Royce Reed Recaps Episode 3 Of Basketball Wives, Responds To MediaTakeOut Allegations


The VH1 Blog is lucky enough to welcome back Royce Reed to her weekly recapping gig where she’ll give us her perspective on all things Basketball Wives 3. Check in each week to hear Royce’s take on the drama that goes down. This week: Pit bulls, pool parties, and the bums vs. hoes controversy.


Pitbulls and Hamsters

First of all I’d like to just say “don’t dish it if you cant take it!” Please find another issue to discuss when it comes to me, because it’s quite shallow to only have one argument when it comes to me. I do appreciate the fact that you all keep my name in your mouth, so thank you for proving that I am a factor in your lives and I don’t need to use anyone’s name to stay relevant. I’m still trying to figure out how being fashionable is wearing colored contacts and maxi dresses every episode, but I digress.

I will admit it has become fun to me to wear certain outfits I KNOW will make people cringe. WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE CAR SHOPPING SCENE! Hahaha! Who puts on full makeup to walk thru a park, walk a dog, go grocery shopping, cook, or even go to sleep? That’s a pimple waiting to happen. But then again, we are on a reality show, so silly me for being real. You wonder why I still look young at 30? Because I take care of my skin. I break out occasionally but I don’t have craters forming all over my face. I’d hate to see some of you without makeup.

As for the situation with Meeka, Tami, and I, I really want to believe Meeka. I do think she’s hiding behind the alcohol at times, but I think she’s learned a lot. Our conversation seemed genuine, and even though she’s spoken a lot of mess about me, I am generally a forgiving person and I do believe in second chances. She does have a good heart but she speaks so much that it starts to take the shape of a circle, round and round and round and round. I’m hoping this is a new start to just being honest and straightforward. Meeka isn’t a bad person, she’s just confused.

Lastly, since we’re on this subject, I will never need a pitbull/bodyguard. Tami is my FRIEND. She will confront you with or without me when it comes to herself or her true friends. I am the same way. We don’t need anyone to fight our battles but we will stand up for each other.

Oh yeah, that pool party! OMG! That party got so crazy when the cameras went off that I’m going to keep some secrets lol. That’s my fam and true friends. We don’t take irrelevant things seriously and we just like to have fun. Carpe diem! You only get one life! Live it to the fullest!

Brian is a great guy and we have slowed down. I listened to the advice of my family and friends. No, we have not taken things to the next level but I do admit it has been extremely hard. He’s so damn sexy! His voice, his caring spirit, his strength, his support, he’s all that. BUT I’m not jumping the broom anytime soon! I’m letting things happen in God’s time, not My time — which is RIGHT ON TIME! Next time I have a pool party, I’m going to have it at a park and invite everyone!!! Bring your swimsuits and water guns!

My dad is my biggest supporter. He spoke truth. Yes, I like having a man in my life because I don’t like doing everything alone. I’m a strong woman and very independent, BUT I did miss the hugs, kisses, and comfort of a man I was truly FEELING! I didn’t have that with Dwayne. He was the complete opposite of what I’m used to dating, so I thought that was what I needed. I was wrong. Dwayne was nowhere near the man I thought he was, and no, I was not physically or mentally attracted to him. I lied to myself and was about to make the biggest mistake of my life. It wasn’t fair to me or him, but definitely not to my son. Braylon is my heart and whether or not I end up with Brian, my ex, or anyone else, I will make sure its LOVE! True LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS!

Ok, now for the joke of the night. Evelyn and her slow personality:

1. “You’re a whore, you’re a whore too!” Evelyn, BOO BOO, you just admitted being a whore, and the difference between you and me is the fact I actually date and have relationships with the guys I’m with. I don’t sleep with every man I go out with. I wasn’t raised that way. I had both my parents in my life who have been married over 40 years. I’d rather have my man respect my mind before my body because when the wrinkles come and the beauty fades he will still be in love with my intellect. You, on the other hand…nevermind I won’t go there.

