Dr. Dre’s New Chrysler Ad Features Detox Beat, But Is Detox Really On The Way?


Dr. Dre cruises around Los Angeles in a Chrysler 300S playing an instrumental track through the sedan’s Beats by Dre speakers in a television spot that premiered on Sunday during the NBA finals. HipHopDX is reporting that the instrumental is the beat for a Dr. Dre/50 Cent collaboration from the long-promised Detox. Does this commercial lend support to the most recently rumored Detox release date?

The long-awaited album has never had an official release date, but it has been promised in various forms since Interscope first estimated that the album could be ready by the end of 2004, and later told MTV News that the album was slated for a fall 2005 release. Dre has floated various months in interviews, often prefacing them with “in a perfect world” (e.g. “November or December” 2008, to USA Today; “Christmas” 2010, at a Beats by Dre press conference (HT HipHopDX) but has never made an official day-and-date announcement (he issued a denial to MTV News immediately after a video of him referencing April 20th was taken as an announcement). Most recently, the album was listed on a UK website for pre-order, fueling speculation that a July 26 release date had been announced behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent has referenced (on Twitter) a collaboration to be released to radio soon, and this ad has surfaced, with new music—and, crucially, the preview of this ad at the New York Auto Show in April featured the “I Need a Doctor” instrumental.

Does all of this mean that we will hear Detox this summer? Maybe, maybe not. Most likely it depends on how the 50/Dre single performs. Dre and Interscope have hedged so often about the album, perhaps fearful that it will not be a success, and when “Under Pressure,” a much-buzzed collaboration with Jay-Z, leaked to poor fan reviews, the song was reported to be an outtake and used in an HP advertisement featuring Dr. Dre. The beat in this weekend’s ad (which is a Los Angeles variation on the Chrysler 200 Super Bowl ad featuring Eminem) isn’t bad, and the upcoming collaboration could even enter the running for Song of the Summer, depending on Dre’s and 50’s verses. But if the single underperforms, July 26 will almost definitely come and go without a Detox release.

[H/T Detroit News]

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