Basketball Wives 3 – Episode 3 – Welcome To Miami, City Of Drama


In last week’s recap, we talked about how that episode of Basketball Wives was the calm before the storm. This week, the thunder started clapping and the rain (in the form of glasses and tableware) started to get tossed about. This season is about to get Category 5, y’all.

This episode was 100% Tami free, which means our reigning Queen of Explosiveness will be on hiatus this week. But Royce and Evelyn certainly made up for her absence. In order of combustibility, here’s what happened.

Shaunie, Explosive Factor, Low As Always: 0

Unless we’re dealing with Gloria Govan (which we are most certainly not this season), Shaunie is never the drama queen. In fact, this week she was in mother-mode, both literally, as we saw her with her kids on the beach, and figuratively, when she was giving advice to Meeka about how to handle Tami. “I think my advice probably went right over her head,” Shaunie says about Meeka. “She talks so much and so fast and so much comes out that you’re like what, wait, huh?”

Jennifer, Explosive Factor, Fairly Neutral: 4

Jen isn’t necessarily in the middle of any drama, but she’s definitely stoking the fire. She’s still angry at Royce, who is Twitter-following Jen’s soon-to-be ex-husband Eric. “That’s Girlfriends 101. You’re cool with my soon-to-be ex? Really?” Jen asks, but she’s not having it.

It doesn’t matter anyway because Royce still thinks Jen leaked her own naked photos, so that’s a point of contention as well.

Jen might not make for a good lawyer though, because when she accuses Royce of talking smack about her on Twitter and Royce says “Tell me what I said,” Jen’s only defense is “She (Evelyn) told me. Like I’m not going to believe her?” Um…Might we suggest knowing what you’re talking about firsthand before accusing someone of trash-talking? (Wait, we should probably give that advice to all these ladies.)

Suzie, Explosive Factor, That “Just Wanting Everyone To Get Along” Plan Backfired: 4

Suzie is here for two reasons. The first is to eat ice cream and drink smoothies with Royce all the livelong day.

The second is to force Royce and Evelyn to have a sit-down, which she eventually does. “If this means that much to you, I’ll do it,” Royce tells her, and Suzie promises her “If it’s still ugly, move on, I won’t even ask again.” And we’re pretty sure she won’t be asking again after what happens later.

Meeka, Explosive Factor, Low Because Her Nemesis, Tami, Is On Vacation: 5

Meeka’s storyline is not fully fleshed out this week, since her real beef is with Tami, who thinks Meeka talked trash about Royce.

Meeka does meet up with Royce though, who says they’re cool but that warns Meeka that each side is going to ask her to turn her back on the other. Meeka might be new to this game but, fine-tuned instrument that she is, she knows when she’s getting played.

Evelyn, Explosive Factor, Hell Hath No Fury Like The Future Mother Of Pepe And Esteban: 9

Evelyn and Chad want to have twin boys.Those people who say “I don’t care what I have as long as it’s healthy”? Screw them. These two are having boys at any cost. “I don’t care if I have my red-bottoms anymore, I’d rather have my babies,” Evelyn says, so you know she must be serious. Evelyn meets a fertility doctor and tells him her age, and FYI, ladies who want to conceive, we hear it’s not nearly as hard to have a baby when you’re “35 but look 25.” It’s all in how you look, obvs. Later, Ev and Chad go back to the doctor so that Chad can jerk into a cup, a concept that makes Evelyn giggle.

It’s amazing to see Evelyn acting so calm and collected in one element (with Chad, with the doctor), and how quickly she turns into someone not to be f—ed with in another. Royce jokes about bringing her brass knuckles to her meeting with Evelyn but like, for real. No joke. Bring them, because Evelyn will kick your ass.

Evelyn says “I think Royce is very delusional. Shut up for once and maybe just listen. I think she’s nuts,” and when they meet in person, Evelyn immediately goes in on Royce calling her a bum. Royce calls her a ho and they spend the next few minutes with that back and forth until Evelyn hurls a glass at Royce’s head.

“If security didn’t come I would have punched her in her face, that’s how angry I was the entire time I was sitting there,” Ev explains.

So…lesson learned, huh Suzie? Let’s keep these ladies apart.

Royce, Explosive Factor: 10

Royce’s new boyfriend Brian seems nice enough. He even buys her a dog which is a pretty big purchase for a fledgling romance, but Royce has to deal with her dad’s watchful eye and he’s not sure how this relationship is working.

