Audrina – Episode 10 – We Always Have Each Other


The Patridge family might not be done healing from their season-long rift, but they’re well on their way. And it’s nothing a wacky photo shoot can’t fix!

Well, it’s been ten whole episodes now, and it’s safe to say that Audrina should probably just be renamed Lynn, Casey, And Kyle. Of course the show revolves around our Audrina, but when it comes to explosive family drama, it’s all about those three. But first…Audrina fulfills her plot line duty and breaks up with Corey Bohan, her crazy-eyed boyfriend who has been terrorizing and manipulating her all season.

Audrina and Corey have met up for drinks, but as Corey does not enjoy having his life played out on camera, he refuses to have a conversation and whines about how he’s been treated.

So Audrina simply tells him it’s over, and Corey storms out while giving Audrina viewers the finger in the process.

Audrina is like “So…that just happened.”

And her dad escorts her out across four lanes of California highway to his car.

So long, Corey! (Except not really, ’cause you guys are back together and this is seriously Justin Bobby 2.0 and we wish your friend Joey was able to talk some sense into you about that!)

So that relationship but be done for now, but Sunday, the day of Sammy Patridge‘s Sweet Sixteen surprise party, is here! Sammy is one lucky sixteen-year-old. Her family is throwing her a huge bash where her favorite band, Iration, is playing.

Her parents just bought her a Mercedes with a bow (so I guess they really do that, it’s not just something that happens in car commercials at Christmas!).

And someone brought her a flower arrangement with dollar bills growing out of it.

And there’s even coconut shrimp being passed around! This party is better than most weddings I’ve been to. But Casey and Kyle are missing, and their absence doesn’t go unnoticed, especially by Lynn. Lynn is willing to patch things up with her daughter, but man does she hate Kyle. “I think there’s more healing,” Lynn says of her relationship with Casey. “We just need to get rid of little Loza. Get some Raid, he’s a little roach. I wanna zap him.”Lynn fulfills her duty as a hard-to-get-along-with mother-in-law in such colorful ways.

When Casey and Kyle finally arrive after being stuck in traffic for five hours, Lynn tries to make nice and give the old one-armed side hug, but she later exchanges the stinkeye with Kyle.

“My mom has a lot of work to do on herself before I’ll even consider working on things with her,” Casey says, and Kyle feels the same. “If the grandparents aren’t being grandparents, then being a good parent is keeping our kids away from that disaster,” he says.

But at least Sammy is happy they came.

And if there’s anyone here who can boil the situation down to it’s rawest form, it’s brother Marky, who delivers these words of wisdom while dressed as Afro Elvis:

“I hope everyone like, simmah down and like, become a family again and not get all buckwild!” Well said, Marky. Well said.

Oh, to revert back to being a family that once looked so cute, so 80’s, so…mustachioed.Those were the days.

In a rare moment of clarity somewhere around the time they were taking the Rasta family portrait,

Lynn explains “It’s important to know we always have each other.”

“There were a lot of issues that were brought to the table that wouldn’t have been brought up if it weren’t for this show…This will be an experience that none of us will ever forget,” Audrina said before she faded into a final farewell montage, just to jog our memories one last time.

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