Basketball WivesTami And Meeka Throw Punches In Rome


It’s been evident from the first episode of this season of Basketball Wives that Tami Roman has had a big issue with Meeka Claxton. Meeka’s had a tendency to play both sides in the Team Evelyn Vs. Team Royce drama, and Tami is not a fan of her double talk and hand-waving in the face. Well, apparently their issues are still in full-swing because their conflict appears to have gotten physical during filming in Italy.

TMZ reports that Tami and Meeka got into a fistfight while the show was filming it’s final episodes in Rome recently. No one was seriously injured, but it’s reported that Tami punched Meeka in the face and they were both thrown out of the club they were in. Tami responded to the news on Twitter, writing “Re: TMZ – Meeka is not a victim! She wanted 2get it poppin w/me 2 impress Evelyn. If I feel threatened, I have a right 2 defend myself.” Meeka also responded, writing “Man oh man, don’t believe everything you read. All the facts aren’t straight. That’s all i’ll say about that.”

Guess we’ll have to wait for the show to see what the facts really are.

Basketball Wives airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Toni Alexander says:

    They are too freaking old to be acting like this, especially Tami. She is sending a message to her daughters that it is okay to act like a fool and the stereotypical black female. Even though she is like 40 something, Tami has a lot of growing up to do.

  2. cayca says:

    I knew this was going to happen, Tami has it in for Meeka. Now that the fight has happened what will be the off shoot of that. I do hope that Tami doesn’t think she can go around slugging it out. She is going to get took down by someone. She is a nice looking Lady..but she can make herself look very ugly by her actions.
    Yes Meeka came in running her mouth and judging before she really knew who and what she is talking about. She will find out she has no real friends in all of this, friendships have already been established. Just slow down and see who is who, they will reveal themselves trust me. They are all a H.A.M so and fake as a $3.00 bill. And if u are real, messing with them u start to become just what they are..Its just a matter of time.

  3. Tonya Williams says:

    Team Tami!!! Love it!!! {^:^}

  4. lala says:

    I can’t stand joice . her face her flat lips it’s horrible. she needs to know her place she’s not even a basketball wife. They need to take her off the show. NOW 4EVER

  5. Domiqua says:

    Meeka seems to me to like drama and likes to start up shiss. I’m glad she got popped. Pop her again Tami. And who is Jennifer and wack a$$ Evelyn to judge you because you use to be on food stamps? They just mad that they didn’t get a free ride on the government. Sometimes you need help and the advantage is there for the taking…..

  6. Nicole Jackson says:

    Its really sad to see Tami in this light. She is truly disappointing to watch. GET OVER IT. Evelyn should make money off the “phrase” & she (Tami) wasn’t married to the damn man. OMG I know she has something elese to bring to the table/show. She says Evelyn is disrepectful & shady pleasesss. Tami you have 2 young daughters act like it.
    And Royce go away, why is she on the SHOW!? She is what she is a cheerleader who gets with anyone (texting or twitting) Eric! Why? Cause no Single man wants her, she has no place on the SHOW sorryyyy, Shaunie get rid of her!

  7. laura says:

    I think all of these women are tooo damn old to be acting like they are in middle school. They come across as cold hearted, stuck up, miserable, childish women. Now I see WHY they are getting divorced left and right. Any REAL man would not want that drama on their hands. It’s too much to juggle with. And for the record, ladies be careful having a bunch of single, miserable , dramaful women around you, especially if you are happy and married. Eventually they will try to stick a wrench in your happines. All of these ladies just need to get over themselves and just grill up the damn beef and eat it.

  8. Ihateevelynwithapassion says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Tammi was married to her husband when Evelyn screwed him. You go back a few eposides and look at those dates. Just becasue someone is separated does not mean he is divorced. Tami said she was not mad at that, it is the fact she sit smiling in her face and dragging for other when who does this and her ass was in fact a jump off doing the exact thing. Tami is over that shyt with her husband. Meeka need to get poped in the mouth. I need royce to bust shaunie ass.