Royce breaks down and confesses that even though she wants someone in her life (and in her giant house), Brian isn’t just another Dwayne that she plans to kick to the curb.

You don’t care about the personal stuff, though, so let’s talk about when someone throws a glass at your head, and all the appropriate ways to respond to that. Hounded by Suzie to get along with Evelyn, Royce begrudgingly agrees to meet up, but she’s not happy about it.

Something tells us that what went down is probably going to make Suzie public enemy #1 again with all parties, but neither Royce nor Evelyn wanted to be there in the first place and within seconds, Royce tells her “I don’t like you,” and the glasses start flying and Royce gets crazy eyes for just a moment.

“You’ll forever be a bum,” Evelyn tells Royce. “And you’ll forever be a ho,” Royce retorts. And those al fresco diners will forever be scarred by what they just saw.

To paraphrase that famous line from The Hills, “It’s crazy that all of this happening while Tami is gone.”

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  1. Amber says:

    so here is my thing….why is Royce calling people Hoe’s when she has a new man every 2 seconds. She cant even say her baby dad’s name cuz he got a gag order on her lmao. how is the father of your child going to put a gag on you!!!! she must have been a groupie cuz there aint no way in h3ll. she was the one poppin her booty on seasons 1&2. lookin, maybe she needs to take some pointers from her girl Ev instead of trying to beef wit her. At least Ev has some class. Royce is just sloppy……on MTO dancing on bars looking a sweaty mess…LMAO!

  2. Is it just me, but does this season of Basketball Wives remind you of Mean Girls? It seems to me that way too much time is being spent on who said what to whom. Who really cares? Is this the way to get Meeca in the mix? Why couldn’t she be introduced making a positive contribution to society like running a charity or something? I just hope that this season gets better than this. So far the only thing that I see is fabulous is the earrings.

  3. Freesia says:

    Another episode, another embarrassment to women of color.
    Evelyn (who looks a lot like a man in drag) is saying the exact same thing about Royce that she said about Susie. God bless Royce with her scrappy self, I wish security would have let her get to Evelyn. It would have been like a piranha on a water buffalo, lol, Evelyn would have been tore up.
    Jennifer is just sad. How is she going to crack on Royce? She’s wearing fake contacts and selling lip gloss–which I have never seen in a store, salon, or Sephora. If Jennifer and Evelyn went into business together, tumbleweeds would roll through their store. SMH.
    This episode needed Tami.

  4. joe says:

    why in the hell did you put Meeka on that damn show? She is a trouble maker and just a big fat liar!

  5. jai says:

    Evelyn really must be out of her mind if she thinks for a second that she looks 25 years old.. I am no hater at all the girl is pretty but please she looks 45 years old but act like she is 12 so maybe that is how she thinks she looks younger…

  6. munno k says:

    what i dont understand is why did royce even agree to the sit down if she didnt wanna hear what they had to say or even speak back when she was spoken to by jen. she act childish like tha rest of them especially on twitter

  7. hollywood!!! says:

    should this show be about the wedding plans and not the baby plans…. Evelyn going to be another babymama then she definitely can’t tell Royce anything… and having twin boys with a confused man (wanna be mexican mofo)…. she’d be worse off than Royce

  8. renee a says:

    they should be ashame of themselves evelyn was wrong for throwing the drink at royce. if you dont like what she had to say just get up and leave. Evelyn you say you a grown women act like one like for real. Do you want your daughter to act like that be for real.. grown up like now be for real

  9. ronnie says:

    The Show is called basketball wives. Why is Evilyn on the show…Who’s wife was she?…..Besides Shaunie…Royce came out on top outside of all of them. Look at her house….They jelouse..Jen is a follower..Evilyn horse mouth look like a man..Tammi thats my girl…I like her the best…That new girl, go back to where you came from and Susie is an air head who needs braces….Evylin and Chad act like they are the best thing going…Chad is not cute…..

  10. lilnewnew says:

    Roce I think you can fight but you got beat buy Evelin thats all I’m sayin.

