Royce Reed Recaps Episode 4 Of Basketball Wives


The VH1 Blog is lucky enough to welcome back Royce Reed to her weekly recapping gig where she’ll give us her perspective on all things Basketball Wives 3. Check in each week to hear Royce’s take on the drama that goes down. This week: Feathers are getting ruffled.


The fact that I’m writing this during my birthday week should say a lot about how much I respect my fans and how much it means to me to get my point across. This won’t be long because in actuality I am being selfish due to the fact that it IS my birthday week and I probably won’t remember most of it. With that said…

Point 1. Yes, I will beat it into Suzie‘s head over and over again that she needs to have a better criteria when it comes to friendship. Although it may seem as if my concerns are redundant, I really do care about my friends and WHO THEY befriend. Not due to jealousy but due to history and their heart. Suzie is that girl who wants to get along with everyone and with her doing that, it becomes being disloyal to all. I was there when no one else was for her. Does that mean she owes me anything? To most they say yes. To me I say NO! I’m 31 years old today. Most of my closest friends I’ve had over ten years. We have literally fought, screamed, and cried on each other’s shoulders. We would “Ride or Die” for each other. Going back a few seasons, Gloria. Although we are not friends, we now respect each other. Our issue was due to business and it was made out to be more. We have both moved past that and hugged it out. I respect the fact that she doesn’t throw anyone under the bus, nor will she ever divulge any information on her family or friends that the “unimportant” need to know. For Suzie, I don’t care how upset she has made me these past few shows, I will never disrespect her or throw her under the bus. I will never divulge any secrets that she told me or try to hurt her to the point of tears. I respect her too much and I think she is just confused.No, I do not consider her a friend at this point but I believe everyone learns the same lessons at different times in their lives.

Next, Jennifer…My, my, my, how you look foolish. Why are you cosigning a person with bad credit? Please tell me who I have considered boyfriends the past six months? Dwayne and I were together nine months and ended in December. I went on a few dates with someone and although we are still friends he was NEVER considered my boyfriend. Brian and I met in February and are still together. I’m confused. Please don’t try to use the “reality show” format as a way to claim you are being real when you are JUST starting “rumors.” It’s obvious to anyone with common sense y’all were reading from your own scripts you wrote yourselves due to the awkward pauses. As I state in my profile “You can run my name through the dirt and I’ll still come out clean.” I don’t have anything else to say about you because your life doesn’t concern me and I refuse to dig into it when I really couldn’t care less.

Evelyn…. I’ve decided to just let you go. You’re a lost cause at this point. I was wrong for continuously calling you a whore. I realize that based off of your past, it’s just you. What concerns me is the message you are sending our young ladies today. So many look up to you because you “SEEM” to have it all, but the way you got it is not to be commended. It does anger and bother me because I mentor several young woman who think your lifestyle is great. They think sleeping with a man on the first date brings respect. Making t-shirts that degrade another human being is “cool.” I know you believe that money is money, but is it really worth the soul you sell? I look at you and I honestly see someone who is so hurt and so angry at life that she doesn’t know how to just cry and let it out. Granted, I had a father, granted I’ve never been through what you’ve been through BUT I have been through a lot and I still am. I still stay strong and I still look at my son and KNOW that he WILL be proud of me. Your daughter is beautiful and about to go off to college. Look at yourself then put yourself in your shoes. Do you really want her to follow in your footsteps? I don’t pretend to be perfect. I had my fun. I NEVER said I didn’t, but I like to know that everything I have career-wise I gained on my own. In any relationship I knew I could carry myself and hold my own. I have a vocabulary that exceeds profanity. I’ve never said I was better than you, but I do think my morals overtake yours. You can be more than what you are. Reaping benefits off of negative connotations is not “what’s up.” But, until you realize a woman is to be one’s own individual, to be free from restrictions, control, or dictatorial influence; to be independent; to be YOU, I cant continue to have you enter my space or have the young ladies I DO mentor think you have anything to look up to.

As far as the situation with Tami and Meeka, I understand Tami’s side NOW. I honestly didn’t hear all of what Meeka was saying so I didn’t know what triggered the argument. I don’t think it was wise to question someone you don’t know about whether or not they’ve been drinking, ESPECIALLY when you are already at odds. Nothing should’ve been said…period. Notice Evelyn and I didn’t speak. Why? Because we don’t care to enter each other’s space. Let bygones be bygones. Sidebar, Tami, I swear I still have cramps in my fingers from holding your ass back. We were amongst “company” so I had to hold you back, plus you look cute lol.

