Britney and Nicki Get Along Fine Onstage Together in Los Angeles


If there was any truth to the rumors of a Britney-Nicki beef, it was nowhere to be seen last night in Los Angeles. Reviews from Evelyn McDonnell at Spin, Keith Caulfield at Billboard, and August Brown at the Los Angeles Times were unsparing in their praise of Britney’s set. While all three mentioned Spears’s angel-winged exit after closing the show with “Till the World Ends,” what Caulfield noted—and what Rap-Up caught on video, embedded above, flies in the face of reports of backstage drama: Nicki Minaj joined Britney live onstage for her “Till the World Ends” verse. Previous shows, as we’ve noted, featured only an on-screen Minaj (see footage from Saturday’s show in San Jose).

This change in plans may have been a reaction to the tour’s critics, to whom Britney’s manager, Adam Leber, has definitely been paying attention. Not every review was an unqualified rave—Matt Kivel, for example, was less enthusiastic about the show in his review for Variety—but Shirley Halperin‘s review for the Hollywood Reporter was apparently enough out of step with the critical consensus that Leber felt justified taking her to task on Twitter. In his defense, he begins by fact-checking her review and finding five errors, and furthermore, Halperin’s criticisms read as possibly unjustified shots at Britney herself, not at the show. That said, shouting out one’s critics so plainly is not a good look. It’s easy to look better than the guy who used to have your job, Adam. No need for insecurity.

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