  11. Valdene says:

    Truly, truly, truly sad. I am now convinced that Evelyn has the intelligence/intellect as that of a teenager. As a mother, I feel badly for her daughter. Jennifer is just sad, apparently she cannot think for herself, she believes and listens to Evelyn,……. to a 35 year old who does not have a sense of self or any substance. Suzie, while she may want to do what she feel is the right thing, she is making herself look like a fool and I do feel she will get caught up in some childish drama again. Meeka talks too much, because she finds it necessary to be in the “circle” she continue to give her mouth liberty, she is so wrong and lacks maturity……. as the others.

    As a woman of color, I feel sad for these women. Shaunie, is not as genuine as she portrays herself to be. Royce, and Tammie, while they do have their little issues, and we all do. It is my opinion, that both appears to be a bit more real/honest than any of the other women on the show.

  12. keishia says:

    Where was Tami??

    anywho Meeka how one minute you say i didnt say that,then the next minute you dont rememeber if you said you dont like Royce. Come on now get it together follower.

  13. Love says:

    I’m so sick of Jen and her illteracy speaking self, always having Ev speaking for her, how can you question someone and not even have a plausable reason as to why your questioning them, Jen always looks like a lost cause! Everytime some stuff goes down all you see is Jen running her mouth behind the scenes, but as soon as the fight breaks out she just sits there and looks lost! I hope Ev never gets into a real fight with more than one girl while Jen is there, because she sure isnt going to help her! LOL. And Ev, wow, i do give her much credit for her looks, but really, what kind of “want to be a mother, again” acts and speaks the way she does? is this the kind of woman Chad Ochocinco wanted after all of those truely beautiful and classy woman he had on his show? Think about it, he didnt even know how old she was! Royce in deed i do see that she is trying to be her own person, but she needs to stop letting Suzie be that person who “throws the brick and hides the hand” and pushes up so much confusion. Suzie is really tripping me out, because now that she’s done all of that pleading to be cool with everyone, she wants everyone to quote on quote be friends! News flash these women are never going to be true friends! To say these women claim to have so much class they spend extremely too much time fighting over who said what rather then getting their life in order!

  14. Tell It! says:

    It’s a with this show, it’s so much fighting and cursing and this gets boring and I hope, wish, and pray this show gets cancelled. Jen is a dumb azz, Evelyn tell her what, when, and how and this dumb broad believes it w/out question. She can’t get her head out of Evelyn’s nasty, triflin behind to think for hersself. Jen, if Royce want to tweet Eric she can. What is it to u? He’s your ex and noone is on that grade school mess if I’m mad at someone u suppose to be mad too or not talk to them girl go play with your lip gloss with your non talking, thinking self. Evelyn is just plain nasty and beyond trifling. For her to have a daughter and does this on national tv is a shame in itself, and Ochocinco is just as nasty to be messing with her. She tells him exactly what he wants to hear and he believes her like a wuss puss. He needs to go and be a father to the clan he already has. Evelyn won’t and don’t care right now about trips out of the country and red bottoms bcs when she gets married or 2 twins from Chad she will still go on every trip she wants with or w/out him and get a shoe bottom in every color bcs it will be double the expense on him for 18+ years. Big Meeka looking like Shrek need to go and sit down matter of fact cancel her big looking manly self off the show bcs she don’t know what she says half the time and when she get confronted she goes back on her word. She wants to be loved and accepted by Evelyn so bad it hurts her to the core. She is messy, two-faced, and a pug face liar. Dear Shreka: YOUR MAN WAS NOT A SUPERSTAR!! Suzie is dumb as a box of rocks her and Jen should hang out together. She throws Royce under the bus with her sneaky comments and whatever or however they treat her again is on her bcs her wish is what she asked for instead of leaving all well alone. Shaunie is tryn to reclaim her reputation but we already seen who you are. ‘The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.’~Maya Angelou. Shaunie and Evelyn u showed the world who u were time and time again so we have to believe the both of you. I think Evelyn also run Shaunie world because for some reason she thinks Evil does no wrong and will back and take up for her at all cost but will hurry and throw the others under the bus. Why is Evelyn on the show anyway? Isn’t she engaged to that clown Ocho? He also is getting a bad rap because of what he is dating. #sad. Well as they say step right up and let the Hood Circus go on!