This show is really starting to rattle some feathers. Not just mine but a lot of young and old women of our time. I honestly thought at some point we would come together and be able to talk about our issues with each other on a respectful level. Then I thought we would be able to confide in one another and discuss our experiences. I thought at SOME POINT we would be able to talk without screaming and judging and become a group of women who have been though so much that we became too close. I see that I was wrong and at this point in the season, the lines have been drawn and boundaries have been crossed. I lived it on my side, but I didn’t see it from all. Let the chips fall where there may…Season 3, Episode 5, BRING IT!

On the lighter side! Happy Birthday to ME! I purchased this car with my book earnings! I deserve it and I’m proud of myself.

Book two of College Girls will be out in the winter! Stay tuned! Feels good to know I purchased this car with my own fund, not a dime of my Moomoo, Munchkin, Angel-face, Babycakes Braylon’s!

MY NEW MERCEDES E-CLASS FULLY-LOADED CONVERTIBLE! This is a pic from their website but check me out on Twitter or next weeks blog to see the official picture of mine! Black on Black on Black with Wood trim and LED lighting!!!



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  1. queen_s says:

    U go royce, stand ur ground firmly and do u. Everybody have their own life to live…..some wants to make through life easy, But i can definitely u r working for urs.
    The show is great, jen needs to start have a mind our her own, suzie(blank stare) meeka(y is she there)……Tami is my girl

    I adore u, contine to do a good job


  2. Taunya Curry says:

    Happy Birthday Royce! May God continue to bless you with many more. Continue being the person that you are.

  3. yshorts says:

    happy bday royce…. wish i could attend the bash

  4. Leslie says:

    Happy Birthday Royce!

  5. LolaFromPhilly says:

    Hey Girl!!!
    I LOVE YOUR Blogs/recaps! they are the BEST! REAL!
    Jen needs to get a life outside of Fake Ass Evelyn. or as I call her MiamiHeatChihuaha! cause the woman looks ugly. Anyways, thank you for keeping it 100!

  6. Lisa says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!

  7. djp says:

    Have a wonderful Birthday Royce!!!! You & Tami are truly one of the RARE one’s in the society we live in!

  8. L.T. says:

    Happy Birthday. Have a blast !!!(I already know that you will :-)

  9. Carol says:

    Hi Royce, I totally admire how you are handling this situation. I must admit, at first, I wasn’t a fan of yours too much. Now, I certainly see who you are just by reading your posts. It’s such a shame that women (in particular, black women) carry so much drama and for what? NOTHING??? We all have gotten caught up in this natural existence with all the toys and play pretties that life has to offer. But, we have forgotten how to love and respect each other. I feel you on everything you’ve said so far. I believe that how you’re handling this situation, I would probably do it the same way. I know it isn’t easy because you’re in the public eye and on TV every week. I must say, I do not like Meeka. Tami and the others, I like them because they are who they are. Meeka seems to be a “wannabe” and is uncertain of who she is and how she fit in. Almost like she has no identity and is trying to find hers. Anyway, best of luck to you and I’ll be watching. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  10. JT says:

    Hi Royce – You’re still my favorite, but you’re kind of turning into that friend who always gives unsolicited advice, whether it’s appreciated or not. At some point you have to get to the point where you stated your case, Suzie knows how you feel, you know how she feels, neither of you are changing your minds, so you just have to let it go. And if it does go wrong, if you’re a true friend you will be there for her in the end and not say I told you so.

  11. Cookie says:

    Happy Birthday Royce!

    I have been checking in every week to see if you blogged. Please don’t stop blogging. I love to hear your perspective. You are my favorite because you make a lot of sense and you are down to earth. Again, Happy Birthday!

  12. Cookie says:

    Happy Birthday, Ms. Royce!

    I have been checking in every week to see if you blogged. Please don’t stop blogging. I love to hear your perspective. I love the fact that you are a strong woman. You are my favorite because you make a lot of sense and you are down to earth. Again, Happy Birthday!

    Atlanta, GA

  13. cora says:

    HAppy B-DAY!!!! I did’n like ur approach w/the meeting between u, eve, jen &susie. But U did good@the polo party!!!!

