Basketball Wives 3 Episode 2 Bonus Clips – “Suzie Is Not Loyal To Anyone But Herself”


This week’s episode of Basketball Wives is all about loyalty. Who is loyal to whom, and who’s playing the field, friendship-wise. In these unaired bonus clips, watch as Suzie hangs out with Royce one day and Evelyn and Jen the next, to Royce’s disappointment. Despite Royce’s warnings about Jen and Evelyn, Suzie wants their approval, and Royce realizes “Suzie is not loyal to anyone but herself…Lesson learned.”

Basketball Wives airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. regina o says:

    THE new girl gots to go!

  2. Jada says:

    Me and my Sister tweeted the BBW live last night several times and they were nice tweets with no response back! I guess u got to be a man or Ugly to get a Tweet back from them! Moving right along to the Next Reality…:(

  3. charter says:

    I like Tami the most out of all the women and I remember her when she was on The Real World, even back then she has always been the type of lady to keep it real and speak her mind., I look forward to the show with her on it. Meeka the new lady, I could care less about her looks, I care more about her mouth and I know women like her, she is not to be trusted! I hope they do not allow her to come back and the end of season 3 because right now, she isn’t adding anything interesting to the show but fitting in as being two-faced at this point! Suzie, I wished was a stronger woman, not sure why she thinks she needs to be Evelyn friend the way Evelyn spoke to her last season, why does Suzie care to be friends at this point? I think Evelyn had a right to get at Suzie if she felt like she was betrayed but Suzie needs to realize that she did what she did and keep it moving. I wished Evelyn had told Suzie that I appreciate your apology but I will never trust you, so as I said before “we will never be friends!!!!” Finally, Royce, is just showing her true colors, this girl is mean and she likes to keep things stirred up, I saw her behavior/attitude coming since last season.

  4. QM says:

    I think that Royce and Tami are the only real people in the show. They thought that Suzie had a big mouth, Meeka runs circles around her just trying to fit in. Trouble in the making. Evelyn is a creap, Jennifer is a follower, Shaunie is in the middle afraid to say anything. She knows Evelyn is not a nice person. I wonder what it is that makes her wan to hold on.

  5. Viewer from Las Vegas says:

    Tami was just as eager to hang with Evelyn, Shaunie and Jennifer when she first came on the show so how real is she? EVERYONE wants to hang with Evelyn, Shaunie and Jennifer. No one sets out to kick it with Royce unless they find out they can’t hang with the other ladies and Royce is the only other option. Tami is NOT real…she is trying to be just like Evelyn, Shaunie and Jennifer and nothing is wrong with that! If she were not, she would not have stepped up her weave/braid game or her wardrobe. If she was so “real” she would still be rocking those Rainbow outfits and getting her weave done down the street at Lacrecia’s house for $50 bucks. She wants to be paid and look good just like the other three. If she were so “real”, she would admit it.

  6. zet26 says:

    Royce talking all her trash, Evelyn was about to lay that wanna be OUT !!. Royce, go find something else to do, you do not belong on this show, you or your skanky pool side”side kicks” that you hang out with just for fun. You made it clear they were not even your friends. Clear to see why you don’t have any.