  15. jessekey says:

    To anyone who thinks ev or jennifer are classy. It really gives me the impression of the type of woman or man you are. Royce almost got her though. Evelyn missed Royce with the drink. It went past her head. Chad Ocho Cinco ain’t nobody. He is not considered a franchise player for the Bangels. Royce don’t need a millionaire she had Dwight Howard and on top of that had his baby. You saw her house last seaon. You not goin tell me she’s able to live the that way on a professional cheerleaders salary. Royce is not materialistic. She has all the material things but she is comfortable the way she is. Where the others seem to wear all they have. To me they dress nicely but they don’t dress all that to me niether.

  16. deedee says:

    first of all there is no story in this show jen broke up with her husband on the show for the whole world to see now she’s lonely, evelyn is trying to have babies susie is trying to play peacemaker royce don’t give a dam tammi is just gettho meka is just wannie be there to make confusion and miss queen bee is trying to stay out of it cause she wants her name to stay clean but it won’t cause the ladies will dig up some dirt.Come on ladies give us something to talk about ,start acting your age i like to watch the show but it’s getting boring with this she say and that one say if it’s so change the name of the show .but eve you would of gotten your ass wop jen stand up for yourself and stop licking eve’s ass royce stay cool tammi calm down.

  17. tracy harris says:

    i really think the show needs 2 be cancel they are promoting violence you are ex basketball wives did you notice your husbands are gone and i wonder why ? you ladies are disrespecting yourselves,family and women period.all you is promoting is alcohol,sex,money and fighting about who has what and what man that is getting between your all need 2 think 4 your self and stop talking about you would never be in the circle, you all are childish and your behavior is shocking 2 be grown women i thought teenagers act like that . you all maturity level is screwed and disfunctional . i would be embarassed 2 know you all . way 2 go shanie, what a show

  18. Klady says:

    I like Evelyn but wouldn’t want to be her friend. My mom don’t even watch shows like this but I told her to watch and she called to tell me that Evelyn look hard in the face. She looks like she is 45 years old. If she looks 25 then I look 15 cause I’m 35. People tell me every single day that I look like I’m 25 especially when I’m with my daughter who is 15.. It’s okay to feel good about yourself but she is ego struck.

  19. Klady says:

    I like Evelyn but wouldn’t want to be her friend. My mom don’t even watch shows like this but I told her to watch it and she called to tell me that Evelyn look hard in the face. She looks like she is 45 years old. If she looks 25 then I look 15 cause I’m 35! People tell me every single day that I look like I’m 25 especially when I’m with my daughter who is 15.. It’s okay to feel good about yourself but she is ego struck. I feel sorry for Royce cause she feels threatened by Evelyn- Point Blank looks and all, Tami acts like ghetto girls here in Saint Louis with that he say, she say stuff they do this on the job. Meeka is just ugly. Suzie needs to keep kissing as to keep her money cause she on the verge of becoming white trash. Jennifer is clueless about life, if she goes down. Put it like this, she needs to date a white man to keep her high society living arrangements. For Shaunie this drama helps her feels not alone from being cheated on by shaq 100 times. This even helps her to move on with her life and by that she even get paid from her experience of being a basketball wife. She’s the smartest one on that once in a lifetime episode. She talks like the show she made is a step up from Karrine Steffans book because they ask her about her new book she stated ” hell no, it’s not a tell all book”. That why they are all ex’s wife’s cause they are not making a positive move like go to school, help single mothers or help people in disasters.

  20. Kupz says:

    As a woman of color, I am embarrassed for these broads. I thought Ev was cool last season, now I’m over her. She is so not cute with her manly features. And her personality makes her even uglier. Its always drama with her. She needs to act her damn age, stop throwing drinks and conduct herself like a grown ass woman and be an example for her daughter. She look hard as hell in the face like someone hit her with a frying pan. She gotta be pushing at least 45. And Jen is so pathetic its sad. She is such a beautiful woman but she needs to distance herself from man face and come into her own. She appears to be an intelligent woman but who knows. I actually like Tami and Royce; I appreciate their realness. As for Meeka; if you put her voice on Ev face you would have a great drag queen. I’m still indifferent about Susie; she tries so hard to no avail. She just needs to go her separate way, they will forever have a problem her. On another note, I can recommend a great speech pathologist.

  21. saffarrianmeoke says:

    you know this is a black shame…. Susie is two faceded with royce,talking about her with evenlyn and jen,and meeka just judge royce and shes a black shame,Evenlyn u need to stop calling people bums cause god shall give itand god shall take it.. Money isnt everything, u seem cool and speak ya mind but royce does has a crib and she is young so give her credit u to old for that evenly… Jen u need to stop listeniing to ya girl all the time cause u battle with royce… Tami u just keep it real no comment……. Evelyn take ya time girl you rushing to fast… in a rush hurry baby and marriage so quickly girl calm down….

