Basketball Wives Newbie Meeka Claxton Says The Woman On The Show Is “Not Me”


Meeka Claxton, the newest star of Basketball Wives, has already been accused of stirring up the pot and trying to get in the good graces of all her co-stars while talking about some of them behind their backs. Obviously we’re only one episode in, but we can already tell that Meeka’s going to create some drama on the show but, she swears, it’s all due to how she’s edited and it’s not her fault.

“I mean, I watched it. And this is what I signed up for–– it’s not me, the way I was portrayed, but it was entertaining.” Meeka told the Miami New Times. I was very surprised,” she continued, “A lot with Royce; it was all cut out that I said how nice she was, how bubbly she was. So, it’s funny how it started so innocently.” Meeka says her husband, Speedy Claxton, didn’t want her to do the show but that she wanted to be on it to show “someone who has a business and a great family and foundation.”

And though she’s spent a couple of months with her co-stars, she hasn’t really gotten close to them. “I wouldn’t consider any of them friends. But I’m still getting to know them. It’s been such a short amount of time. And I didn’t go in there looking for friends.”

Check out Meeka (and decide for yourself if it’s the woman or the editing that’s stirring up trouble) on Basketball Wives tonight and every Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. RealMissie100 says:

    Yeah it does portay her as a messy person we will see how she plays out in this season. She just better stay clear of Tammy cause they look like they could fight. And I will put my money on Tammy.

  2. KB Walker The Big Boss Talker says:

    Meeka is trying to hard. Child, slow down, it’s not that important to get in their good graces because in reality, you won’t get in. They will turn on you just as fast as you were turning and talking about them behind their backs. I know girls like you and i can’t stand them. you claim to keepit real but you are a fake. As soon as you sit down with any of them you start going in on the one you just left. That is not cool. Don’t balme it on editing, you know what you doing. trying to give the show more ratings and chaos; and its working.

  3. Jai says:

    I think that the portrayal of Meeka shows her as a back stabber. She came in with an opinion already. If she has a stable marriage & home life then why do the show?? Basketball wives is mistitled, it should save wives or girlfriends because all of them aren’t wives or ex wives. Meeka wants to be in with Shaunie, Evelyn yet acts more like Royce & Tami. Two Meeka’s. She should have listened to her husband and not done the show if this is not her, because she is definitely not portrayed positively.

  4. Candace says:

    I seen the second episode last night and I think that Meeka is messy as hell. She sat up and talked about Royce like a dog to Ev, but turned around and hung out with Royce. If she don’t like Royce and don’t want to hang around her she should tell her, and quit being so phony about it. I mean, is it really so hard to be truthful?

  5. Shaunie…this show is totally amazing..the socio networks..emotional discord..physical aggression…and BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN OF AGE…it enlightens me..amuses me..saddens me..excites me and I know its because apparently we as women need this..busy with school and family…it soothes the need for drama..I abhor when people say they dont need it..if we didnt..reality shows wouldnt good luck ladies wish you well love you all! Giggity get em girls!

  6. Teresa says:

    When she sat down with Shauni, Evelyn, and Jen she said things, that even with editing, portrays her as messy, trying too hard to fit in, AND a liar. She completed at least a FEW sentences that showed her as TROUBLE!!

  7. CORNELIUS says:


  8. gina says:

    Well if it was editing, I don’t see any of the others saying that and this IS the 3rd season.I think meeka really didn’t like THE WAY she looked and how she came across. and now wants to blame it on editing.

  9. suesue says:

    This season’s “Basketball Wives” show so far is HORRIBLE. I won’t be watching it, and I can’t believe Royce is fighting on the show. I thought she had more class, but obviously she doesn’t. …And Evelyn is a mess; I don’t understand why Ochocinco would want a person like that to be the mother of his child/children. Evelyn is terrible. This is one reality show that needs to be canceled.

    On the other hand, I do like the new show – “Single Ladies;” it is a very good show!

  10. Sincerity says:

    This is a REALITY SHOW, so don’t portray that the “you” are not the person on the show. You are not playing any character other than yourself. Meeka is phony as hell and it has nothing to do with editing. Meeka is trying hard to fit in with the “MEAN GIRLS” and what better way to do it than to talk big trash about people that the “mean girls” envy/hate. No one til now has blamed it on “editing.” People are seeing her for who she really is very early on and so she wants to blame editing. It doesn’t matter that You said how nice Royce is b/c behind her back you stab her…that is what a BACK STABBER is – you Meeka. You are a dishonest piece of work. You are Evelyn don’t want to mess with Tammy- All my money is on her (Tammy).

  11. NICOLAH CARTER says:


  12. JANET says:


  13. Cynthia says:

    I hope Meeka lightens up a little.I love Tammi. Royce is cool. Evelyn is so jealous and needs the air taken out of her tail a little. Jen is just a follower and Shaunie is a mess starter. But I love me some BBW!!

  14. Pree says:

    Im only watching this show because i haved watched it for two seasons already but im really starting to feel like by watching this show and givin it rating im helpin to promote sterotype mess. I CANNOT understand why Ev tries so hard to make ppl think shes this good friend & person i havent witnessd that at all she not even a good friend to Jenn the only reason she hasnt had a problem with her is because she’s a Yes man! Ev is soooo ratcheted & triflin she acts like she 12 and she every bit of 40 she has an almost grown daughter. Shaunie needs to be a shame of her self for making a show like this it downgrades black women in a society where we are already lookd down upon. Susie just want eveybody to like her come on girl grow a freakin backbone. Jenn is too full of her self come on girl stop acting.Royce now she wants to be a bad girl u was a scared lil puppy on the first seasons but im glad u not tryin to make something outta nothing u know them women do like u because they jealous of u and u dont care but just stop getting down to the’re level cause it makes u look just like them. Tami girl i like you but lay off the damn SAUCE cause baby u cant handle it at all and one more thing Tami u CAN”T whoop everybody so stop tryin to look like the big bad wolf cause im not buying it cause i didnt c Ev with no scratches or eye jammies the last fight so just pause boo boo.Meeka,meeka,meeka why sweetie are you trying so hard to kiss they asses u keep talking about u just like Ev why you keep trying to be like her your a beautiful women you have a husband, a daughter ,and your own money STOP trying to blame ur actions on something else u know u was wrong thats why u keep trying to blame it on something else just chill on all that nonsense. I love single ladies!

  15. ccannon94 says:

    Meeka is supposed to be an upscale business woman, she is as ignorant as they come. Why would you come to a show and let them make you stoop so low. Do you really thing prominent people want to deal with you? You should have done what Speedy said and not done the show, IDIOT!

  16. Mimi says:

    Meeka is definitely the follower type and trying tooooo hard to fit in with team evelyn+jen. They obviously do NOT like Meeka. Read her like a book, she has been trying to fit in her whole life — starting fights with the enemy to win favor, dressing like who she want to hang around to win favor, etc Meeka — LOSING!!! Meeka, will continue stirring the pot because that is a conditioning of her behavior. NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!

  17. misspjay says:

    Meeka makes me sick….. i don’t know why Shaunie introduced her to the show, she is soooo messy and very unattractive. She needs a facial and a good, good bath. Get rid of her quick!

  18. p jackson says:

    Meeka I love you get your own show

  19. tommy says:

    Meeka you have to much class you did do any the talked about you two next time say you talked about me too