Saddle Ranch – Episode 9 – You Need Some Twang


We’ve said it before, but Saddle Ranch is a secretly heartwarming show, and this episode was no different in the feel-good department. Except for when Rachel was kind of a downer. But besides that, it was all warm fuzzies!

At the beginning of the episode, Kameron is having a breakdown. A guy at the bar tells her she sounds like a guy and that sets her off into a downward spiral and the only person to pull her out of her baritone funk is her boyfriend Jordan.

They have a sweet and reassuring conversation that confirms their love, but the only problem is that Jordan lives in New Jersey, 3000 miles from Saddle Ranch. Robb sees how much Kameron and Jordan miss each other and calls Jordan to set up a secret visit to L.A.

“She needs a little lovin’…from her New Jersey lover, if you know what I mean,” Robb tells Jordan over the phone and uh, yeah, you weren’t being super vague Robb, so we all know what you mean. All snark aside though, Robb seems like a great friend to set this up.

When Jordan gets to L.A. he tells Robb his real m.o.: He plans to propose to Kameron. This is a plan he just hatched like two hours ago though, so he doesn’t have a ring. Which means the boys must go shopping for one.


“You could buy a respectable used car with the amount he spent on that ring,” Robb says, longingly wishing that Jordan will maybe snag him a car, or even just a Vespa, on their shopping trip. Robb tricks Kameron into a night out with him, at which point Jordan surprises her and Robb watches their intimate reunion. Creepy or cute?


Jordan takes Kameron to the Ranch after dinner and proposes to her where else but in the mechanical bull ring

to the delight of everyone

especially the mastermind of this whole plan, Robb.

Unfortunately, Rachel could not give a s—, and it shows.

I shall now prepare you a cocktail called the "I Don't Give A F---."

Meanwhile, Nancee and Dave are following their career dreams. Dave convinced Nancee to call celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo

I just like that this caption makes Dave look like a talented ventriloquist

and she lands an interview at his salon.

When they meet, Nancee charms Kim and says she’s not only a great stylist, but she’d be the only Southerner who works there and tells him “You need some twang.” The twang line works and Nancee gets the job. (So does this mean no more Saddle Ranch?? TBD…)

Dave has a slightly bigger challenge ahead when he meets with an agent to get his acting career on track. The first challenge is how far away he is from the agent when they shake hands.

The second challenge is that Dave didn’t prepare a monologue, and no monologue makes for an angry agent.

It’s okay though, the agent is forgiving enough to let Dave come back the next week, so Nancee suggests that Dave’s monologue consist of “whatever you say to women to get them in bed, that seems to work real well.” To which Dave says “It worked for you!” Confirmation! These two did it! Forget Kameron’s engagement, that’s the real gem of this episode. (Kidding, of course.)

New jobs! Fiances! See? This show is just proof that everything good happens in the bull ring. But in the next episode, prepare for more Rachel drama and some big shake-ups back at the Ranch.

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