Renee Graziano Drops A Few Hints About The Season Finale Of Mob Wives


It’s hard to imagine that after so many fights on Mob Wives, the friendships on the show can bounce back, but as Renee Graziano says in last week’s episode, “We fight hard, but we love harder.”

When we spoke to Renee recently, she was very candid about how the show has changed her life and her relationships. “My family and friends, with the exception of my father, everyone has been very happy for my success they love the show,” Renee told us, mentioning that her famous father Anthony Graziano “loves his daughters unconditionally but [this show] is not for him.” (Sister Jennifer Graziano is one of the show’s creators and producers.)

And you might think that living life in the public eye wouldn’t go over well with Renee’s ex Junior either, but he’s actually a big fan of the show. “Junior is very much into the television show, I have to admit it,” she says. “I usually get a phone call right after—sometimes he’s angry, sometimes he laughs, sometimes he’s more humbled and a little taken aback when he sees himself on camera. The impact that jail is having over his son is affecting him, definitely in a good way, though. Now he really knows he needs to stay around for AJ.”

After the jump, Renee tells us the a few of the things we can look forward to before the season is over, and she gives us some good dirt about how she felt before, during, and after the big fight with Carla.

On her relationship status with Junior:

My current status with Junior is…I guess you’re gonna have to tune in and watch the rest of the season! You never know what’s gonna happen. But I will say that I absolutely, positively love my son’s father. I love him because he is my first love and my husband, but now he is my ex-husband.

On the reported fight between Drita and Karen that occurred during the finale taping:

Well, I don’t see the episodes till you do so we all have to stay tuned for that one. I will say, the big, big bang takes new meaning.

On her latest business venture, Jail Mail, Inc.:

The website should be up by the end of the summer. This is my heart and soul project.

On what we didn’t see during the big dinner party fight:

That fourth plate [on the dining room table], I made very open and honest that Karen was coming…What everyone doesn’t see is what happens prior to the editing. What I think would have happened differently is had [Carla and Drita] not plotted against me, things would have went over much smoother. I kept my cool for an hour prior to that explosion. That was more their bad than mine…I think Carla thought I was a lot weaker than I am and that she was a lot tougher with Drita behind her.

On how it felt watching the fight on television:

I did feel some sort of…after watching episodes six and seven which had to do with me and Carla and Drita, I did feel set up and I was very angry and obviously I don’t hold my words, which makes me very real. I’ve pretty much calmed down after the last episode.

On whether she would she rather forget that the fight with Carla ever happened:

I don’t ever wanna forget it, I’d like to do it again, maybe this time knock her out.

On what to expect in season two:

I’m very blessed to have had this opportunity of a reality show…I know season two will be maybe not as angry and vicious, but even more explosive.

Mob Wives is on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and the finale airs Sunday, June 26.

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