2. “You’re a bum!” Hahahahahahahahaha. You cant be serious. Sweetie, I’m self-made. I’ve had a job since I was 16 years old. I’ve had a CAREER since I was 18, and I have a college degree. Currently I am the sole owner of my own dance company and, yes, we work more than you sell shoes. I have a book series out, in which book one has sold over 2,000 copies and guess what? I self-published. Why? Because I could afford it. I also am going on a tour with a stage play in which we just had our first run this past weekend. I do appearances and charity events almost every weekend. Bum? I find it funny when people describe themselves in their descriptions of others. I know your vocabulary isn’t very extensive so I’ll just say you’re the one riding, no flying, on the coattails of men. First Antoine, now Chad, so BOO BOO you need to get a F’ckn job because as of now YOU ARE A NON-MUTHA FCKN FACTOR, co-owning a last season shoe store.

3. As for the fight. You weren’t going to do sh!t. If you were about that then you wouldn’t be throwing drinks at damn near 40 years old. Oh, and on that note, you do NOT look 25 sweetheart.

Once again Twitter has become the root of all evil. YES, Twitter. I swear we need endorsement deals. JENN please wake up! You didn’t see anything I said about you on Twitter, NOR did your sidekick Evelyn say what was written. Yes, she lied to you. Yes, she instigated the drama between us and YES, I think you’re an idiot for believing and listening to a Hamster. I’m starting to think you’re a few fries short of a Happy Meal, because everyone in this world sees what you don’t. It’s like the blind leading the blind. You will forever be running into walls.

Sidenote, I’d like to thank Mediatakeout for this picture.

My ass looks great! Is it bad that I right clicked and saved? Doesn’t it look bangin’??? If I really pizzed out my butt though that’s extreme TALENT! Anyways, all jokes aside, I sat on a drink and this is Lee, my co-star in the play Cheaters, coming soon to a city near you! Yes y’all, we’re going on tour baby!!!!!!!!

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  1. Maisha says:

    Royce, I couldn’t agree with you more. You have stated just about all of my thoughts with the exception of Suzie (confused, people-pleaser, get in where she fit in type of chick). First off I’m a happily married for 20 years, classy, beautiful, admirable, educated, hard working black WOMAN, WIFE and MOTHER of 3 beautiful children. The show is called Basketball Wives but not one person is married (confusion #1). Evelyn you may be beautiful on the outside and you dress pretty good but Beautiful & Pretty is what pretty does and all the drama and performing you do on a reality show is absurd to say the least. You say you are a mother; wow I feel for your beautiful daughter. What an embarrasing shame to sit on live tv constantly putting other people down to pump yourself up. You act like the school bully on the playground and you require an entourage and friends whom lack self assurance, self confidence to ride on your coat tail for your own self assurance and that’s where Jenn & poor Suzie come into play. You had nothing to do with Suzie, if I can recall you just cussed her out and she was out of the circle; but now you require more amunition to fight against Royce so you want Suzie back in the circle (make up your mind). Could it be you don’t want Royce’s Circle to become bigger than your exclusive Circle (something else very childish). Are you sure you are 35 because you act about 12. I guess in California we don’t live by circles. Last I checked slavery was abolished and we had freedom to speak, walk and talk anyplace we desired. Do me a favor and grow up and learn to truly love yourself before you have any more children. Loving yourself shows from the inside out and right now you are looking like a plague and very detrimental to many. You are very adamant about having twins with Chad, could it be that you are searching for a gold meal ticket as well as you claim others do. Poor Jenn, she doesn’t have a mind of her own and allowed you to talk herself right out of her own marriage to hang out with you because you were single. Once again fighting and throwing drinks at a restaurant at the age of 35, please invest in some anger management courses and get yourself together Boo Boo!!!!!
    For the record I’m an attractive woman full of confidence and love from God above, fearfully & wonderfully made. Please know not hating as you always assume but praying for you because I feel for women as yourself (such a hard shell on the outside but inside not dealing with life’s real hurts and pains).

  2. Mimi says:

    Yes Royce keep doing it girl. Love you!

