Playing The Lesbian Card: 5 of Music’s Top Stars Who Used Bisexual or Gay Antics To Gain Popularity


If you haven’t already heard of Kreayshawn, the white, female rapper from Oakland, California has been snagging some serious buzz on the internets since she released her video for “Gucci Gucci” two weeks ago. Being chummy with Soulja Boy, “Based God” Lil B, and members of the hardcore L.A. rap collective Odd Future certainly hasn’t hurt the tiny, blunt-smoking lady-goon’s popularity, and rumors are swirling that she landed a million-dollar record deal with Sony over the weekend. Her quirky lyrics might make us giggle, but why should she be on your radar, and what does all the hoopla around her really stem from?

“Gucci Gucci” is an ode to Kreayshawn’s own flyness, but what makes us scratch our heads the most while watching this braggadocio-laden clip is the fact that the loudly-dressed, foul-mouthed rapper announces she’s openly into girls. Lots of girls. And she’ll even snatch up YOUR bitches — at her leisure. But is this bi-curious shtick organic? If it is, more power to her; we’re just a bit skeptical because, frankly, we’ve seen it before. Especially recently. It almost seems like becoming a successful female pop star these days means pseudo-lesbianism is baked into the artist’s marketing plan!

Just take a look at our list of five female artists below; they’re at the top of their game and crushing competitors, but at one point or another, they all allegedly dabbled in bisexual or gay experimentation. But was it Truth or Farce?

5) Britney Spears
Perhaps the most minimal offender on our list, Brit’s lyrics admittedly focus mostly on male objects of desire. That said, she’s continuously made room for bi-curious nuanced moments in her videos since the beginning of her career, and who could possibly forget her locking lips with Madonna at MTV’s VMAs?

4) Rihanna
RiRi has only danced “underneath the candelabra” with a female suitor on fiery Rated R track, “Te Amo,” but between accusations of her girl-on-girl experimentation, the material in her video for “S&M,” and her kissing Britney (not televised) at the recent Billboard Awards, it’s clear the Barbadian pop star is also guilty of feeding into the lipstick lesbian trend.

3) Lady Gaga
It’s not news to anyone that Gaga uses over-sexed imagery and outfits to publicly define her persona these days, but when first album The Fame dropped, her videos were laced with bisexual imagery for all to watch and discuss. In “LoveGame,” Gaga got hot and heavy with a lady cop and continued to stoke the homoerotic flame through the album’s promo run.

2) Katy Perry
She kissed a girl, and she liked it. That message that the now-wife of Russell Brand came out the gate with on her first hit single once caused parents across America to change the station when it came on the radio. Now a legit international pop star, it seems Katy no longer needs to nod at swinging both ways. But with the notorious hound dog Russell now at her side, we can’t begin to speculate on what happens in their boudoir.

1) Nicki Minaj
Let’s start with her “last name,” shall we? Since Nicki first started hitting the hip hop world’s radar, it was widely known that her lyrics contained mentions of her partaking in homoeroticism, but be clear: the girls had to be HOT. Once she hit the mainstream, the potentially gay female MC started to retreat from those bolder statements and instead made signing the breasts of her “Barbz” fanbase a habit. And with reports of a long-time romance with her assistant/hypeman Safari, it seems that Ms. Minaj may have hoodwinked us all.

But back to Kreayshawn. Of course, it’s refreshing to see a female rapper get momentum in the mostly-male genre, but if she’s fibbing about her sexuality just to grab our attention (and gain acceptance into the boys club for being “an occasional lesbian”), then we might be a bit turned OFF. Time will certainly reveal the truth (and more of her skills), but until then, what do you think? Is Kreayshawn faking the funk?

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