  9. staci says:

    The very few times I have seen this show it has disgusted me .. All of these women are nothing but filth .. Anytime the are in a public place look at the faces of the people around them its utter horror and disgust .. What trash all of you are you should be ashamed ..

  10. Toni says:

    Toni A, my sentiments exactly! They are ridiculous, especially Tami. She is way to quick to throw a punch and its gonna land her behind bars pretty soon. Royce is following in her footsteps with her silly , immature self. She has enough problems with her baby daddy. She needs to get it together.

  11. sasha says:

    I think evelyn is a BUM!!!first of all all she sees is dollar signs if she has ochos babies!!!RUN ocho run this non mutha fin factor is only out to get your money!!!!oh let me add she looks like mister ED!!!!

  12. Jolisia says:

    This show would be alot better if Meeka wasn’t on it. I don’t even know what she brings to the show. She’s wayy too fake for me!

  13. Tanedda says:

    First of all I would like to say that this is starting out to be the best season ever. Meeka is two faced and playing both sides of the fence. She needs to keep it real! Tammy saw through all that fake and called her out. I dont see Tammi and Meeka being friend because Meeka is fake!
    Jen is cool. Evelyn is a peice of work. Royce needs to grow up! Shauni has class and knows what to say and not to say. Suzie just needs to sit down somewhere and and be glad she is back in the circle. Stop trying to be the peace maker, your just making things worse!

  14. Mo says:

    Tanedda said it best. Meeka came right in and attempted to play both sides, on each side wearing sheeps clothing but she is horrible a how to play nuetral because she talks so much. Both sides have said it, she talks so much she she misses when someone gives her a good piece of advice about situations. Tami saw through that mess right off. People miss that the hype about being real is about being who you are. Folks call Tami out like she’s so “ghetto” and “hood-like” but she is who is, NOT whatever everyone else assumes she should be, like (Evelyn and Jen) . Like it or not, what you see is what you get, no airs, no faking; the good, bad and the ugly. THAT’s keeping it real. Jen is fine until she gets with Evelyn and jumps into her costume of “BFF of Queen Evelyn”; she seems like she’s working with something other than looks and name tags until she gets on the catty wagon with Evelyn. Shaunie tends to stay out of it but she also says things or repeats things that cause tensions to grow. I dig Royce’s love of life and I don’t knock her too much but the whole thing with the boyfriend and dad…I got a strange vibe like it was all an act; I wasn’t diggin that. Suzie needs to learn what it means to stay nuetral. Being the “peace-maker” is a serious job and takes skills when you are dealing with these sorts of woman and issues. She needs to just chill and keep her mouth shut.

  15. sara says:

    Meeka you said what you said!!! & why are you trying to run around and find out who said what??? Are you that dense??? You did say it & you only said it in front of three….count em’ 3….people!! If it wasent Shaunie…then that only leaves two…count them 2…people!!!??? Do you need a rocket scientist to tell you who they were??? How about Im not a rocket scientist but I can tell you..ummmm lets see….how about Jen or Evelyn!!!!??? OH! YEA!! those were the other two people there!!!! & NOW THAT YOU HAVE MESSED UP TALKING ABOUT ROYCE, YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE THE MESSY @$$ CIRCLE TO BE FRIENDS WITH!!! LMAO @ YOU!!! BUT YOU KNOW, EVELYN IS RIGHT YOU TALK TOOOOO MUCH, SO YOU FIT RIGHT IN WITH THEM. :)

  16. Ms B says:

    Meeka, Go Home…….You talk to much………Royce stay cool and do not let these fake Wanna be
    get to you…. You and Tami are the only real ones on the show…. Shaunie, I am so disappointed in you I thought you had more sense….but you are starting to act just like fake Jen and fake Evelyn.
    Your show could be in trouble if you do not see through the mess……..Royce and Tami hang tough

  17. Toni says:

    Meeka is a undercover snake and anything that is done (or said) in the dark WILL come to the light. I don’t like Meeka’s personality, an ass kisser and backstabber……I hope this isnt her in real life. I think she’s jealous of Royce.

