Tami Roman On The Difference Between Her Famous Catch Phrase And Evelyn Lozada’s


I admit it, I used to be obsessed with The Real World, so getting to meet Tami Roman was huge because she’s been in my television consciousness for a long time. Because of my old obsession, I was excited to talk to Tami in the VH1 offices recently about the differences between Basketball Wives and The Real World, which Tami says “There really is no comparison to what is happening now versus what happened on The Real World…We weren’t acting, we were sort of like lab rats in this experiment [on The Real World].”

Tami also talked about “T-shirt-gate” and why she got so upset over those “Non-Mother F’N Factor” shirts. “There’s nothing wrong with having a catchphrase…as long as it’s not at the expense of someone else,” she explained, defending her stance against Evelyn Lozada.

To see how Tami and Evelyn resolve their catchphrase differences, tune in to Basketball Wives Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. NICOLE WHITE says:

    I just don’t see why Tami upset I mean I do & I don’t. What eveyln said to tami was flat out wrong,but was it catchy yes it was ,was everybody using it after they heard it,yes So why would’nt Evelyn cash in on it. It be a whole diff story if it said TAMI your a non—– but it dosen’t. Tami upset cause it was said to her,but really the shirt is just a catchphrase,lol

  2. Viewer says:

    Tami here is a T-Shirt for you.

    (Front of the T-Shirt)
    Tami ……. married NBA player Kenny Anderson
    Shaunie ….. married NBA player Shaquille O’Neal
    Jennifer …. married NBA player Eric Williams
    Kim Russell ….. married NBA player Bryon Russell
    Juli Richmond …. married NBA player Mitch Richmond
    Meeka …. married NBA player Speedy Claxton
    Suzie …. dated NBA player Michael Olowokandi; 2 kids
    Royce …. dated NBA player Dwight Howard; 1 kid

    (Back of the T-Shirt)
    Evelyn …. met NBA player; dated 10 years; ex-fiancee. Jump Off (casual sexual partner; dubious sexual practices). NMFFB (No Marriage. No Kids): PRICELESS!!!

  3. Just Me says:

    Tami of basketball wives is just GHETTO TRASH and she shows it every time the camera is on her.