Flavor Flav Talks Flavor Of Love With XXL


Flavor Flav has a memoir coming out on June 1st called The Icon The Memoir in which the Public Enemy rapper discusses his drug addiction, his trouble with the law, and of course, his time spent on VH1’s Flavor of Love.

In an interview with XXL Magazine, Flav elaborates on his stint as a reality star. He tells the site he got his start because “I was seen on the camera at Steve Harvey’s show. The next thing you know Bernie Mac people gave me a call and they want me to do a guest appearance on his show. Once I got out and did Surreal Life 3 it was a wrap. [That] turned into Strange Love with Brigitte Nielson. That turned into the Flavor of Love for three seasons.”

When asked if he was ever really looking for true love on Flavor of Love, Flav responded “I don’t like hurting people’s feelings. You know it’s bad karma when you hurt people’s feelings. I had to be careful of the girls’ feelings that were really, really, really there for me. The ones that I knew were not there for me were the ones that I kept… [And] If anybody got it in, your boy Flavor Flav got it in.”

While Flav says he doesn’t speak to any of the girls from Flavor Of Love, he does have a soft spot for one in particular, Somethin‘, otherwise known as The One Who Pooped On The Stairs. Flav remembers that “Sumthin’ was real cool and everything, but that’s what happens when a woman drinks all day and can’t hold her food in her system. I mean how much s— can a thong hold?” Words of wisdom if we ever heard them.

For more, check out the full interview at XXL Magazine.

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