Rumors Of On-Set Creative Clashes Mar The Release Of Lady Gaga’s Video For “The Edge Of Glory”


When word first broke last month that Lady Gaga was prepping a video for her Song Of The Summer contender “The Edge Of Glory,” acclaimed music video director Joseph Kahn was attached to the project. However, before Gaga’s new Rent-tastic video debuted on So You Think You Can Dance last night, Kahn tweeted the following:

Which was followed up by this:

Naturally, this apparent Gaga diss by Kahn infuriated the Little Monsters, who barraged Kahn so relentlessly on Twitter that his name became a trending topic “for all the wrong reasons.” After Gaga refused to come to his aid on Twitter, anonymous insiders close to production talked to the New York Post’s PopWrap blog and detailed the “disagreements” that occured on set between Gaga and Kahn, disagreements that led to Kahn disavowing the project entirely (the finished video for “The Edge Of Glory” is now listed as being directed by Haus of Gaga).

According to PopWrap’s source, the initial vision for “The Edge Of Glory” video agreed to by the director and his star was a grandiose production in line with Gaga’s other epic music videos. Before being dismissed from the project, Kahn had reportedly built sets for “a hospital scene, Brooklyn Bridge, and a big underwater mermaid scene.” However, somewhere along the way, Gaga lost faith in this vision and “told Joseph what to do” to fix it. When Kahn refused to comply, he left the project; a rep for Universal Music that we spoke to this afternoon refused to comment as to whether or not Kahn was fired.

This creative clash resulted in a finished product that is undeniably Gaga’s least ambitious video to date. Now, we happen to be of the mindset that this underwhelming video suits the video just right; when you have a song that’s this great, it can (and will) stand on its own without the aid of a multi-million dollar music video. However, others have been less than impressed: a number of fans registered their disappointment on Twitter, and the video’s lack of interesting visuals spurred Popdust to create a list of the Ten Least-Eventful Music Videos In History.

What say you, VH1 fans? Do you like the newly understated Gaga? Or is she letting her ego get the best of her? Let us know in the comments.

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