Royce Reed Recaps Episode 4 Of Basketball Wives


The VH1 Blog is lucky enough to welcome back Royce Reed to her weekly recapping gig where she’ll give us her perspective on all things Basketball Wives 3. Check in each week to hear Royce’s take on the drama that goes down. This week: Feathers are getting ruffled.


The fact that I’m writing this during my birthday week should say a lot about how much I respect my fans and how much it means to me to get my point across. This won’t be long because in actuality I am being selfish due to the fact that it IS my birthday week and I probably won’t remember most of it. With that said…

Point 1. Yes, I will beat it into Suzie‘s head over and over again that she needs to have a better criteria when it comes to friendship. Although it may seem as if my concerns are redundant, I really do care about my friends and WHO THEY befriend. Not due to jealousy but due to history and their heart. Suzie is that girl who wants to get along with everyone and with her doing that, it becomes being disloyal to all. I was there when no one else was for her. Does that mean she owes me anything? To most they say yes. To me I say NO! I’m 31 years old today. Most of my closest friends I’ve had over ten years. We have literally fought, screamed, and cried on each other’s shoulders. We would “Ride or Die” for each other. Going back a few seasons, Gloria. Although we are not friends, we now respect each other. Our issue was due to business and it was made out to be more. We have both moved past that and hugged it out. I respect the fact that she doesn’t throw anyone under the bus, nor will she ever divulge any information on her family or friends that the “unimportant” need to know. For Suzie, I don’t care how upset she has made me these past few shows, I will never disrespect her or throw her under the bus. I will never divulge any secrets that she told me or try to hurt her to the point of tears. I respect her too much and I think she is just confused.No, I do not consider her a friend at this point but I believe everyone learns the same lessons at different times in their lives.

Next, Jennifer…My, my, my, how you look foolish. Why are you cosigning a person with bad credit? Please tell me who I have considered boyfriends the past six months? Dwayne and I were together nine months and ended in December. I went on a few dates with someone and although we are still friends he was NEVER considered my boyfriend. Brian and I met in February and are still together. I’m confused. Please don’t try to use the “reality show” format as a way to claim you are being real when you are JUST starting “rumors.” It’s obvious to anyone with common sense y’all were reading from your own scripts you wrote yourselves due to the awkward pauses. As I state in my profile “You can run my name through the dirt and I’ll still come out clean.” I don’t have anything else to say about you because your life doesn’t concern me and I refuse to dig into it when I really couldn’t care less.

Evelyn…. I’ve decided to just let you go. You’re a lost cause at this point. I was wrong for continuously calling you a whore. I realize that based off of your past, it’s just you. What concerns me is the message you are sending our young ladies today. So many look up to you because you “SEEM” to have it all, but the way you got it is not to be commended. It does anger and bother me because I mentor several young woman who think your lifestyle is great. They think sleeping with a man on the first date brings respect. Making t-shirts that degrade another human being is “cool.” I know you believe that money is money, but is it really worth the soul you sell? I look at you and I honestly see someone who is so hurt and so angry at life that she doesn’t know how to just cry and let it out. Granted, I had a father, granted I’ve never been through what you’ve been through BUT I have been through a lot and I still am. I still stay strong and I still look at my son and KNOW that he WILL be proud of me. Your daughter is beautiful and about to go off to college. Look at yourself then put yourself in your shoes. Do you really want her to follow in your footsteps? I don’t pretend to be perfect. I had my fun. I NEVER said I didn’t, but I like to know that everything I have career-wise I gained on my own. In any relationship I knew I could carry myself and hold my own. I have a vocabulary that exceeds profanity. I’ve never said I was better than you, but I do think my morals overtake yours. You can be more than what you are. Reaping benefits off of negative connotations is not “what’s up.” But, until you realize a woman is to be one’s own individual, to be free from restrictions, control, or dictatorial influence; to be independent; to be YOU, I cant continue to have you enter my space or have the young ladies I DO mentor think you have anything to look up to.

As far as the situation with Tami and Meeka, I understand Tami’s side NOW. I honestly didn’t hear all of what Meeka was saying so I didn’t know what triggered the argument. I don’t think it was wise to question someone you don’t know about whether or not they’ve been drinking, ESPECIALLY when you are already at odds. Nothing should’ve been said…period. Notice Evelyn and I didn’t speak. Why? Because we don’t care to enter each other’s space. Let bygones be bygones. Sidebar, Tami, I swear I still have cramps in my fingers from holding your ass back. We were amongst “company” so I had to hold you back, plus you look cute lol.

This show is really starting to rattle some feathers. Not just mine but a lot of young and old women of our time. I honestly thought at some point we would come together and be able to talk about our issues with each other on a respectful level. Then I thought we would be able to confide in one another and discuss our experiences. I thought at SOME POINT we would be able to talk without screaming and judging and become a group of women who have been though so much that we became too close. I see that I was wrong and at this point in the season, the lines have been drawn and boundaries have been crossed. I lived it on my side, but I didn’t see it from all. Let the chips fall where there may…Season 3, Episode 5, BRING IT!

On the lighter side! Happy Birthday to ME! I purchased this car with my book earnings! I deserve it and I’m proud of myself.

Book two of College Girls will be out in the winter! Stay tuned! Feels good to know I purchased this car with my own fund, not a dime of my Moomoo, Munchkin, Angel-face, Babycakes Braylon’s!

MY NEW MERCEDES E-CLASS FULLY-LOADED CONVERTIBLE! This is a pic from their website but check me out on Twitter or next weeks blog to see the official picture of mine! Black on Black on Black with Wood trim and LED lighting!!!



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