Restless Gavin DeGraw And His Restless Ex In “Not Over You”


“Not Over You,” the new video Gavin DeGraw premiered on Big Morning Buzz Live today, has a pretty straightforward message: It’s tough being heartbroken in downtown Manhattan. If you’re Gavin DeGraw, it entails a lot of moping in your apartment in a white t-shirt, meandering around Chinatown in a blazer, and, occasionally, jamming with your band at Orchard Studios. If you’re his ex-girlfriend, it means watering plants, lots of leaning and lying on things in various states of undress, going to the beach at dusk, and eating a hot dog. (Hey, don’t knock feeding your sadness until you’ve tried it.) Or actually, maybe that’s just what DeGraw is imagining; the associative link of Gavin looking out into the rain while his ex-girl takes a shower doesn’t exactly strike us as coincidental serendipity.

We’re not sure which parts are in DeGraw’s mind, but we do know that the video’s two protagonists are really, really not over each other. The video is pretty conceptually simple, split-screen aside, but that suits the song’s subject to a tee. Angry exes don’t get back together in videos. As for sad exes?

Watch the video to find out.

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