Take A Sneak Peek Of The Mob Wives Season-Ending Fight


Things haven’t been fine between Karen and Drita for most of the season on Mob Wives. Their friendship has been tested constantly ever since Karen returned to Staten Island, and in this sneak peek of the final episode of the season, things get ugly.

“It’s important to state the fact that you were not my friend when I hooked up with Lee,” Drita tells Karen in a tense argument over drinks. “Now all this s— is starting to sound real fishy to me,” Karen explains. “I’m almost starting to think she’s trying to prove her timeline so much because maybe she was f—ing Lee the whole time I was with him.” And when you have this kind of miscommunication, it’s not going to end well. Why, oh why, did they have to pick a rooftop bar to film this conversation? That just seems dangerous.

The season finale of Mob Wives airs this Sunday, June 26th, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. True That says:

    I’ve watched this a bunch of times and I know what happened. Karen is genuinely hurt because she felt in her heart that Drita was truly her girl. After all they lived together and everything. She doesn’t feel that just because they were not talking for awhile due to circumstances means that they were not true friends. If you watch the clip and really listen to what Drita says, you’ll find out that Drita made friends with Karen because she wanted to get to Lee. Drita then told Lee that Karen had sex with her boyfriend while she was together with Lee. Karen maintains that she only made-out with him which I believe, but even if it was more, she accuses Drita of ratting her out, which she did. The fact is that Karen made-out with or had sex with Drita’s boyfriend BEFORE her and Drita were friends. However, Drita made a play for Lee WHILE they were friends including letting Lee know that Karen made out with someone else when they were together. It’s clear, that Karen loved Drita and was wounded by Drita’s calculated play for Lee and betrayal of friendship. Drita, on the other hand, while strinklingly beautiful, is clearly less than truthful. She made calculated moves to get with Lee and as another example of her untruthfulness, on an interview clip, she is asked whether she has ever used an object as a weapon in a fight. She says no, because her hands are weapons, when clearly we see in this clip, that she comes at Karen with a burning candle in a candle holder. That’s a weapon other than her hands.

  2. Crazy Man says:

    Drita wants to shut Karen up because she is guilty.

  3. Olivv says:

    This is why you don’t re-hash the past when you’re trying to work through a conflict. It just brings up old emotions, and it really isn’t that important because it’s irrelevant (especially if it’s something that happened 7-10 years ago).

    I don’t like Drita at all. She’s all talk… i love how she decides to get up and be the fighter she claims to be when Karen is literally being held down on the bench by Renee… wow… you’re really tough Drita. I don’t really get why Karen is upset either though… the whole lee situation just seems so irrelevant, and i don’t get why she’s holding on to it so much. The only thing that would make me angry is the fact that Drita has been down-playing the relationship that Karen and lee had, but it’s not that big of a deal. I do think that Drita is the more annoying one though. She sounds like a moron getting mad at karen over chapter one of her book (which she didn’t even read… lol) because she doesn’t want her kids to find out about lee’s past, but obviously their gonna find out about some things just by wathcing the show alone… she just doesn’t make sense.

  4. Nin says:

    Why doesn’t karen stop already about her ex? Any woman can see thru that crap, it’s not about friendship anymore it’s about jealousy that she feels she should of had the life Drita has which is just as sick. so get off it already Karen, it’s getting old and you should stop mentionig that stupid crap. Get a life, lose some weight, get a job, stop being an embarrassment to your kids when they grow and that goes for all of you except R

  5. JoAnn says:

    I was so happy Karen got it from Drita. All that Karen is a bit h she go from house to house talking sh t about all the talking about each one of them. Like she did to Renee
    about JR, and Carla about Joe. Karen keeps talking about Lee after 20years she want him bad. I hope that Drita hits Karen every time she seen her.
    She just like her Father a rat

  6. Short & Sexy says:

    I think that Karen should get over it already.In the clip she said that she moved cauused she was pregnant so what the hell is up. If you was pregnant then why she didn’t have Lee baby if she was with him how in the hell did she get pregnant with someone else baby. Unless she was cheating on Lee. But wrIting a book and talking about someone else husband and putting it out there for Drita’s and Lee kids to someday see that is some bull fine another way to make some money get a job. It was over 13 years ago I think that Karen is a drama queen and now she is writing a book about her life all she is doing is being a rat now like her daddy. In her tell all book.

