A Handy Guide To Which Of The Four Finalists On The Voice You Should Root For


From L to R: Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez and Beverly McClellan.

Thanks to a combination of high wattage star power and a weakened roster of American Idol candidates, NBC’s The Voice was able to capture the fancy of American television audiences this springtime and delivered huge viewership numbers to its network. Last night, the judges and audience voted to select the show’s four finalists. If you haven’t been watching (or even if you have!), we put together a quick primer for you on who the remaining candidates are and why you should root for them, which you can use to prepare for next week’s finale, airing on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

WHO: Javier Colon (Top Left)
COACH: Adam Levine
SOUNDS LIKE: Brian McKnight
WHY YOU SHOULD ROOT FOR HIM: Funny, the reason you should root for him is the same as why some are rooting against him. You see, Javier Colon released two albums —he was simply called Javier at that time— on Capitol Records in the mid-aughts. Some would argue that he never really got a fair shake from his label during those tumultuous years for the industry, while others would say that he’s already got his shot and doesn’t deserve another one.

WHO: Dia Frampton (Top Right)
COACH: Blake Shelton
SOUNDS LIKE: Vanessa Carlton
WHY YOU SHOULD ROOT FOR HER: Much like her competitor Javier Colon, Frampton has a major label background; along with her sister Meg, the two released the album Here, Here, and Here on Sire Records in 2009. They were later dropped by Warner Bros., Sire’s parent company, in July of 2010. Will America give her another chance to make it big?

WHO: Vicci Martinez (Lower Left)
COACH: Cee Lo Green
WHY YOU SHOULD ROOT FOR HER: She almost caught her big break back in 2002 when she won her American Idol regional, but dropped out of the competition before going to Los Angeles because, as Martinez told the Seattle Times, she “didn’t like the contract” and “how plastic-y it was getting.” That’s the kind of integrity that everyone can root for.

WHO: Beverly McClellan (Lower Right)
COACH: Christina Aguilera
SOUNDS LIKE: Melissa Etheridge
WHY YOU SHOULD ROOT FOR HER: Beverly found herself on the chopping block not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR TIMES during this season of The Voice. Yet each time, America voted to save her. One reason is that because she’s got a powerful voice, but another theory floated by the Los Angeles Times is that she was saved because “America loves singing lesbians!” Now, that enthusiastic comment is somewhat tongue-in-cheek in nature, but there’s no denying that the opportunities for a bald, hardworking, fortysomething lesbian who’s never been able to score a record deal to win a major competition like this are few and far between.

So, who are you rooting for? Let us know who you think should win The Voice in the comments below!

[Photo Credit: NBC]

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