Basketball Wives L.A.Is Coming In August!


If you’re a fan of Basketball Wives but wish you had even more off-the-court entertainment in your life, get ready for Basketball Wives L.A., coming this summer.

The new series, produced by the original Basketball Wives mastermind and queen bee Shaunie O’Neal will take a closer look at a new group of women 3,000 miles from Miami, but with just as much drama in their lives. The new cast includes Kimsha Artest (wife of Ron Artest, Los Angeles Lakers), Jackie Christie (wife of Doug Christie, former player for the Los Angeles Clippers), Imani Showalter (ex-fiance of Stephen Jackson, Charlotte Bobcats), and perhaps most dramatic of all, sisters Laura and Gloria Govan, whose lives and relationships we’re already pretty familiar with from Gloria’s appearance on season one of Basketball Wives. The new show is set to premiere on Monday, August 29th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

For the full press release and photos of the newest wives, read on.

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LOS ANGELES, CA – June 20, 2011 – VH1 is expanding their “Basketball Wives” franchise with an explosive new series set in Los Angeles featuring the wives and girlfriends of players both the Lakers and their cross-town rivals, the Clippers. VH1 has also given the greenlight to a new dating series, “Siggy Flicker” (working title) featuring the dynamic matchmaker Siggy Flicker and her match-making service in New York teaching the lovelorn to be dating powerhouses.

“Basketball Wives” premieres on Monday, August 29 at 8pm ET/PT
Elbow throwing, trash talking and in-your-face action: forget the NBA, we’re talking about their wives! The successful VH1 franchise “Basketball Wives” just tapped a new team of leading ladies to take Los Angeles by storm in “Basketball Wives LA” premiering Monday, August 29 at 8 PM ET/PT. “Basketball Wives LA” introduces a group of dynamic women with relationships to some of the biggest basketball players in the game. “Basketball Wives LA” cast includes: Kimsha Artest (wife of Ron Artest, Los Angeles Lakers), Gloria Govan (fiancée of Matt Barnes, Los Angeles Lakers), Laura Govan (sister of Gloria Govan) and Jackie Christie (wife of Doug Christie, former player for the Los Angeles Clippers) and Imani Showalter (fiancée of Stephen Jackson, Charlotte Bobcats) as well as others.
This 10 episode, hour-long series will dive into the real-life locker room of these leading ladies, giving viewers a never-before-seen look at what it takes to live in La La Land and be connected to a famous professional athlete. For the most part, these women live the life with the best cars, biggest mansions and hottest bling but living the high life is not all glamour and often there is a price to pay. Cameras will follow these women as they attempt to juggle their relationships, infidelity issues, children and friendships while trying to find the perfect balance between supporting their families and realizing their own career ambitions. “Basketball Wives LA” brings a full court press to VH1 Monday, August 29 at 8 PM ET/PT.

Shed Media is producing the series. Executive producing for Shed Media are Nick Emmerson, Jennifer O’Connell, Sean Rankine and Alex Demyanenko. Tom Huffman is a consulting producer. Shaunie O’Neal is an executive producer. Executive producing for VH1 are Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes and Noah Pollack.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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  1. Truth says:

    These shows all need to end.

  2. monique minter says:

    shaunie.. thats right!!! u go girl

  3. copyedit says:

    it’s ex-fianceE, if the person is a woman.

  4. La Wanda Cole says:


  5. first i want to say i love basketball wives, with the exception of evelyn and jenn, i think shaunie shoud have thought a little more when allowing them two to be on the show. as for basketball wives in los angeles, i probably will watch, but i do not like gloria, she was shaunie’s friend, and all the while her and her sister was schamming on shaquill, and she was suppose to be shaunies friend, so i do not like her, she thinks she doesnt owe shanie anything, she is wrong, and that will be the only reason i will not watch it. but i will check it out once, but if gloria is going to be on it, i won’t watch. i’m a loyal fan of shaunies!

  6. brittany says:

    1st off the govan sisters and the imani chick aren’t married to any Lakers or Clippers so why are they on the show

    2nd i think this show might do well because even thought gloria and shaunie had their issues i think they should be fine because evelyn and jenn won’t be on the show

  7. SassyAss TJ says:

    FINALLY!!! Women whom are ACTUALLY attached to some BASKETBALL Players!LOL Ms. Shaunie, I ain’t mad @ you ’cause you sure do KNOW how to GET that MONEY! Personal feelings aside, you are getting your ENEMY to work for you! Go ‘head, girl!!! Proud of you. Keep up the good work of making these females look CRAZY! With all the money that these women have access to, they choose to appear on these shows and “make a monkey” of themselves! I think back to the woman, DaShauwn Snow, on Atlata Housewives. She has PLENTY MONEY and she wanted to make a difference in the lives of her family and others; yet they kicked her off because she didn’t act CLASSLESS! WOW! What does that say about us as human beings? Peace & Love

  8. NOMOREDRAMA says:

    I like Doug Christie and his Wife Jackie…..They seem like real people…But…when you see Gloria and her sister you know there is gonna be drama!


  9. Michelle says:

    This has to be one of the dumbest shows on VH1 at this moment in time, most of these women were never married to these Ball Players and they probably never will, they just have babies by them which doesn’t make them a basketball wife. I just don’t get it, there’s nothing interesting at all about this show just alot of stupidity. What a shame, people will do anything to try and make a name for themselves, have they thought about their children and how this really looks, probably not. God Bless those (REAL) husbands and wives that didn’t take the bait for this really silly show, JUST FULL OF MESS!!!!!!!!!

  10. the color purple says:

    Sporty…Thanks for saying all I needed to say.

  11. kinta says:

    Gloria, this comment is for you: I think I understand why your paranoid about groupies hanging with the ladies, but the biggest groupie is looking you in the face…Laura!!! Your so worried about someone coming along to break up your happy home, but your sister is that person…maybe you should keep your enemies closer…just saying!!!

  12. Ayasha Brown says:

    I think this show is rediculous if your a mature, grounded person. If you like drama and are a judgemental, foolish, presumptous person its definitely the show for you. I think imani needs to grow up and be some good for someone or something other than herself and stop passing judgement on other people. How does laura start a fight and it becomes someone eles fault? Of course this is my opinion and i’m sharing it because there are alot of impressionable young ladies who will watch this and i hope that they don’t model after these ladies.

  13. LeAsia Reviere says:

    did Jackie cut her hair?

  14. Mz Stacks says:

    What do you guys think about evelyn comment about tammi weave when she was go in on kenya

  15. Dee Knox says:

    When does Basketball Wives LA comes on.