  7. Denise says:

    You Always Know When Someone Cannot Fight Because They Love To PICK-UP OBJECTS! I Hate It When People Try To Potray Themselves As Tought When That’s Not The Case! Drita Is Scary, She LAshes Out And Knock Things Over, She Never Swings!!! Uugggghhh REminds Me of Evelyn From Basketball Wives!

  8. Sunshine says:

    Drita you are my favorite Mob Wives…You are the mosst truthful and NOT fake of ALL 4…Tell let like it is or KruPlunk…I wish I could be more like you in a sense …Oh well I do like to tell let like it is but I’ve never had to hit anyone which sometimes I wished I could!!! C u Next Season!!!
    PS you have Beautiful Daughters I Have 3 of my own and theyre beautiful Women !!

  9. suspicious says:

    The reason Karen is holding on to the situation between herself, Drita and Lee, is that Karen is suspicious that there is more to the “Drita/Lee Hookup” than what is being revealed. She is trying to uncover the truth. In my opinion, Karen has really good insight and the smartest, most “on her toes” one of the group. In that respect I do feel she is right that Drita and Lee where doing more sooner rather than later, during more than after. Even if I didn’t care about the man, I would want to know what my friend was or was not doing behind my back, so that I know how to proceed with or without the friendship.

  10. copyedit says:

    sneak peek AT

  11. MG says:

    Mob Wives is my favorite show. I watch it all the time and I am sorry that next week is the season finale. You need to have more episodes per season.

  12. unknown says:

    its not

  13. bs says:

    Karen is making no sense…get over the Lee situation already!!! if she felt like Drita did her dirty, stop talking to her – stop being her friend…period. But Karen is really playing herself here b/c its finally comes out that Karen messed with Drita’s man first…if that’s the case, you should have nothing to say…at least Drita waited til they broke up to get with him…at that point, there was no longer any loyalty between those two, so why should Drita not mess with Lee if she wanted him?? Also too, Karen obviously didnt care that much abt Lee if she’s cheating on him with other people AND getting pregnant for other people…stop playing the victim in all things and build a bridge so you can get over this mess…seems to me that Karen is jealous and has nothing else going on, so she keeps sticking to this same old line abt Lee and Drita

  14. shante weldon says:

    I think that Karen should just leave the whole situation alone. Especially from watching the clip, I think they should be able to just move on. They were friends and still should be regardless of anything. Drita already apologized for hurting her feelings. Karen should realize that it does have more to do with Lee than she admits…Ladies, just let it go

  15. MattyD says:

    I love these ladies!

  16. MattyD says:

    I side all the way with Karen. I think Drita has a lot of dirty lil’ secrets that she is afraid to confront. Her excuses all seem to lie with her children. She doesn’t want them exposed to their father’s “dirty little deeds” or maybe the true story of how she and Lee first became a couple. Guess what?! You’re on T.V.!!! That was the most bizarre cop-out I’d ever seen. Something is much deeper than we can see on the camera’s. I love them all, but I’d like Karen to whip Drita. Maybe it would knock her down a few pegs.

  17. Carol says:

    Drita uses her loud mouth to cover up her guilty conscious. Karen seems pretty straight forward. Drita does not have the right to dicatate what Karen includes in her book. Get over yourself Drita. Loudness does not make up for stupidity.

  18. Bev G says:

    Drita says she and Karen “weren’t friends”. That’s the part I don’t get……so if your homegirl moves away, then Drita considers the friendship over? Well if any of her friends, like Carla, are planning to move, she better be prepared for the possibility that Drita might start dating, maybe even marrying her ex…..I’m just sayin’.