  18. Toni Wyke says:

    those of you who are rooting for Meeka, what show have you been watching? Meeka came in talking behind Royce’s back and trying to kiss Jen and Evelyn’s ass. Jen and Evelyn try to act like they are better than people and treat people (beneath them). I don’t care how much money they have, they can’t hang with me and my girls, cause they’re arrogant ass’es would get treated like they deserve. They’re outfits are cute, but their attitudes stink. I bet they wouldn’t even treat any of you to their homes or out to a dinner… “What cha rootin for them for” This show is getting ridiculous, I’m switching over to “SINGLE LADIES” I love their show!!!!!

  19. Telly says:

    Let’s be fa real Meeka started it Tami is just not the one to be played with. Meeka young dumb a$$ ain’t know it and if the rest of them chicks were Meeka’s friend they would have told her to stay clear of Tami raft. As well as she should have gone on the net and watch Tami in action last season before she jumped in. It was hilarious for Meeka to try and be tough thinkin Ev had he back….they played you like a deck of cards. LMAO. STAY IN YA LANE HOOD BOOGA. First week on the show you was running ya mouth like a faucet to them and they don’t even got ya back. HOW YOU FEEL!!!!!!

  20. I think Tammi is full of herself , she is lying about Meeka, I am not a Meeka fan she has 1 too many faces for me, but all that stuff Tammi is saying I didnt see it on the show, where is she getting all this stuff from. I heard Meeka say to Royce that she didnt want to get to know her, but the girls said give her aa chance, but they all said that about Royce, and when did Meeka say anything about Evelyn or Jen to Royce, Tammi was lying about that, she is a s—- starter, she don’t like Meeka and she don’t want the others to like her.Tammi needs a A– kicking for real

  21. JAY AL says:


  22. Ladydeejj says:

    Yeah cant stand stank Evelyn and really cant stand Tami with her stupid butt, what she gone do beat everybody up that say something about her. If she only knew how dump she looks….Evelyn gonna wish she listen to BFF Jennifer later on…lol

  23. TRE says:

    You must enter a comment

  24. Carrie says:

    To be honest I watch the show for the drama. If there was no drama I would not watch. Shauni, is the orchestrator in all this mess. Evelyn, you should know this. Last season Shauni, had no business telling you [Evelyn] to confront Tami, about sexing her man at that time. It was not the right time. Clearly. So why are you [Evelyn] not feeding her [Shauni] with a long handle spoon? I can only comment about what I see on tv. And it is my opinion. Tami, you must have watched the show by now. It was Shauni, who said Royce was not invited not Meeka. Evelyn and Jennifer, went along with it and so did the rest of you. I don’t blame you for taking advantage of the trip to Rome I would have too. But , to blame Meeka, for Royce not being there is wrong. Jennifer did you catch the lie Evelyn, told when she accused Royce of re- tweeting mean things about you? Royce, said she did not retweet anything. But, you did not jump on that you jumped on some other irrelevant mess. I would have stayed right there and had Evelyn, explain. When you were going through your issues with your husband, I never heard Evelyn or Suzie say anyting encourging or helpful. As a matter of fact you should have listened to your husband, when he said you will see what Evelyn is all about. And now you have. Evelyn, I think Jennifer, had your back more than you know. I mean Chad seems like a nice guy, but he does have 3 or 4 kids, did he marry any of the women or the woman? If not why? I think Jen had a point when she asked if you and Chad would be getting married before having twins with him. I mean she brought some perspective to the situation. Cause it does not make any sense to me either. I don’t know why Shauni is cheering Evelyn down this path.
    Anyway enough of that. Meeka, hold your head up cause it ain’t you. I am not a great fan of yours but it ain’t you. For a couple of reasons you were bound to be the patsi. One question though how you have or had a problem with Royce [the cheerleading] having a relationship with a basketball player and you did not have a problem with Evelyn or Suzie they were both goupies. Neither of them were basketball wives. The only difference I see is that Royce had greater/better access. And Meeka you are trying to hard and it aint happening.
    Lastly, I am going to use a word I don’t often use, but, in this case it is appropriate. You all are ghetto. You were outrageous in Spain at the dinner when the guy brought the roasted pig to the table. OMG Evelyn, you are Puerto Rican. Was that something [the roasted pig] unknown to you? The wine tasting event , the ignorant comments towards the sommelier. OMG pick up a book. Shauni, I know you know better, but, I feel you did not want the others to look foolish alone. I also think Jen and Suzi knew better too. Whose left? After the fight and the reunion show I am done too. Single Ladies is a much better show, Much better. Bravo to Single Ladies.