  3. JASMING_305 says:

    I agree with you 100% and it’s so obvious that Evelyn dislikes you because you say what’s on your mind and don’t suck up to her like Jennifer and Suzi. And I also believe Jennifer still has feelings for Eric. If not, why would she be worrying about who he’s following on Twitter? SMH.. She shouldn’t have let Evelyn talk her into getting a divorce.

  4. Viewer from Las Vegas says:

    Royce, you sound childish. “My boodie is bigger than yours!” You sound like an elementary student. Truth of the matter is, YOU talk about Evelyn ALL THE TIME. Like your father said, Evelyn is getting hers and she is strong enough to pursue all that she wants to get and gets it. Your father did not trash Evelyn probably because he knows you are no different. You looked like a little girl not a grown woman. The fact that he did not trash Evelyn spoke volumes to me. He knows you like no other and that’s why he warned you against being judgmental.

    The same thing you are saying about Brian you said about “what’s his name” last season. Now you’re claiming it was not a deep relationship yet you were looking at engagement rings with him. Hummm. You have what you have because of who your baby daddy is. 2,000 books sold is NOT a lot. And if you were such a talented, gifted writer, a credible publishing house would publish you. After all, Nene Leakes was published by a credible agency. Self-publishing simply means, the pros don’t think you have what it takes.

    Looking like a hood rat does not equal keeping it real. If a person chooses to be on camera and look their best, why aren’t they real too? If you choose to look like you just woke up and couldn’t take the time to press those edges, that does not make you “real” it makes you lazy and you look ridiculous not real.

    As for looking so young, it is because of your childish ways. Again I ask you, WHY BE ON THE SHOW? If you have so much and are self-made and every woman on the show except for Tami is REAL, why be on the show? Get off the show and live your life. The fact is you NEED the show to keep you relevant. Evelyn has an upscale business and the sense to trademark phrases that are making her money. You are selling books out the trunk of your car and performing stage plays at the local Masonic temple instead of the Kodak Theater. You are not all that.

    The next time you meet up with Evelyn, be smart and wear pants. Did you notice she did? And she had her hair up! You come with a hoochie dress on. Bad decision.

  5. TeamRoyce says:

    @ Maisha Girl…..Evelyn is not tryin to have kids cause she is dying to have kids…lol She is a Classic Groupie! she is after child support….keepin it real!
    Royce…. you need to tell Jennifer look at My Man…now look at Eric….she was out of order with that one :)……These grown azz women need to learn how to talk to each other…there was a better way for her to express that she feels uncomfortable with you talking to Eric on twitter.
    Evelyn…..why is she having twins with a man who don’t know how old she is? and was he stuttering? If she don’t like the way he looks… then… why him? lol he looks so dumb on this show…. so so dumb.
    Why is Meeka the only actual” Basketball Wife” and she is in the middle of all kind of mess…..BW should be showing her with her family and handling her business.

    I enjoy seeing you Royce talking with your father. Continue to kick it with your own friends and family….. and Don’t let my girl Tami go to jail…

  6. Donna says:

    Well!! I love u girl and I would did the same, jenn is a Damn foller she listen ever thing Evelyn heveto say!! the only Real friend u have on the Show is Tammy!! tammy remind me of me , I was born and raised in Miami and you are so right The city of drummer. And if a HATER get on you page and have something bad to say Do me a favor KEEP That SMILE On your Face!!!! LOVE YA ROYCE

  7. Jessica Jacobs says:

    Royce you are cool in my book and one of the “real” ones in the group ….so keep doing you!

  8. Bo Bo says:

    I actually like Royce and Tami for that matter; I appreciate the realness. I understand everything she said in this blog. As a woman of color, I am embarrassed for these other broads. I thought Ev was cool last season, now I’m over her. She is so not cute with her manly features. And her personality makes her even uglier. Its always drama with her. She needs to act her damn age, stop throwing drinks and conduct herself like a grown ass woman and be an example for her daughter. She look hard as hell in the face like someone hit her with a frying pan. She gotta be pushing at least 45. And Jen is so pathetic its sad. She is such a beautiful woman but she needs to distance herself from man face and come into her own. She appears to be an intelligent woman but who knows. As for Meeka; if you put her voice on Ev face you would have a great drag queen. I’m still indifferent about Susie; she tries so hard to no avail. She just needs to go her separate way, they will forever have a problem her. On another note, I can recommend a great speech pathologist.

