Katy Perry Throws An Eighties Style House Party In The Video For “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”


It’s Monday, but Katy Perry is hoping people will be thinking—and talking—about her new video “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” She teased the video over a month ago by quoting, on Twitter, a friend who said the clip would “break the internet.” The clip certainly appeals to that demographic, which is no surprise: director Marc Klasfeld was also responsible for the clip “Scarface School Play,” so he knows a little something about viral videos.

In the first place, Perry’s costar in the video is Rebecca Black, whose “Friday” video, as of today, has 165 million views and remains in the YouTube Music Weekly Top 10 despite its 88% thumbs-down rating. Black is, of course, internet catnip, especially since she is apparently magical in this clip:

She’s by the door, then on the couch, then by the door! Could she be a Teen Witch?

The clip also features some prime eighties nostalgia, which is to say, an homage to mis-remembered teen sex comedies edited for midday television broadcast. For extra oomph, we get a couple eighties-era star cameos:

Debbie Gibson as a character named Tiffany? I get it! Corey Feldman also gets a to ask, “Why is there some lost boy in your bed?”

The guest star parade doesn’t end there: check out the total jam happening behind Rebecca Black’s house:

Yes, that’s Hanson rocking the backyard, accompanied by a rooftop Kenny G—or as the video calls him, “Uncle Kenny”:

You’d be forgiven for thinking the G-Man just got a call and did his thing without knowing what was going on, especially since his son Max is apparently a fan. But the sax player, due to reteam with Michael Bolton (himself most recently seen in The Lonely Island‘s “Jack Sparrow”), is actually very active on Facebook.

For good measure, the video also features Darren Criss and Kevin McHale from Glee. McHale gets a bunch of screen time as the requisite male nerd (this is supposed to be modeled after an eighties comedy, after all), but his character’s knight-and-princess fantasies about “Kathy Terry” aren’t anywhere near as funny as the green-screen behind-the-scenes clip in the credits:

Thanks to television standards and practices, not to mention the presence of a real-life thirteen-year-old (Black), the sexual innuendo is kept to a minimum and reserved for shots with just Perry, as when it’s implied that she checks out what her passed-out bed companion is packing in his boxers. So it feels that much more like an edited-for-TV sex comedy. Perry is pretty sure the video rules, and she hopes you agree.

For all of you Katy Perry enthusiasts out there, here’s the whole video for your perusal:

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