  25. farrah foxx says:


  26. Bri says:

    Tami and Meeka fought. Meeka attacked Tami first

  27. JAZZIE says:


  28. Mida says:

    Everyone has the right to their own opinions and views, but its clear that Meeka came in to add to the drama that was already displayed between the original cast. If she (Meeka) would have been real when she joined the crew and not tried to FIT in so much she would’ve been better off especially when dealing with Tami. I think they really need to lay off of Royce…Everyone in the circle has had their share of problems with one another and in their personal lives..but since Suzie is back in the circle Royce is the target for NOW. I’m sure that will also change on upcoming episodes/seasons. You know I understand when you get to a certain age physical fighting with someone should try to be channeled into talking (should be), but in today’s reality people have low tolerance level especially for BS. Now before judgment is passed stating Tami is being a stereotypical black female..its all females…you have to know both sides of the story and what the situation was to its entirety…Not what has been edited and composed to suit the viewers and gain ratings and since no one on this particular comment posting page was there, then you really can’t say what someone else actions should be.

  29. Jasmine says:

    Woo i cannot wait for that episode ..When i see it i will be estatic!! Lets all watch meeka get her A** Beat woo hoo…

  30. Brandi says:

    Tami needs to get over it. Tami keeps on starting trouble every time they go out. If you don’t like Meeka then don’t talk to her instead of starting stuff with her every time. Tami is way too old to be acting like a big bully. Tami is DRAMA!

  31. tatifoxx22 says:

    I’m really feeling where evelyn coming from like jen suppose to be her bestfriend her right hand and she never showed it. if it was for the gay guy evelyn wouldnt know anything. but yea i rocks with evelyn…. team evelyn

  32. Kenny says:

    This show is such a disgrace, yet I tune in to watch this trash every Monday:(, I’m not a fan of any of the ladies, I used to adore Tami, back from the Real World days, but on this show she is disgusting, who the hell goes out looking for fights in their 40′s. Who the hell is worried about who don’t like you in their 40′s, grow up!!

  33. judy says:

    this show is too funny, it’s disgusting, outlandish and staged. shaunie (the producer) is the root of it all…tammy had no business hitting another person, you just don’t go around hitting people that said something about you, you ain’t Jesus, even He was talked about and if you read your Bible you will find that He didn’t go around hitting people. Meeka you thought that this group was to the place to be, not, how shallow minded you are, they turned on you before you even got started. poor susie trying to act tuff w meeka, what happened to speaking up to eve when she was all over you…..susie & jennifter both have no backbone, both are playing the wimp role, when it comes to evelyn. what is there to be scared of, a chick (eve) that has a mouth full of trash? kick eve to the curb who would want to be friends with a personality like hers, she AIN’T about nothing. if each of these women got some self-esteem, none of this would be going on, first of all they wouldn’t let MTV, let alone Shauni show them to the world in this manner, what a joke! this show is, its all about entertainment.

  34. Tami is a loud mouth ghetto trouble maker!!!I so glad Meeka preesed charges against her. It’s always some he say she say mess with her. They all need to watch their backs as she could turn on any of them.She’s a ghetto “DRAMA QUEEN” & loves to keep up stuff. I’m so surprised with shauni letting all this go down as it’s dragging her image down.It’s her show but who’s in “CONTROL”? Your the one who i thought was a dignafied woman trying to better herself!!Women stop letting Tami harass & bully you. I wish i was on the show to put my foot up her A..