  14. zz4g1c says:

    Happy Birthday

  15. Mimi says:

    Royce! Happy Birthday! I am sooooo proud of you! I admire you totally and you are an amazing woman. I pray you have everything you wish for. I am glad you have decided to let Ev and Jen go. I think you have gotten your point across about everything so moving forward I hope to hear more about you. Not the drama. But you and your book writing, mentoring and Fantashique. We all know you are not a bum but the show is edited to make you seem as if all you do is speak about the Mean Girls. But we are all smart enough to see past that. You mean so much to me because I have been through pretty much everything you have( except out the spotlight) and it gets so hard sometimes. But you inspire me to keep going. I have been sitting on a book for a while and now I also want to self-publish it. So thanks for inspiring me and everyone else you touch. Love you and look to the light. Keep letting it all roll off your back sweetie. Sometimes you have lose dead weight so you can soar.

  16. Vala says:

    A Happy Birthday to you Royce, so you are a Gemini…… Continued blessing and prosperity to you. God is on your side, listen to him at all times. A a parent of a wonderful 30 year old, I truly a lot about admire you. Keep it intelligent, honest and respectable……. always. Keep your chin up and always do and give your best.
    PS: I had a B’Day last week.


  17. Duchie says:

    WOW!!! You said a mouthful Royce. Reading your blog and seeing how insightful and intelligent you are really makes me proud. This is a totally different side of you that I hope to see more of on the show. And I wholeheartedly agree with you when you say how the show has ruffled the feathers of other sisters. While I admit to being a reality show junkie, there are times where I have to back away from the TV sometimes when watching the show. At any rate, continue to be the smart, sassy, confidant woman that you are. God bless!

  18. Sunshine Fields says:

    Happy Birthday Royce !! Love the show !!
    I just want to make a short comment in regards to all this DRAMA . First of all I think that u should not keep trying to pick and choose who Jen should be friends with. A true friend will except the fact that Jen will have other friends in her life that u will not care for. Jen should not have to choose.When u are with Jen focus on the friendship that u have with her. Rather than concentrating on the drama !!! There will be people (friends) in your circle that maybe some of your other friends my not like.It would not be fair to tell u to choose. It is all about RESPECT for yourself and others. If I go some where and I see some one I do not care for at the club or what ever. I do not go out of my way to get stuff started or keep the drama going. I think it was wrong for Jen to want to get u together with Evelyn when she knew clearly neither of u like each other. All women can be so catty and disrespectful to one another.Pointing fingers,calling each other names,ect… So crazy too me ! Let everyone live there own life’s how ever they chose to live it.As long as it does not effect u and yours !!! We all waste too much time worrying about the next one.. Unfortunately people tend to judge others before they even know the person.Based on the way they look or speak . Which is exactly what they did to u !!! They are so very wrong for that. I always say and live by.. You treat and RESPECT others how u want to be treated….
    Happy B day !! I wish u the best of the best !!! Nice Ride !! U deserve it !! I will be buying your book !!

  19. L Bates says:

    “Happy Birthday Royce!” Way to stand up for yourself and be your own individual!

  20. Shon says:

    “Happy Birthday Royce!” Keep being strong and shake off the haters like LA VONA with her ignorant behind. You didn’t pick Evelyn a part; you did what she claims to do: “Keep it Real”. I bet she was really surprised that you stood up to her. LOL NOTE to Evelyn: Keep throwing things and one day someone will throw things back! No matter what anyone says, you can say that you’re an individual and you march to the beat of your OWN drum. Stay strong and keep doing you.

  21. MzB says:

    Happy Birthday Royce…and congrats on the new car…I am sure someone is going to post something negative about it BUT drop the top (drop it like itz hot) and throw your shades on…they can’t STOP YOU from being “truly” happy!

  22. Canary says:

    All of the girls are sooo GHETTO and shallow! And they think they look soooo good looking. Jennifer’s ex looks like a horse. What a poor example for young girls: profanity, violence, materialism. No one speaks intelligently. “Well, my thang is..”

  23. lashelle smith says:

    happy bday royce hope u have many more

  24. Happy Birthday , keep your head up ,you and Tami stay down. no matter what. that what up… forget about suzie she is so fake. but i got your back

  25. Carolyn says:

    Royce, if you want to keep it real you are the one always talking about Evelyn. Now you are concerned about young girls, give me a break. You look so ridiculous, (clothes and all). If you was to step back and take a look at yourself you will see that you are not a teenager you are a grown ass woman with a child. For you to say you don’t like being alone, boo boo that’s a problem. So in keeping it real you need to adjust your attitude and take care of your son.