  9. LAMONICA says:

    Royce, girl … do you. Don’t worry about those trifiling heifers, Evelyn and Jenn. I just love your and Tammi’s realness. Keep it 100 all the time.

  10. Amye says:

    Go ahead with your Bad Ass! Love ya Royce! How cool is it that your gonna be partying it up with Trina? THAT is gonna be crazee cool. Keep on keepin on girl, you got this!
    One Love…..

  11. TT says:


    I can’t believe I am seriously commenting on your blog. LOL. I am a grown woman in BKLYN and the more I watch the show, the more I like you. Why, because you are real. Kudos for not getting implants, needing lypo, wearing your hair (no matter how many fly-aways you may have) and dressing HOW YOU WANT, not how MAGAZINES want you to dress. You are intelligent (although I disagree with some of your opinions), pretty, and career minded. May you grow in your life, and listen to your papi. He is a brilliant man!

  12. MrsH. says:

    Royce, whether or not I like your personal style, I think it speaks volumes that you have the nerve to rock what YOU like and not what everyone else says is in. Means you got balls chica!!! Personally, I think you should have been told Jenn and Ev to kick rocks a long time ago– and for that matter Shaunie too! PLease tell me, When did she become the Queen Bee–puleeeeeeze!

  13. Miss. Mia1984 says:

    I feel that Evelyn is really hating on Royce, because Royce genuinely looks better than her and she is a self made chick, she is not riding on nobody’s bandwagon nor is she kissing anyone’s ass including Shaunie and the other ladies (besides Tami) cant take her because she is outspoken, and she does and say what she wants to without being co- signed

  14. Ms.Toni Burns says:

    Royce Honey, Keep doin your thing….I sooooo love u BOO wink

  15. MEO says:

    ROyce girl you are evidently hurting. The first real moment I saw for you was with your Dad. It shed a light on who you really are. Release, Relax, Live…….

  16. sherece says:

    Royce…girl u are one of my favorite on the show besides Tammy…U both are as real as real can get and the rest of those crabs are just too damn fake…Keep doing u girl and Congrats to the book and the play as well…Hard work pays off and so glad to see that u are a hard working woman…Evelyn trash azz on the other hand…being a jumpoff is the way she started from way back so she has to keep that going…Jenn needs to wake her blind azz up…i see what Eric was talking about from last season…but keep up the great work Royce…

  17. Melli says:

    I didn’t like you the first season. I was so so the second season. Now that you aren’t hanging with Jen & Ev, you are so much better and you are looking more classy now. I love Tami and that’s the realest chick of them all so for you and her to hang out, we know you ain’t on no bs cuz Tami don’t hang with bs’ers, lol. Sometimes you don’t look all that great on tv but like you said it’s reality tv, who has makeup, colored contacts and what not on 24/7? That ain’t real!! And that fight, you def won it! Ev talks so much ish but from the looks of it Tami, now you slapped her around! She’s good for throwing drinks but can you throw somethin else like a punch? I’m so glad you slapped the crap outta her she needed it -”if security hadn’t came, I woulda punched her in the face, that’s how mad I was” Yeah, ok Ev, keep telling yourself that, just like you keep telling yourself Chad’s gonna marry you! NOT GON HAPPEN CHILE>>> Why would you have 2 kids by somebody on purpose before you get married? That’s to ensure she gets child support. Ridiculous…Royce, don’t stoop to their level. You have a bangin boyfriend who you should take it easy with and see where things go. Tami is cool, Jenn is bo-bo, like I’m not sure she has a brain to go with her looks, Ev is a trouble maker- fighting at 35? Really? Throwing drinks? And Suzie, well…she’s the non-factor in my opinion. Why would you be friends with someone who put you down, cussed you out several times and called you nothing on national tv? You can apologize, put it behind you and forgive but move on, dummy!!!!!!! Ugh, And Meeka, that raccoon lookin thing needs to go back where she came from, Mouth-Almighty. TV and editors can do but so much to make you look bad. They are nothing without you giving them the material to create the clips. They didn’t put words in your mouth. So you can stop with that bs about tv trying to make you look bad. Last, Shaunie, I like her. She just instigates sometimes. but that’s about it. Royce, do you! Keep on doing what you do!!

