Who is Marvin in Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”? We Have The Answer


Earlier this month, Drake released a new song called “Marvin’s Room” on his blog, October’s Very Own. If you haven’t heard it yet, the track consists of an intoxicated Drizzy vulnerably addressing an ex-girlfriend, trying to convince her that she can “do better” than the boo with whom she’s currently in a relationship. Coaxing her with his evocative fairy dust, the still-smitten singing rapper can seemingly not let go. Now considered a contemporary drunk-dialing anthem, “Marvin’s Room” is Wheelchair Jimmy’s Drake’s personal adjusting-to-celebrity confession session, yet still relatable enough to potentially rouse emotional baggage from our own civilian relationships past. Lucky us!

Striking similar chords with female vocalists, pop/R&B singer JoJo decided to remake the song last week, delivering her own version from a female’s point of view, and snagging quite a bit of buzz off her naughty lyrics. Teyana Taylor, too, just transformed “Marvin’s Room” into “My Room,” proving that she clearly didn’t give a damn about the poor guy in the original song’s title. And speaking of this “Marvin,” you probably noticed that Drake doesn’t mention him at all on the track, triggering a head-scratcher we found ourselves dealing with: If he’s important enough to garnish the song’s title, why the EFF don’t we know who Marvin is?

Before we overthink this conundrum, it’s important to remember that answers are sometimes hiding in plain sight. For example, maybe Drake really, really, really enjoys Looney Tunes’ Marvin the Martian. Or perhaps he’s taking a page from The Who or Led Zeppelin, giving his tune a title that has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrical content. Word to “Baba O’Riley.” A more literal theory that’s been tossed around, perhaps the play-turned-film, Marvin’s Room, starring Leo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep is a personal favorite for the Canadian rapper? You can just picture him watching black and white romance flicks with popcorn and tissues at the ready, so being a film buff could likely explain it all, right?

Wrong. We don’t think any of those hypotheses answer the “Who is Marvin?” question. In fact, although others have speculated and Drake himself has yet to confirm the truth, solid sources have revealed to us that “Marvin” is actually Marvin Gaye, and “Marvin’s Room” as a title is referring to the Prince of Soul’s personal studio (where Michael Jackson used to record, among others), because…

Wait for it…

Drake recorded the song there (gasp!), in the ridiculously historical location. Not going to make a Thank Me Later joke, but we will say you’re welcome; the cat’s out of the bag and the case is closed! Just don’t tell Drizzy where you heard the scoop- we don’t want him and his band of (emo) brothers to get sauced and retaliate with prank phone calls.

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