A New Crop Of Celebrities Fights For Sobriety In The Celebrity Rehab 5 Supertrailer


On Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, a brand new group of celebrities seeking the help of Dr. Drew Pinsky will move into the Pasadena Recovery Center on a search for sobriety on Celebrity Rehab 5.

In this supertrailer for the fifth season of the show, celebrities including Michael Lohan, Amy Fisher, Dwight Gooden, and Steven Adler move in, and find out who among them is “dying to use,” which celeb falls off a roof, and try to figure out what Shelly Sprague is talking about when she says “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in any season we’ve ever had.” As Dr. Drew explains, “Addiction has become the disease of our time,” and hopefully he’ll make an impact as these eight celebrities try to overcome their demons.

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  1. kenny davis says:

    what I think is ridiculous is having the same celebs over and over,once theyve had the chance of a lifetime to be on it,and dr drews help…if they continue to “FALL OFF” THE Wagon,it just looks like their not as much an addict as they are for Publicity, why steven addler again? come on….in all of hollywood…their isint any other celebs who need to get sobor?

  2. mandi says:

    Since when does riding your daughter’s coat tails or being known as the long island lolita who attempted to murder her lover’s wife?? morons!

  3. Eva Vargas says:

    This group, looks for real. I hope they make it especially Bai Ling, Sean , Michael, Amy, Jeremy, Jessica, Steven (again) Adler. They deserve recovery. It does get easier as time goes on (I mean it doesn’t feel so bad) and you only have get through this once, AND YOU NEVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN! IF YOU CHOOSE.

  4. MarWorks says:

    When I first began watching these, I did saw some respect for Dr. Drew and what he was trying to do. However, his extremely negative attitude toward scientific advances in addiction treatment, such as substitution therapy and other medical advances that have made relapse much less likely and long-term sobriety more attainable, has led me to believe that his form of treatment is much more about TV-reality, rather than best practices for his patients. I am a strong believer in opiate maintenance, particularly with suboxone, but in some cases with methadone, and he lost me when he claimed on the show that “methadone steals your soul.” Granted it’s controversial, and medication alone, without other recovery modalities such as 12-step and counseling, isn’t enough. However, the patient that he was forcing through a grueling, totally unnecessary and dangerous detox from methadone is now dead. As is his other star opiate-addicted patient, who suffered from severe chronic pain but was told by Dr. Drew that he could never find recovery unless he never took pain medication again. To consign someone to a fate that is truly worse than death; a lifetime of unimaginable suffering, when he pain and addiction could very well have been managed by long-term therapy with methadone or suboxone, is absolutely wrong. The problem is that state-of-the-art treatment isn’t that exciting. It’s the torturous detoxes and the emotional overloads that the viewers want to see, and this show just keeps them coming. Just remember as you’re watching it, that this IS reality TV, and it’s much more TV than it is reality. With abstinence treatment alone, at least for long-term heroin and pain pill addicts, the recovery rate is less than 20% at 5 years. With substitution AND the typical treatment of which this is almost a parody, even the most hopeless of addicts are still in recovery at a rate of 50-80% at 5 years. Yes, many of them take a medication every day and may the rest of their lives. But they work, raise families, don’t abuse their meds or other drugs, and go on to live lives of purpose and meaning. I’m one of those people, and I don’t believe that it has stolen my soul at all. With Dr. Drew’s treatment, I would be dead now, like Mike Starr and Gary Conway.

  5. trickynek says:

    @MarWorks i agree about dr. drew sticking to the classic AA/abstinence-only model as detrimental. you often see him truly reaching people or having no judgements about relapses, which he also admits are eventualities, but yet still clings to the “your brain is diseases” model of thinking. …..he needs an invtervention for his therapy techniques…..

  6. Eva says:

    Treatment is treatment what ever it is. What do you guys know about addiction any way nothing it seems. Never put the personality before the disease. People are different once they get clean and of course, they might not be nice people. You’re judging? What good does that do at this point? They want treatment and what they will have to go through to get clean, I would not wish that on my WORST enemy. Drew’s belief is his belief that just the way he rolls. I believe in many ways to treat an addict, but I respect his way. Why? It works. There are many people who did it this way and were saved, who are you to criticize/judge. Give US a break. There will be many people who will die with the right treatment or wrong tx. That’s just the way it is. You can’t save everyone, it’s really sad, but true.
    As for Amy, she made a mistake (getting involved w/that dumb mut) a big one and then instead of getting therapy for what happened to her she went on to bigger things. I’m no push over, but I know when people don’t deal with their issues, their issues will deal with them. AND yeah, I still wish her the best, she’s human, she deserves to be happy. You all have your nerve.
    While I may not agree with some of the goings on in his show, it gives me an insight into the process of what addicts go through to get CLEAN, and that’s invaluable to people who have problems with addiction or those who live with them. Look at the positive instead of the negative you’ll get more out of life.
    AND the word is clean and not sober. Sober is alcoholic term, clean is a chemical term. Alcohol is a chemical.