  18. lala says:

    @viewer from las vegas, I wish I could high-five you through this blog!!! very well said. and you know why they don’t like what you said??? because you’re telling THE TRUTH. THE TRUTH HURTS.

  19. bring it says:

    Royce, You really need to grow up, you really sound like a high school girl. Why is it every chance you get you are talking about Evelyn and Jen? Lets keep it real, you are beefin with Evelyn and Jen because they didn’t attend your charity event and refused to participate in your less than fashionable fashion show. I hope you don’t think by acting a straight ghetto dumbass on the show make you look “real” the only thing it does is make you look stupid. Big deal, Evelyn slept with Chad on their 1st date, girl this ain’t High School!! and besides, thats her twat she can give it to whom she pleases and whenever, that is none of your business, You gave your twat to Dewayne and then gone sit here and try to make light of relationship and the fact that you went to look for an engagement ring. You real alright, real FAKE. You mean about as much to me as the freakin dirt on the bottom of my tennis shoes, don’t get it twisted lil’ girl, you put yourself out there by being on a TV show and that gives all the right to cast our judgements opinions upon you as we see fit. You and your psychotic girl Tami are NON MF’N FACTORS. I can say what I want to say and if you don’t like it don’t read it!!!! LMAO.

  20. sierra says:

    royce, ur so real. meeka fake. evelynn ugly and old. suzie a follower. and jeniffer is FAKE. so u and tami are my favorites on the show and will always be my favorites, and yes u did win that fight evelyn cannot fight for nothing. she thinks shes all hard but shes really not. shes really weak. to say that she has a motor mouth she cant back it up. evelyn will not last with ochochinco. ocho have way more of things going for him then evelyn. evelyn UGLY she FAKE and she PHONY! tami always keeps it real 100% so its not like tami is trying to be ur bodyguard shes just helping out her friend. thats noting wrong with that. royce, ur just real. all the rest of them hoes are fake. and im out of here, oh boy. (:

  21. mzzzdonna says:

    tick…tick…tick…BOOM!!!! LMAO!!!! She put that trick on full blast! I respect that lil ladie, She gets her mind free without stuttering lol I really hope she gets the best in life because no matter this show she doing her thing!!!!

  22. Keysha says:

    Hey Royce I am a Big Fan of you and Tami….Yal Keeps it REAL……Evelyn and Jen come across as FAKE to me and ALL of my Girlfriends…..So Stay Real you have supporters out here boo boo…..Keep Positive!!

  23. Gwen Gilmore says:

    You go Royce! Dont worry about Evelyn, she wish she look as young and cute as you do, you are a classy but sassy young gifted lady, and dont you change for anyone, all of the girls are jealous of you except yours and mine girl Tammy, even (Shaunie) she so fake and I wish one day soon Tammy will see that, Keep doing you and I just love you and Tammy

  24. Samantha says:

    WOW 30 you damn sure dont look it girl! and as for Evelyn she a gold diggin ho and we all of America knows it lol keep doing ya thing girl

  25. Unknown says:

    @Viewer from Las Vegas , Well said. Royce you sound very childish right now. Like you got all that going on right ? well then do you and let evelyn do her. Cause its like you guys like talking about each other witch is so funny to me lol. and evelyn is NOT UGLY. whoever said that yall tripen cause she is a very pretty lady for her age. she dont even look 35 :o lol. and why you caring about what she doing? let her do her so what, thats her body, who are you to judge? your not god so quit judging.

  26. Pastel says:

    @hamster LOL!!!! I knew that chump look liked something. Lawd, that Evilene is 35 going on 12. Unreal. I wish those bodyguards hadn’t been there. I wanted to see you whomp some non-factor ass! I saw when you grabbed her arm. It was on. Man, that chick has ISSUES, picking fights at her age!
    Anyhoo, the more I watch the show the more I really like you and Tami. I wasn’t sure at first, but you two seem to be the only ones not walking around your heads in the clouds. I could kick it with you two, seriously! lol Anyhoo, keep the blogs coming. AND listen to your daddy! You are very lucky to have one who loves you and cares about your well being. That sort of thing makes a difference in a young woman’s life. Peace!

