GQ Interviews Drew Pinsky On His Controversial Role, Doctor-As-Entertainer


A new article in GQ magazine about Dr. Drew Pinsky touches heavily on an issue that’s been a source of criticism about Pinsky recently: Whether his strong media presence is overshadowing his quest to help people. “I really want on my tombstone just to say HE MADE A DIFFERENCE,” Pinsky told interviewer Natasha Vargas-Cooper, which is why he chooses to reach such a wide audience through his many TV shows.

We pulled some revealing quotes from the article and posted them below, take a look for yourself and feel free to weigh in how you feel about the good doctor using television as a medium to help his celebrity patients. The supertrailer for Celebrity Rehab 5 just came out today as well so be sure to check that out as well.

When Vargas-Cooper asks Pinsky if putting troubled, narcissistic people in front of a camera as they endure the recovery process, he justifies that, saying “Here’s the thing: These are unmotivated people who want to be on TV and make money. That’s why they’re there. And in spite of that, they end up getting treatment, feeling good about it, being transformed by it.”

And while the caliber of celebrities is not often A-list and those who participate often turn the show into spectacle, he turns the tables and asks for the audience’s support, not judgment. “You’re going to laugh at these people? We’re pushing your face to the mirror. Look at what you’re laughing at, at what pain these people are in, and you’ve been sitting in judgment of them,” he says. 

Of course, even those close to him can see the cracks, the flaws in his treatment and they’re honest about that. Adam Carolla, Pinsky’s former Loveline co-host says of his friend “Yeah, he’s not Mother Teresa. He’s not a saint. He’s somewhere between Mother Teresa and Charles Manson. As we all are. And he’s just a little closer to Teresa than Charlie, that’s all. But he’s not her.”

For the full article, check out GQ and let us know if you think Dr. Drew’s criticism is warranted, or if he justifies his methods too much. And if you’re on the fence, tune in to Celebrity Rehab 5, which premieres Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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