  7. I grew up having an alcoholic drug-addicted father, and also have a brother that used to be a hard core alcoholic drug abuser. One thing that i’ve learned over the years is that people have to want change in order to get better, and that all people are diffferent when it comes to recovery. What works for one person treatment wise may not work for another, and I can see now why Dr. Drew is hesitant to use suboxone and methadone as treatment therapies for people who are trying to rid themselves of heroin, or opiate addictions because the suboxone or methadone may not be enough for hardcore, long-term addicts and they may ultimately end up going back to heroin to try and “feel better”. Those are two very dangerous drugs! The reason why Mike Starr died is due to him mixing different drugs together and he might even have had an underlying health problem that no one knew about that may have also contributed to his death. Same goes for Jeff Conaway. From what I recall, he had just undergone back surgery recently and was using pain meds and what ultimately killed him was not drugs, but in fact Sepsis caused by pneumonia that wasn’t treated until too late threfore it took his life. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not fair to try and throw Dr. Drew under the bus because he is against using methadone and suboxone, and it was not Dr. Drew’s therapy or maintenance therapy that killed these people, I think both Jeff and Mike were very unhappy men and they were both in lots of emotional and physical pain and they just let gave into their addictions because they couldn’t deal with the suffering anymore and it’s just sad.

  8. Gregg says:

    I just wanted to tell Sean Young that no matter what the negative people say, there are still of those that love you. You are a great actress and a great person. Hurry up and get better so you can go back to work and make some more great movies!!!! Well, don’t hurry up, take your time, get you right and then come back. We love you Sean!!!

  9. Shirley says:

    I was thumbing through the channels. I am way to old for vh-1 and hardly ever watch it. I noticed a show called Celebraty Rehab and saw Sugar from from Survivor on it. It literrally broke my heart. I had no idea she was going through addiction. I just wanted to drop this note to let her know I am rooting for her, I love her and more importantly, God loves her even more than that. Please just remember to love yourself.

    Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:31, Phillipians 4:13.


  10. bluejanuary says:

    Dwight, I just want to tell you that you are a good, good, good man.

  11. Denise says:

    I have to totally agree with Steven Adler. I love watching Celebrity Rehab however knowing full well having lived with an alcoholic for 13 years myself Amy Fisher doesn”t need to be there. If I have to hear her say one more time how hard she is trying I will barff!!!!! She is so full of crap!!! All she has done so far is whine and cry, cry, cry. She has no career to speak of except for screwing people and her greatest claim to fame shooting a woman. She keeps saying how she doesn’t want to be remembered for that but she keeps bringing it up. She whines and cries and refuses to admit she has a problem. I agree it is hard for an addict to admit they have a problem and she is so seriously in denial there is no help for her. She is just trying to revive an ailing career what one she does have. If she didn’t have problems with her porn career she wouldn’t need the money from this show cause she is so fake she can’t even pull off a real act. Steven Adler was right when he said someone else could die because she is sitting there taking up useless space someone else could be benefiting from. She needs to stop whining she wants to go home and just do us all a favor and go go go!!!!!!!!Everyone else wants help so let them do the work and get help. Replace her noone cares about the pathetic Long Island Lolita anymore we’re all over the whole thing!!! Lay in bed and cry all day that’s all she’s good at. In case you don’t get the clue and you obviously don’t the reason noone likes you is because they can see how fake fake fake you are! To all the rest of the cast good luck and do everything you can to gain your sobriety and keep it!! Amy quit and go home that’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. wayne addi says:

    what I would like to know, is how come steve adler only tries to bully women on shaow like amy fisher,but he never,ever tries to bully men on show ? he’s coward he only pick on women! I would like Dr. to ask steve adler why he only abusvie towards the women and never the men ?

  13. Amy the killer is disgusting all she does is cry like and idiot. I agree with Steven she is a joke.

    I will not watch again if you have people like that on.

  14. JAMES ERICKSON says:

    dear marworks i totally agree with everything you have stated in your comment i my self am a 21 year herion addict and i have struggled relentlessly to try to stay clean and in a 21 year period i have not been able to do it i have lost evrything i ever cared about or loved including my family including my parents my now exwife and even my children i have done regular treatment at least a dozen times and it has never worked for me i would sit and obsess about getting high all day every day it was all i could think of the days felt like weeks minutes felt like hours the day would be so long i could hardly stand it but now i am happy to say i have been clean and sober for over two years i have not even had one dirty urine test and it is all due to a methadone program it has saved my life i should be either dead or in prison but thanks to methadone i am living a sober productive life when i first started taking the methadone it cured all my cravings and stopped the obbsession of wanting to get high and yes for the first week to 2 weeks i had a really good buzz from it but with in a month it went away and now i do not ever feel any thing from the methadone except maybe a little tired now and again other than that i feel nothing from it and this again is the only time in my life that i have been able to say no to getting high so no matter what anyone thinks methadone treatment is a life saving program !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. JAYMUS777 says:



  16. Eva says:

    Amy Winehouse is dead due to the disease. She never believed she had a problem. God rest her soul. I hope you’re at peace Amy.

  17. cora komm says:

    This is for Steven Adler. I have watched you on two different episodes of Celebrity Rehab. I was amazed and proud that you were again try to help with your addition(s). After watching the 150 days episode, my heart just sank for you. You are such an amazing, caring, sweet, and talented person and I don’t know what it’s going to take for you to recover. I want to tell you a story of what has happened in our lives. The words still ring in my head when his father called and told me he was dead. Steven, YOU HAVE A CHOICE!!! Why not take it. You know Steven, I would give anything if I could have my grandson back again.
    I am not without my own fears of addiction but mine our panic attacks, depression, and other mental related problems. I have to face them everyday, every minute, every second, if that is what it takes. And I am no better than you I just have a different enemies to fight.
    I will be praying for you because I don’t want to watch another show and see that you have become one of those who have overdosed.