Mob Wives – Episode 9 – Homecomings And Drama Queens


Things were going so well for all the ladies on Mob Wives this week. Until Karen gave Drita her book.

About 75% of this episode was about the kids. And the other 25% was Drita’s anger toward Karen. Let’s check on the kids first.

Carla‘s children were super-excited that their father, Joe, was coming out of prison and they all went together to pick him up. Her son Joseph was so happy that he couldn’t stop whacking his sister with his big blue monkey.

Drita’s daughter Aleeya showed that she possesses a well-honed bulls— detector when she talked to her father, Lee, about when he’s coming home from prison. When Lee tells her he’ll be home “soon,” she replies “Soon’s not good enough.”

"Bitch, I'm ten, but I'm not stupid."

And then there’s Renee‘s son AJ who, despite being up on his Goodfellas impressions

promises his mother he will never enter the mob life. “I’m not gonna live that life, I never had that mindset. I’m gonna go the way I pick, and the way I pick is to be legit, have a family and that’s it,” he tells her. Aww. This one, he’s a good egg!

Renee is also trying to get the rest of her life on track by getting back into the swing of her old job as a stylist, so she goes to work on a video shoot with, oh, you know, just Ghostface Killah.

"Please, my friends call me Ghost!"

They get a little close on the shoot

and basically they do a mini Power Balance infomercial, but we could watch them all day long because they’re so cute together. That’s good though, because Renee needs a diversion from throwing Junior out of her house.

So much for Junior changing his ways. It turns out he’s been texting and calling two other women this whole time. This woman made chicken soup from scratch last week for you, Junior! Get it together, dummy. “What do you think, I’m a f—ing jerkoff?” Renee says as she gets the suitcases out and gives him the heave-ho. Blah blah blah, father of your child, but this guy is no good.

Of course then there’s Karen’s baby (for the sake of this episode anyway), her book, which proves to be most controversial of all and it causes a rift between Karen and Drita that’s not going to end well.

When Karen and Drita meet for lunch, it’s a love-fest, a commitment ceremony of friendship, laughter, and fond memories…

It really did seem like all their Lee drama was gone. But at their next meet-up, Karen presents Drita with the first chapter of her book and Drita pulls a 180. It makes sense for her to want to protect her kids from anything in there about Lee, but Drita refuses to even read the thing. She gets more and more agitated as time goes on, finally telling Carla that the book is a betrayal. “I was the only person there for her when everybody hated her f—ng face,” she says. “I still think in my head that I should have smashed her face against the granite.”

It doesn’t stop there (God bless Drita’s angry rants, we learn more creative ways to talk smack about people thanks to her). She says of the situation, and the fact that Karen was with Lee, “Someone from twenty years ago that he banged is definitely not coming into my life and giving me a f—ing headache…I absolutely do not trust Karen.”

Which means that yes, there will indeed be a throwdown next week during the finale. And it will look something like this.

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  1. sue says:

    Drita is a wanta be gangsta she has no class and has major anger issues

  2. k says:

    omg, whose leg is thrown up like that in the air???

  3. Angel says:

    Drita has no life no self steam and no loyalty . she has anger issues . I feel sorry for her kids for having a mom like that . Kids deserve a father in the home not in jail.

  4. claudia says:

    Looks like Drita wants to go live in prison also, someday. Then mommy and daddy can both teach their kids how to go live at the big house, prison.

  5. edincincy says:

    I KNEW Drita would react that way to the book. If you don’t want to know what Karen wrote; don’t read the book. Oh yeah, BTW……I’d LOVE to see the four of you hosting Saturday Night Live.