  22. Ann says:

    The links rarely work and I often have to watch the videos on another site. The links are tagged incorrectly for the Video page.

    I don’t know why Chad likes Evelyn considering all the other options he had unlike her.
    Chad is Evelyn’s last chance to score a big pay day.

  23. roni9473 says:

    Ev is funny. I bet she can’t wait till have twins. She just looking for another child support check. They hate on Royce because she better off than most on the show. Jen is looking stupid bc Ev told her to leave her husband and now she lonely and Ev with Chad. Suzi is stupid bc last season she was the Royce and begged to get back in the “circle”. Whatever. How old are they?

  24. Kim T says:

    I really can’t stand Royce nor Evelyn. Royce needs to throw the word Hoe around a little more lightly considering what her own father told her…not to mention the soft porn she put on last season for the BF she never was attracted to! Ugh!! Royce is the most ANNOYING of them all with her self-righteous, hypocritical rants.

  25. Kelley says:

    I guess “real” = ghetto, because some who say Tami and Royce is real. Ghetto is what I see everytime Tami opens her mouth. And Royce lives in a glass house. Before you put someone else’s dirty laundry in the street you better make sure yours is clean. Class? None of these women have any. I used to be team Evelyn but not so much any more. She is allowing a kid ( Royce ) make her act a damn fool in public and on national tv.

  26. Rema P says:

    As I do enjoy reading the other posts, some of you really need to proof-read. So many misspelled words and lack of punctuation makes it hard to enjoy the banter. Whew! Had to get that off my chest…thanks! Now, my two cents…

    I find it hard to believe ANY of these women call themselves business PROFESSIONALS with straight faces, including Shaunie O’Neal. Although I applaude your (Shaunie) business acumen, you as well as the other women lack integrity. The way you incite the drama by carrying information from one party to another is like someone screwing their way to the top. You may actually make it on your own merit but take the short cut instead and ruin your reputation. Is this really the legacy you want to leave your children?

    Evelyn Lozado is a legend in her own mind. I actually feel sorry for her. It is obvious she is empty inside. There is no real self-esteem. What have you done in your life that you could be proud of? EVERYTHING you have is because of the men you’ve used. You are an embarrassment. You are sending the wrong message to your daughter. You are mean-spirited and jealous hearted. FYI, you look every bit of 40, not 25.

    Jennifer Williams is a puppet. In Season’s 1 & 2 we sympathized with you because you appeared to be the victim. Clearly not the case. You are an uppity wannabe without a mind of your own. Eric made some mistakes and seemed willing to try and make it work. Instead you listened to Evelyn and let your marriage go. Remember misery loves company. Now Evelyn has a man (I use that term very lightly) and has moved on with her life. She (Evelyn) still needs someone to validate her, so she alienates you from the others. WAKE UP!!!! Evelyn does not have your best interest at heart. Stop hanging onto her every word. She is a liar. Do you ever wonder why Eric made the comment that ‘he knows Evelyn and what she’s about’?

    Suzie Ketcham, what can I say? Is your life so empty that you allow yourself to be humiliated and used by such low class chicks like Evelyn and Jennifer? Peace maker? Yeah right. You are a two-faced person that throws the rock and hides their hand. You are a fair-weather friend. You lack integrity and self-esteem. Stay home and be a mom to your TWO children!!

    Meeka Claxton. We have viewed you in 2 episodes and you are in the middle of 2 explosive situations. That says alot about your character (or lack thereof). Global Real Estate company my eye. I bet your business contacts (if there are any) are really thinking twice about doing deals with you. You have no loyalty and you are a liar. We all heard you say you didn’t like Royce and that you didn’t want to give her a chance. Monkey see, monkey do. Who? YOU!

