Royce Reed Recaps Episode 3 Of Basketball Wives, Responds To MediaTakeOut Allegations


The VH1 Blog is lucky enough to welcome back Royce Reed to her weekly recapping gig where she’ll give us her perspective on all things Basketball Wives 3. Check in each week to hear Royce’s take on the drama that goes down. This week: Pit bulls, pool parties, and the bums vs. hoes controversy.


Pitbulls and Hamsters

First of all I’d like to just say “don’t dish it if you cant take it!” Please find another issue to discuss when it comes to me, because it’s quite shallow to only have one argument when it comes to me. I do appreciate the fact that you all keep my name in your mouth, so thank you for proving that I am a factor in your lives and I don’t need to use anyone’s name to stay relevant. I’m still trying to figure out how being fashionable is wearing colored contacts and maxi dresses every episode, but I digress.

I will admit it has become fun to me to wear certain outfits I KNOW will make people cringe. WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE CAR SHOPPING SCENE! Hahaha! Who puts on full makeup to walk thru a park, walk a dog, go grocery shopping, cook, or even go to sleep? That’s a pimple waiting to happen. But then again, we are on a reality show, so silly me for being real. You wonder why I still look young at 30? Because I take care of my skin. I break out occasionally but I don’t have craters forming all over my face. I’d hate to see some of you without makeup.

As for the situation with Meeka, Tami, and I, I really want to believe Meeka. I do think she’s hiding behind the alcohol at times, but I think she’s learned a lot. Our conversation seemed genuine, and even though she’s spoken a lot of mess about me, I am generally a forgiving person and I do believe in second chances. She does have a good heart but she speaks so much that it starts to take the shape of a circle, round and round and round and round. I’m hoping this is a new start to just being honest and straightforward. Meeka isn’t a bad person, she’s just confused.

Lastly, since we’re on this subject, I will never need a pitbull/bodyguard. Tami is my FRIEND. She will confront you with or without me when it comes to herself or her true friends. I am the same way. We don’t need anyone to fight our battles but we will stand up for each other.

Oh yeah, that pool party! OMG! That party got so crazy when the cameras went off that I’m going to keep some secrets lol. That’s my fam and true friends. We don’t take irrelevant things seriously and we just like to have fun. Carpe diem! You only get one life! Live it to the fullest!

Brian is a great guy and we have slowed down. I listened to the advice of my family and friends. No, we have not taken things to the next level but I do admit it has been extremely hard. He’s so damn sexy! His voice, his caring spirit, his strength, his support, he’s all that. BUT I’m not jumping the broom anytime soon! I’m letting things happen in God’s time, not My time — which is RIGHT ON TIME! Next time I have a pool party, I’m going to have it at a park and invite everyone!!! Bring your swimsuits and water guns!

My dad is my biggest supporter. He spoke truth. Yes, I like having a man in my life because I don’t like doing everything alone. I’m a strong woman and very independent, BUT I did miss the hugs, kisses, and comfort of a man I was truly FEELING! I didn’t have that with Dwayne. He was the complete opposite of what I’m used to dating, so I thought that was what I needed. I was wrong. Dwayne was nowhere near the man I thought he was, and no, I was not physically or mentally attracted to him. I lied to myself and was about to make the biggest mistake of my life. It wasn’t fair to me or him, but definitely not to my son. Braylon is my heart and whether or not I end up with Brian, my ex, or anyone else, I will make sure its LOVE! True LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS!

Ok, now for the joke of the night. Evelyn and her slow personality:

1. “You’re a whore, you’re a whore too!” Evelyn, BOO BOO, you just admitted being a whore, and the difference between you and me is the fact I actually date and have relationships with the guys I’m with. I don’t sleep with every man I go out with. I wasn’t raised that way. I had both my parents in my life who have been married over 40 years. I’d rather have my man respect my mind before my body because when the wrinkles come and the beauty fades he will still be in love with my intellect. You, on the other hand…nevermind I won’t go there.

2. “You’re a bum!” Hahahahahahahahaha. You cant be serious. Sweetie, I’m self-made. I’ve had a job since I was 16 years old. I’ve had a CAREER since I was 18, and I have a college degree. Currently I am the sole owner of my own dance company and, yes, we work more than you sell shoes. I have a book series out, in which book one has sold over 2,000 copies and guess what? I self-published. Why? Because I could afford it. I also am going on a tour with a stage play in which we just had our first run this past weekend. I do appearances and charity events almost every weekend. Bum? I find it funny when people describe themselves in their descriptions of others. I know your vocabulary isn’t very extensive so I’ll just say you’re the one riding, no flying, on the coattails of men. First Antoine, now Chad, so BOO BOO you need to get a F’ckn job because as of now YOU ARE A NON-MUTHA FCKN FACTOR, co-owning a last season shoe store.

3. As for the fight. You weren’t going to do sh!t. If you were about that then you wouldn’t be throwing drinks at damn near 40 years old. Oh, and on that note, you do NOT look 25 sweetheart.

Once again Twitter has become the root of all evil. YES, Twitter. I swear we need endorsement deals. JENN please wake up! You didn’t see anything I said about you on Twitter, NOR did your sidekick Evelyn say what was written. Yes, she lied to you. Yes, she instigated the drama between us and YES, I think you’re an idiot for believing and listening to a Hamster. I’m starting to think you’re a few fries short of a Happy Meal, because everyone in this world sees what you don’t. It’s like the blind leading the blind. You will forever be running into walls.

Sidenote, I’d like to thank Mediatakeout for this picture.

My ass looks great! Is it bad that I right clicked and saved? Doesn’t it look bangin’??? If I really pizzed out my butt though that’s extreme TALENT! Anyways, all jokes aside, I sat on a drink and this is Lee, my co-star in the play Cheaters, coming soon to a city near you! Yes y’all, we’re going on tour baby!!!!!!!!

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