Karen Gravano Wants To Forget About “This Whole Lee Thing” On Mob Wives


Karen Gravano‘s two big story arcs on Mob Wives this season have revolved around the book she’s writing about growing up as a child of the mob, and her often contentious relationship with Drita D’Avanzo, who happens to be married to Karen’s ex-boyfriend, Lee.

When Karen visited VH1 recently, we asked her if there was anything she thought the show focused on too much, to which she responded “This whole Lee thing.” Unfortunately, ten episodes of arguing about Lee and his marriage to Drita has taken its toll on that friendship, and we’re preparing for World War III (Rooftop Bar Edition) in the finale. Sadly though, it sounds like all that fighting has done some real damage. “It’s hard to say if we could ever be friends again,” Karen told us, which we assume means that season two is going to be that much more of an emotional roller coaster.

Tune in to the Mob Wives finale on Sunday, June 26th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. bookbabe49 says:

    I just started watching Mob Wives a few months ago. I think the music and scenes of NYC are great! I just watched the online Karen Gravano interview entitled: “Karen Gravano Wants To Forget About ‘This Whole Lee Thing,’” I think that Karen is very poised and beautiful. She is wearing a black and white dress, and her hair is long, straight and silky. Of course, she will not back down when attacked or accused, but overall, she seems to be the most well spoken and poised member of the group. Just an opinion. I can’t wait for her book to come out. I would love for it to be so successful that she could buy an apartment across from Central Park in Manhattan for her sweet daughter and her. Karen has such wonderful, childhood memories of walking in Central Park, and I wish the same for her young daughter. It would be wonderful if they could walk in Central Park every day. Also, I wish that none of the wives and their children would be judged by the actions of their fathers, husbands, etc. I hope that this group of childhood friends does not break up. There are so many people out there who are bad and really don’t care. They wouldn’t fight and love so hard, if they didn’t really care about each other.

  2. I believe , that just like karen does not wish to be held accountable by what her dad did way back when, she too then should consider of forgiving Drita and moving on with her life,as she so claims she has, cuz if not then that is just plain hypocrizy.

  3. tanya martinez says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning and i am hooked i must say and i like all the woman on the show especially Karen and Drita and i just hate how stupid men always come between friends whoever they may be i hope in the next season they can have some kind of friendship i dont want another housewives show were everybody hates everybody

  4. Diana Grant says:

    I actually think Karen has used her friendship with Drita to get back ‘in the circle’. No one else wanted Karen around at first but, Drita did. I agree Karen should not be held accountable for her fathers actions. In turn, she should understand how some revelations can hurt a persons family. She is not Drita’s friend if she plans to write in detail about any of Lee’s criminal activity .

  5. Judi Cauldwell says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your book, which I hope is on the best seller list for weeks and weeks. You seem like a truly honest and good person. It is obvious that you are a good friend. Anyone would b proud to call you they’re friend, and if they dont that is their loss. I wish you only the best and p.s. your daughter is very beautiful.

  6. wow says:

    I love watching mob wives but Drita is one crazy lady if she thinks for one min her daughter will not find out about her dad. drita should have thought about all this befor getting on the show. her daughter already knows her dad is in jail. and he isnt perfect. so get over it woman. from what ive seen he has been a mobster for a long time.

  7. viewer says:

    In watching the show, I believe that Drita keeps harping on the timeline because she feels bad about being her friend’s guy. She keeps indicating that they were not friends to try to make herself look better. When she found out that Lee cheated on her, it was karma, because of the way that she got with him initially because she knew it was a guy that her friend dated. It does not matter if it is one or fifty years down the line, if you are aware that the guy you are dating was in a long relationship with a friend, then it was wrong. Drita was angry at herself and her husband’s infidelties and she took that anger out on Karen…karma can be quite hurtful

  8. Annie D says:

    It’s too bad about the Lee thing. I know Karen and Lee were together 7 years.. and I know that they had split when he and Drita got together. But wonder how much time laps between those two events.

  9. Jen says:

    ugh! why does drita keep talkin about Lee. karen was all done she didnt wanna talk about him no more and drita dumb self keep bringing it up, and really Timeline doesnt matter u dont go out with ur girls ex. and karen didnt even know that her and drita was not friends no more. i wish one of my friends would go out with my ex, it wouldnt be a pretty site, so i understand how Karen feels.

  10. Lydia Ellinwood says:

    Karen Gravano is so very whiney!! amazing how some one her age cannot get past the fact that her ex-man got over her 12/13 years ago!!!! Sorry friend, Drita, would kick your as hands down.