  27. D says:

    Royce is pathetic!!!!

  28. Lilylilmama says:

    SMDH@ Evelyn throwing glasses at lil bitty Royce, who still ended up getting the upper hand… And I havn’t heard the word “BUM” since 7th grade… in my opion, Evelyn is the BUM… Because GROWN FOLK know to buy a house before buying 1000 dollar shoes… Just saying…. as old as Evelyn is, she still has that hoodrat mantality… Seriously, How you gonna buy a 50k car before a HOUSE then have the GULL to call other people bums??? Evelyn is just backwards… Tryna have twins before getting marred to a man who allready has a basketball team and a spare?? WHERE THEY DO THAT AT??? Keep doing you Royce!!! You’ve gained HELLA FANS just by keeping it 110%… Loving the Blog, keep em coming…

  29. mr. trukey says:

    looks like a butt pad 2 me.

  30. niknik says:

    Royce, girl you keep it real. You’re the only reason I even watch the show. I love that you don’t always wear makeup. These other women act like they wake up wearing it. Just do your thing and screw the haters. You’re self-made, the others are living off of support from men. I got a lot of respect for you too for making Dwayne wait to have sex with him. UNLIKE Evelyn who jumped on Chad’s ding dong after a few days, or was it even that long? She wants those babies so she can be secure in the relationship with his money, I mean Chad, whoops!

  31. Leleah says:

    BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO….blog well done. I wholehearted agree with you Royce with everything you have said in all of your blogs. This show has completely turned into a bunch of childish, adult women who wants to dictate who you ushould be friends with. They really need to grow up. The DRAMA is just too much over and beyond normal. Continue to do you and accompliched all of your goals that you have set for yourself. And just continue to let those haters do their job and hate. Keep your head up chic and continue to do well

  32. cassandra says:

    royce do u !!!love u girl keep it real.the rest of them speaking of evelyn and jennifer, jennifer will do better if she pull away from evelyn,evelyn has alot of problems and thats why she acts the way she do. i do not see any thing u during is fake are plot towards any one to me evelyn is the mess one.

  33. SUPERBAD says:

    Royce stay the beautiful woman that you are…its a good look!!!
    Im sorry, but is it just me or does Evelyn look like “Mr. Ed” by the mouth when she smiles big…Im just saying, she is kinda cute as long as she keeps her lips together…lol #keepingit100 #nothating #bigveneers…ugh!

  34. SuperbadYR says:

    Random thought…Evelyns veneers are too big..very Mr. Ed #Imjustsaying #No_hating

  35. lb says:

    It would be a mistake to fire Royce from the show. It shouldn’t matter if the cast members don’t like her. It should matter that the fans do.

  36. lina says:


  37. Amiegura says:

    Hey Royce stop acting bitter it obvious,all this time to come here n trash Eve n Jen is not wht it..if you are happy with your life act like it,move on because you ar no better than them you are birds of the same feather …it doesn’t matter if you dating the men or not you still jumping from one on to the next…..royce aka nmff

  38. DB says:

    @ viewer from las vegas, what you wrote was on point.

    Royce you make me cringe everytime you come on the screen. I literally have the turn the volume down with your annoying voice/insights. You are annoying because you actually believe the lies you are telling yourself. It was obvious to me that the man you had last season was never interested in you. You have been upset since Eve & Jenn would not support the fashion show headed by your then man. They saw through his real intentions and choose not to support him just because you were in love with him. Yes, despite what you said in this posting you were in LOVE with him. He knew he could get you to get your friends to add the class and glamour to his BB’s Barbecue backyard fashion show. What he didnt know is that your friends (and they were your friends) were smart enough to know he was mis-using you and they were not going to help him use you. Thats what a friend does, not help your man rise high when obviously he was never into you. He practically had to keep himself from laughing when you walked out in that lingerie. At least when Eve did the exact same thing her now fiancee showed he was interested, whereas your then mans interest was less than lukewarm.