  26. tyra says:

    Why does Meeka and Suzie run around trying to “Be Friends” and “Choose Sides” like they are in kindegarten? Royce anf Tami are the realest. Shaunie, Evelyn, and Jennifer are jokes. Make-up and clothes don’t make you a woman and Evelyn how you running to a fertility clinic with a man who was looking for love on a TV show…pathetic

  27. LaShominique says:


  28. gg says:

    royce shut up when on the first season of basketballwives you were dropping it like its hot and now youre posted up with your half naked twitter background. girl bye you are like the pot calling the kettle black discussing all of the other ladies when you’re far from a lady and role model yourself.

  29. me says:

    You are an awesome young woman. Remain elite

  30. Jackie says:

    For the love of God girl, Grow Up!

    You sound like a teenager. You don’t have to tell us your many accomplishments, let us see them on the show and stop wasting your time talking about Ev and Jen. They spent the first five minutes talking about you and you spent 55 minutes talking about them plus writing about them in your blogs you sound like jealous kid.

    Plus, I work with teen, troubled girls and I don’t think you are a positive example of ladylike behavior. Sistas should support and encourage one another without being petty, judgemental, and close-minded.

  31. valerieq says:

    i think royce and tami are the realist on the show .

  32. Viewer from Vegas says:

    Royce, you are a 31-year-old child. It is appalling to watch. You are a role model now? Every picture of you that you pose for and post is suggestive and is usually a boodie shot (see above). Never do you have tasteful photos of yourself but I guess that your son will be fine seeing his mother objectifying herself in the name of dance. I don’t recall seeing any Alvin Ailey dancers showing their butt in every picture. There is a real difference between art and what you do. Don’t speak about Evelyn setting an example when you are slapping girl’s butts (your bbq shown last week) and behaving like a hoodrat. You really need to understand the meaning of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Why post a picture of your car? Teenagers do that. Grown women who are used to taking care of themselves and are used to handling business do not need to post their cars as if it is their first car purchase. Classy women just live their lives. I don’t see Desiree Rogers, Michelle Obama or Linda Johnson Rice posting pictures of their cars or clothes or any material possessions. They don’t have to say, “ohhh look at what I got gurl…” you look ridiculous.

    Last week you said you sold over 2,000 books (wow) and now you are saying you purchased the car with your book money? Hummm the math doesn’t even add up. You self-published (according to what you said) so you did not get a book advance. You need to quit it. 2,000 book sales minus the cost of printing them (which for self-publishers the cost is extremely high) doesn’t equate purchasing a Hyundai let alone a Mercedes. Stop fronting.

    As for talking with Eric, Jennifer’s soon-to-be ex-husband, I guess you were shocked to hear he reached out to Suzie too. It is so apparent that he wants to hurt Jennifer and he is using anyone to do it. You didn’t even address that in your blog because you know it was wrong to communicate with him and that his desire to reach out to you had nothing to do with you. If Evelyn and Jennifer were talking to DeWayne, you would be crushed. I am glad to see that Suzie went directly to Jennifer when Eric contacted her and I’m glad that she stood up to you and Ashley on your hypocrisy. You are too immature even for Suzie and I see she is going to start breaking away from you. Like most immature people, you want to preach but you don’t want to listen.

    You are the junk yard for people who can’t hang with Evelyn, Jennifer and Shaunie though everyone so far, you and Tami included, started out by wanting to hang out with them. And again, if you have so much, don’t need them and don’t respect them WHY BE ON THE SHOW? Quit the show and go live your all so productive life. And for Pete’s sake, PRESS YOUR EDGES!

    Tami is just as fake as you are. I would be embarrassed attending an event with her. She is ghetto, hood, and neither character means, “keeping it real.” You two are the reasons why people believe the stereotypes about Black women. Some of us are educated, have home training, and know how to handle situations effectively. Arguing at an upscale event about “who is in the circle” is not real, it is embarrassing.

    You are ALWAYS speaking about Evelyn. Why? Because you really want to be like her. You have decided to “let her go” because your obsession with her has gotten the attention of the fans of the show who see that you are jealous of her. You are an opportunist just like you claim Evelyn is.

