Are Britney Spears And Nicki Minaj Already Beefing On The Femme Fatale Tour?


The first two stops of Britney Spears‘s Femme Fatale Tour are in the can, and the reviews are in. Is the tour a success? It depends whom you ask (or maybe which night you attended).

Carla Meyer raved at the Sacramento Bee about Spears’s tour kickoff on Thursday night, a “relaxed” yet “excited” performance that was no less professional for the “fun” Spears had while “hitting all her marks.” Barry Walters, who attended the same show for Rolling Stone, reported the same: “She’s wisely focusing on the present…while offering possibly her flashiest, fastest moving, and most entertaining production yet.” He complimented her agility and showpersonship.

The two reports disagree on opener Nicki Minaj; Meyer praised her “magnetism” and “attention to detail” while Walters thought the set “lacked in commitment.” Both did find it (understandably) strange that Spears’s “Till the World Ends” performance featured an onscreen Minaj instead of an in-person one.

Jim Harrington caught Saturday night’s show in San Jose, but praise was the furthest from his mind when he reviewed the show for the Mercury News. He conceded that “Spears seemed in good shape and she had no trouble keeping pace with all her dancers” but found the outsized production values confusing and detrimental to Spears’s charisma. He claims, in fact, that “there wasn’t a single routine that really wowed the crowd.” This may be a bit overstated; the fans appear to go pretty crazy after “I Wanna Go” in fan-shot footage—if they weren’t wowed, they were, at the very least, very loud. (Britney tweeted to that effect.)

The latest report from the show claims that there’s some backstage drama on the tour. MediaTakeOut is reporting that Britney and some of her backup dancers sought Nicki backstage. The unsubstantiated rumor claims that Britney was furious after Nicki went 45 minutes over her allotted time as the show opener.

The Femme Fatale Tour comes to Los Angeles tonight, and there will likely be plenty of media coverage to provide additional perspectives on the tour (and to see if there’s anything to the backstage rumor). Till then, watch her performance of “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know,” in Sacramento on Thursday, below.

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  1. brit says:

    the show was AWESOMEEEEEE..the review of jim harrington was pathetic absolute lies

  2. Sherwin says:

    The Jim Harrington review was pathetic, DON’T BELIEVE IT FOR A SECOND. He’s just a mindless little monster who has nothing better to do with his life.

  3. FEY says:

    it’s all about the producer yall ran out there to tour like two school kids doing a play with no real boundaries except that yall were cool at the moment. I ACT ALL DAY BY THE WAY I’M MAD AT YOU GUYS FOR REAL.

  4. FEY says:

    it is all about the producer yall ran out there like two schools kids doing a tour because yall were cool at the time.I ACT ALLDAY BY THE WAY I AM MAD AT YOU.

  5. People are idiots for paying to see these dumb artists that don’t matter or say anything to help the kids. They are pathetic and so is the audience for paying ridiculous amounts instead of helping a local charity! Get your priorities straight and stop paying idiots to entertain you!

  6. Ciara Hall says:

    I mean it was a good performance from what I have seen but all she did was sit on a swing. Britney usually dances with her dancers. I know it was just a part of the concert but it could of been better than that. She sang beautifully, of course, but I don’t see the Britney Spears I have grew up with and now.