Single Ladies – Episode 2 – You Have To Give To Receive


Oh, the problems of the Single Ladies. Being propositioned for money when you’re at a party with Chilli, dealing with work issues, and breaking things off with someone you care about…and that’s just Keisha.

Keisha might have slept with Malcolm in the last episode, but things aren’t going quite as she planned with him. He hasn’t called her for weeks, and when he spots her in a restaurant, he corners her and asks her why she’s giving him the cold shoulder.

“Two weeks ago I was at your apartment in your bed doing things that would make half the people in this restaurant blush,” Keisha tells Malcolm, and brushes him off as a lost cause when he thinks the old “I was busy” excuse is going to cut it.

Free of men for now, Keisha plans to dive headfirst into getting her real estate license. “I support her,” Omar says of Keisha’s new vocational aspirations, “I just didn’t know she could read. I’m impressed.”

Things get hairy when Keisha and Chilli attend a party that Malcolm is also attending, as is a man with a rich-sounding name, Winston. Just Winston.

And Winston almost charms the pants off Keisha (almost), until he offers her $10k to get those pants off. With that, the pants sealed shut.

“I’m a wealthy man accustomed to getting what I want, and I don’t mind paying for it. I thought you’d be flattered,” Winston tells Keisha. Well, you thought wrong, bub. Still, he gives her a wad of cash as a retainer. And you should always be careful with retainers, it’s never fun do go digging through the cafeteria garbage cans because you think you threw yours out on Spaghetti Day.

What’s most annoying and weird about this offer is not that it happened, but that he waited to do it in front of a woman he just gave his seat to, so now she’s all Judgey McJudgerson toward Keisha.

“I can totally hear what you guys are talking about!”

“Hey, everyone, I’m NOT with her. SHE’s the prostitute, not me.”

When Keisha tells Val and Omar what happened, and Val remarks that Winston is an idiot, Omar asks “Why is he an idiot? Women trade sex for stuff all the time,” clearly not understanding the fundamental difference between getting a gift from a boyfriend and being paid by a john. And no matter how much the john looks like Rick Fox, it’s still not okay.

Later, when Keisha meets up with Winston to return the retainer, she spies Malcolm who, it turns out set the entire Winston situation up.

If it walks like a guy willing to make you look like a whore, and it talks like a guy willing to make you look like a whore…Logic says it must be a guy who thinks you’re probably a whore. Sorry, Keisha.

Over in Val‘s world, she has been set up with a seemingly perfect man by April. Blake is a chef visiting Atlanta to interview for a new job. He agrees to cook her dinner, and once at Val’s place, he tells her he was so finicky as a kid that the only thing he wanted to eat was “baked crab and stuffed trout.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but finicky kids usually only like PB&J, don’t they?

Blake is clued in early to Val’s “90 days before sex” rule, so they find other ways to get hot and heavy with the dirty talk.

Unfortunately, Blake is not a fan of “dining on Southern cuisine,” as Val puts it, and can’t even pretend to verbalize all the disgusting things he never wants to do to her…down there. “I don’t do that. That’s what this,” (POINTS TO PENIS) “is for. This” (POINTS TO PENIS) “is all a woman needs,” Blake the chef tells Val. He continues to dig his grave further by telling her “It’s natural for a woman to do it to a man, but me? No. Im not doing that. It’s unmanly.”

“You have to give to receive,” Val tells him and with that, the door hits him on the way out.

“I thought chefs tried everything at least once,” Keisha says. Exactly.

Val also spends the episode looking for an intern from the Fashion and Art Institute.

This one isn’t an option, so Val hires Christina instead.

Christina at first seems like she might be a liability, but when Val’s patience is tested by a client who doesn’t pay her bills, Christina comes to the rescue, ambushing the woman in the dressing room and shaming her into paying.

And there’s nothing worse than naked dressing room shaming. Well, it could be worse if you don’t have killer abs, I guess. But still.

And then there’s April, who is trying to get her career on track while her marriage falls apart. Darryl has at least agreed to counseling to repair their marriage, but he’s got such a laundry list of complaints against April that they have to do a slow fade of him reciting all the ways he’s disappointed in her.

But April’s putting her attention toward Mac Miller,a new artist she discovered on a jog (if only I had the will to jog, maybe my career would be on a faster trajectory too…but I’m good where I am, thanks), so she can at least keep her mind on that.

Relationship-wise, this has been a rough week. Career-wise, at least these women are on the right track. The curse of being a single lady, right? You can have it all, just not at the same time.

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