Basketball Wives Newbie Meeka Claxton Says The Woman On The Show Is “Not Me”


Meeka Claxton, the newest star of Basketball Wives, has already been accused of stirring up the pot and trying to get in the good graces of all her co-stars while talking about some of them behind their backs. Obviously we’re only one episode in, but we can already tell that Meeka’s going to create some drama on the show but, she swears, it’s all due to how she’s edited and it’s not her fault.

“I mean, I watched it. And this is what I signed up for–– it’s not me, the way I was portrayed, but it was entertaining.” Meeka told the Miami New Times. I was very surprised,” she continued, “A lot with Royce; it was all cut out that I said how nice she was, how bubbly she was. So, it’s funny how it started so innocently.” Meeka says her husband, Speedy Claxton, didn’t want her to do the show but that she wanted to be on it to show “someone who has a business and a great family and foundation.”

And though she’s spent a couple of months with her co-stars, she hasn’t really gotten close to them. “I wouldn’t consider any of them friends. But I’m still getting to know them. It’s been such a short amount of time. And I didn’t go in there looking for friends.”

Check out Meeka (and decide for yourself if it’s the woman or the editing that’s stirring up trouble) on Basketball Wives tonight and every Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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