    Royce Reed, I actually like you. I think you are an ambitious young woman with business savvy, but sometimes you lack self control. You do allow Evelyn to steal your joy even though you preach that you couldn’t care less about her. Stop buying into her b.s. I know you have to be in her presence for the sake of the show, but try to ignore Evelyn. This show is built around drama and I’m sure the POWERS THAT BE pay a pretty penny to have you all show your bad sides. But really, is it worth it? Will your son be proud of seeing his mom hoochie popping all on the internet and TV for a little fame and a few dollars? Stop with all the childish gestures. You are someone’s mom and like it or not his dad is a public figure who is also trying to grow his brand which is good for your son. Don’t embarrass your parents. You seem intelligent and make valid points but people will not take you seriously if you appear immature. Good luck to you

    Last but not least, Tami. You are my favorite. You have been since The Real World. However, alcohol is definitely your kryptonite. When consumed, it renders you classless. I am so glad you watched yourself on Season 2 and realized that your behavior, although justified, was a bit over the top. You have 2 beautiful daughters looking to you for guidance. You are a beautiful person. Just make sure you don’t catch a case behind Meeka. LOL!!!

  27. Tracey says:

    This show is one “BIG CASE”. This show makes me laugh. First, Shaunie is trying to give in on an incite with this show by calling it “BASKETBALL WIVES” but she is causing in on infringements. Yes, I repeat not only are they’re not basketball wives but they have women on there who were just girlfriends. Close enough, I guess. Evelyn is causing bodily harm by throwing bottled glass of liquor like she was at a western bar fight. Ocho is falling right into a child support plan which will be a case with her ordering for twins. (boy’s not girls) Jennifer next move was to have her problems solved followed by having a divorce. Tammi gets real ignorant even though she is keeping it real but creating a “defamation of character” clause on the non-@#@ factor shirts. Meeka, OH! God she (meeka) is trying to come into a world that she thinks that can successfully lead her into being classy with a group of trashy women (eve and Jen); which in my mind was used and abused. Their frustration shows it by being threatened into being told she will be ‘popped” This is criminal ways.and non-ethnic. Suzie is a basket case. Royce has a case on her to shut her mouth up with a “gag order” not to speak about her child’s father.

  28. APPLE says:

    Royce and Tammi are the REALEST on the show. Meeka is a LIAR, and a TROUBLE MAKER, and Evelyn and Jennifer are “MEAN GIRLS”

  29. Lo says:

    Meeka is a liar and troublemaker. Some one need to beat Evelyn old butt so she can sit down somewhere. She is to old to act the way she does and so quick to swing at Royce. I bet she won’t do that to Tammi!

  30. ljm515 says:

    As the wife of a Miami athlete, I was offended on so many levels by the crude actions of these animals that I’m not even sure where to begin.I know viewers are smart enough to realize that not all Miami wives act in such a disgusting manner, but many of us are horrified to be represented by such a class-less group. These women-children are a continuous thorn in our sides and a deep sense of shame for us. Naturally, they are not and never will be invited to our social functions leaving them to occupy themselves in the manner to which they are accustomed, like animals in a zoo. My biggest worry is that one of them is now attempting to bring a child into this world. Will the madness never end? What kind of a mother can we expect this lunatic to be?
    “Get a good aim when you throw that pacifier baby. Aim for the head, destroy the English language, and let ‘er rip. Just make sure you is in public and that you be wearin’ a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes that is uncomfortable but you wear anyway to show off. Never mind this acting like a lady crap”.
    I shutter to think about it.
    Thankfully, the really disgusting one was no where to be seen last night. Unfortunately, this only means we will have the misfortune of her conceit, ignorance and ghetto-grammar twice as long next week.Honestly, that one needs to re-think just about everything…..absolutely NO CLASS. Charity event hosts, social occasions hosts, etc. are in no way concerned with how tough you think you are, just that you are generous and KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE IN PUBLIC. She has no clue.
    All of them (aside from the just mentioned drag queen) are simply beautiful, yet, their actions show how ugly they really are.Each one of them have foolishly attempted to infiltrate the upper class Miami social scene and each one of them (with the exception of last nights “Peace-maker”) acted like they were raised by wolves.Why do they bother getting dressed up when they can easily drag their primitive knuckles on the ground like the animals they portray themselves to be? We are honestly doing important business at these events, business that MATTERS to our community and it’s citizens.Their lack of class puts a stain on the people we are trying to help, business’s we are trying to support, etc. and I (No, WE) deeply resent these horrible examples of women making us and our city look bad. Enough is enough. We had no idea the financial situations of these women were so bad that they were forced to work on a reality show, but several of us are willing to pay them (especially the drag queen and the low-life that went to the fertility clinic last night) to LEAVE the show. It’s true. Most of those ladies (and I use the term VERY lightly) have been to my home or one of my functions and know who I am. They also know how disgusted Miami is with their lack of class and lack of tipping… Yes folks, they are horrible tippers. Not that you would be surprised, but from most of them (again, the exception being last nights “peace-maker”) a waiter/waitress can expect a 5% tip after running their bloody butt off and being treated like a slave all night. They treat the working guy as badly as they treat each other.See you at Gloria and Emilio’s July cookout, girls? Oh, that’s right you’ve not been invited. Gloria only invites ladies with class, not ridiculous, street fighting scum.
    You can take the girl out of the ghetto, But……