  33. Reality show fan says:

    LOL@ viewer from Vegas. You took those words right out of my mouth. Royce needs to stop acting like she got everything on her own. I have no problem addressing her because I own a very succeful business and I am well educated. I also have a close friend that danced in the NBA and I know how much they make. Yes, she purchased a brand new car but all that money did not come from selling 2,000 books. Also, she forgets that we all know that she got a pay out from her son’s a few yrs ago. If that money was invested in any of her printings or businesses, she did not do it on her own then. Stop fronting Royce, I can tell by the friends she hangs out with that she did not have much going for her before dancing, her son’s father and definitely the show. Lastly, you are so not a role model. Really, think about that again. You have not done anything to be proud of on the show…..NOTHING. Succesful people don’t have to keep talking about themselves. It shows how insecure you really are.

  34. ladylove2002p says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! I must say you tell it how it is, and that is why i will continue to read your recap… I just hope at some point that you all can come together and really talk out your differences because i believe that you all have something good to offer one anothr

  35. ~V~ says:

    Royce…..I see you have a lot of haters on this blog…Keep doing your thing woman!! The only thing I can say I really didn’t agree with is when they show you dancing sometimes I think you take it too far…I think you need to be a little more classy at times..but thats my opinion..other than that, I feel you are a very articulate, successful, educated woman. You def keep it real on the show, and you don’t have to look %100 perfect everytime the cameras are rolling…that is not reality…that is keeping it real…I honestly feel like you should step away from suzie…Last season she couldn’t even breathe..let alone go anywhere with the girls without eve going in on her, cursing her out, and making her look like an ass on the show..and you were there for her and I guess she must have forgotten that quick…because she was quick to meet up with eve and jen and join in on their gossip about you..I didn’t like that at all…if she wants to be friends with them..then whatever, but don’t co-sign with them when they are talking about you.thats not real!!!

    Evelyn is soooo green…obviously her shoe store is not doing too well since she is selling “NMFF T-SHIRTS”, and trying to have twins from ocho (CAN WE SAY, DOUBLE CHILD SUPPORT), cmon now we are not stupid. Anyone who would buy a shirt like that is just as ignorant as she is, that is not cute nor lady like at all. I do feel that this whole mess with her and ocho is all for publicity, why allow people in your like with something so personal as that, and they way he looks into the camera all the time when filming, you can tell is not real..I guarantee you they don’t even make it down the aisle let alone have any children. The last thing Eve needs to do is bring anymore children in this world. (SMDH)

    Meeka…Meeka…Meeka..all I can say is you are def a in the wrong circle of girls..none of them like you…I don’t even know why they let you one the show..(OH YEAH, YOU BEGGED TO BE ON THE SHOW, LMAO!!!) You def started off wrong and it will be hard for you to regain anyone’s trust back…I don’t see you making it past this season. Bye, Bye!

  36. chrissy says:

    omg wow is all i can say. royce is real as hell and im happy she told these women how it is. keep doing your thing girl.

  37. Mary Carter says:

    Happy B-day Royce !!, Keep on being real I’m with you, enjoy!!

  38. Jojo says:

    Hi,Royce…First of all i just want to say congrats and may God bless the work of your hands.I believe in working hard and not letting Men buy my love with money etc.I am 122 i was wondering how many pounds do you weigh?I am on a mission to tone ma body like your never been in the gym a day of my life but heck i might as well try and see if my body can be as close to urs.Be blessed and kip ur head high at all times.

  39. Rob says:

    Poor Royce,
    The funny thing is these ladies you dislike and talk about constantly aren’t really giving you any air time. They just can’t be bothered with you. When I don’t like someone, I move on. Clearly, you are jealous or really bothered that people like them. Secondly, is that a novel for real? It looks like a pamphlet.

  40. ElleInFlorida says:

    I have read nearly all of Royce’s blogs and I must say they were quite enjoyable not only because of the entertaining perspective but because she’s true to the game they’re playing..I really like Basketball Wives, watching the minutes of their lives makes you feel like you really know the cast. I’m sure editing keeps us from the real people there but Shaunie has yall all looking crazy. Everyone except herself who she has put on a pedestal to look like the most mature..for ratings she has sold you all out and for the record I think she’s forgotten how to be a true friend to anyone. Money does that I guess. Even with trying to make Royce look like she is THE catty instigator it’s Shaunie, for ratings of course. Trying is the key word there, even though my opinion is not one that would count in your world I think that Royce is the best thing on the show as far as the real part of reality. Tami too.