    Also, if you are so business minded then why did you not take the opportunity in spain during their fashion week to secure some fashion business for your man and you. Instead of sulking around and looking like a hot mess. That would have been a great opportunity to show that you were really about something. Instead you brought your real oops sorry NO HOOD RAT attitude on an international level. Heads up to you the fashion show was a pathetic attempt at a venture. If it was about the show then why was your man so upset about your friends not being in it. They are just two people walking the runway. Them not attending/participating did not stop the designers, entertainment (dancers) and press from showing. Wait a minute was that it he couldnt get the press unless they were in the show. Was that why he was so upset he could not use them through their affection for you. The caliber of the fashion show was pathetic and even if this was his first time putting one on do some research (there are enough reality tv fashion shows), or get ole school and look at some Fashion Fair shows. Even though the show was held at a center, the design school inhouse fashion shows where I attended school (where the top design houses attend to pick up and coming designers for their design houses) would have looked down on that fashion show. Not because of where the show was held but the fashions (that bat outfit the designer placed on you was laughable). A true designer would never have placed that outfit on you, it was not flattering at all just a theatrical mess. Maybe it was a comedy show not a fashion show. But again, if you believed in your mans venture so much why didnt you use Spain to jump something off, especially during fashion week. That is what a real business woman would have done.

    So if you are over your man from last season then why are you still angry with Eve. Are you angry because they saw something you refused to see. They were obviously right about him and you Were Not. The man you slept with and shopped for engagement rings with never wanted you, hard pill to swallow-but then someone who keeps it real would put their head back and just swallows. Who dislikes someone as much as you are professing to dislike him and still is angry with the friends who saw him for who his really was, a climber. He climbed you (intimately-financially by getting airtime he would never have been able to pay for that sort of exposure), but he was not going to climb your friends because they cared about you. Eve & Jen are smarter than you and you hate that. Keep it real gurl, since you are so adept at keeping it real. Doesnt mean that men will not try to play them, but at least it takes more than buying a puppy -rear in the air pool party and him not getting any for some months to feel that he is the one. Since your ex friends are not there to school you on why your man criteria is so low, at least your daddy was. Oh, just because your new man is waiting to sleep with you does not mean he is not sleeping with someone else.

    I have met your type before. You come across helpless need someone to look out for you and all you are is a snake. You are the type of woman I can not stand, not a sister friend at all and never will be. Wake up and give yourself a dose of this realness you keep talking about…A true friend says the things that you do not want to hear, even when they feel bad about saying it an know that you will feel bad hearing it. But what is worse, you finding out that Dwayne was never into you or Eve & Jenn bringing the type of exposure he wanted for the fashion show (the fashion show was his baby even though the dance was your part) helping him become the financial success he wanted and then finding out he wasnt into you.

  39. Sunny day says:

    Royce, I agree with you. Evelyn is an ignorant golddigger. She is trying to get pregnant for financial security. Also, I agree with you. Jen is a sandwich short of a picnic. Evelyn and Jen deserve each other.

  40. tammy truth says:

    evelyn and chad will never get married,and she know that now she just dont want royce to say told you so .would haveto be blind not to see it,u see how he tried to talk her out of having them babies,

  41. A&C says:

    Royce is so lame!!! Get a hobby and stop talking about Evelyn. You look dumb bringing her up all the time. Grow up!!!


    Royce is immatural, yes she needs to be replace, because shes the real fake. Why do you care who evelyn screw she’s a grown women why do anyone cares. Problem with women today, they trying to live their lives thru people on t.v. I watch the show for pure entertainment not to create dialogue of peoples lives. I have my own drama who cares. Stop living behind t.v and start judging your life, it can make you a better person.

  43. JoanD says:

    Royce you are a hypocrite. Last season when Evelyn was attacking Suzie at the restaurant that you insisted she attend; you sat there with Dwayne smiling and did NOT have Suzie’s back. But now that the roles are reversed you expect Suzie to fight like a teenager to prove she has your back. You, Tami, Meeka and Evelyn are ALL childish; fighting and screaming like a bunch of hood rats. It’s hard to believe you guys are mothers. You try so hard to pretend you don’t care about the other ladies but it’s SO obvious you do. You told Suzie you don’t want to discuss them but YOU constantly bring them up.

