Basketball Wives – Episode 5 – New York, New York


Is this the first time everyone got along on Basketball Wives? Should the show move to New York to keep the peace?

After two weeks of fighting, both physically and verbally, it seems like everyone was ready for a vacation this week. While Tami, Shaunie, Jen, Meeka, and Evelyn took off for New York, Suzie and stayed behind for some girl talk, and Royce was M.I.A., and for the first time, tensions were at a minimum and it was actually – gasp! – kind of a touching episode. So consider our “Explosive Factor” ratings scale this week not an indicator of explosivity so much as it is just a personal-drama-o-meter.

Royce, Explosive Factor: 0, but only because she’s not there. See you next week, Royce…or will we?*

Shaunie, Explosive Level: 0

Shaunie’s back! And when she hears about what happened at the polo match she’s as surprised as anyone that Meeka wanted to start something with Tami.

“Meeka came at her a little crazy?” she asks Jen and Evelyn who confirm that yes, Meeka instigated their fight, to which Shaunie later says “First of all, Tami, really? Do you really wanna go there with Tami? Tami might take that Coors can and crush it on your forehead.” Shaunie doesn’t get involved with the Tami/Meeka conflict, but she does have a vested interest in resolving the Evelyn/Tami t-shirt drama, so she suggests they all get together in New York to resolve things. “Let’s see what we can do to put a band-aid on this and start a healing process,” she says. And surprisingly enough, time (and old, un-sold Non F’N Factor t-shirts that are cut up and used as tourniquets) heal all wounds.

Suzie, Explosive Factor: 2

Suzie is still trying to play peacemaker despite everyone around her engaging in all-out war. She meets with Meeka to discuss the Polo Disaster Of 2011 and Meeka cops to being the aggressor in that sitch.

“My defenses were already up. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong and…I guess I was. She and I don’t mess, and we shouldn’t f— with each other,” Meeka tells Suzie. And for whatever reason, Suzie’s like, somehow disappointed with that fact that her two friends realize they just don’t get along.

Meeka, Explosive Factor, 2:

In addition to admitting she was the agent provocateur #1 at the polo match, Meeka was playing Yente this week for Jennifer. She and Speedy set Jen up on a date and, while it seemed meddlesome, it also came from a good place. Unfortunately for the viewing audience, watching Jennifer on a date was awkward…

Jennifer, Explosive Factor, 2

Oh, Jennifer. I understand your hesitation at being set up on a date with another Eric, especially one you don’t know. But eeeesh.

Watching that date (and it could easily have been New Eric’s own awkwardness that made it worse) was painful. “You’re not supposed to ask questions, you’re supposed to let it flow,” New Eric says after Jen attempts to make small talk. Ugh. Come on New Eric, throw the girl a bone. (Not like THAT, dirty minds.) After shots

and wine, Jen and New Eric actually agree to meet again. Hooray! That was successful-ish!

Evelyn, Explosive Factor, 2

Evelyn’s conflict this week lies with family, not fellow wives.

She’s busy trying to convince Shaniece to attend college in New York which sounds like it’s not happening, and she’s also dealing with her daddy issues. Evelyn goes to see her mom and sister in the Boogie-Down Bronx

and she also needs to address her dad who was absent for most of her life. She claims her non-relationship with him is the reason for her troubles with men. “I was looking for love in all the wrong places because I didn’t have a father,” she tells him, but more than that, his absence was just a void in her life that she regrets not having filled with his presence. I never would have thought that an episode of Basketball Wives would make me emotional like this, but when her dad, Nengo, got on his knee to tell her “I promise I will never, ever lose you”?

Hoooo, boy. A fire hydrant in New York City did not have to be opened that day, I was spouting enough waterworks to cool off a whole block.

Tami, Explosive Factor: 6

When Evelyn explains “Everyone say that me and Tami have an Ike and Tina Turner relationship,” it makes sense, they both claim to love each other, but they’re not above getting in each other’s faces, either. So I really never imagined the Tami/Evelyn drama would have resolved itself so cleanly like it did (pretty sure everyone involved didn’t imagine that, actually). When the ladies meet in New York, Evelyn agrees to Tami’s request, which is “Whatever you’ve made, go on and sell them, and then move on to your next phrase because I know you’ve got a box full of them.”

And then she gets in one last dig at Meeka, saying she would forget everything “if we could just all f— up Meeka.”

Like Evelyn, Tami experiences some drama of the family kind this week with her own daughters and her cousin Shauna. Tami brings her daughter Lyric and Jazz to a music studio to meet with their new manager, Eric.

The thing is, Tami thought she was the girls’ manager. Oops. The girls tell her they don’t want a mom-ager, they just want a mom, and Tami flips her lid. “This is exactly why I don’t like coming into the studio with you, you took the pressure like, from one to one hundred,” Jazz tells her, and hell breaks loose for a moment when Shauna tells Tami she designated Eric as the girls’ new manager.

But credit to Tami and everyone else (especially her mother Nadine),

who talk it out and realize that it’s all for the best. “Stay in your role. You’re mom. BE mom,” Nadine tells her. And she does.

This week was all about listening to your instincts, but more than that, listening to your mother. Next week, another trip to Europe is under way (hopefully one without an entire suckling pig staring us in the face!).

*But it sounds like Royce is gonna have to stow away in the luggage cabin if she wants to go too.


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