  31. ljm515 says:

    I just read the comment by REMA P. How refreshing to read a comment that uses proper English and punctuation! Thank you, Miss Rema. While I agree with almost all of your comments (again, a “grammar paradise” !) I’ve just had enough of all the class-less shenanigans. Tammi is a bad subject with me as I feel that at her age, she had (and blew) the perfect opportunity and maybe even the responsibility of being an example to this women. When she should have been mentoring these children on how to be a RESPECTED basketball wife/girlfriend/one-night-stand/whatever, she was demonstrating to the world every bartender and party hosts’ WORST NIGHTMARE…… a drunk woman. Worse yet, an egotistical, drunk woman. At this point, each of those girls SHOULD be looking at her with admiration, respect and a little envy. Instead,even though they may like her,they look at her with absolutely no respect and dread that this might be the night she has too much too drink. You like Royce, I used to. With her, all I see is a gold digging child with a potty mouth and (surprise!!) no class… or underwear for that matter. I do agree with her Dad that she NEEDS to be alone for a while, but I think that EVERY WOMAN should enjoy a year alone. She’s scared, but will never admit it. Once she spends a little time alone and realizes how great it is to have your own space for a little bit, she’ll understand and see how badly she comes across. Like you, Rema; I can no longer handle the total disrespect and distortion of the English language and must pace myself with the show and comments. Good luck!

  32. vickie says:

    i wishi they had let Royce beat evelyns a**,evelyn was trying to get away and royce was trying to get at her i am so sick of her thinking that she is all that, i mean really does she thing ochocinco is going to marry her, i dont think so and the way he talks to her and she thinks it is funny, talk about no self esteem. Jen seriously get your own life and stop letting evelyn run yours. meeka is a non factor she is a trouble maker, tammy will get her in line…tammy and royce are my favorites and the only reall ones on the show. Shaunie you sure evelyn did not sleep with shaq she has slept with a few bb players, umm!!!

  33. ron says:

    Bro…….I was captivated by the outward beauty of these ladies initially; however it didn’t take long before the lack of inner beauty, the vile that was within, took its place. Because I do all I can to avoid drama in my life, it is somewhat fascinating to be entertained by the mindless. Its a constant reminder to never take off your boots when walking through the snake pit!!!

  34. rita says:

    Do the stars of this show read the comments posted here? Oh I really hope they do so that they may see how people really feel about them! It is truely an embarrasment to women of color to have these bafoons on TV. That Evelyn seems to be a dangerous woman running around Miami aimlessly throwing glass at peoples faces!!! The first 2 seasons were fun and entertaining except for the last episode when things really got physical, but now it seems to have hit a new low and I would hate to encounter these women at a function and they become jealous of me for what ever reason ( they seem to be that unstable) Truely a disgrace! Royce really needs to press assult charges on that thing called Evelyn!

  35. shuta says:


  36. zz4g1c says:

    Royce isnt the only one that has a gag order so does Shaunie! So thats irrelevant..Evelyn has absolutely no class. She is a BUM! feeding off of athlete’s money!

  37. Tania says:

    @ Amber:
    Royce has a man every 2 seconds? Really? You have her confused with Evelyn boo boo.

  38. Tania says:


    Royce got beat by Evelyn? LOL! You apparently saw something else.

