Summer Jams: Lacey Seidman’s Top Three Contenders for “Song of the Summer”


After a miserable NYC winter, the weather is again warm, and we’re all about hitting these streets! But what will our summer-lovin’ soundtrack include? Since the pop music monster is one that defies taming, most of us can already venture to guess what we’ll likely hear blasting out of car windows while dining al fresco and laying poolside, but for me, it’s all about the songs that may or may not hit the mainstream radar. Specifically, songs that light your summer on fire and arouse flashbulb memory nostalgia for years thereafter. As a music head, I can’t wait to find out what will be this year’s perfect audio accompaniment during glorious, sweaty cocktail-glass pre-game rituals, or what I’ll have on repeat in my headphones as I dodge European tourists in Times Square. Until then, here’s hoping that the radio gods are listening, and (fingers crossed!) that they have good taste.

NOMINATION: Friendly Fires, “Live Those Days Tonight”
EXPLANATION: If mainstream radio could just bend some rules and make room for an indie-pop dance record, this next few months would certainly be a bit lovelier. Summoning nostalgia for the (allegedly) more-fun 80s past that he never had the chance to experience, Friendly Fires’ frontman Ed Macfarlane vows to one-up his predecessors on this uptempo, synth-happy slice of audio heaven. Heavy with drums and feel-good vibes, “Live Those Days Tonight” is the first single off of the band’s critically acclaimed sophomore release, Pala, and is also the perfect summer party accessory!

NOMINATION: Lady Gaga, “Marry The Night”
EXPLANATION: This is a no-brainer. On “Marry The Night,” Gaga confesses her love for a night out on the town with a girly union of celebrated self-deprecation, making the new album’s leadoff track one that we can’t live without this summer. Personally, I think fist-pumping is gross, but the chorus packs so much punch that I may or may not have caught myself engaging in the act. It’s not a single yet, but at the rate Mother Monster is going, it might be soon, so consider yourself warned.

For my final pick, the easy choice would either be DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne “I’m On One” or Lil Wayne’s newly debuted, “How To Love.” But alas, I’m selecting neither of those tracks. Instead, I’m obligated to go the unconventional route, and choose a much bigger song that none of us have heard yet. Cop out? Maybe. But it’s going to be a smash, so it’s worth it.

To summarize: Jay-Z and Kanye are sure to deliver a track off highly anticipated Watch The Throne, Drake’s Take Care is slated for September, and @LilTunechi is dropping The Carter IV in August. And lest we forget the Rick Ross pwnage of last summer’s airwaves. I’m not a psychic, so I can’t tell you what the song is called or who will do it first, but trust, the heat wave will soon be upon us.

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