  44. Ida says:

    Royce…..If you were all that you say you are…..and trust me ….you’re not…you wouldn’t need a reality show that makes you look unsophisticated. Included in all your listed credits, college degree was one of them. Why waste your education, whether formal or not, on a show that does not showcase your “real” talent. For the world to see you as you are….sleeping with men…throwing drinks in a bar…using coarse language…etc..etc..belittles your background. According to your words, you have money. I took that to mean you don’t have to do the show for $$$$. Then since it doesn’t show you in a flattering light and it’s not about the money, what’s the point. If you say you’re better than that… better than that. Show unsophisticated women how to have style, class and eloquence. Currently, you’re showing them how money changed you….it made you act stupid.

  45. dollhouse says:


  46. DOLLHOUSE says:


  47. KITA says:

    Royce, your’re small, strong, beautiful, and fierce. I love it. Keep on keeping on. It seems like you are one of the fewer peace makers on the show. Hey you’re friends with a good girl. Tami has a good spirit about her. GOOOO Tami. Royce keep her as a friend. She’s the loyal type.

    Sincerely In Support Of You,


  48. Jackie says:


    Peace and love to you sista… with that being said you need to spend time with yourself because you are truely immature. I say this because even though you portray yourself as down to earth (with your clothes) you seem to have a heart full of envy, in all honesty you remind me of a high school girl. You claim to hate Evelyn but you talk about her constantly including writing about her in your blogs, that is plain childish not to mention borderline obsessive. Please get over your anger and move on. I also have a problem with any woman calling another woman a ho, grow up girl! Eve is entitled to her OWN sex life without judgement from anyone let alone you. She is 35 years old and doesn’t have to explain what is does in private to you. By the way, have you ever been married? And it seems you move from man to man quite a bit with some sex involved.

    I am glad to hear that you have a modest career in writing, 2000 books is a start but obviously you are not on the best -seller list, so whay “hate” on Ev? She has on business, and lets face it her shoes are hot, a man, and business ventures on the horizon and a child going to college, don’t hate because she knows the game better than you.

    I see why your ex has paid good money to put a muzzle on you, girl your mouth oozes with immaturity, please for the sake of your future, GROW UP!

    And by the way, stop talking about Suzie being friends with Ev and Jen! Last season when Suzie was being desrespected you laughted, snitched, called her a coward, then threw her under the bus with two-hours just out of maxium sercurity Tami.

  49. Crisco says:

    I agree with Royce about those K-mart maxi dresses that those girls INSIST on wearing. They are tired AND ugly! Punk Evelyn is ALWAYS talking about how somebody dresses while wearing that same corny CRAP and those big, horrible,monstrous, played out earrings. Fashion? Maybe in the back woods of bamatown! Just because I agree on this with Royce doesn’t mean I like her. I don’t. She is a three faced, insecure, immature, nasty little troll of a jealous looking BUG.
    Whoever commented that Evelyn & Chad would NEVER get married is right on the money. I would place a HUGE bet on this one. And she is nasty enough to desperately have kids to have a financial future. Chad is stupid and just as desperate. Good for his dumb ass.

  50. Shelby says:

    its funny how Royce said she wears clothes so people will cringe…just please admit those are the clothes in your closet that you wear by choice. You look like you get your clothes from CitiTrends. Nothing wrong with you looking young at your age but you don’t have to dress like your 13 though.

  51. Shemika says:

    Loving the fact that when it comes to being real on a reality show both Royce & Tami illustrate to the world that Fake is not apart of their vocabulary! Wish all the girls could get along but that’s a far cry from pure bliss!

  52. Adrian Thurmond says:

    I feel that no matter what you want to say, keepit lady like. You can still get your point across with kind words. We need to keep in mind that what we say, kids is taking in what we are talking about., We must remember that even if we are stars, the light is always on you.