  6. Toni says:

    I dread watching this episode, OMGoodness!! Drita didn’t take it well when Karen gave her the first chapter to read. I kinda understand where’s Drita is coming from, but as when Drita thought that it was over with and they both had moved on, Drita should have expressed it to Karen and then Karen will let her know that “yes everything is ok with us, I am still writing the book and yes there will be stuff about my life, it is not to bash people in wrong way or in a bad way, but just a story of my life how I have lived it and no this book is not all about Lee, he is just a small part of it, in my life just like all others things that were part of my life then and some in my life now, but the book is about me and my life and it’s not to hurt anyone but just to tell my story, that’s it”, Now, if all this was said at the time when they met when Karen showed the first chapter to Drita, I’m sure Drita will then listen carefully to what Karen was really saying and knowing that Karen wasn’t being mean to Drita, nor was she trying to make her feel bad or anything like that, it was just what she said, “she is close to Drita and wants to know what Drita thinks of the book, she knows Drita will be honest with her”, see, Karen has no bad intentions with Drita nor does she wants to ruin Drita’s family, Karen has a heart for everyone, and she makes sure to make it known. It’s just ashamed that her friends, who has been friends for a long time would even think that someone your friend will do somthing wrong to you, and meanwhile it was opposite, Karen is opening up to Drita since the beginning and all Drita is doing is talking behind Karen’s back instead of telling her to her face and just talk it out like two adults, especially when you were very good friends, trust it can be fix. In no way does Karen wants Lee back, in no way does Karen wants Drita to leave Lee, in no way does Karen wants to hurt Drita, but it’s ashamed that Drita always look at things in a negative way and it’s so sad that Drita can’t go to her friend and tell her to her face on what she thinks about all this or the book, or the friendship, the best thing that Drita could have done was to go to Karen herself and not talk about Karen behind her back with Carla, this is what starts trouble, this is what shows how high school you are, friends should be able to talk it out, and yeah friends argue but they do come to an agreement or both will agree to disagree and move on as long as both know that they both still love eachother and both don’t want to hurt eachother. I hope all goes well for all of them. I do love them all, these women reminds me of me in all sorts of parts that they each have, I can relate. I am kinda older than they are and I have lots of experience with friends and yeah men issues, which since I am having to start over with my life cause of the decisions I have made, so yeah I can relate to this women especially Renee. Love you all, Carla, Drita, Karen and Renee, hope all goes well with all of you hoping that you all remain friends and remember, Men come and goes, but your family and close friends are with you forever, especially women… We are women and we should stay together, support eachother, love eachother and know that we are for eachother… Women Rule!!!

    Love you all
    Peace & Love

  7. Word says:

    I can’t post this underneath the section with the sneak peak for the season finale because this site really really sucks! So I’m posting it here because it’s the truth!

    I’ve watched the sneak peek of the finale a dozen times and I know what happened. Karen is genuinely hurt because she felt in her heart that Drita was truly her girl. After all they lived together and everything. She doesn’t feel that just because they were not talking for awhile means that they were not true friends. If you watch the clip and really listen to what Drita says, you’ll find out that Drita made friends with Karen because she wanted to get to Lee. Drita then told Lee that Karen had sex with her boyfriend while she was together with Lee. Karen maintains that she only made-out with him which I belive, but even if it was more, she accuses Drita of ratting her out, which she did. The fact is that Karen made-out with or had sex with Drita’s boyfriend BEFORE her and Drita were friends. However, Drita made a play for Lee while they were friends including letting Lee know that Karen made out with someone else why they were together. It’s clear, that Karen loved Drita and was wounded by Drita’s calculated play for Lee. Drita, on the other hand, while strinklingly beautiful, is clearly less than truthful. As an example, on an interview clip, she is asked whether she has ever used an object as a weapon in a fight. She says no because her hands are weapons, when clearly we see in the clip, that she comes at Karen with a burning candle in a candle holder.

  8. Angel says:

    Drita does not want Karen to write the book because of her past , how she stole her friends boyfriend and god knows all the other things she did . Drita knows that her kids and her family are going to find out about her dirty secrets. To late for you Drita couse you wanted to be on tv. Karen has every right to write that book.