Mob Wives – Episode 10 – The Big, Big Bang


“This is friendship. Figure it the f— out or move the f— on,” sayeth wise Renee during the season finale of Mob Wives. But after a fight like this, is there anything left to figure out?

There’s so much to discuss in this episode, so let’s start at the least dramatic moments and work our way up. First of all, Carla. I’m going to go out on a possibly unpopular limb here and say that I was never really pro-Carla until tonight. Let’s discuss her amazingly stylish, yet casual approach to getting the mail before we do anything else.

And as she retrieves the day’s post, along comes her friend Eleanor, who’s there to discuss Carla’s situation with her ex-husband Joe. So one of the reason’s I’ve never felt much toward Carla is because in her big fight with Renee, it was kind of easy to side with Renee, who was trying to look out for Carla to tell her that her boyfriend was bad news. Carla seemed to brush off her friend and excuse her boyfriend’s bad behavior. But in this conversation that she has with Eleanor, Carla is kinda badass and no-nonsense when it comes to men, specifically her ex.

When the issue of Joe moving in with her just to crash comes up, Carla explains “I don’t think it’s a great idea being roommates with your ex.”

(Interesting that she says this now but she never really vocalized that to Renee when Renee let Junior move in.)

“Where’s my privacy?” Carla asks, and shuts down any ideas Joe has about resuming his old life with her. Go Carla, go! We are now officially Team Carla.

Now, Renee may not have been the center of attention in this episode, but man, did she have the best one-liners of the night. Renee has been Karen’s BFF all season, but her quote at the top of the post is obviously a motto she lives by, and she’s willing to “figure things the f— out” for the sake of her friendships. I doubt she knew what she was getting herself into though when she says of Karen and Drita’s sit-down: “These two girls gotta get this over with, and I’m glad I got front row seats.” Unfortunately her front row seats get her caught in the middle of (and a little bloodied during) their knock-down drag out, which I’ll get to…

But before we discuss the fight, let’s talk about Drita’s marriage. Drita finds out in this episode that Lee has been unfaithful to her and it’s killing her. “I waited all this time because he was so good to me. But he wasn’t so good to me,” she tells Carla when she finds out he’s been two-timing her with some beauty shop floozy. And not only that, but he was bringing their daughters around to see his other woman which, just, NO. That’s some balls, Lee. Some. Balls. When Drita learns all this, she is absolutely crushed.

“He’s one lucky-ass motherf—er that I found out when he was in jail. I guess God was lookin’ out for him,” Drita says, but since she can’t take out her revenge on him physically while he’s behind bars, she plans to divorce him in the hopes that he will never have the satisfaction of ever hearing her voice again. “I kept asking for a reason to leave and I guess I got one,” she says. (Now can she get those sexy pictures back, please, Lee?)

So if that isn’t enough drama in Drita’s life, she’s still got Karen to deal with. One of the things in this timeline (here we go with the timelines…) that we’d like to know is whether or not this fight would have ever started if Drita told Karen and the other girls attending this rooftop drinks night about Lee cheating on her. Would Karen have taken pity on her? Would Citronella candles still get smashed? I just don’t know. I guess it doesn’t matter now.

Drita wants to clear the air with Karen though, whose book she still hasn’t read, but whom she’s still feeling bitter toward for trying to come in and write about Lee and mess with her family. So, doing her best Molly Ringwald impression, she lies on the couch and calls her girls for a night out.

The women all show up to the rooftop bar of Drita’s choosing, which Renee cracks “I was thinking one of these bitches better have an umbrella and be Mary Poppins ’cause it’s a looong way down,” because she obviously knows that s—‘s gonna go down and someone could get thrown overboard.

Sure enough, Drita tells the girls she wants them to be a witness to her air-clearing conversation with Karen and that’s when things start to get fuzzy—and not even because Drita got into a rage blackout.

Karen and Drita see their situation very differently. Karen admittedly (bombshell alert!) cheated on Lee for a couple years (!) and moved to Arizona just after that when she got pregnant by David, who she’s still on good terms with and who is caring for their daughter at the moment. But since Karen moved away, Drita claims her friendship with Karen went on hiatus and it was fine to date Lee, especially given Karen’s infidelity. Nothing is black and white here, but it certainly complicates things. (Not for Renee though, of course, who sticks by the girl code of not dating anyone’s ex ever, and says “Who cares about a timeline? I’m divorced from my husband twelve years. I dare you to go out with him!”)

You know what happens though when you take this heated conversation and you take it up a notch by standing up, right?

Oh, girl, don’t. Oh. You did. And Drita’s rage goes into FULL EFFECT.

And Renee is like, oh God, what is about to happen?

Oh God, seriously, what’s really about to happen??

And then her worst nightmare is realized. It’s a pig pile on top of her, and Drita – who remembers nothing – grabs Karens hair and doesn’t let go.

If you think you’ve seen anger, you haven’t seen anything until you stare into the faces of these two. “These two girls were going for each other’s jugular,” Renee says.

They barely get pulled apart before Karen attempts to go back for more and gets restrained.

And with THAT, as promised, the episode and the season go out with a big, big bang. (Perhaps my favorite reaction to this fight, or any fight ever, would have to be Renee’s, when she Tweeted today “All I gotta say is THANK GOD 4 SPANX.” This is why I love her so.)

If that’s not a satisfying enough ending for you, be sure to tune in to the Mob Wives reunion show, airing Sunday, July 10, when some of the questions about what the hell just happened will get cleared up.

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