  39. stefhanncrosby says:

    this was 1of my fav shows but i wish shaunie would take her crown back like season 1 I thought she had alevel head did not get in petty stuff had class other then her clash about her marrich she iun the right 100 but 2 be involved in evenlys mean girl stuff come on she got kids little girls do she want them 2 waste energy on actting like they are so much better then are prettier when it all can go in a flash but morals and a kind word go s a long way an can take u 2 the place you need to be in the end because evelyn is mean and jenn is a follower and i like her i use 2 like both of them but jenn know somethings evelyn dose isn t right so why come off on tv as a follower of the mean queen and lose fans respect forself and follow her 2hell you can still be her friend but not play her game if she yours she d respect that i also think she glad your marriage is over and her is on so she thinks he isn t going marry or have a baby with her she wants 2 be as famous as him he s not havin that only 1star and that s him boo boo and boo boo s so old they don t even say that no more evelyn you forget u come from foodstamps and wic you should be thanking god for helping you out of poverty your suppose to be giving back help somone in need put some of that on the show to save you rep in stead of all negative i seen you become human again when you were worried about where your daugther s going 2 college at i m with u its a big world and dangerous she should go 2 newyork 4 now and stop so much cleavech you got a grown child its trashie please clean up you roll and royce brain s cute if hes trying to camera time don t be no fool hopefully not other then that i love all you girls shaunie jenn suzie royce tamie and evelyn also ashley looking 2 see season 4

  40. 100 says:

    This show needs to come down a notch and keep it a little more 100. Surely they have more going on than gossiping/ fighting.
    It’s shown how ugly a person (evelyn) can be… her unlikeable and nasty character. Lets hope she doesnt have more children cause quite frankly its for her $$ benefit – lets keep that 100. Sidenote …its a waste of time to argure/fight with this ‘Bum’ (her new word) … though I would love 4 someone to pop her straight in her horse mouth. I think ocho is a good match ….that should workout nicely. Outside of this…I do enjoy the show. Oh and it seems she’s tryin to come across more soft this season….TOO LATE ! (we’re not all like suzie)
    Tamy & Royce are my favorites . Yea suzie, you’re setting yourself up for continual abuse….do u think your abuser will just all of a sudden start respecting you cause you want to ‘get along’? The new girl…I kind of feel for her cause she’s being thrown into picking sides and she’s not “real” enough to deal and be straight up….so she’s doomed. Shaunie you’re sneeky, just like chillin on the sidelines watchin the train wreck!!!??
    Jen….I do think eric was ready to straigten himself w/you – however you were blinded by your ‘friend’ and missed your opportunity.

  41. cassie says:

    royce sit down the only thing you can do best is be a *#@% yeah look royce dr. phil is avalible if you need help! whats wrong with you cyco much and your voice is so annoying!!!
    evelyn is way better so just sit down and drink your drink like a good girl you were never were!!!!!!!
    hows that boo !!!!!! or loser wat ever you call your self get HELP!!!!!!!

  42. if throwing a drink is fighting then yes evelyn won but since its not she didnt win no one won at all

  43. Ashley says:

    Evelyn you really need to stop picking fights with people. Who told you that throwing a drink on someone made you tough definitely not sweetie. Learn how to fight as soon as possible or somebody is going to lay you out one day. I Really feel that the drama between you and Royce is very childish. Just squash it and move it seriously you girls need to start acting like adults. I watch the show and it’s full of drama. Not only do you have to carry yourself like a lady but you must conduct yourself like a lady. Royce you and Jennifer need to sit down and talk one on one you guys could probably make good friends. Evelyn you need to close your mouth and let Jennifer speak for herself. And Jennifer you cant believe everything somebody is telling you. Evelyn could be started drama between you and Royce so you can be on the same page she is and have nothing to do with Royce. And this whole thing about Royce twitting Eric its not that serious its just twitter and I pretty sure Royce doesn’t want him and if you care so much then you still have feelings for Eric. I felt as though you and him could have made it work the easy thing to do is leave right? That’s whats wrong with couples these days instead of fixing a problem you run away from it. Back to Evelyn why do you want twins? Be careful and don’t get your heart broken.–

  44. Doris Jackson says:

    I wish everyone would realize what a mess maker Suzie is.

  45. Elouise says:

    Evelyn is always in to it with everyone on the show. I think she is acting real childish. Really! over a Blog. Grow up Evelyn, because you have a very sad road ahead of you. You might be the woman he chose to marry but you are not going to be the only woman in his life. Meet a real sister on the streets and watch how far You get trying to throw a punch. You need to get some class like Jen. Concentrate on your future life of Hell, You are a funny joke Evelyn. It will be you who is going to be laughed at in the end. Ha! Ha! Ha!