is why she got a CFDA award for being a fashion icon. Come on people, I am sure you can find classier, chic, and elegant outfits to dress Val in. The short blue dress, where you almost see her butt cheeks hanging out, was ridiculous. It was more of a top than a dress.