Last Lap: Monday’s Odds And Ends In Music News


Japan-Relief Little Monster Money In Mother Monster’s Pocket?
Lady Gaga has been cited in a class action lawsuit filed in Michigan, claiming that some of the proceeds from the “Japan Prayer Bracelets” she designed and sold to raise money for the tsunami relief effort have not actually gone towards tsunami relief. [E! Online]

Morrissey Tries To Add U2 To His “Hate List,” Finds They’re Already There (Along With The Rest Of Us)
Pitchfork‘s Ryan Dombal interviewed Morrissey, formerly of the Smiths, about how Moz hates to be referred to in context of the Smiths, the difficulty of getting a record recorded in the current climate, and the impossibility of matching the draw of certain acts at festivals like Glastonbury: “U2 have an enormous Star Wars set with drumsticks that light up northern Africa, and a sound system that would drown out an earthquake. I can’t compete with that. Not with my post office savings account. All I have to offer the world are songs.”

The Daily X-Rays Beyoncé
Twitter user @discographies has been doing a bit of compositional mathematics for The Daily. Today’s subject: BeyoncĂ©, above, and though the Tracy Flick comparison seems a bit harsh (HT for the Adam Cadre link: Katherine St. Asaph), the analysis of Ms. Knowles, on the eve of the release of 4, is as good an example as any of Discographies‘s X-Rays.

Weird Al Yankovic Would Like To See The Kardashians Crushed By An Anvil
It’s hard to explain. Just watch Popdust’s Magic Box interview with Weird Al Yankovic, above, and you’ll understand. Bonus: Yankovic talks about being the Harry Dean Stanton of accordions. (Sort of.)

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