Ask Jordan Knight Anything: Answered! (Part 2)


Yesterday we posted the first installment of Jordan Knight‘s Ask Me Anything answers. Today, we’ve got even more answers to your questions for the NKOTBSB singer (whose third solo album just came out on May 31) Above, Knight tells us what superpower he’d want, which Backstreet Boy he’d switch places with, and more. (For the record, we at the VH1 Blog endorse his answer to what three things he can’t live without.)

Thanks for the overwhelming response! We asked as many of your questions as we could. Stay tuned for our next installment of Ask Me Anything!

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  1. Martin says:

    These women have too much drama going on. Evelyn is ugly on the inside. Suzie is a push over. Suzie needs to quit trying to make others be friends with her. Royce is cool in my book. Others keep calling her a hood rat. If she is one, then Evelyn is one too. Evelyn is too old to be acting like that. Many of these women are insecure. They are intimidated by Royce cause she is a dancer, and they are scared she is going to take her man. It is funny how Evelyn acts a little nervous when Tammie comes around! Evelyn you seem like you are hurting inside, and you need counseling.

  2. jessica says:

    jordan knight is very talented and extremely handsome. i have to know this. he sings with a lot of soul. he is amazing. i just want to know are his musical influences from african american people? i heard that he gets his falsetto style from the stylistics